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Marriages everywhere
People who are experiences troube in their marriages

Father God, I pray for marriages every. I pray that mates everywhere will join in praying for healing and restoration in marriages all over the nation. I pray father for all mates that are experiencing trouble in their marriage. amen

mjlove -7/7/2001
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7/25/2003 03:18

I've been on your list now for three nights, I need to know you quys are with me. I desperately need all your prayers for my husband and me. We've been marriewd 33yrs. and three children and grandchildren. He just want talk to me, I don't know whats bothering him and I really think he should be man enought to tell me. He goes through these moods and just lockes me out just like he dosen't even need me. I pray for him to come to me and let me know what wrong. We had to quit sleeping in the same room because he has sleep apna, he was on a breathing machine and doing quite well but just decided he didn't like it any more, so he took it back. I work nights and long hours, we don't get to see each other that much and now when we do we don't even speak. I've tried talking to him but it useless. I know I'm not perfect by any means and yes I too am stuborn, but at least I attempt to speak. I pray for the Lord to help us get through our problems and work things out, I pray for him to touch each of our hearts and let us be able to tell each other when something is on our minds instead of bottleing it up inside. we really need you help on this on Lord, I pray that you'll bring us together and make our marriage stronger than ever. Dear Lord He needs to know everything can't go his way, it has to be 50% 50%. Please just let him tell me what the problem is, maybe we can fix it before it's to late. I've been through mental crulety for years and I always been afraid to take a stand , I pray the lord will make me strong, and keep my family healthy and happy and above all I pray they will get in touch with the Lord and keep him in their hearts, without him there is nothing, for he is all things, Dear Lord, please open his eyes and let him see what he has to to be thankful for. I pray for all of those who are haveing trouble, whether it is in a marriage, health or mental. Sometimes mental abuse can be worse that the fisical. Show us the way. Amen

7/25/2003 14:59

I want to praise God for answering my prayer. My husband wanted a divorce and I prayed that he would change his mind. He has and we are going to try and reconcile our marriage. Please pray that we can work things through be stronger than we were before. In God's name. Amen

7/26/2003 11:20

Jaimeelee32, thank you and God bless you. I too believe in my heart of hearts that God is already at work in my marriage - I see His power and might daily.I believe that God will speak truth into my husband's heart and that truth will set him free! Amen!

Dear krtkk, my heartfelt prayers go out to you and your husband.I too have experienced that hurt, pain and loneliness...but I believe that I will rise up to new life in Jesus. He alone will give me the strength, wisdom and courage to carry my cross and do the will of my Father. God is awesome and He is so good! Blessed be His most Holy name forever and forever.Please go to this website if you have not heard of it - it is truly God-sent and a heavenly aid.

Thinking of you and keeping you all close in prayer.

7/26/2003 15:03

blessedandbroken1- You are truly welcome! I love coming here and knowing that I can pray and know that God is hearing me and wiping my tears as I pray.I know HE will continue to work in your life as He is with others as well. Hold your chin up high so you can see the MASTER as HE is looking down at you and smiling ever so lovingly.
jaemiki-PRAISE GOD! OH I get so excited when I hear a praise ! OH I will keep you in my prayers don't let it stop keep em going I say. I do hope and pray all will go well it is in HIS MATCHLESS NAME JESUS!
krtkk-May God bless and keep you. You my Sister are now added to my prayer list. I know God will do wonderful things in your life I just know it ! Don't give up hope without it life is not worth it I found out. HE makes my day literally. Even when obsticles are thrown in my way like now with the inlaws it is just getting worse infact my Husband and I are not speaking to them and the pictures of them have been removed. I can forgive and forget but they constantly attack my character and it is just not humanly possible for me to do I need prayer about this please ask HIm to give me strength to survive in this hypocritical family of his. Thank you.
May God bless and keep you all on this website.

7/26/2003 20:22

Dear Sisters in Prayer:
Last night my husband and I went for dinner at my invite. I needed to tell him how our upbringing as influeneced the actions we are taking. My family yelled and fought, his Mom has divorced 4 or 5 times and his brother also left his family after 17 years. He became angry with me and cried with me. After all was said and done he informed me he is still going through with the divorce. Our first court date is this Monday at 9am. I ask you all to pray for me. My strength and courage are gone. I stand firm on my belief that God does not want my family split and us divorced. But for some reason it is going to start. I am doubting my own belief. Am I wishing so much for this that I beleive my will is God's. For he hates divorce why would he allow it to someone who has so much to give to their spouse. After 21 years I still love him and our family life and yet it matters not to him. The pain is so much and I know you all understand. Thank You so much for all your support and prayers. May God being listening and our spouses hear him speak.

7/27/2003 02:33

Good evening prtners.

OurLove -- I will keep yopu in my prayers, but I aks have you read the book THE POWER OF A PRAYING WIFE? BY STORMIE OMARTIAN. The book gives great insight and great prayers for situations, such as yours. I have also been reading other prayers, such as 1Chronicle 4:9-10 and psalm 23:1-6 everyday and night. alone with reading Job and other scripture as well. I hope that he changes his mind.

I come to ask for God to bless my family and lift the burden off of shoulder that is trying to destroy our family. Lord your word states that you will never foresake me and I shall not want for nothing. My husband had sin against you My Lord Jesus Christ and against me, but I ask that you foregive his sins. Lord Jesus christ , I ask that you please protect my family and rebuke the devil from our home. My Lord Jesus Christ as I cry out to you and pray to you I hope you hear every word and has blessed me in ways that I have no idea that you are blessing me. Dear Lord I ask that you plese give me strength to deal with any storm that comes my way and strength to deal with any disappoints as well. I have been trying and hopefully staying on the path of righteousness and following your laws. I just ask for once more to please lift the burden off our shoulders that can destroy our marriage. Amen

7/27/2003 09:12

Mrsnewcole3 Thank you for such kind and uplifting words. Your prayer for our famlies is beautiful. I will search for the book.
I will continue praying for our families and marriages. The Devil must not win one more soul from our Lord. May our famlies rise above evil and shine in his glory.

7/27/2003 09:20

My Dearest Lord and Savior
I ask today in writing for your blessing and help in my situation. My marriage and my family are out lost, wondering without each other and your guidance. We are so alone and my daughters are becoming bitter. Satan was allowed in our home under and due to many circumstances, I ask today for your kindness and my desires to have him removed and allow the love and family you had given us to return. Our house is no longer a home, it is empty and sadness follows us each everywhere. I pray for reconcilation for my spouse and myself. For I follow your words against divorce and I honor my vow and pledge made to you and him in church 2o years ago. Please do not forsake me and my prayers. I know I have sinned and I know my husband has sinned in leaving his family. I ask your forgiveness and help withthis heavy burden. I can not make it on my own. WE need you and love you so. I will lnever leave you and my Lord, I believe
I truly beleive all is possible with you, for you and with you. Amen

7/27/2003 10:53

My dearest Jesus christ son of God.
I come to you this morning crying full of tears praying for you to please protect my family and bring us back togerther. GOD I ASK THAT YOU REBUKE THE DEVIL OUT OF OUR HOME, OUR FAMILIES , OUR MARRAIGE , OUR FINANCE, OUR LIVES, I REBUKE THEE, BE GONE YOU EVIL. God, I can not do this alone and my heart is full of hurt and tears, so that is what I feed on. My Lord Jesus christ I cry out to you to please don't foresake, for your word states that you would not. Jesus help to lift this burden off our marriage. Jeus help me, if divorce is what is in store for me, then give me strength to do what I need to do, but your word God states that you hate divorce. My Lord Jesus Christ I write to you to pray for you to bless my family and protect us, because there is alot of sadness and needing of love for one another. We all need you Lord Jesus , all the woman and men, that might going through the same situation or similar. In the name of Jesus christ I pray for protection for all the families and guidance. I pray that there be no divorce in thier hearts or in their minds. I pray that they will be able to work things out and build the happy family that you God is so in agreement with. Amen

7/27/2003 10:54

OURLOVE -- your are so welcome. I hope the book works for you and you get alot of good information from the book. Take care and I will keep you in my prayers.

7/27/2003 17:09

good afternoon, good evening or good morning prayer partners.

I have come to in need of a serious prayer. I ask my husband for a divorce, because things are not improving and we are still fighting the same situation. I know that God does not approve of divorce, but I have every right to do so. God will forgive me on that note. I have tryed to stand behing him, but the crying and the needing to feel him closer is getting to me. I have been praying for us to make this work and for God to correct whatis wrong in our marriage. I have been under a lot stress and I do not need that. I have went to the site restore, and I am not sure we are on that page of trying to fix our marriage. I pray for all the woman and men this prayer circle that their marriage works out and divorce is not a part of there speech or thought. Lord Jesus christ I pray that none of these woman in this prayer has to feel what I feel and the able to make everything work. I have a question for all, how did you pray, before you notice any changes in your marriage or your realationship's?

7/27/2003 17:10

The actual question is. How long did you pray, before you notice a change in your marriage or your realtionship's.

7/27/2003 22:19

Dear mrsnewcole3

This may not be what you want to hear but it has been a four year struggle and it is not over yet. I have wanted to give up many times and those were the times I have felt the worst. But all along the way I have been led by God through dreams with the promise of my marriage. My husband at one point over a year ago filed for a divorce and then sent me the money and asked me to contest it. He now wants our marriage and our life together. He has began to turn back to God and now talks of the gift God has given both of us. We are still living apart but most of the time I can handle it. I have turned my focus from my husbands faults and found a few of my own to work on. That has kept me busy and kept my focus off of my fear, humiliation and saddness. I pray for all of us fighting for our marriages that we will know God's will for us and will have the strength to stand up against Satan and not let him win. Not one victory should be his.

God bless and keep you all.

7/27/2003 23:10

F.R.O.G.1 -- I have been in this struggle for 12years. 5 years of it being married. I am not sure what else to do and where to run. I am trying so hard not to let the devil win and take what I had work so hard to keep. It's hard when he will not leave and give us space. He tells me that he loves me, but we need something more. I have been praying and asking for god to guide me and protect me from the storm and the journey. I have found some comfort in my music and reading the bible and reading other helpful material, that I got off the internet. I know my husband does not want a divorce, but he can not have his cake and icing, sorry. I pray that god can save him. Thank you for your honest words, but I would rather you be honest, then beat around the brush.

7/28/2003 00:00

Dear MRsnewcole3
Today is 11 months for me an dmy husband
Actually I have prayed all along but recently my prayers have turned so much deeper and to the bible. In less than 12 hours my husband is taking me to court for the first time and he says only time will tell if we have a relationship. I mean marriage he means friendship. I will pray this evening until I can no longer speak to the Lord and I will ask for your guiandance also.
Oh God hear our prayers, heal our pain and be with us in times of such trouble.

7/28/2003 11:01

It has been just more than a month since my last post. My situation has still not changed, I pray each day for God to work in my husbandís heart and guide him back home where he belongs. I have never known my husband to be so hard hearted. I know I have done my fair share of damage to this marriage but I have been working hard this past year and a half to better myself and control my temper, my reactions and my bad habits I had. So many people have said they can see the major change in me, why cant my husband see that too. I have so much love to give him, he has been away from home for almost 2 months and there is still no sign that he will be returning. We have a court date for 5th Aug. I pray that God will work a miracle as He has in so many other marriages around the world. Please would you pray my husband Graham and me.

God Bless You All

7/28/2003 11:06

Dear mrsnewcole3,
This may not be what you would like to hear but I feel prompted to speak these words to you. Surrender all your cares unto the Lord, He knows what you are going through. He hates divorce. My heart goes out to you - yes 12 years is a very long time - in our eyes...but in God's eyes it might just be that time of refining us in the fire. DON'T LET SATAN WIN! Stand on the promises of God that He will NEVER EVER LEAVE US ALONE!! Surrender to His will, no matter how trying things are. Times may seem like hell right now but think of the joy that is yet to come when God restores your marriage in His time - I know He will be merciful and faithful. He never promised us a life that is easy - but He did promise us strength for each day. As I say this to you, I am reminding myself to stand firm in my faith that God will restore my marriage too. There are days like today when everything seem to be going wrong. I get blamed for everything and that seems so unfair but God never said life would be fair - He said HE IS FAIR!

Father God I pray for mrsnewcole3 and all those on this site and those who have asked for our prayers. Lord You alone know us intimately, You have written our names on the palm of Your hand, even if our mothers forget us and forsake us, YOU LORD WILL NEVER FORSAKE US! I praise and thank you for every blessing and every tear I have cried, every heartache, every sorrow, every doubt, every question! You are awesome and faithful. Be with us each moment of our lives especially during the times when we feel we cannot carry on. Pour out Your love, Your peace on each one of us. Lord You are worthy of all praise and honour and thanksgiving. Blessed be Your most holy name.

7/28/2003 20:36

Hi my Sisters and Brothers in Christ,
I come to you today with words of great joy! LOVE IS FORGIVING 1 Corinthians 13:5
Love Keeps no record of wrongs. 1 Corinthians 13:5
What Forgiveness is not...
it is not conditional
It is not minimizing the seriousness of the offense.
It is not resuming a Relationship without changes.These next ones are good to do.
Repententance genuine
Restitution and rebuilding of trust
Back to the not..
It is not forgetting what happened.
It is not my right when I wasn't the one who was hurt. Example-Four teens were killed about a year ago. Althought these students might have felt they were doing the Christian thing they put up a sign in the gymn before the dead teens were even buried and said Mike we forgive you. Well according to the Bible it is not for them to forgive it is only for the Families of the victims or the victims themselves if injured. We tend to use forigiveness as a blanket I forgive this and I forgive them for hurting her. But God commands us to forgive when we are the victims not society.
What Forgiveness is...
It is relinquishing my right to get even.
"Never avenge yourselves. Leave that to God, for He has said that He will repay those who deserve it. Romans 12:19
"Be careful that none of you fails to respond to the grace which God gives, for if he does there can very easily spring up in him a bitter spirit which is not only bad in itself but can also poison the lives of many others. Hebrews 12:15
It is responding to Evil with Good.
Do good to those who hate you,bless those who curse you,and pray for those who mistreat you. Luke 6:27-28
It is repeating this process as long as necessary.
Peter aksed Jesus Lord how often should I forgive someone who sins against me? Seven times? NO, Jesus Replied , seventy times seven! Matthew 18:21-22
The Secret of Forgiveness
Remember how much I have been forgiven.
Remember , the Lord forgave you , so you must forgive others. Colossians 3:13
Be kind and compassionate to one another ,forgiving each other just as in Christ God forgave you.
When someone hurts you this may sound silly but pull out an empty chair (DONT LAUGH but I AM GOING TO TRY THIS)
and pretend the one that has hurt you is in that chair and tell them how much they hurt you and and in spite of all of that I forgive you!
And if you just feel to sill to do that you can sit and write a letter pouring your feeling into it put it in an envelope and stamp it but don't send it at all! This way your feelings have been freed and you can now go on with life with no regrets.
I am praying for each and everyone of you ladies struggling with your Marriage. Please allow God to fill your heart and mind with so much hope even if things dont work out God will have a plan for you and He will take you into his HANDS and care for you.
May God bless and keep you.

7/28/2003 22:29

blessedandbroken1,jamieelee32 and
I would liketo thank you for your prayers and your thoughts. My husband has committed the worse sin ever in the eyes of God, and I have forgiven for that, but has not forgoteen, not can forget. I have cast my concerns onto God and has been reading the bible. I know that Satan is still alive a kiciking in my house, because my husband seem to get jealous, when I am trying to read the word and get prayer. He comes in to interrupt me and fee like I am ignoring him. I aks him today to give me 1hour a day to myself to pray and just be alone. He is not able to do that. I love him, but love him enough to let him as well. I will continue to pray for the ladies in thsi circle for all the marriages to find theie way back into the arms of eachother.

7/29/2003 09:53

I would like to request a special prayer for my husband of 15 years, we recently were seperated for two years, and got back about 5 months ago, it is very hard to trust him and a question everything he does, I find myself in a bad situation and I dont know if divorce is the answer, we have two children we love dearly. Please pray that I find the way to make the right choice.

7/29/2003 10:17

If someone as advice on this problem of unfaithfulness, please send me a message, thanks jcappa2266

7/29/2003 10:57

I read this prayer somewhere and would like to share it with all of you who are seeking for peace in your hearts.


Lord thank you for this day and all the tears and injustice I felt. Most of all thank you fort he knowledge of Your loving presence in the midst of my storms! Thank you Lord for the peace I feel and the overwhelming feelings of being so loved by You! My fears are many, my hopes are even more than I can ever imagine in this lifetime! My dreams, my hopes, my tears, my joys, my sorrows -all these I place in Your loving hands for You Lord will come and save me. You will show each of us the path You have laid out for us to journey in faith! I continue to lift to Your mercy and care Peter - I believe that You alone can restore this seemingly hopeless, broken marriage through no work of my hands, through none of my my weakness and brokenness, Your power and might will save. You are strong! You are wonderful! You are Lord!

7/29/2003 11:01


7/29/2003 13:22

thank you blessedandbroken1

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