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Faith and Love Prayer Circle

Be anxious for nothing, but in everything by prayer and supplication, with thanksgiving, let your requests be made known to God; and the peace of God which surpasses all understanding, will guard your hearts and minds through Christ.

The Faith and Love prayer circle was created out of my desire to have a more committed prayer life. I hope that you will feel the comfort of knowing that many will join you in your own prayer concerns; I know I feel an incredible sense of peace, knowing others love me enough to actually pray for ME! Wow.

Our Motto.... PUSH! (Pray until Something Happens!)

We all need a little push from time to time, right?

Join us for an awesome prayer adventure!
May God Bless US Indeed!

faithnluv -10/6/2001
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1/15/2003 18:15

Dear Friends in Christ,
Please pray for Karl. He is a 7th grader whose appendicts burst and wasn't diagnosed soon enough. He is in critical condition fighting for his life. Thanks in advance for your prayers. Prayer can move mountains.
In Christ,

2/5/2003 22:40

Pray for my ex-husband Angelo that he stays safe in this time of war and that he will soon have his eyes opened and that he will soon see what is the most important things in life that he should be focusing on. Pray for him to begin to listen to his heart and not the lies that the evil one is whispering in his ear. Pray that he will do what is right, good and just.

2/5/2003 23:01

Pray that I will continue to have the strengnth, patience and endurence to continue my faith walk. Pray that I can make a huge success of my business so that if my husband is out of work then my income will be able to fully support and surpass our present lifestyle. Enable me to surpass any and all obstacles that fall at my feet and allow me to be succeed against my enemies. Pray that my children and husband will live long and healthy lives and pray that for me as well. Please pray that I will continue to hear the Lord's voice in guidance to make the right decisions regarding my children and my husband.

2/19/2003 21:51

Lord - I lift my hands in praise for my father-in-law who not only gave me his son, but proves to be one of the generous people I've ever met. Heal his heart as we continue to grieve for my mother-in-law in our selfish, human way. Please help me to be the wife and daughter-in-law that Your Will has intended. You are a just and wonderful God, and please accept my praises.

5/13/2003 19:42

On Wednesday, May 28th,9:30 a.m., I must go to appear in a Court of Law. I pray that God will hear my desperate plea for mercey, and forgive me my trespass, and lead me to the light of life and fulfillment, and may I find peace in my heart and soul and success in my my upcoming examinations. I too will pray for all of those who are in need of prayer, especially those mentioned here. "Angels of God, my Guardians dear, ever this day, be at my side, to light and guard, to rule and guide". Amen

5/23/2003 18:53

Please pray that Stephen, Trevor and Sara may travel safely today from the U.S. to the U.K. to attend the Funeral of their beloved Mother/Grandmother. This is difficult enough without for them without the "Terrorist Alert" being heightened at the present time.

Your prayers can hopefully help to bring my love, Stephen (And his Brother and Niece), back home "Safely" to me this coming week. Please also give them the strength that they need to get through this loss along with their Family, friends and loved ones who are also sharing in this great loss of
Pam W. Pray that her soul, and all of the souls of the departed rest in peace from now and until Eternity.

I am humbly asking that in your prayers you will also pray that Stephen and I are healed "Completely" emotionally and physically, and that he now realizes more than EVER before just how strong his love for me is, and that he does not want to be without me in his life as his "Partner". Have us please find a home to live in VERY soon that we both will be happy living in, and that I do not have to move twice. Have the transition that is now going on in my life go VERY smoothly for me please.

Stephen and I have had many burdens to carry, tragedies and losses in our lives. We are not complaining; but rather stating so that you will know with the hopes that through our prayers, and the prayers of others, that we will FINALLY find peace and true happiness "Together", and that our love will continue to get stronger daily. May we help one another through the good and not so good times with our new emotional and physical strength and healing. In turn, we hope to be better servants to the Lord, and to help others as well.

Prayer is powerful, and when more than one gather together to pray for the same St. Matthew tells us that our prayers will be heard.

Thank you to all that find it in their hearts to pray for us, and our prayers go out to each and every one of you that are joined "Together" with us in this Prayer Circle. Remember to P.U.S.H.

Thank you for starting this Prayer Circle. May GOD grant you happiness and peace for spreading his word. Amen.

5/29/2003 02:57

Please pray for my son shane& his wife paula to keep their marriage togethere.Paula messed up bad which hurt shane but she has confess to him and GOD and the whole family.they have a three year old little girl and she need both of them.I know that GOD can humble shane heart and save this marriage. I know they stil love each other very much and i fear paula may try to kill herself if it doesn't work.May god bless each & everone who reads this request.I pray that god answer each ones needs on this pray line
thank you pam a mom hurting for her children

5/29/2003 03:20

I also want to thank god and everone who i can join with and have a great partner so with our prayers we can move these mountain that satan is trying to block us with THANK YOU MY FATHER AND MY FAMILY IN CHRIST

6/10/2003 14:49

I offer my prayers to caringone that she and her love, Stephen, find the home they so need, and that their love continues to grow and be an inspiration to those around them and to all of us praying on this site. Their devotion and belief that "love conquers all" should be a lesson to all of us that we can get through anything as long as we love, and work to keep that love alive and strong.
I also ask and thank any and all of you in advance if you perhaps have taken the time to read my prayer request, as our prayers are the only thing I see that will help my situation. I have so much good in my life for which I am truly thankful, but without the love of my life, I find it hard to find the full meaning and purpose to it all.
May God bless caringone, her loved ones and everyone praying on this site. Amen.

6/10/2003 14:52

I also offer my prayers to Pam01's son Shane and his wife so that their marriage is healed. Pride can destroy wonderful relationships and please God, allow Shane to open his heart up to his wife once again and forgive her her transgressions. Also, please bless his wife with the knowledge that a loving husband and beautiful daughter are miracles to live for. I pray they remain together and live a long, happy life together.

6/10/2003 21:17

Oh Heavenly Father, You know all and care for all. There are so many that need You, oh Most High! I lift up my hands in supplication and I pray that You will be with me and comfort me in my time of need. Oh, Lord, give me the strength and wisdom to raise my child properly for You have entrusted her to me. Help me get over my grief over losing my husband to illness. I miss him so, yet even so,I know Your Word says You will never leave me or forsake me. I also need Your help, Father, as I take this journey into running my home-based business. Please help me to be wise and discerning at all times. I still pray to find a full time job, but I still will do my best to run my home business honestly and ethically at all times. I thank You, Oh Heavenly Father for everything I have because it is only because of YOU that I have the blessings that I have in my life today. In Jesus'name I pray...Amen.

7/30/2003 20:50

Please pray for me. I left a prayer message on the Main page of this "Prayer Circle". Please take the time to read it, and perhaps remember me in your prayers. Thank you, and GOD bless.

9/1/2003 15:34

My husand and I are going through some really rocky times right now. We both are in the USAF and spend alot of time apart. He wants us to separate and I want us to work out our differences. Please join me in praying that the Lord's will for our marriage and our lives be done. Thank you and God bless.

11/2/2003 16:12

Hi my name is jessica and I have never done this before but i would really like someone to pray for my aunt, her name is fini and the doctor's had giving her 3 to 6 months to live, she is coming up to her 6th month and she is not doing good. Our family is hoping for the best but her sprit is dieing, this is the frist time i have had to deal with sickness in my family or death and i am 22years old and I have no idea what I can do other then to pray and to ask others to pray too. So I hope someone out there reads this and just thinks of us in there prays. Thank you very much.

11/3/2003 02:22

Hi, I too have never done this before, but I am so greatful it is here. Wow so many prayers I know and see God is really busy and it takes his other angels on earth to help too.
I need prayer for my son. He is 13yo and has add/adhd and is going through his preteens. So he is an emotional person, and he doesn't know where he fits in. He wants to go to church. But the one he wants to go to is a very long way away. I would like prayer for guideness, and protection. For myself as well. My finances are not great right now so it is hard money wise to take him to the church,w/gas prices the way they are.
I am looking for work, I would love prayers for that and I am a full time college student, going for my RN degree.
I also have a 5yo girl, very sweet.
I am worried about christmas time this year. And Thanksgiving. I have said prayers to God, but it's really weird it seems that since I have moved here 4mo ago I keep comming up to a wall and finances are not great at all everyday is a struggle.
I was homeless for 6 mo I had lived w/my 85 yo mom and helped her and she passed last yr of cancer. so after that is when I lost my home etc. then I stayed w/friends etc. it is hard to do that w/ 2 children. So now that Ihave finally moved money is just not great.
I am trying and trying to look for work and get ahead just a little even. I know that my mom always taught me that God has no limitations on anyone and that the world is everyone's oster, there is no lack or fear dis ease, but to hold to faith that God has everything for you. But right now I don't have a lot of faith. I do get scared and I need guidness from God very much so.
well, I would appreacate your prayers.
Thank you.

6/12/2004 23:00

Please pray for my son Mark and his partner. They are going through a rough time now and it is so sad as they love each other so much. Please give them strenght to face what lies ahead and that the choices they make will be made without regret. Thank you for your prayers .

7/7/2004 04:05

God,Angels,Saints; Please pray for my sweetheart Jonathan,he is 22 and is having post-war depression/trama. he fought 9months in Iraq, and is having trouble finding himself.We are currently not talking, forgive me God for not understanding and having patience.I have failed you!Please God allow me a second chance to helo him through this tough time. I ask that you give me the strenghth and love to help him during these trying times.Please God don't keep us apart for too long, i know that maybe it for the better that we are apart. But I can't except that now, he needs me, and I don't know how to help! Please god guide us in the right direction, and allow us to be in eachothers arms!I want to be there for him.God, fill my body with your love so that I can help my sweetie through this tough time! And please god, don't send him back to Iraq, he has suffered enough. Please help me pray for jonathan a 22yr old man who has been through enough. God, with the help of your angels help me find the way to make things right, i am not ready to give up, even though he doesn't want me in his life. I can't walk away and turn my back on him. Help him understand that I want to be there for him and show him how to love andtrust again, i want to bring his soul alive again!Please pray for him and all of our soliders who ither there in Iraq or who have served.PLEASE!!!

10/31/2004 14:29

May GOD BLESS each and every one of us today and always. I am in desperate need of prayer for my family. I am 44y/o man with a terminal illness and therefore, I live on a fixed income. As such, I am unable to financially help my sisters and a 16 y/o daugther one of my sisters have (linda). My sisters are being evicted from there apartment tomorrow morning. I have given them all the information as to, where to go and get some help with shelter etc. until they find a new place. I feel so helpless as to,how limited I am to help them. Please pray for them and her daughter that GOD show them the way through all this maddness. That GOd watch over her my niece and Linda & Rose and Serena protect them during these difficult times. I'am confident that this, to shall pass as GOD ALWAYS comes through one way or the another. I beg, Jesus for forgiveness for my lack of faith and for allowing myself to worry so. PLease LORD help us all and Thank you father for life. I pray for all in need and all in general. I pray mostly for those who don't know Jesus Christ. That they come to him heart and soul and reap the benefits of salvation. PLease all, join me in this prayer. THANK YOU, GOD BLESS AND AMEN

11/1/2004 11:39

Please pray for my family and I we really want and need to be saved, before its too late and I dont want any of us to go to hell, and please pray that i find my soulmate it really hurts when your alone, noone to spend your life with, i really want to be married. So Please pray for me and my family. and i pray that each and every one of everybody prayer on this prayer page come true.

12/30/2004 15:31

The hurricane that was the last three years of my life seems to have ended this past summer when I was prescribed medication, and found helpful Christian doctors. Thank you.
I see very clearly that it is quite a miracle that I have accomplished all that I have...and obvious to me that I was surely carried when I could not walk. Now having gotten on my feet, I think having recently accomplshed walking, I'd now like to run.
I ask Lord for your continual blessing on my involvment in a new church. I pray Lord for self discipline. I pray for love. Please be guiding my husband in is endeavors, may he love you, and may we be together soon. I pray that I would be a blessing to him al the days of my life. Thank you!

5/15/2005 14:34

I ask for your prayers for my mom, who has exyma. My relationship with God, and my relationship w/ my wife. I give thanks that my financial prayers are being answered.

7/18/2005 09:07

As a believer in the power of the written/spoken word, I am here to humbly ask for guidance as my husband and I (recently reunited after three years of divorce) indivdually file for bankruptcy in order to re-establish a new future together. I myself am dealing with trust issues with him, and I'm sure that he is dealing with issues of his own. But after much research and discussion, we agree that this is the best for our situation. It is a terrifying, yet load-lifting feeling already. Please say a prayer for guidance and wisdom as we proceed through this foreign territory.

Many Blessings!

9/12/2005 11:43

I ask that you pray for me, I am very ill and the doctors have no idea what to do. I choose to put my faith in God and this prayer group and I will be better, You are all in my prayers.

9/14/2005 01:36

I am asking for prayer. I have an illness and am unable to work. I am a single parent. I was getting SSDI, but now the govt. is trying to deny me this much needed help. If I lose this help...well I can't even bear to think it. I don't know what will happen to me and my 2 children. I despereately need your prayers. May God Bless All.

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