Quiz: How much do you know about Pope John Paul II?

John Paul II was the most visible pope in the history of the Catholic Church. How much do you know about his life and work?
Q1. Which of these was a signature phrase of the pope?
1. Love the sinner
2. Be not afraid
3. Suffer the little children
4. Redeem the time
Q2. What did the pope write in his younger years?
1. Poetry
2. Angry letters to the editor
3. Short stories
4. Hymns in Latin
Q3. What was the pope's favorite prop?
1. An ivory rosary
2. A St. Christopher medallion
3. His crucifix crosier
4. His embroidered scapular
Q4. How many countries did John Paul II visit?
1. Fewer than 50
2. 50-100
3. 100-150
4. More than 150

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