Quiz: The Story of Easter

How well do you remember biblical accounts of Jesus' resurrection? Test your knowledge of Easter themes.
Q1. According to the gospels, how did the disciples know something had happened at Jesus' tomb?
1. A star shone over the tomb
2. Four of Pilate's soldiers were missing
3. The stone was rolled back
Q2. Which follower of Jesus did not see him the day he resurrected?
1. John, the beloved disciple
2. Simon Peter
3. Mary Magdalene
4. Thomas
Q3. On which day of the week did Jesus rise?
1. Saturday
2. Sunday
3. Friday
Q4. What did the 'men in dazzling white' say to the women who entered the tomb?
1. 'Why do you seek the living among the dead?'
2. 'Go and seek the bread of life'
3. 'Be not afraid'
Q5. Which flower often symbolizes Jesus' resurrection?
1. Rose with thorns
2. Crocus
3. Lily
Q6. The word "paschal" is derived from Pascha, which is turn is related to the Jewish holiday of:
1. Passover
2. Rosh Hashanah
3. The feast of the Ten Commandments
Q7. Who wrote 'O Death, where is thy sting?'
1. Saint Augustine
2. The Apostle Paul
3. William Shakespeare
Q8. Which word is most common in Easter hymns?
1. Amen
2. Abba
3. Alleluia

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