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Lights Alone
Those Living Alone

I ask for prayer for those of us who live alone and are suddenly faced with a situation, chronic illness, accidents, disease or any dis-orders or loss that limit or seclude us more than we would choose.

Once we were free and strong, helping others, now we pray for someone special to rediscover us, that we may share the things that in their most simple form have become ever more beautiful.

We ask that you do not forget us. We still "are" .

Remember us at bedtime, when you say goodnight to another, that we may feel your prescence.

Lift up our Animal Children for blessings, as they give so freely of love and devotion, and pray that we may run with them again.

Hold our hand within your heart as you might hold a beloved, and pray that we may again one day, find our hands clasped with another.

Libralight -7/7/2001
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12/19/2001 11:20

We are all one. In the quiet of your mind you can feel the connection, and it can bring you peace. I send blessings to all of you, that you will know you are not alone.

12/19/2001 14:50

I've always been very hopeful, am I too hopeful? 43 years old women who still hopes to have children! had a bad marrige, now single, and hopeful to re-marry to my soulmate. Would you pray for me? I saw my gurdian angle in a dream once, but I have not been able to see him again. God bless you all.

12/19/2001 21:05

prayer is the most powerful expression toward God, for peace of mind and everything else.

religious liberties go only so far.

abe theo eapen

12/20/2001 05:42

being alone is though and it teaches hard
personnally i havent meet the person who will share my life , will i ever find it ? i dont know but i hope for all those who are alone to find their soul mates
merci from france

12/20/2001 10:56

I was feeling so sorry for myself when I discovered this prayer circle. As I tried to put my sorrow into words, I could not write a thing. You see, for every complaint or self-pity I had, I found a positive side. Divine Spirit at work. I have everything to be thankful for and give thanks for all that I have, all that I am and all that is yet to come be. Yes, I do live alone but I am not alone. I now have all of you, for which I am thankful. Thank you so much for being here. I send a special prayer for peace and love for us all. We are not alone.

12/24/2001 14:06

Dear Libralight & all,

i could not let this day go by without wishing everyone here a very Merry Christmas.... especially you, Libralight... do you see how this circle grows? This is a wonderful thing you have done!...

today, as the world outside hustles & bustles with the last preparations for the holidays, i know that for some of us this time can be especially trying...
the holiday's can magnify the lonliness... we are bombarded with the images of family gatherings, lots of laughter, warm meals shared by many... on & on. Yet, I know that there are many, many people who spend the holidays alone.... so i wanted to share some thoughts with you.

i do not have one gift.... not one.... and for the first time in my entire life, i am absolutely at peace with that.

....for the gifts i have been given are contained in my heart....
one is hope, neverending hope.
another is strength... to pass through the dark days into the light...
then there is faith... to know that rain cannot fall forever...
and then there is joy.... to see the rainbow emerge after the storms....
and yet another gift is love... that in the silence is a spirit understanding with the Divine... that we are always connected to the Light... and although we may not always hear answers to our pleas, the answer is made known as a heart-consciousness... and in the silence the work of the spirit is done.

Nature is the embodiment of Divine thoughts of beauty for this world.... so the final gift i am given is to sense all of the Divine Presence in just a single flower.... that a sparrow has greater value than a palace.

So today i send a prayer for all of us to remember to breathe in the rich blessings of each new carry no more than the weight of just that day... to look at a sparrow with new eyes.
i ask that on our upward journey we are able to take our eyes off our feet as we stumble up the path in order to glimpse the wonders of the mountain heights to which we are headed... to drink gladly of the cup of sorrow and disappointment... as did the One who was born on this night so long ago... May the angels of that Spirit guard us day and night.... so that we may know peace in the midst of this restless world filled with trouble and difficulty...
peace is faith at rest... and that is truly the mark of the Kingdom...

expect not just one miracle...
expect many....

May the light and comfort of this circle grow brighter & brighter with each heart that arrives...
with love & prayer to all,

12/25/2001 14:41

my sister just died by being hit by a car. Please pray for my brother inlaw who is alone and trying so hard t adjust. thank you Her name was Avril and his name is Earl. thank you

12/25/2001 14:44

Do any of yo good people have any hints for a new widower who is alone. I suppose it is best to stay busy and try to get out every day and be with people. Any advice you give I will pass it on to my brother in law. thank you

12/25/2001 23:33

Merry Christmas and any other Blessed Title you choose to call it!! I have missed you!!! I am back with a different server and some answered prayers.
I wanted to feel the Spirit and magick of Christmas really strong this year, and by goodness I did!!
I had a lovely day today with my daughter at her home. I have still been drawing those hearts which continue to climb in glorius number!!!

Our heart-prayer-magick is alive and well and working!!!

It may a take Patience, how well I know, but I promise works!!!!!
Keep up the Faith and Belief. You Matter very much...keep the Magick of Love going.

Thank You so much...I pray all of you are well and filled with the Higher Presence of Divine Love. I wish you peace and joy, which automatically follows Love.


12/25/2001 23:35

PS: BearStar!!! You are a Guiding Light! Keep Glowing!!! Love Is All;)

12/27/2001 22:47

to all,depression is a deadly can be cured.i am living proof that checking with your doctor about those constant negative thoughts can be helped.i know this sounds crazy but medication saved my life.that and a good mental health program.we are all lonely in each of our own ways everyday.we have the power in us to create a wonderful life,and wonderful moments. in the worst of times there is a rose that still blooms.we have to open our eyes to see it..peace be with you all

12/29/2001 08:00

Happy New Year to LibraLight & All!

To LibraLight,
I am so glad that you had a wonderful Christmas Day with your daughter... and that some of your prayers are being answered! I light a candle for you!

Thank you for saying I am a Guiding Light.... and I shall do my best to keep glowing, lol! But I believe it is YOU, who started this circle, that has had a very special Light & Magick bestowed upon you. You saw a very real need to create a place where people could come when they are feeling lonely... and hopefully those who come here are a little less lonely after they leave.

I looked back to the beginning of this circle and it was you, LibraLight, who in the midst of physical pain, suffering, and other burdens, thought of others. How beautifully unselfish that was. I have been coming here since mid-August... I no longer remember how I got here... I just know that I am comforted knowing you all are is a safe place to be real... to discuss lonliness, fear, pain, loss or whatever. Additionally, it is a place of such hope... to know we are never really alone.

So, my wish for the New Year, is that we are all able to keep the glow of the Light in our hearts... to daily feel it's Eternal presence through both good times and bad...but more importantly, to nurture and tend to the Love in our spirits from which it is born.

The President has said next year shall be a "year of war".... I say next year should be a Year of Love...! I say next year can be a Year of Light!

So, try to light a beautiful white candle at the stroke of midnight on New Year's Eve... let it be a proclamation to ourselves to have a year of Light... a year of Love. We can make the world a little bit brighter... each and every one of us... and it starts in our own hearts. May we find the determination to radiate more Love & Light!

*Love is all!

12/29/2001 09:49

***To Muffy15 ***

I just wanted to say my thoughts are with you after the loss of your sister Avril.... but you know what is so touching.... that through your own grief, you have the compassion to think of your brother-in-law....

...i just wanted to say that there is a poem on page 4 (i believe) of this prayer circle that i wrote that deals with loss & grief.... if you like it, print it up for Earl.... i don't know if it'll help, but i hope so.

My only other suggestion is to realize that all of us grieve in our own way...
and just to allow that process to happen... it's ok to cry... it's ok not to... it's ok to talk... it's ok not to...
grief is very personal and it takes time to pass through... but as i wrote in the poem, we grieve because we loved and still love... they are always intertwined. Hold that love near to your heart... it's power will sustain you.

Try to understand that accidents, even those with tragic results as in the case of your sister, are just that... an accident. They defy explanation or understanding at times... but put hope in the belief that your sister's time on earth has been completed, she has now been called home with the Divine and she is in a good place where she walks with love, light & peace.

And if your brother is really in need, search out grief counseling groups.... they can be a great support system for those who are willing to try them.

I will light a special candle with thoughts of you.
take care...

12/29/2001 19:45

I ask for courage to hold my head up high and to believe in myself and believe in all that life has to offer. After being in relationship after relationship that destroyed my inner-self, I finally had the courage to withstand no more and walked away tonight. I walked away from the last demeaning relationship that I will ever be in. I am afraid of going to the dark place of depression and solituted that I once had before. I pray that I have the strenght and courage to be alone and to feel self love, and the courage to love again. I thank the higher power for sending me friends to help me get through this.

12/31/2001 22:18

I feel like I'm greedy asking for your prayers when there are so many out there needing help. I do have 2 sons that live with me. But, in June I lost my job of 13 years, due to bad attendence from migraines and depression. My unemployment has run out, I can not find a job and I have lots of skills and experience. But I have hope.
Dear Lord, I am so thankful for my health and my beautiful family. I thank you for my wonderful attitude in life, but I am sinking fast. It's a strain on me just to get up in the morning. I feel like every time their is hope, I am spiraled down into a deeper hole. Please help me find a job, so I don't lose my home and my children. And please help me maintain my hopeful attitute. Amen

1/1/2002 22:05

I have been alone and and single for quit sometime now...wanting the companionship of a man in my life...I am so thankful that I have God in my life and know he will never leave me..but I have found a friend that I like very much and he says like he really likes me...and going for a job interveiw over in montana that I have been waiting for....for a long time...and he lives there and pray we can make something happen with this friendship we have...I have my heavenly father but would like that humane contact and partnership as well. thank you for your prayers and I will have the faith and trust it will happen for me.

1/3/2002 12:45

I ask in faith for a soul mate, if it's god's plan for a man I met 3 years ago who lives in Alaska and cares for me and will open doors for us to be together.

1/6/2002 08:47

the man I miss, care about and cannot forget has left me for U.S. but I still dream the love between us will happen in someday. I pray he will forgive me for all unhappy things brought to him and accept me to be his good friend. Pls I ask for your pray for God will make it happen in 2002. Thank you very much.

1/6/2002 18:24

When i feel lonely,my mind sometimes
wonders off and sometimes, and I don't
think about my God and Savour right away
But we must never forget that He is always there, all we need to do is call him, he said he will be your companion,
he'll be your friend, when you feel friendless, God will fill that lonely spot, He will do anything you ask if you've got the Faith of a Mustard Seed, and be obedient to his word.

1/7/2002 02:21

I stay with someone but yet I live alone. If it was not for the Holy Spirit to comfort me I hate to think what may happen. Jesus is truly all you need. Thank you for Jesus. He's my friend.

1/8/2002 12:32

I ask you dear Lord for help to be given to Rebecca
who is pregnant and needs your love and support. Please put people in her life to help he with her chores because the doctor has told her to have complete bed rest.
also help Robbie to find the money he needs to
pay off something that is life and death. Give him
peace of mind Lord.
Also please help Jill who needs a place to live all her own. She needs a boost like you gave me. Please help her get the apartment ASAP. If you feel it would
be best for her to go to the shelter let her in there please Lord. Let there be a place she can stay.
God bless all three of these people. Give them all peace of mind and heart that you will help them, Lord.
They all need your help.Thank you Lord.
In Jesus' name Amen.

1/10/2002 13:05

Lord God,
Look with mercy on all these whose increasing years bring them isolation, distress or weakness.

Grant that those who live in solitude would find fulfillment in loving you and their neighbours.

To all these in distress, grant your mercy, relief, refreshment and peace.

Draw each of these closer to you and give them a revelation of your love for them.

Help them to sense your presence today, for the sake of your son, our Lord Jesus Christ.

1/10/2002 17:55

Nothing real can be threatened
Nothing unreal exists

Herin lies the peace of God.

1/11/2002 10:30

I am alone or at lease I thought I was until I started praying. I am almost 32 and I have been living alone since the age of 24. I lost my parents at an early age. I get depressed around the holidays or when I'm out running errands, seeing couples or women with children. I have brothers and sisters but they have their own lives so I just stay to myself. My best friend died of cancer so I really felt depressed. I started praying and feeling better about myself. I am still weak but I take it day by day. I find myself crying less now. Please pray for me. I know that He hears us. He may not come when we want Him to but He's always on time. I need the prayers.

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