Quiz: Do You Know Your Matzoh from your Moshiach?

How much do you know about the basics of Jewish tradition and culture? Test your knowledge with this quiz.

If you need to brush up before taking the quiz, check out Beliefnet's Judaism section or ask questions on the Learn About Judaism message boards.
Q1. Who is the most important prophet in Judaism?
1. Isaiah
2. Moses
3. Jonah
4. Amos
Q2. The country with the largest Jewish population is:
1. United States
2. Argentina
3. Israel
4. Canada
Q3. The most important Jewish holy book is called the:
1. Old Testament
2. Zohar
3. Torah
4. Siddur
Q4. The main difference between Ashkenazi and Sephardi Jews is:
1. They descend from different great rabbis.
2. They live in different parts of Israel.
3. They descend from different ethnic groups.
4. They read different translations of the Torah.
Q5. Jesus is regarded by Jews as::
1. The messiah.
2. A Jewish prophet.
3. The son of God.
4. A historical or literary figure.

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