Quiz: Religion in 'The Simpsons'

Whether poking fun at Reverend Lovejoy's soporific sermons or Krusty the Clown's razzle-dazzle bar mitzvah, "The Simpsons" gets religious humor right. And hey, it's even endorsed by the Archbishop of Canterbury.

Take our quiz to find out how well you know the soul of Springfield.

Q1. Homer has prayed for God to:
1. Find his TV remote
2. Create a delicious new taste treat (chocolate-covered bacon)
3. Unclog a stubborn drain
4. Help him steal grease
5. All of the above
Q2. Which Simpsons character is not Jewish?
1. Krusty
2. Duffman
3. Comic Book Guy
4. Lisa's imaginary friend, Rachel Cohen
5. Professor Frink's dad
6. Lisa's favorite teacher
Q3. What does Marge pray when Lisa questions God's gender?
1. "She's just kidding, Mister Lord!"
2. "Goddess, accept another devotee"
3. "Father, save my little girl from Unitarianism"
Q4. Reverend Lovejoy's most boring sermon is on the theme of:
1. Practical prudence
2. Constancy, swee-eet constancy
3. Fortitudinicity
Q5. Which celebrity makes an appearance on the show when Lisa considers becoming Buddhist?
1. The Dalai Lama
2. Drew Barrymore
3. Stephen King
4. Richard Gere
Q6. Simpsons characters occasionally seek to justify their actions with the Bible, saying the scriptural reference is:
1. "Somewhere in the back"
2. "In the book of Eccleseinthians"
3. "In the deuterocanonical part"
Q7. What happens to the Simpson kids when they are put in foster care with the Flanderses?
1. They trounce the Flanderses in games of Bible trivia
2. They are forced to read "Today's Family Gnostic Bible"
3. Ned Flanders tries to baptize them
Q8. When Homer discovers Apu's shrine to an elephant-headed Hindu god and behaves disrespectfully, what does Apu say?
1. "No more free donuts for you!"
2. "Please do not offer my god a peanut."
3. "Eating my triple-fat hot dogs will make you pay for that insult!"
Q9. Moe the bartender's personal statement of faith is:
1. "I worship at the porcelain shrine"
2. "My god is Dionysius, and I am a Bacchae"
3. "I was born a snake handler, and I'll die a snake handler"
Q10. What does Mr. T not say at Krusty's Wet 'N' Wild Bar Mitzvah?
1. "I pity the shul that won't let Krusty in"
2. "Let's scroll!"
3. "I'm muscle-bound, and Krusty's bound not to eat mussels"
Q11. Which soul-selling scenario has not played out on the show?
1. Bart sells his soul to Millhouse for $5, who sells it for pogs
2. Lisa sells her soul for a spelling bee crown
3. Homer sells his soul for a donut
Q12. In one episode, Millhouse starts grace before meals, praying "Bless us, O Lord, and these..." This is a clue that he may be:
1. Baptist
2. Catholic
3. Muslim
Q13. During a nuclear power plant scare, Marge tells God that if Springfield is spared, she will:
1. Stop honking at people in the church parking lot
2. Give poor people canned food they would actually like
3. Quit gambling
Q14. When Lisa is considering different faiths, she passes neon signs for all but:
1. Bed, Bath and Baha'i
2. Spiritual Sikhers
3. Church of the Latter-Day Druids
Q15. Ned Flanders' erstwhile sweetheart, singer Rachel Jordan, says that regular rock and Christian rock are interchangeable in that:
1. "You just add a WWJD sticker to the album cover"
2. "Both hire only drug-free drummers"
3. "All you do is change 'Jesus' to 'baby'"
Q16. In one episode, news anchor Kent Brockman urges viewers to tune in to the next day's show, when the topic will be:
1. The Conversion of Kenny Brockelstein
2. Religion: Which Is the One True Faith?
3. Collection Plate Theft as Supplemental Source of Income
Q17. When Bart sneers that "Wicca is just a Hollywood fad," Lisa responds:
1. "It has its roots in medieval Europe!"
2. "That's Kabbalah!"
3. "That's the pot calling the kettle black, Mr. I-Didn't-Do-It!"
Q18. Flanders, Krusty, and Apu help save Homer's house. Nodding to them, Reverend Lovejoy thanks "all people of good will, be they":
1. "Christian, Jewish, or Hindu"
2. "Christian, Jewish, or miscellaneous"
3. "Protestant, Hasidic, or heathen"
Q19. Which celebrity played a Catholic priest who nearly converted Homer and Bart?
1. William Shatner
2. Liam Neeson
3. Dr. Phil
4. Tom Bosley
Q20. Which Christian denomination are the Simpsons?
1. Methodyssian
2. Episcopentecostal
3. Presbylutheran
Q21. How does Homer describe Jesus?
1. As a 'dude who lived a million years ago, who most of us think was magic'
2. As a 'cool guy which great sandals'
3. As a 'generous bestower of waffles'
Q22. Which cult do the Simpsons join?
1. The Marvinmonroeians
2. The Movementarians
3. Carl 'n' Lenny's Funtime Cult
Q23. What does Homer not see in heaven?
1. Protestants playing croquet and badminton
2. Catholics drinking, fighting, and being part of Riverdance
3. Orthodox Christians throwing feta cheese
Q24. Which attraction is not found at Rev. Lovejoy's church fundraiser?
1. Holy Roller Coaster
2. Tunnel of Abstinence
3. Wheel of Plagues
4. Halo Toss
Q25. In the movie 'Left Below,' which person is not raptured?
1. A baby whose twin was not baptized
2. A woman who put her faith in science and technology
3. A Christian limo driver


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