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Angela A

Financial struggles, emotional struggles and need to find a place of worship. It's all tearing my family apart. I desperately need prayer partners

My husband lost his job, I'm a student and full time mother. Our problems seem so trivial compared to those that many others have, I just don't seem to be coping with it all very well. My moods are horrible and I've lost my faith that God will see us through this hard time. I feel like we're losing everything and all because I don't know how to handle the pressures put on us right now. We need our financial security, our emotional security and we need me to handle our budget better than I did in the past. Please pray for me and my family. That I will trust God in this difficult time and that he will see us through it. I need to be a better wife and mom, more supportive and my husband needs a job. i feel like I can handle no more. I just want God to hear my prayers.
dyllnsmm -9/26/2001
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3/31/2006 19:25

Dear Angela,
I had a horrible marriage. I want you to know that before God changes the things you pray about he will change you. Just remember the Bible says he gives beauty for ashes, strength for fear, gladness for mourning and peace for despair. Submit yourself to God resist the devil and he will flee from you. Submit yourself to your husband dont argue with him. Give him your opinion, but if he doesn't respond the way you want him to don't get upset find a way to excuse yourself and pray for him. If it is finances-- make sure you are giving your tithe see Malachi God is bound by his word to do what it says there. tithe means 10 percent. God must honor his covenant with you. Like I was saying about arguing. Pray this way. I ask forgiveness for every sin and cleansing by the blood of Jesus for every defilement of body soul and spirit in Jesus name for myself and my husband. I take our thoughts captive to the obedience of CHrist and I bind and break the power of every high word or high thought that would exalt itself against the knowledge of God. I bind every spirit the would try to control dominate, manipulate or inspire us in Jesus Name and I call forth the Holy SPirit to be our every inspiration. I pray Father your Holy Spirit would be our mediator. I call forth God's will to be done in our lives on earth as it is in heaven. give God permission to change your heart about any decision if you are wrong or to change his if you are right. I have learned crying screaming trying to control circumstances or him cussing him out...none of that works it only leaves you feeling worse when you don't get your way. Prayer is the only thing that will change anything. There are some really good prayer sheets at the mountain of fire ministries they are online You might be interested to check them out. Be diligent! Remember God has a plan for you for good and not for evil. The Bible says: I have put my trust in the Lord I shall not be disappointed.

4/8/2006 00:41

Your situation is so scary and I know exactly what you are going through.I have three children my husband cannot keep a job becuase he does not know how to read or write.I have been very sick lately and cannot get better and have been told I possibly have cervical cancer but cannot afford a biopsy because I just got cut off insurance.These past few days I have really lost all hope.I slack off reading the bible and praying but i now realize it is something we must not slack off on.God can do the most awesome things for us but we must do our part which is not at all anything big.Have faith Angela don't lose it.Never.You have to be strong becuase you will get through this God will get you through this.We christians go through more rough times because the devil tries his best to bring us down and we just keep fighting.Just don't let him bring you down.Father, I ask that you pour out your blessings upon Angela and her family Father that you will give her strentgh,wisdom,courage,anf faith to go on another day,to trust in you Father that everything will be ok, that you will lead her husband to the job he is supposed to do.Father I ask that you comfort her in her time of suffering father and that you will give her peace of mind.Tank You Father.In Jesus name I ask and Pray.Amen.I wish you the best Angela maybey you could say aliitle prayer for me that I don't have any cancer.Thank You and God Bless You.Just remember he is always with you.

6/19/2006 12:06

angela, god hears all prayers how ever he may not answer them in the time frame that you wish , god is good and he never leaves our side..

lord i pray that you give angela the faith courage and love ,stregnth to know that you hear her prayers in jesus name i pray

7/8/2006 02:28

Dear Lord, please help Angela in her struggles. This is satan at the door, help Angela to be strong and not let him get a foothold! Lord, I know you have our best interest at heart and answer our prayers, perhaps not in the way we expect but You are always with us and for that I am so thankful. Amen

Angela, I know only too well the struggle you are going thru as I too am facing finacial stress and it has literally brought me to my knees at night in prayer. I constantly remind myself that God is on and at my side and I just have to keep the faith and not give up. May God Bless you.

7/19/2006 11:58

Angela - THINK POSITIVE! Negative thoughts will wear you down & that is what Satan wants! Each day wake up & Thank God for 1 blessing You have received. Each day we receive God's Grace. My family also is going thru a tough time & I know it is hard to think positive but by God's Grace, daily prayer & your mind focusing on positive instead of negative you will come thru this. Dear Lord I lift up Angela to You & pray You give her strength & peace of mind & let her know You are with her & will guide her each day. In Jesus Name I Lift her up to You! AMEN!

8/24/2006 22:49

He always does,Angela.It might seem that God and Jesus aren't listening,but they are!!They have the perfect time to intervene.And when they intervene everything will change,watch!! You just need to keep your faith and keep praying.May God and Jesus always be with you!!

9/8/2006 15:27


10/1/2006 02:33

Dear Angela,
A lot of us are going through the same financial stress and the devil is out there destroying lives, and it is up to us all to fight him and not to lose our faith in GOD and to pray to him each day. GOD loves you as well as all of us your Christian Brothers & Sisters, We are Family and I pray that you get strong and have Faith that your prayers will be answered. GOD does provide for us and is always there for us. Please don't lose your Faith. Remember the fruit of the Spirit which is Faith, Hope, Love. Pray in a quiet place, and if you cry that is ok to.
Remember Jesus loves you and so do us all.

11/2/2006 14:31

Honey just have faith and breathe!! Pray god does hear you he just might not answer our prayers when we ask him..but in god's time he will answer you just belive!!!You can e-mail me at if you need a friend to listen, I am here...God bless,I will pray for you and your family...Debi Johnson

11/2/2006 16:19

Angela, first and foremost, it sound to me that you acknowledge GOD, and this is just satans way to interfere with the relationship that you have with our MOST GRACIOUS GOD!. I have been where you are now, this is just a storm you are going through, God hears our every cry, moan and prayer. You have to stand and believe that GOD and only GOD can carry you through this. Let go and Let GOD. I will be more than happy to be your prayer partner, my email is
I will also ask for special prayer at church where my husband is also an associate minister.

2/11/2007 15:47

I saw your message and my heart went out to you. God will NEVER NEVER leave you nor forsake you. He is right there with you. Pour your heart out to Him. He hears everything and knows everything. He loves you. He will bring you through it that is a certainty. God is your anchor. I also read the Psalms when I am under pressure on every side. Do not be afraid that you cannot cope it is in your weakness that God wants to be your strength. Let Him. Give all your burdens to Jesus. His load is not heavy.

God Bless you will be in my prayers and I will get others to prayer for you too! xx Jax24

2/12/2008 09:02

GOD does hear your prayrs, but sometimes he does not answer us like we would want. When one door closes, another one opens. I pray you find PEACE, LOVE & SUNSHINE in your life

2/12/2008 18:23

White light of the Holy Spirit, Universal All-Consciousness, God- I pray to you now that you hear this and if Angela A allows it, may she know the blessings of connection again. If Angela A accepts this, may her angels and guides, power animals or anything she believes, reach out to her as a sign from you to reinforce any temporarily broken bonds. May Angela A (if she accepts this healing) be blessed by Archangel Raphael in a healing and protected by Archanagel Michael during this time of trial. May Angela A focus on what IS instead of what is not. If she accepts this healing and prayer, may she find comfort in that we are all one and God/The Universal All is never separate from her. She and you and us and all are ONE. May the attraction of the universe give her the flow of good things that are her birthright to reclaim should she allow it. God/The Universal All I pray that Angela A might allow you to work through us all to remind her she is never alone and that what she WANTS you always deliver and have never taken away. ALLOWING is the only way to receive. Through our anger, frustration and grasping we push away that which we most want to receive. Open our hearts and allow in, the white light of healing and protection, the pink light of the Bridge of Love and Universal Peace. Angela A, may all these things be in your heart each day no matter what the temporary obstacle. Concentrate on these each morning and night and fill your heart with what you truly deserve. Be Well. Be Blessed. You are Loved always.

3/3/2008 10:30

Angela, please know that God is with you. Our family has has been going through some difficult times the past 2 years. My mom is raising my niece who is now 10 since birth. Her dad is a big part of her life but works. Her mom was on drugs and saw her once a year. We are very loving and considers me a mom to her also. She lost her pa paw when she was 7 in May 2005 and was diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumor and March (very terrifying). She lost her mom last July and she has been an inspiraton to everyone who meets her. She is so mature and will make you feel that everything will be better. I wish you could meet her. God IS with you and I pray for you. My mom had had CLL (lukemia of the blood) for 10 years now and is now in remission. I pray for her everyday. We are very very close. My dad died of lung cancer within 8 months of being diagnosed and he just retired and did not have time to enjoy life. I am one of four siblings and I help with EVERYTHING for my mom and she has just had Total Hip Replacement surgery. I hope you have family to support you because it hurts not to. I will pray that your husband gets a job soon and that you can be a peace with the life you deserve. God Bless you.

3/6/2008 13:18

Yes - He will hear your prayers and His answer to our prayers are "Yes" and "Amen" [which means 'so be it' or 'it is done'. Stay strong!

3/11/2008 16:20

Dear Angela, I am in agreement with your prayer. Please remember that GOD is always with you. As hard as this season in your life is, as confused as you may be, as bad as you think your situation is, you have to put your faith in the LORD. I have burdens of my own and they are heavy burdens but I read the word and meditate on it you should do the same. I ask that God will hear your prayers and Bless you in JESUS name ... Amen

4/9/2008 13:13

God's Blessings To You Angela
May you Be Still and Know that I am God Psalms 46:10 and know that our God is our help in times of trouble.
God will see that this shall come to pass
I will be praying for you
Be Blessed

4/17/2008 00:22

Dear God and Jesus,
Please always Bless, watch over, and be with Angela A and her family and please help her and her family to be healthy and happy.
Thank you.

4/23/2008 17:50

Lord, we come to you for prayer for Angela and her family. LOrd please restore their faith. Keep them strong in their time of need. Lord you know their needs better than anyone else, Lord we pray that you carry them in their time of need, and strengthen them in everyway possible. Lord, we ask that you continue to pprovide, watch over, and protect this family. Lift up their burdens, as they allow you Lord to see them through. In JEsus name we pray. Amen

6/9/2008 01:36

Lord first of all thank your for being you and being on the throne. Please Lord help this young lady Mrs. Angela and her family tonight Lord let her know that you said you would never leave us nor forsake us Lord. Also if we never had a problem how would we know that you could solve them. We thank you Lord right now, right now for what you have already done and will continually do for this family. Your children. You love us no matter what and I truly truly do thank you for that. I Jesus name I pray to the Father Amen May God continue to keep and Bless you always

6/14/2008 03:41

Angela, you're in my prayers. Blessings, Shannon

7/16/2008 00:26

Lord god please take hold on Angela and her dearest family. We all lift her up to you to give her your beloved grace and the power of your holy spirit so she can feel you close to her, specially in this crucial time lord, you always come thru. but she needs to feel your present in order to keep a stronge faith lord send her aguardian angel to guide her and lead her the way to the power of your holyspirit lord and thank you for being there for alot of us that feel your beloved present and enjoys to bringing loving souls to you. in jesus name amen. p.s please I need prayers for my health and for my family too. god bless you all. Jubilee

7/28/2008 15:21

I pray that God will give you more wealth than you can even imagine.In you house there shall no longer be lack,no longer shall there be poverty,but riches and in the peace of God shall you indulge in all of your days.May God protect over you children and give you husband a career that he will enjoy and take delight in In Jesus name.Amen.

8/11/2008 13:30

Angela, I pray that you always see and hear God's answers to your prayers. May the light and love of God lift you up and your family above your troubles. Blessed Be!

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