Quiz: Are You Slothful?

Sit up straight, get your mind in gear and take this quiz to find out whether you commit the deadly sin of sloth.
Q1. If your TV had no remote, would you:
1. Watch less TV
2. Watch more TV
3. Watch the same amount
Q2. What time do you wake up on the weekend?
1. Before 7 am
2. Before 9 am
3. Before 1 pm
Q3. You stay in your job because you:
1. Love the work
2. Haven't found the right position elsewhere
3. Are burnt out, but comfortable enough
Q4. Your neighbors ask you to join their community organization. You:
1. Accept
2. Beg off because you sincerely don't have the time
3. Say no; they are just busybodies
Q5. When do you pick up your dry cleaning?
1. I wash everything by hand
2. The day it's ready
3. A week or more after it's ready
4. When I absolutely need the garments
Q6. How many times a week do you eat cereal as a non-breakfast meal:
1. 4
2. 3
3. 2
4. 1
5. None
Q7. Whom do you identify most with:
1. Homer Simpson
2. Hank Hill
Q8. How often during long car rides do you use cruise control:
1. Never
2. Just on really long rides
3. Whenever I get a straightaway
Q9. Of the time you spend on the couch, how much is upright vs. reclining?
1. 90 percent upright
2. 50-50
3. 10 percent upright


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