Quiz: How Envious Are You?

Envy isn't just wanting what you don't have; it's hating, even just a little bit, those who do. Envy even makes you feel better when you're better than someone else. Take a quiz to find out whether you harbor envy. Then send to a friend--but no comparing scores!
Q1. Your co-worker gets a promotion. You:
1. Plan a celebration at the office
2. Grumble that you didn't get it
3. Suggest the boss was filling a quota
Q2. Private property is:
1. The basis of any free society
2. The root of all evil
Q3. Your personal website is much cooler than your friends'. Do you:
1. Recommend ways your friend could make his/hers better
2. Tell your friend his/her site is great
3. Make fun of his/her site with others
Q4. Which represents best how you feel about rich people:
1. Hard work—theirs or their family's—got them where they are
2. They just got lucky
3. They live on the fruits of others' labor
Q5. Whom do you envy most:
1. Queen Elizabeth II
2. Your neighbor with the Porsche
3. The guy who won a lottery jackpot
Q6. Your best friend gets engaged before you do. You:
1. Write off the friendship; married people are so boring
2. Despair that you're never going to get married
3. Ask if you can be a bridesmaid
Q7. There is a four-mile back up on the opposite side of the highway. You feel:
1. Elated you're not over there
2. Heartsick for the poor saps
3. Nothing in particular
Q8. Your friend shows off his latest electronic gadget. You:
1. Go out and buy one just like it
2. Get something better
3. Play with it whenever you visit


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