Quiz: God at the Movies

God appears in the title of more than two hundred movies, here riding a Harley, there just popping up to say "Ha!" How well do you know these divinely dubbed films?
Q1. In the 1984 sequel to 1977's "Oh God," George Burns plays both the Lord and:
1. A savvy investment banker
2. A bumbling angel
3. Satan
4. A popcorn vendor
Q2. Which aviation hero is featured in "God is My Co-Pilot" (1945)?
1. Robert Scott
2. Charles Lindbergh
3. Amelia Earhart
4. Snoopy
Q3. In 1958's "God's Little Acre," what's supposedly buried on Ryan's farm?
1. Grandpa's last will and testament
2. Erskine Caldwell
3. A silver cross
4. Gold
Q4. Which of the following stars appeared in the 1978 disco extravaganza, "Thank God It's Friday"?
1. Jeff Goldblum
2. Debra Winger
3. Donna Summer
4. all of the above
Q5. What is the sacred object in "The Gods Must Be Crazy" (1980)?
1. A toy airplane
2. A baobab tree
3. A Coca-Cola bottle
4. An African fertility statue

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