Quiz: All About Abraham

How much do you know about Abraham's place in Judaism, Islam, and Christianity? Take this quiz to find out.

Plus: Explore more about Abraham or the three Abrahamic faiths.
Q1. Where was Abraham born?
1. Baghdad
2. Cannaan
3. Ur
4. Sodom
Q2. What was Abraham's father's profession?
1. Shepherd
2. Idol merchant
3. Beggar
4. Stonecutter
Q3. Before becoming Abraham's concubine, Hagar was:
1. A prostitute
2. Sarah's maidservant
3. A female shepherd
4. A fortune teller
Q4. How old was Abraham when his son Isaac was born?
1. 35
2. 85
3. 100
4. 120
Q5. When Abraham was about to sacrifice his son, what did God send to sacrifice instead?
1. A ram
2. A bird
3. A sheep
4. A she-goat
Q6. Hagar and Ishmael were banished by:
1. Abraham
2. Sarah
3. God
4. Isaac
Q7. Jews read the story of the binding of Isaac on which major holiday?
1. Rosh Hashanah
2. Hanukkah
3. Yom Kippur
4. Purim
Q8. Muslims believe that Abraham was the original builder of the:
1. Dome of the Rock in Jerusalem
2. Prophet's Mosque in Medina
3. Wailing Wall in Jerusalem
4. Kaba, the holy cube in Mecca
Q9. Muslims believe Muhammad is a descendent of Abraham:
1. True
2. False
Q10. Abraham appears as a heavenly comforter in which parable of Jesus?
1. The mustard seed
2. Lazarus and the rich man
3. The Good Samaritan
4. The barren fig tree
Q11. Many Christians see parallels between the near-sacrifice of Abraham's son and:
1. Zachariah circumcising his son John the Baptist
2. Jesus "adopting" the disciples as sons
3. God sacrificing his son Jesus for humanity
4. Paul abandoning his spiritual son Timothy
Q12. Abraham is considered a prophet in which religion:
1. Judaism
2. Islam
3. Both
4. Neither


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