St. Patrick's Day Quiz

The patron saint of Ireland is a famous Christian figure, but surprisingly little is actually known about him. Take this quiz about the man and the many legends that surround him.
Q1. Why is the shamrock associated with Saint Patrick?
1. He had three sons
2. He is said to have used it to explain the Trinity
3. It represents the three wise men
4. It is an Irish national symbol
Q2. According to his 'Confessions,' St. Patrick was ashamed of his:
1. tendency to lie
2. poor Latin vocabulary
3. fear of snakes
4. lack of zeal in praying
Q3. What religion were the Irish before Patrick converted them?
1. Jewish
2. Zoroastrian
3. Pagan
4. Deist
Q4. Why is Saint Patrick's Day celebrated March 17?
1. It was his birthday
2. It was the day he arrived in Ireland
3. It was the day he drove away the snakes
4. It was the day he died
Q5. How did Patrick first get to Ireland?
1. He went on a trip with his parents
2. His storm-tossed boat accidentally landed there
3. He was kidnapped by marauders and sold into slavery there
4. He was on a Christian mission
Q6. A famous prayer attributed to Saint Patrick includes which lines?
1. I arise today/Through God's strength to pilot me...
2. May the road rise up to meet you
3. Christ in me, Christ beneath me, Christ above me
4. Both 1 and 3
Q7. St. Patrick's name in Latin, Patricus, means:
1. honest
2. brave
3. noble
4. handsome
Q8. St. Patrick's Cathedral, where it is said St. Patrick baptized converts, is in which Irish city?
1. Galway
2. Belfast
3. Cork
4. Dublin
Q9. When he was first in Ireland, St. Patrick spent 6 years as:
1. a preacher
2. a shepherd
3. a sailor
4. a farmer
Q10. A biographer of St. Patrick sees him as a mystic because the saint:
1. Had visions in his sleep
2. Heard voices
3. Saw visions while awake
4. All of the above


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