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Thomas W. Glenn Jr.
Tommy was a wonderful man. He was charming, intelligent, charismatic and good-hearted. He could always put a smile on your face.

This prayer circle is for all of those who are suffering from the disease of addiction, dealing with a family members addiction, or those of us who have lost a loved one to addiction. In loving memory of Tommy. September 2,1975-January 27,2001. God Bless

This prayer circle is in memory of Thomas W. Glenn Jr. Tommy was an intelligent, articulate, charming and good-hearted young man. His life ended short at the young age of 25. A true genius, the things he could have achieved if given the chance. On a cold Januay morning he passed away from "bad heroin". His family and loved ones miss him desperately and need prayers. Also, in honor of Tommy the prayers are being said for all of those suffering from the disease drug addiction, families dealing with addiction and loved ones of those who have passed on due to addiction. Tom was a conquerer, if this could beat could beat anyone. Please help one another. Please Lord, give me the strength to continue to fight for this cause. God bless you.


Tom, you are in the Lords hands now and one day we will meet again For now, I pray for you all the peace and happiness in heaven.

renee25 -6/28/2001
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12/21/2001 00:14

Oh, sweet, Blessed Mother Nature, take Tommy into your bowels and make him one again with the unifying force that is everything. His experiences become our experiences, his problems become our problem. Guide us to healing and understanding.

Also, Blessed Mother, your meek child asks you to exhert a special circumstance intervention on all makers of "Bad Heroin." May they fall on the rusty, diseased needles they supply to their "Johns." Let them feel the pain they have inflicted on all. Let them know the heartache they have caused. Take them into your bowels and process them into all that is the one.


12/23/2001 21:42

Tommy is one of Gods warriors and will always be with us. He was needed here and now he is home with our father. The circle of love will not be broken, for I pray that all the "Tommy's" will now watch over and help others with the disease of addiction. Please help me to pray for my dear friend Jeff. He has tried to battle the addiction of alcohol and drugs and stumbled a few times. We must all help Jeff to believe in himself and the power Jesus has to heal our wounds, our sorrows, our shortcomings. We must all remember to "let go and let God." Peace be with you Tommy (our angel warrior). Jeff, I love you my friend, you ARE WORTHWHILE and we all make mistakes, we all have problems. We can and we WILL overcome anything, all we have to do is believe in the Lord and allow Him to help us love ourselves and one another. God Bless you Jeff and peace be with you. Remember what I have told you, talk to your angels, they always listen, even when you think noone else will. May they watch over you and keep you safe, help you to become strong and help you to reach for the Lord's light and strenght and love. God bless everyone and never, never give up hope, never give up faith. Jesus never takes a break, why should we! Jesus is a part of all of us and please, don't let His circle of love go unbroken. Merry ChrisTmas everyone and God bless you all. Peace and love be with you always.

12/25/2001 19:39

My prayers go out to Tommy,s family,and all others who suffer as a result of addiction. This affects the whole family. Only GOD and our faith and willingness to turn our addicted love ones over to GOD, and our Pain, Hurt,Anger and all that affects our lives,due to drug addicted love ones. God Is Our Only Hope.Pray for my son Anthony Penton.

12/26/2001 09:39

Heavenly Father, bless all of those who have addictions also my sons who have an addiction and do not accept help. Lord Jesus I pray you will send your Holy Spirit to ease hurts, bring peace, and heal the addicts everywhere. In Jesus name I pray. Amen

12/26/2001 10:57

I am requesting prayer for my son Jim. He is a recovering Heroin addict. He is using again. He has only admitted to pot but in my heart I know there is more. I emplore my Heavenly Father to give Jim the strength he needs to overcome this terrible addiction. We love him so much and pray for his permanent recovery. To anyone else who is reading this please add Jim to your prayers.

12/29/2001 12:27

I pray each and every day to God that he may protect and guide our children. But almost every day, there is a pressure in my heart for my Son who became involved in drugs as a teenager. I didn't see it, or now as I realize, was afraid to see it. He is now 23 and although he says he is clean, it's hard to believe. We have helped him with money and shelter and love. He feels that parents should have unconditional love - and we love him - but he views unconditional love as giving him things. I cannot continue to pay his bills - and he cannot live with us - because we do not feel safe. But I feel sad and scared all the time. In the meantime, I keep praying that God will hear my prayers and I pray he will hear yours.

12/29/2001 16:31

Dear God, please Bless Tommy and his family. This is a terrible loss and I pray that someday something good will come from their loss.
God Bless you Tommy

12/30/2001 04:09

tom is with the lord now as well as my husband they both await as they work for the father now blessyou and yours

1/1/2002 18:05

Dear God,
I pray for my boyfriend Jim that he will seek help and support for his drug and alcohol addiction, for I know within him is a wonderful soul. Now there is no happiness for him, only despair. I pray for Jim that he will reach out and seek recovery to begin healing his pain, and once he's on that path, I know he will find happiness and joy come back into his life. I pray that I too will be strong and have courage to deal with my codependency, my sickness
and my co-addictions. Forgive us our sins Gracious God and please Bless us all. Amen

1/2/2002 10:16

through God's Grace Tommy is no longer suffering through Satan's hold of addiction. I am a living testimony of what God's love can do. I was an addict for almost 30 years, until I turned my life over to Jesus Christ. He has blessed me beyond words and I have been clean for almost 2 years now. My prayers are with Tommy's family in dealing with their pain. For those of you that think there is now way out of this addiction nightmare there is, Jesus Christ is just waiting for you to ask for His help and will greet you with open arms. God Bless You, Lee

1/4/2002 15:25

Dear God,
Bless angelintraining for referring to our Tommy as an Angel Warrior for that gave me comfort. I also want to refer to him as the Peacemaker Angel. The Angel that protects & brings comfort to all the families dealing with addiction problems. Let their be peace in his family as well. Let his Love prevail over all evil. Let us triumph over anger & resentment. Let us forgive each other & ourselves for the errors made & find solutions to bring peace,
understand & closure that would bring JOY to Tommy as well as to all the loved ones he left behind.
In Jesus name we pray,

1/5/2002 16:48

dear father,i pray in the name of jesus,that you will bless tommys family during this time of greif.father,i know what they are going through because i myself is a recoverying addict. father i know that i cannot do it by myself. you are the one who gives me the strenght to go on. father, i am asking you to allow tommys family to continue to go on and always know that tommy is at peace with you.amen

1/7/2002 01:20

God..grant us the serenity to accept the things we cannot change, the courage to change the things we can, and the wisdom to know the difference.
Reach out if you feel God. To anyone with God in their hearts. God Bless...

1/7/2002 09:08

Dear God,
I lift up my prayers for Jessica Stein & her family. May you give them the strength to help her have victory over her addiction & not to be another statistic. Let her children forgive her for confusing her priority of loving her children over loving do heroin. Let her family be able to give her faith in herself & take her out of the bondage of drugs. Oh merciful Father, bring together & keep their family in perfect unit of love & mutual support.
In Jesus name we pray

1/7/2002 09:17

Dear God,
I lift up my prayers for Jessica Stein & her family. May you give them the strength to help her have victory over her addiction & not to be another statistic. Let her children forgive her for confusing her priority of loving her children over loving her addiction. Let her family be able to give her faith in herself & take her out of the bondage of drugs. Oh merciful Father, bring together & keep their family in perfect unity of love & mutual support.
In Jesus name we pray

1/7/2002 17:01

Heavenly Father ask that you bless all those suffering from Chemical dependancy right now. I ask that you open up their hearts and minds and help them to realize that not only are they hurting themselves, but also everyone who loves them. I ask that you give them the strength to overcome their addiction and the guidance to lean on you Lord for support. In Jesus name I pray. Amen.
I am married to a man who is addicted to heroin. We have been married for three years and It has been a constant struggle for my family and his also. I really love my husband and I want to continue in this marriage, but I know that until he has released his demons, until he completely gives his life and addiction to Christ, there is no hope for us. I myself have let go, so it's in God's hands now. I continue to pray for strength and guidance for my family and myself and all those who struggle with a loved one who has an addiction.

1/8/2002 15:55

God Bless

1/8/2002 22:49

Dear Heavenly Father,
Heavenly Mother, God of the universe.
Upon the altar of Jesus' Grace
Grace which is sufficent
and human weaknesses which make Jesus' strength perfect.
I stand before the throne of Jesus Christ along with all these others, asking for your grace to overcome addictions of all sorts, and thank you for all those who cared enough to pause here. In Jesus name, Amen

1/9/2002 00:29

I pray that you overcome what you are going through. I'm married to a wonderful man, but he recently relapsed. Stay strong in your faith & pray alot!!! I ask that God Bless you & yours, & look after you & help you.

1/11/2002 12:50

I pray for the family of Tommy and for the other families who have loved ones with any terrible addiction. I also ask If I may be in your prayers as well. I have 2 brothers who are gambling addicts. It is destroying their lives and I can't do a thing for them but pray. One of the brothers is also a alcoholic and watching these 2 loved ones destroy their lives is most painful. I pray with you and ask that you pray with me.
Thank You All!

1/13/2002 00:52

Iam a addict to,I pray for peace to all who suffer from the dis-ease of addiction this includes all people who are touched by an addict

1/14/2002 19:49

Dear God,
We say we want, to find some peace,
we just want to see his face, but this hatred will get us no place, all we need is You. Love you Tom.


1/14/2002 23:31

Please pray for my sister Denise who is dealing with issues of anger and food and alcoholism. She is sick in the hospital, ands I know Dear Lord and Our Lady, Archangel Raphael, adn Saint Dympha, and Saint Bernadette that she will be healthy again with your help.

1/15/2002 23:18

Nobody else here baby
No one here to blame
No one to point the finger
It's just you and me and the rain
Nobody made you do it
No one put words in your mouth
Nobody here taking orders
When love took a train heading south
It's the blind leading the blond
It's the stuff, it's the stuff of country songs
Hey if God will send his angels
And if God will send a sign
And if God will send his angels
Would everything be alright
God has got his phone off the hook, babe
Would he even pick up if he could
It's been a while since we saw that child
Hanging 'round this neighbourhood
You see his mother dealing in a doorway
See Father Christmas with a begging bowl
Jesus sister's eyes are a blister
The High Street never looked so low
It's the blind leading the blond
It's the cops collecting for the cons
So where is the hope and where is the faith
And the love...what's that you say to me
Does love...light up your Christmas Tree
The next minute you're blowing a fuse
And the cartoon network turns into the news
If God will send his angels
And if God will send a sign
And if God will send his angels
Where do we go
Where do we go
Jesus never let me down
You know Jesus used to show me the score
Then they put Jesus in show business
Now it's hard to get in the door
It's the stuff, it's the stuff of country songs
But I guess it was something to go on
If God will send his angels
I sure could use them here right now
Well if God would send his angels
Where do we go
I don't want to lie
(Where do we go)
I don't want to have a feel for the song
And I want to love, and I...
(Where do we go?)
And I want to feel alone.

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