Quiz: How Greedy Are You?

How much do money, possessions and status mean to you? Take this quiz to find out.
Q1. Do you regularly let friends treat you to meals, clothes, etc. because they make more money than you?
1. Yes
2. No
3. Only if it's a special occasion
Q2. Which is closer to the truth:
1. Greed made this country great
2. Greed has ruined this country
Q3. If you won $1 million in the lottery, how much would you give to charity?
1. None
2. $500
3. $5,000
4. $500,000
Q4. In the film "Indecent Proposal," a man offers $1 million to a couple to sleep with the wife. Would you accept this offer?
1. Yes
2. Not under any circumstances
3. No, but I'd think about it for a while
Q5. When you walk through a department store, do you:
1. Rejoice in all the material objects you can live without.
2. Buy an item or two that catch your eye and go home happy.
3. Fantasize about what you could buy if you had more money.
4. Feel upset about all the things you can't have.
Q6. Choose the statement that's most true:
1. Greed is a natural impulse, based on our survival instinct.
2. Greed is a perversion of the survival instinct.
Q7. You buy a house in a beach community. A neighbor comes to the door with a petition to close the beach to non-residents. You:
1. Sign
2. Don't sign
Q8. My faith puts too much stress on poverty as a spiritual state.
1. Agree
2. Disagree
Q9. You are a CEO of a company whose performance is worse this year than last.
1. I refuse a bonus
2. I accept any bonus offered
3. I try to get a higher bonus than the one offered
Q10. Your pack of trick-or-treaters yells, "Trick or Treat!" and the person at the door offers you the candy bowl twice. You:
1. Stay mum and take two portions
2. Say, "I already got some."
Q11. Choose the statement that's most true:
1. Greed is sinful in individuals, but corporate greed makes the economy vital.
2. Corporations are a shelter for the greed of their owners.
Q12. The city plans to open a home for the mentally disabled in your neighborhood that will likely lower your property values
1. You vote against it
2. You vote to allow it
Q13. A cashier gives you $10 too much change. You:
1. Keep the extra $10. It was her mistake.
2. Keep it, but give it to the first needy person you see.
3. Tell her about the mistake and return the $10.


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