Quiz: Does Your Job Feed Your Soul?

Is your work inspiring or draining the spirit out of you? Take our quiz.
Q1. On my way to work, I:
1. Walk with a spring in my step. I look forward to it.
2. Stroll. I like work but I'm in no hurry to get there.
3. Practically sleepwalk. Another day, another dollar.
4. Trudge. Agony awaits.
Q2. I work late hours:
1. Too often. Help!
2. When necessary. Ugh.
3. All the time. I can't get enough.
4. Rarely. Life's too short.
Q3. My job generally:
1. Gives me the opportunity to use my whole self -- mind, spirit, and imagination.
2. Challenges me but leaves little room for creativity.
3. Wears me out.
4. Makes me wonder why I was born.
Q4. At dinner with friends, I:
1. Talk about work with pride and enthusiasm.
2. Share the ups and downs of my workday.
3. Mostly vent about work.
4. Who wants to talk about work after hours?
Q5. The song title that comes closest to representing my relationship to my coworkers is:
1. Welcome to the Jungle (Guns N' Roses)
2. You Can't Always Get What You Want (Rolling Stones)
3. With a Little Help From My Friends (Beatles)
4. Good Vibrations (Beach Boys)
Q6. My spiritual practice or faith:
1. Is an uplifting part of my workday routine.
2. Can be a lifesaver in difficult moments at work, but doesn't help me with the daily grind.
3. Supports me in my personal life; work is another story.
4. I never pray, meditate, or even just take a deep breath at work.
Q7. In long meetings, I fantasize about:
1. Taping "kick me" signs on my boss.
2. Anything but work.
3. That cool project I want to do.
4. Actually, I enjoy engaging in meetings.
Q8. My job:
1. Is a perfect match for my soul's desires.
2. Isn't perfect but gives me room to express myself and grow.
3. Is nothing special but enables me to do the stuff I really care about.
4. Is a way to pay the bills.


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