Are You a Santa or a Scrooge?

By Ansley Roan

Are you chock-full of fa-la-la or ready to throw up your hands and say "Forget about it"? Take our quiz to find out.

Q1. Your co-worker is collecting for a group that gives toys to needy kids at Christmas. You:
1. Tell him you're out of cash, then avoid him the rest of the day.
2. Empty your wallet. Could there be a better cause?
3. Give him $15 -- it's a nice gesture, but not enough to spoil the kids.
Q2. Your neighbors post a sign-up sheet for a night of Christmas caroling and cider. You:
1. Are the first to sign up. You also buy candy canes to hand out while you're caroling.
2. Weren't going to do it, but your kids talked you into it.
3. Remind yourself to turn off the lights that night so they won't stop at your house.
Q3. A Christmas tree stand sets up shop in your mall parking lot. You:
1. Are furious they are taking up parking spaces.
2. Park near them so you can smell the trees as you walk by.
3. Were annoyed at first, but you do enjoy watching everyone pick out their trees.
Q4. Your book club is organizing a Secret Santa night. You:
1. Volunteer to be coordinator--it's a great excuse to wear a Santa hat!
2. Stay home "sick" on the night they choose names.
3. Grumble about buying a gift, but are glad to get your new friend's name.
Q5. In the weeks before Christmas, your neighbor covers her house in flashing lights. She sets up a full-size, electric Nativity scene next to Santa, his reindeer, the elves and Mrs. Claus. You:
1. Call the fire department to report a fire hazard.
2. Appreciate the enthusiasm, but pull the shades so the glare won't hit your TV.
3. Bake cookies to hand out to the kids who stop by to see the display.
Q6. Every day, you walk by a volunteer ringing a bell on the street and collecting money for charity.You:
1. Give her a dollar a day.
2. Give her some change when you're not in a hurry.
3. Keep walking. It's probably a scam.
Q7. There's a big tree-lighting ceremony in your town each year. You:
1. Scoped out the best spot two weeks ago and are leaving work early to get it.
2. Make a mental note to drive by on your way home.
3. Plan to go grocery shopping then. No crowds!
Q8. It's two days before Christmas and your flight has been delayed for three hours. A group of women waiting at the gate--wearing Christmas sweaters--starts singing "Jingle Bells." You:
1. Smile a bit, then turn up the volume on your iPod.
2. Join in!
3. Go looking for the food court. Even bad airport food is better than this.
Q9. It's 6 a.m. on Christmas morning, You are:
1. Running downstairs with the kids.
2. Asleep, what else would you be doing?
3. Groggy and trying to coax the kids back to bed.
Q10. On the day after Christmas, you are:
1. Exhausted and lying on the couch.
2. At work -- where else would you be?
3. At the mall, buying next year's decorations.


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