Quiz: Are You Wrathful?

When does losing your cool become a problem? Take our quiz to find out if your anger-management skills put you closer to Mike Tyson or Mother Teresa.
Q1. Is it healthy to fly off the handle?
1. In many instances; it's bad to keep things bottled up
2. Yes, in the context of a stable relationship
3. No, it's always destructive
Q2. Another driver steals your parking spot and you:
1. Jump out and yell at them
2. Sigh and drive on
3. Leave a note telling them what you think of them
Q3. When you blow up, you:
1. Expect your workmates, friends or family to get over it
2. Can't believe your behavior, but are too embarrassed to apologize
3. Apologize immediately
4. Apologize some time later
Q4. I most often express my anger by:
1. Hitting or kicking someone
2. Hitting or kicking something
3. Yelling or name-calling
4. Not talking
5. Repeating a word and breathing deep to try to relax
Q5. How many nights a week do you have trouble getting to sleep because you are too angry?
1. Every night
2. Three or four
3. One or two
4. Never
Q6. You are at the fast-food drive-through station. After the third time the server asks you to repeat yourself, you:
1. Order again
2. Yell the order again bossily
3. Peel out and try another restaurant
Q7. A coworker corrects you in front of the boss. You:
1. Storm out of the office
2. Call the coworker a Know-It-All
3. Say you'll check your facts
Q8. Of the following actors, which is your favorite?
1. Jack Nicholson
2. Tom Cruise
3. Keanu Reaves
4. Tom Hanks
Q9. You ask your housemate to help with a household chore. He or she says she'll get around to it later. You:.
1. Demand they do the chore immediately
2. Announce that if the chore isn't worth doing now, just forget it
3. Arrange a time later to do the chore


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