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Marriages everywhere
People who are experiences troube in their marriages

Father God, I pray for marriages every. I pray that mates everywhere will join in praying for healing and restoration in marriages all over the nation. I pray father for all mates that are experiencing trouble in their marriage. amen

mjlove -7/7/2001
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10/21/2003 06:57

Dear Lord: I pray for all of us who come to You on this prayer circle. We are all searching and trying out best to reach out to You -- and we are giving all to You. Only You can protect us Lord, from satan and all of the evil. I pray a hedge of Your love around us all and around our families and spouses.
I have hit bottom again Lord, but that is my own doing. Without realizing it, I reached out to You in what I thought was a total giving up of the situation to You -- but I realize now that I had my own expectations hooked on to that giving. Please forgive me Lord -- I truly want to give this situation to You. I don't want it! I don't know what to do or how to handle this. I just know that You are trying to show me the way and I can't seem to see You or perhaps I don't want to see the answers that You give me. Please forgive me Lord, and I pray that You help me find You. I want You to guide me Lord, and I want You to show me the way. I give all of my expectations and wants to You Lord, to do with as You see fit. I want to live the life You want for me Lord. Thank you for all of Your love, Your blessings and for this opportunity to reach out and trust You totally Lord. Your peace in my soul is the greatest blessing ever Lord and I thank You.
Thank You Lord. Your will be done, not mine. Amen

10/21/2003 16:51

my heavenly father i ask that you restore my marriage lord help us thru all the storms that we passing we know lord that we have to suffer for we have all fallen short of the glory of godlord i am asking you to forgive us of all of our sins have mercy on us lord there is so much evil that wants to destroy our family but you are greater and you will give us the strenght to go on we love you and leave it all at your feet lord do your will not ours in you i will trust always this i ask in jesus name amen.lord iask that you hear all the prares on this site give us all peace and faith we love you and wait for u.god bless them all this i ask in jesus name amem.

10/21/2003 19:14

Lord I know that our wishes are not always yours I thank you Lord for trials that you give us and ask for you mercy and grace and I come to you with all my heart and soul that your will would be done and know matter what I know that you have answered my prayers thank you dear Jesus.

10/21/2003 23:55

Dear Lord: Please guide me. Please guide my every thought and action. Please take me where You want me to go. Your will be done Lord -- not mine -- Your will Lord. Show me Lord. In Your name I pray. Amen

10/22/2003 09:17

Hello Prayer Group:
May the Lord bless every one in this group and may all your prayers go before the Lord and his will be done Amen. I would like to request a prayer for my home after a long time of being separeted from my husband he came home, but it has not been easy to deal with and trust has been very hard there are so many things that so deeply hurt but I have chosen to keep it to my self, Today I feel so sad and depressed I am not sure if he is back to his olds ways and that would hurt me so, please pray for me and my home, I will have you all in prayers as well. May the Lord shine over ever home here and give us faith that he will take care of us. Amen

10/24/2003 08:11

Please pray for me and my husband. The devil is busy, but he is a liar. My husband and I have been together for 15 years. I recently discovered he cheated on me. When I told him (out of anger) that I no longer wanted him because of his cheating, he physically attacked me. He ruined all of my clothes. He even tried to get me fired from my job. I know it is the devil.
We haven't spoken in four (almost five) weeks now. I don't know even know how to get in contact with him. He suffers from depression and has suicidal ideation, not to mention his battle for the past 10 years with cocaine.
I do believe in miracles. And I am asking that you pray with me and for me that God heals my husband and adultery and drugs and that God works a miracle as only he could in my marriage.

10/24/2003 12:14

Dearest Lord,
Today has been yet another day of sadness and loneliness - missing Peter can sometimes be so painful Lord. I know and believe in my heart of hearts that You have heard my cries and prayers but I am feeling so overwhelmed by all these thoughts and feelings... I offer all this sadness and pain to You Lord - heal my brokenness and pain. Everytime I think I have surrendered he comes home, we spend some lovely time together and he disappears yet again for weeks...I may not understand everything in my life Lord but please I beg you for the wisdom and strength to always do Your will in my life. I love You Lord and am so thankful that You have loved me and still love me unconditionally. Help me live my life in faith, believeing that one day, in Your own time, You will lead Peter home and we will reunited as a family. I continue to lift up to you our son Lord - he is missing his dad and there are times it really breaks my heart to watch him act up and do silly things. Show him Your fatherly love Lord and fill in the void Peter has left Lord. He is hurting and I cannot even begin to think of ways of helping him. I feel so lost at times Lord. I have been an awful mum lately because of stress of work and all that has been happening. Forgive me Lord for being so short-tempered with our son. Help me Lord...I beg You.

I lift up to you all those on this prayer circle and all otheres who are not but are standing in the gap for their marriages. Help heal all their heartache and pain, fill us with Your love and forgiveness, wisdom and mercy Lord. Teach us unconditional love.

I continue to lift up Peter to You Lord. I pray a hedge of protection around him Lord so that no evil can touch him, so that those who seek him to hurt him will not find him, so that he will walk along the path You have set out for him. Lord i pray fort he other woman - have mercy on her Lord. She really does not know what she is doing. Shine Your light of truth in their hearts Lord so that satan will not dwell in their hearts with all his lies and deception. I stand by Your promise Lord that what You have joined together in marriage no man can tear apart. I stand on Your promise that You will never abandon us - all You ask is for us to walk in obedience and faith. Thank You Lord for loving me so much. I love You Lord and only want to do Your will.

10/25/2003 03:22

Lord, thank you for this day.Praise to You.

10/26/2003 02:20

Lord, I pray for abailey418, mitzib, kareninFL, JackieJ56, babo53 bukholzv, jkappa2266,jdevian and blessed&broken. These are the people who are coming to you for your gracious love and mercy. Please hear their prayers and bless their families and homes. Give them strength to carry on... in Jesus' name, AMEN

10/26/2003 21:59

lord i lift your name on high.for there is nothing impossible that you cannot do lord..our trials are nothing compared to what you went thru lord for you loved us that much that you died on the cross for me for me for me oh lord there is nothing you cant do for me.lord i lay it all at your feet and i will trust you do your will in our lives restore our marriage take this

10/27/2003 08:54

I pray that the power of the Lord's wonderful grace and mercy would touch my husband's heart today. Please pray that the Lord would work in his heart today thank you for your wonderful love and mercy that you show everyday to us.

10/27/2003 10:01

Please pray for me and my husband. Many things have happened in our marriage that were never dealt with and now my husband doesn't know if he wants to be married. We have been married over 19 years. Please pray that God will help him see that we can work through our problems. Thank you for praying.

10/28/2003 05:28

Lord today I pray for "help75" and her husband. Please help them save their marriage. Give them the strength to work harder to save it and remind them of all the reasons why they fell in love in the first place. I still pray for all the people that I've prayed for yesterday. Praise to you Lord.

10/28/2003 05:36

Lord, I also pray especially for KareninFL. Please give her hope. I think she needs You the most. Please help her. I can almost feel her pain.
In Jesus' name and glory.

10/28/2003 15:00

Please pray for me and my husband our marriage is going through some hard times right now. We been married for 18 years and now he tells me that he is not happy with me and that he needs some space. I think that theirs another women involve but he will not admit to it. He told me that he cares about me alot but that he needed to be on his own for a while. I love my husband very much and want this marriage to work. We have 2 wonderful boys together 16/18. Please pray for us and all other marriages thats in trouble.

10/29/2003 18:51

Dear Lord: Today is turning to such a hard moment. The girls and I went and looked at a new home and his lawyer is contacting mine. We've had no contact in three weeks and now its time for the attys to do all the talking. My God, why, why is all that comes to mind just why is he doing this to us why?

10/29/2003 19:17

Dear Ourlove, You are in my thoughts and prayers. May the Lord bless you with peace and understanding and the Holy Spirit give you comfort. God Bless and keep in the shelter of His arms.

11/1/2003 21:33

Dear ourlove - know that I have been praying for you and your family. I have often wondered how you have been holding up. Take care and be strengthened by Jesus. He is holding you and your family in the palm of His hand. Trust and obey - there is really no other way. In all my struggles and heartaches, I look at the cross and think of the love He had for us to give up His innocent life so that we may have life everlasting - I am overwhelmed. That always somehow strengthens me knowing that we have a God who sees all, who knows all and who can do everything except fail.

Dearest Lord, I continue to lift up all those in this prayer circle and all who have asked for our prayers. Only You Lord know just what we need. Continue to bless us with Your peace and wisdom Lord. We need the strength and trust and faith to let go and believe in Your will for each of us - we know that all things will work out fort he good for all those who trust in you Lord. We lift up to You all our cares, all our sorrows, all our pain, heartache, and all our joys and blessings. We thank You Lord for never letting us out of Your sight and care. We thank you for loving us unconditionally. Thank you Lord for everything that has happened and is happening and will happen in our lives. For the good and the bad times we thank you Lord, for the pain and the happiness we praise you Lord, for the sorrow and the joy we bless you Lord. You deserve all our praise and thanksgiving O Lord. Teach us unconditional love Lord.

I continue to lift up to you Peter Lord. Things are not looking good as he appears so cold and so distant of late. The few times he has been home, he has been silent and I have been silent too. Sometimes it breaks my heart just knowing the lies he believes from the evil one. But I trust that You have begun a great thing in his life and will see it to completion. I want to do Your will Lord - it is really difficult sometimes when my will and my wishes get in the way of Your wisdom Lord. I beg of the grace to let go completely of my own wishes, my hopes and my dreams and to place them all at Your feet Lord to let You Lord take charge and control of my life. Everytime I fall Lord, please continue to lift me up and lead me on the path You have placed out for me. I want nothing more than to do Your will Lord even if it means "sacrificing" the very man I love in total obedience and surrender. Teach me Lord to live out the Beatittudes daily as I walk in Your truth and righteousness. Make me Your humble servant Lord. I love You Lord. I praise and thank you Lord for all the countless blessings I have receieved from you daily. Thank you Lord for everything.

11/2/2003 00:24

I plead the blood of Jesus over all marriages. No Weapon formed against me and my family shall prosper.
My husband sign the papers to begin the process of divorce. This is not what I want. We are both christians. But my husband of 5 years says that I no longer wants to be married. He says that he loves me and this is his way of showing me how much. He is in his forties and I am in my thirties. I know that God brought us together. We are in a war with the enemy. My husband is so anointed, but the enemy is trying to confuse him. The enemy knows that one can put a thousand to flight but two can put ten-thousand to flight. I just thank God that he is the author and the finsher of all things and that he is more powerful than anything that the enemy can try to throw at christian marriages. I pray for the will of God in my life and my marriage.

11/2/2003 03:55

dear ininnap, please know that I am praying for you that Jesus would wrap you in his arms and comfort you and know that you are special. I will pray for your husband that the Lord would take the confusion away and that the Lord might be trying to work in him. I thank everyone for your prayers sometimes things get so discouraging and without the support around us its very hard at times. My husband does not like going to church and none of my family are christians so I feel that I'm walking alone I cherish everyday that I have with Jesus and the personal walk but right now I am up and 1:55am in the morning just feeling kind of discouraged. I had an interview on friday and it went pretty good however I have not worked in over 4 months so I am really praying that I get this job. I pray for my husband that Jesus would touch his heart. I also would like to say a prayer about some other issues in my life that I am unsure of. Thank you for your support.

11/2/2003 19:43

Dear Prayer Partners and BlessedandbrokenOne:
Thank you for your words of encouragment, they are so dearly needed. This week our attys went at thie first round. Eveything I suggested has been denied and I am trying to get the girls and I into a smaller and less expensive home. My income does not qualify me for much and Greg will not sign a morgtgage with me. He is asking the court to roder counseling for the girls b/c neither daughter will see or talk with him. He says it is I who is influencing them, the fact that he left us he doesnt see. He is also asking the court to order them to visations and holidays, both girls cried and want neither. I actually ran a way from home for a few hours and sat at a frineds and cried my eyes out. I cant beleive God is not stopping this. I pray and I get to the point I feel so umb with nothing more to say.
Oh Lord I ask as I have for 14 months please restore my marriage and family to its honor and your will be done.
For I believe you do not want divorce and breakup of this family.
Dear Partners I pray for you and yours, may GOd hear our prayers and heal our homes and famlies.
Dear Lord, please I have 22 days until court, please go to Greg and allow him to see and feel the love his family is holding for him and waiting for his return, as are all my prayer partners.

11/3/2003 10:27

God is good all the time - He will never abandon us. Through the darkest night His light will shine. If we walk through the valley, we need not fear..He will guide us and will never forsake us. I give praise and thanks to You Lord for Your unconditional love for each and everyone of us. I bless and thank You for everything that has happened, is happening and all that will happen in my life. There are many times when I feel like my plate is so full of problems,of fears, of despair, of hopelessness, of stress... but when I sit and think of all the many blessings and graces You have bestowed upon me,I see my cup overflowing. Thank You Lord. I know You are the healer of my soul..thank you.

Dear Ourlove..I may not have the "right" words to say at this point of sorrow, of pain, of what appears to be a hopeless situation..just know that you and your family are close in my prayers. God will heal all your Him. I know things appear hopeless, impossible..but just know that with God nothing is impossible. God can do anything but fail. As I say these words to you I remind myself of this truth. Things are not looking good on my homefront either. There are moments when I wonder if the other woman has won and satan is laughing at his victory...but it is moments like these when I feel so down and sad...I think of the love Jesus has for me, for each one of us..God loved us so much that He sent His only Son to die for us...I know in my spirit, in my heart of hearts that God will triumph. Victory will belong to Jesus. All He is aking is for me to trust and obey. It is fact impossible without the faith and trust that can only come from Him. Courage Ourlove, God is close by your side. Give Him all your pain and sorrow. Just LET GO AND LET GOD. Shalom dear sister in Christ.

11/3/2003 12:37

Dearest Blessedandbrokenone: Where do you find your strength, courage and wisdom? Anyone not with you is a fool! I cant imagine hearing you and not beleiving in your words. You have been my gift from God throughout this horrible ordeal, ho can I ever thank you for your help and prayers. Is there some part of the Holy Bible that gives you your daily inspriation? i read and search and I cannot find. I look at the words and keep coming back to God does not want this for any of us and yet Satan is continually working and driving our families apart. Today I read and discovered God created family before so much and yet its being destroyed by so many leaving pain and despair. How do we find the courage and strength to go on and not let Satan get the upper hand? You do not need to be told this, but you are one fantastice creation of God and I thank him for you.
My prayers and blessings to you and all.
May God build a large hedge around our spouses and lead them on the path to their loved ones once more.

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