Quiz: Are You Guilty of Pride?

Pride is hard to define, but we recognize it when we see it in others. Take this quiz to see whether you are headed for a fall. Hint: if you hate to see someone boasting, it's likely your own pride talking.
Q1. Around your home are photographs:
1. Mostly of your family and friends
2. Mostly of places you've been
3. Mostly of yourself
Q2. On volunteer clean-up day at your house of worship you:
1. Supervise others in planting flowers
2. Weed the beds
Q3. The judge offers you your choice of your sentence for a minor infraction. You pick:
1. 10 days picking up litter on a isolated highway
2. 10 mornings working in a soup kitchen
Q4. When you realize you've offended someone, you're most likely to
1. Send them flowers
2. Apologize in person
3. Never say anything
Q5. Which is most likely to distract you?
1. A song on the radio
2. A nice car going by
3. A mirror
Q6. If you've had too much to drink, you're most likely to:
1. Go home with a stranger
2. Get in a fistfight
3. Tell people about the time you climbed Mt. Everest
Q7. Which trait do you dislike most in a person?
1. Arrogance
2. Being a suck-up
3. Sappy romanticism
4. Being a gossip
Q8. Which motto should be on your desk at work?
1. There's no I in team!
2. Give credit where credit is due
3. It's my way or the highway


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