Quiz: Are You a Gossip?

By Ali Davis

So you're a gossip?

Well, that's what we've heard, anyway. But if you'd like a more concrete test, try answering the next few questions.

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Q1. Of the following, your favorite magazine would be…
1. None. I just read the financial section of the paper.
2. Vanity Fair.
3. People or Us.
4. The Star, the Globe, or anything for an Enquiring mind.
Q2. Gossip is…
1. completely beneath me.
2. wrong, but tempting.
3. a harmless way of passing the time.
4. my very lifeblood.
Q3. You are friends with both members of a couple who are in the midst of a nasty breakup. What do you do?
1. Don't get involved at all. Avoid both of them until it blows over.
2. Spend long hours on the phone consoling both parties, but try to remain neutral.
3. Tell your other friends just as many details as they need to know to keep from unwittingly hurting any feelings.
4. Order some pizzas, call in the troops, and play the "Why I Knew It Wouldn't Work" game.
Q4. The office grapevine is...
1. a frivolous and irritating distraction from real work.
2. best taken with a grain of salt.
3. an important way to keep one step ahead of possible company changes.
4. growing out of your desk.
Q5. Your upstairs neighbors are having a loud argument. What do you do?
1. Leave or crank up the stereo until it's over.
2. Find something else to do, but keep an ear peeled for anything that sounds violent.
3. Try to figure out what the argument is about.
4. Take notes--your downstairs neighbor is probably missing a lot of this.

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