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Thomas W. Glenn Jr.
Tommy was a wonderful man. He was charming, intelligent, charismatic and good-hearted. He could always put a smile on your face.

This prayer circle is for all of those who are suffering from the disease of addiction, dealing with a family members addiction, or those of us who have lost a loved one to addiction. In loving memory of Tommy. September 2,1975-January 27,2001. God Bless

This prayer circle is in memory of Thomas W. Glenn Jr. Tommy was an intelligent, articulate, charming and good-hearted young man. His life ended short at the young age of 25. A true genius, the things he could have achieved if given the chance. On a cold Januay morning he passed away from "bad heroin". His family and loved ones miss him desperately and need prayers. Also, in honor of Tommy the prayers are being said for all of those suffering from the disease drug addiction, families dealing with addiction and loved ones of those who have passed on due to addiction. Tom was a conquerer, if this could beat could beat anyone. Please help one another. Please Lord, give me the strength to continue to fight for this cause. God bless you.


Tom, you are in the Lords hands now and one day we will meet again For now, I pray for you all the peace and happiness in heaven.

renee25 -6/28/2001
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1/26/2007 08:23


1/27/2007 00:37

( My apologies for all those who come here just for prayer.. May the Lord hear all Your prayers. I just need to express a few emotions for my Cuz & where better to come? I hope that he is able to see this site. (I pray that he is a guardian angel to all who come here )

Hey Cuzo ~ Listening to some Floyd. "Wish You were here" I set my pc to play it when I sign on all week. 6 years ago, right now, we were on the phone, just about to hang up. I wish You were with Me that night.On New Years eve, I kept thining of You & our New Years traditions. Friendship St 1999, just Us, that was fun. Mummers year after year. Midnight phone call HAPPY NEW YEAR CUZ! I looked through some pics earlier. so many memories. So many vacations, A.C. trips, Cape May, Wildwood. MD. VA (chincoteague island) The Gas station .. haha or Captain Bob..what a trip he was! What I still don't know what that was in MD. behind the ice machine. You wouldn't let me see. Always overprotective. Florida "Erin Blows by". Me You & g-mom watching our movies. I still never bought those. I watched yor movie the other day for the first time.I was thinking of watching Friday tonight ( Why is everything orange?) I hope You are here with me and All of Us who loved You which was pretty much anyone who knew You. My heart is heavy. Please help me throuh this. I miss You, Man & I Love You Forever..until we meet again. Don't forget to leave that quarter :) Love, Your Cuz Ren

1/27/2007 01:09

P.S. got the idea for the nic from the day You recorded Gloria for me, I still have it. :) & Cheyl Crow & Bush & so many other bands You forced me to listen to, today when I went to the store today they were playing our Friday night Phil Colllins Jam :) Love Ya

1/27/2007 05:03

Holy spirirt, lord Jesus Heavenly father please help all who suffer from addiction, please help my uncle ray, and his acholisam, and drug addiction, please help him dear lord, in the name of jesus, please help him with his court case and all he's done, thank you lord, in jesus name I pray amen

1/27/2007 18:11

BORIQUA13~In response to what you wrote on 1/26/07: I pray that you will continue to be strengthened and will find out who you are in Christ. Remember that you are more than a conqueror and you can do all things through Christ who strengthens you. Be blessed!

1/27/2007 18:16

BRENDAHISTED~In response to what you wrote on 1/27/07: Father God, I come to You now in the precious Name of Jesus asking for Your Will to be done in Ray's life, on earth as it is in Heaven. I thank You for showing him favor in court. I thank You that he IS (not will be) delivered from drugs and alcohol. I thank You that he will find out who You are and will accept Jesus as his Lord and Savior. I thank You for sending Godly people into his life to minister to him and mentor him. In Jesus' Name I pray. Amen.

If you ever need prayer or just want to talk, feel free to email me at

1/28/2007 19:30

Boriqua-13-I am very touched by your response and will pray for you and strength from God. You can do this with God's help all things are possible. I have a brother who is addicted to crack cocaine. Life is very tough for him right now. I pray also that he will do as you have done and turn his life over to Christ. I pray for him and will pray for you also. I know you feel his work in your body as you pray. He will be there for you. Miracles are all around us. God Bless You. You Can Do This.

1/28/2007 21:30

Lord, Please bless all those who have come to You in prayer. Please Lord, hear their prayers. Bless their family members & comfort those who are using or who have a Loved one who is using. This site was created in honor of my Best Friend & Cuz who we lost to drugs. I couldn't think of a better way to honor his LIFE than to give others a place for people to share their hardships as well as give each other Faith & Strength in times of need. And to share their triumphs. :) It pains me to see anyone going through all that comes along with an addiction, or Loving someone with an addiction. Tom would be so Proud of all of You for being such good people/friends to each other. I went awhile without a computer & I also went through a period of time where it was easier for me to not come here. I have always signed on to someone else's pc just to check on this site. The people who have been here for a long time & those who come on new. It is a comfort to me, it eases my pain & loss to know that Tommy does Live on in the hearts & minds of all his Loved ones as well as here on this site. For him to be able to help others even still 6 years after he passed on fills me with joy, peace & comfort. Thank You all for always being here for each other Thank You for keeping this site so respectable & helpful. It means so much to me. Tom Loved to help people & was so full of Love for the Lord. He always went to church. The priests & brothers who he knew, cared for him as he did them. Tom would always remind me to keep my Faith. He still does by reading your words of Love & Concern. Like SisterSCT said in the last entry with God's help all things are possible. Miracles are all around Us, sometimes so much, that we don't even realize it. The other night when I signed off I went to put on one of his favorite movies as I mentioned in my entry as I am looking though for the VHS tape, the movie came on Television! That filled me with comfort knowing that he is still here watching over Us. After praying for that wisdom all day, my prayer was answered. Thank You all for helping each other & myself. Please Lord, hear the prayers of those who have come to pray, fill all their hearts with Love & Faith. Comfort those who mourn. Comfort my family during these trying times. Please hear the prayers of my family as well. May God Bless all of Us. Stay Strong, Be safe and God Bless.
Love, Ren

2/1/2007 21:59

This is a comforting site for me. Everyone cares and believes in prayer. Without it where would we all be. I know in my heart God will watch over my brother and his will will be done. Sometimes we don't understand the things that happen in our lives but we know God takes care of all and there is reason. He loves us, gives us strength and wisdom through his word. I talk to him very frequently for strength as my brothers addiction brings my entire family down at times. My sister and I have to stay strong to help our parents through this. God gives us this strength. This is a very long and hard road to travel. We will do all we can to be there for my brother. We love him, We know he loves us and most important he grew up in church, he knows God.

Our Heavenly Father, I thank you for all these wonderful people I have to communicate with and for their prayers. I ask that you watch over them and their needs. As I lift my brother to you please help him to learn to love himself again. Watch over him, make him strong enough to stay away from the drugs. Let him see we love him and are here for him. Thank you father for your many blessings.
God is Good, We Are Blessed.

2/2/2007 04:26

i am in desperate need of prayer. I am pregnant and trying to quit. My boyfriend is also addicted and is trying to quit. Please pray for us. On top of all that, I was caught shoplifting and he was caught with drugs now we are both being charged with felonies. We lost our house and neither of us have jobs anymore. I want outof this life so bad and I'm scared. Please pray for us. We are both from a christian background and know better. I've also lost my daughter to my ex-husband because of all this. I need guidance and strength please pray for us

2/3/2007 00:09

Dear God,
I pray that Tommy rests in peace and that you please guide his family and help them heal after their terrible loss. God, everything happens for a reason but, please help those dealing with addictions because they may be going through hard times which they have no where to turn to. Nothing is too big for God and he will ease the pain. Tommy's family, please take heart, God is not far!I believe this and, i know this. God bless!

2/3/2007 21:39

GLORIA92~In response to what you wrote on 1/28/07: I am so sorry for your loss. But, you are so right, Tommy is living on through this cite. It is so helpful for those who have addictions and for those who have loved ones who are battling addiction. Thank you for establishing this prayer circle for all of us.

May God bless you and keep you and your loved ones safe in His loving arms.

If you ever need prayer or if you just want to talk, feel free to email me at


2/3/2007 21:44

SISTERSCT~In response to what you wrote on 2/1/07: I am sorry that your brother is battling addiction. I have a brother and husband who is battling drug addiction. My brother is presently in jail right now. I will lift your brother up in prayer, and I ask if you would do the same for my loved ones. Thank you.

Father God, I come to You now in the precious Name of Jesus, asking for Your Will to be done in our loved ones' lives on earth as it is in Heaven. Lord, I thank You that they ARE (not will be) delivered from their addictions. I thank You for breaking the bondages of sin and that they will live the abundant life that Jesus died on the Cross for them to have. I thank You for strengthening them in the areas where they are weak. I thank You that they have no fellowship with the unfruitful works of darkness. I thank You for removing all negative influences from their lives and for tearing down all strongholds. May they be the Godly men that You placed them on this earth to be. I plead the blood of Jesus over them all. In Jesus' Name I pray. Amen.

If you ever need prayer or if you just want to talk, feel free to email me at


2/3/2007 21:51

QUIGLEY~In response to what you wrote on 2/2/07: My heart and prayers goes out to you. I suggest The Bondage Breaker by Neil T. Anderson (try to find it on line or at a Christian bookstore, for it is sure to be a blessing to you).

Father God, I come to You now in the precious Name of Jesus, asking for Your Will to be done in her life, and her boyfriend's life, on earth as it is in Heaven. Lord, Your Word says to call those things that are not as though they were, for in so doing, we will have what we say. Therefore, I thank You, Lord, that she and her boyfriend ARE (not will be) are free from their addictions. I thank You that they know who they are in Christ. I thank You that everything they say, do and think will bring You glory. I thank You that from this day forward, they are delivered in Jesus' Name. I thank You for strengthening them in the areas where they are weak. May they have no fellowship with the unfruitful works of darkness. May NO weapon formed against them prosper. May the miracles, blessings and breakthroughs they have been praying for, be manifested in their lives soon. I thank You that their unborn child is healthy and whole-nothing's missing, nothing's broken. I thank You that she will carry the baby full term and that no harm will come near to them. I plead the blood of Jesus over her and her unborn child. Please cover them in Your precious blood, from the crown of their heads to the soles of their feet. I seal this prayer with the blood of Jesus. Amen.

If you ever need prayer or just want to talk, feel free to email me at


2/19/2007 19:34

I am feeling very blessed as each of you are praying for my brother and my family. My brother went to church yesterday. I have been telling everyone as I am so proud. My prayers continue for your families and your needs. Open your hearts to God and he will be there. My brother has been promising to go to church but hasn't done so until yesterday. I know in my heart God is hearing our prayers. Thank you all so much for including him in your prayers.

2/24/2007 17:27

SISTERSCT~In response to what you wrote on 2/19/07: PRAISE GOD!!! HALLELUJAH!!! I am so glad that your brother went to church. I pray that he will continue to go. Keep me

2/26/2007 08:11

I believe that each soul is connected to Perfect Spirit. Those of us who have been born with addiction suffer from this disease, and we take all our loved ones down with us. I affirm that Tommy, and all others who have died from addiction are Divine Spirits. They could not help having this disease, and they are now free in Spirit. May just one more suffering soul find their way to the solution. I am grateful for AA, and the solution it has provided me. Blessings to all who are effected by this. You are Divine. Always, dee

3/3/2007 18:38

Lord, although it is a tragedy to lose Thomas so early in his life, we want to thank you that he is no longer suffering with his addiction and is Home safely in your loving arms. Please surround his family with the white light of the Holy Spirit and keep them safe from harm. Calm their tears and heal their wounds. Amen.

3/8/2007 18:19

I hold Tommy's family and all those struggling with addictions in the healing Light. May you find the strength and peace to carry on.
blessed be.

3/19/2007 00:54

Addiction is horrible. My middle son Jonathan flatlined in 3~05 from heroin, luckily his friend called 911 and he was resusitated, but he deals with his addiction on a daily basis still and it breaks my heart that I as his mother cannot do anything for him, he's got to admit he has a problem and WANT help, but in the meantime it breaks my heart and that of his little brothers, which both lost their oldest brother Januay 23rd 2007 of a rare liver disease,.,.so its tough here,.,please be with my son dear God and all those that suffer addictions of any kind Kat

3/24/2007 17:03

KATTTT~In response to what you wrote on 3/19/07: First, I want to extend to you my deepest sympathies for the loss of your son back in January. Second, a book called The Bondage Breaker by Neil T. Anderson, will be a great source for you and Jonathan.

Father God, I come to You now in the precious Name of Jesus, asking for Your Will to be done in this family. Everyone is affected in some way by the addiction and the recent death. I ask that You give them increased strength, comfort, peace and patience to endure this difficult ordeal. I thank You that Jonathan's struggle with his addiction will cease immediately. I thank You for delivering him from this bondage. I pray for his salvation and deliverance. I thank You that he has NO fellowship with the unfruitful works of darkness. I thank You for removing all negative influences from his life and for tearing down all strongholds off of his life. Mend the broken hearts in this family, Lord. May they each enter into Your peace and joy--which can only come from You. In Jesus' Name I pray. Amen.

If you ever need prayer or just want to talk, feel free to email me at


4/19/2007 13:11

I pray for all those that deal with all types of addictions, be it mental, physical, emotional and spiritual. Place your suffering at the foot of the Most Holy Cross. There the Precious Blood of Christ will wash them away. Place your trust in Him who is the Divine Physician. I myself deal with a sexual addiction. But with the love of our heavenly Father I find solace in His Awesome Presence and live each day, each moment at a time. Don't worry about what happened, don't worry about what will happen...just live in the Present Moment. God Bless and Peace of Christ be with you all.

4/21/2007 14:59

KRIKOS~In response to what you wrote on 4/19/07: I pray that you will overcome and be free of the sexual addiction in Jesus' Name. Amen.


5/2/2007 21:20

May the Lord comfort all who have lost someone to this terrible addiction.

May the Holy Spirit impart discernment to those that are battling their addcitions and

May the Blood of Christ protect those that seek him against the pressures of sin.

God bless you,
In Christ,

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