Quiz: More Than 'Four Questions' About Passover

Passover is one of the most beloved--and most widely celebrated--Jewish holidays of the year. Take this quiz and find out how much you really know about what makes these nights different from all others.

When You're Done, Explore These Passover Features:
Q1. The traditional Passover meal is called the:
1. Shabbat
2. Seder
3. Siddur
4. Sivan
Q2. What is the Hebrew term for foods that are not permitted on Passover?
1. Chametz
2. Matzah
3. Kreplach
4. Challah
Q3. What is the Haggadah?
1. The traditional wine drunk during the seder
2. The group of children born since the last Passover
3. The book that contains the seder liturgy and order of rituals
4. Another name for the Torah
Q4. Why do we open a door during the seder?
1. To let the prophet Elijah in
2. To let the evil spirits out
3. To open the house to the new year
4. To let any neighbors come in and share the food

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