Quiz: Are You Air, Earth, Water or Fire?

In "The Way of Four: Create Elemental Balance in Your Life," author Deborah Lipp describes how the traits of fire (power, passion, instinct), water (feeling, dreams, sensing), earth (nurturing, tactile groundedness) and air (thinking, processing, communicating) combine to make up our personalities.

Though all elements are present to some degree in most people, one may be dominant in you. Take this quiz to find out which one.

Adapted from The Way of Four with permission of Llewellyn Publications.

Q1. After a hard day at work, I usually prefer to:
1. Read a good book.
2. Talk to a friend about everything that happened.
3. Go out and have some fun.
4. Make love.
5. Eat some comfort food.
6. Have a glass of wine.
Q2. I admit I have a hard time with:
1. Humility
2. Discretion
3. Possessiveness
4. Moodiness
Q3. The people who baffle me are the ones who:
1. Prefer to be alone almost all of the time.
2. Don't care about educating themselves.
3. Have no mementos, souvenirs, or other keepsakes.
4. Don't play games to win.
Q4. When I am confused, my preferred decision-making method is to:
1. Make a list of the pros and cons and do what scores best.
2. Do whatever has worked in the past.
3. Go with my first instinct, whatever it is.
4. Examine how I feel about the situation and do what feels right.
Q5. If that doesn't work, I might:
1. Do some research on the issue.
2. Meditate or check my astrology reading.
3. Ask the advice of someone who has been in a similar situation.
4. What do you mean? Of course it will work!
Q6. If I could choose only one of the following, I'd take:
1. Power
2. Love
3. Wealth
4. Genius
Q7. The people I respect the most are:
1. Intelligent
2. Charismatic
3. Compassionate
4. Sensible
Q8. I could never be:
1. A vagabond (wandering about with no home and few possessions)
2. A hermit (entirely alone)
3. A monk under a vow of silence
4. Celibate
Q9. People like me because:
1. I'm a good listener.
2. I'm the life of the party.
3. I'm smart.
4. I'm nurturing.
5. I'm dependable.
6. I'm creative.
Q10. But behind my back, I bet they say:
1. I'm a stick-in-the-mud or stubborn.
2. I'm a hothead or bossy.
3. I have my head in the clouds.
4. I'm overly sensitive.

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