Quiz: How Well Do You Know Your Siblings?

Have you and your siblings lost touch since you've left home? Take our quiz to see how connected you are to your brother or sister.
Q1. I speak to my sibling:
1. Once a week or more
2. A few times a month
3. Less than once a month
Q2. If someone asked me what my sibling does on a day-to-day basis, I:
1. Could describe many of my sibling's tasks at work, habits at home, weekend activities, and more
2. Could offer a general idea of my sibling's job and home life
3. Wouldn't know what to say
Q3. If my sibling came to dinner tonight, I:
1. Would know what foods to serve and what he/she hates
2. Would remember that she/he won't eat a few foods, but that's about it
3. Wouldn't know what to make
Q4. I know my sibling's favorite color or music group.
1. Yes
2. I think so
3. No clue
Q5. When I have to buy a present for my brother or sister:
1. I usually know what to get without asking them
2. I have ideas about things they'd like, but am not sure of their preference
3. I have no idea what they want
Q6. I know how my sibling feels about religion, raising children, or relationships.
1. Yes
2. Vaguely
3. We never talk about things like that
Q7. If I had to guess what my brother or sister was worrying about this week, I:
1. Think I'd know
2. Might be able to guess
3. Would be at a loss
Q8. I can identify a pet peeve my sibling developed after adolescence.
1. Yes
2. No


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