Quiz: Empty-Belly Enlightenment

Nearly every religion advocates fasting as a means of atonement or as a path to spiritual growth. Take our quiz to see how fast you can become fast savvy.

Need some help? Take a look at this faith-by-faith fasting chart.
Q1. Which of these would be an acceptable meal during an Eastern Orthodox fast?
1. Eggs, cereal and milk, and orange juice
2. A BLT
3. Lentil soup and shrimp lo mein
4. Pepperoni pizza
Q2. How old must one be to participate in the Baha'i fast?
1. Over age 13
2. Between 15 and 70
3. Over age 18
4. Between 21 and 65
Q3. Which one of these is NOT an example of a Hindu fast?
1. Non-vegetarians abstaining from meat, fowl, and fish.
2. Replacing a diet staple, like rice, with another grain, like wheat.
3. Twenty-four hours of complete abstinence from food or drink.
4. Limiting diet to meat and poultry products.
Q4. A fast on one of the major Jewish fast days lasts:
1. 25 hours
2. From sunrise to sunset
3. From sunset to sunrise
4. 24 hours

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