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Lights Alone
Those Living Alone

I ask for prayer for those of us who live alone and are suddenly faced with a situation, chronic illness, accidents, disease or any dis-orders or loss that limit or seclude us more than we would choose.

Once we were free and strong, helping others, now we pray for someone special to rediscover us, that we may share the things that in their most simple form have become ever more beautiful.

We ask that you do not forget us. We still "are" .

Remember us at bedtime, when you say goodnight to another, that we may feel your prescence.

Lift up our Animal Children for blessings, as they give so freely of love and devotion, and pray that we may run with them again.

Hold our hand within your heart as you might hold a beloved, and pray that we may again one day, find our hands clasped with another.

Libralight -7/7/2001
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11/18/2001 11:55

it is not fair that the only friend i had in this world had his life taken from him and is now serving 371 years inprison for something he did not do

11/20/2001 14:40

I need pray for social securities Income and social securities disability for my self, self-esteem and being a prove person, I had a to get over the fear of trying new things and thing that I need to do, clubhouse Niagara, Future visions, community mission and all the units they had in the organization.I like to learn about . .

Andrew Pearson

11/21/2001 23:49

I live alone, with just my cat. So few friends. I prey that we all remember God is with us always. We are one and together. What we need, God will provide. Peace and love.

11/24/2001 15:07

In the name of Jesus I pray that every one who lives alone including my Mom should know you are never alone. Father you are there. Therefore my brothers and sisters should never feel Lonely. Psalm;23 states you are never alone nor should you ever be fearful. God in the name of Jesus Thank You for being there. Father allow all those that feel alone and who live alone to feel the Love of you and your Angels with them all the time. "Including my Mom" Thank You Father for your Love
In Jesus Name,Amem

11/24/2001 23:39

My mother has been living with me for over a year now since my granmother passed away. We have put off the painful thought of her moving out for as long as we could. I kept telling myself that she can not afford it, even though it's very apparent that she derires a place of her own. I am her only child and our life has not been anything but rocky and full of battles. I have three children myself and I am doing my best to let them have a childhood and enjoy it, which is something I've never done. I love my mother and have more than forgiven her for our past. If you will, please join me in my prayer that God will provide me with the extra work needed to help my mother get into the place we found for her today. And also that she will in some way build a personel relationship with the Lord in her home on her own and that God will restore her joy. I know we all need our own space, and unfortunately I can't give this to my mother. We have found what seems to be the perfect place.

11/25/2001 00:23

I Pray the Lord will cure my mind and clease it of my extreme anxiety disorders. In these times in which I am daily tempted to commit suicide, may the Lord free me of my fears. My fears have run my life for long enough.

I Pray the Lord will shine his light upon the heart of the one I love. Allow her to approach me with an open heart and mind, and let her realize that people can change dramatically for the better. Many times, even with God's love, I feel so lonely and without hope because the one I love so much is uninterested.

I pray for everyone who is also feeling the depths of loneliness. Your prayers are much appreciated too... Thank you.

11/26/2001 02:03

I pray for God to help me face the ending of the seven year relationship I had with my boyfriend. Help me to remember to be patient with the plan you have for my life, and not concentrate on what I want, but what you mean for me to have. I know that it is in your plan for my life that my happiness exists. Please help me to remember this during my moments of weakness when I feel desperate, defeated, and hopeless. Please help me to get through this grieving process o.k.

I also pray that I can find new friends and new activities so I do not feel so lonely.

I thank you for my beautiful dog, Sherby, who makes my apt. so much less lonely. I don't know what I'd do without him!

11/26/2001 13:05

Pray that I may overcome the anxiety 1 year of unemployment and living alone has caused me. May I once again beleive that my higher power has nothing but good in store for me, and will free me of this awful fear that is recently holding me hostage. I am an outgoing person by nature, and want that self back. I pray I have the patience and tolerance to see this to be another painful learning experience, that will yield me good in the end.

11/27/2001 01:46

Please pray for me to overcome my depression and low self esteem which has put me on disabilty because of inability to work. For patience in my 10 month relationship and the strength to avoid all the temptations of a long relationship.I know that my Lord God has nothing but love and wonderful things in mind for me. I pray that he forgive me my weakness' and keep me safe from harm. Amen.

11/30/2001 01:05

Please help me be able to be happy living only with myself. Please allow me to understand that I am never truly alone. Please let me know that I am worthy of respect and love in my future relationships. Please let me feel peace with my current living situation as a single adult. Thank you for the friends, family, dog, educational opportunities, and triumph over major depressive disorder.

12/5/2001 11:13

i thank god for the friends that left me ..ala the cherished realtionships that never happened..this has given me an opportunity to tune in with be my own be able to love myself first and the chance to make HIM my friend..perhaps if i had been surrounded by people all the time as i had wanted i would have never got to know myself....

12/5/2001 21:13

I ask that the beauty of love fill all the hearts who have come to this Circle spreading their Lights. I have been silent for some time but I have not stopped drawing hearts in my Journal. I have known more sadness. I've been trying hard to establish a good realtionship with my mother. She gets older and older and I have never been able to get her to bond emotionally with me. I still haven't been able to.
I ask for more healing energy as I continue to find my way back to health, and as always, I seek the companionship of another Light, such as mine, searching for another to glow with. I wish everyone here the cleanness of a Winter Day and may your dreams all come true as fresh as falling Snowflakes.
Blesings and Love, LL

12/6/2001 03:31

Dear Libralight,
as the snowflakes are unique and individual, so are the ways to touch the Divine.

God is God no matter what. No matter what.

The light is greater than our mortal eyes are able to see... it is always there.
he cannot be compartmentalized.... he cannot be boxed in. HE? SHE? is far more infininte than our simple minds can comprehend.

Know this,
time is time.
life is life.
how you spend it is your business.

now, to all of you... '
may the white light of eternity embrace us all.... no matter what type of telescope we've used.

i pray for all of us.....
and may we be graced with a little more
of the light in the darkness...
i am dancing for all of us.

as the thorns rise so does the spirit...

12/6/2001 04:02

.... one more thing LibraLight...even if your mother does not understand... you do..
you CAN give her love before she leaves....
even if she won't accept it now.
she will eventually.
there is no darkness.
with love...

12/6/2001 04:55

final thought if you will....
to ogamilitto,,
it is not my place to say,
but i ask you this....
can you love yourself more than anyone else?
if so, ask yourself again...
who do you really want to love?
DO NOT take a daggar to that.

12/6/2001 15:47

I ask in Jesus name He will send me someone to share my life with amen. K.C.

12/8/2001 23:53

Greetings to all!! I haven't been on in
a while. I guess I left my computer alone for a while to write in my journal
and redo my life. I hope all had a lovely Thanksgiving. The most amazing thing happened the other day. I man I'd
never seen before dashed across a busy
street in the pouring rain and inisted I
take his umbrella! And then he was gone.
So now I feel I've gotten an early Christmas gift and some invisible link to a family somewhere. And on the very next day I got to ride on the special
Christmas bus. I've found out the only
thing worse than alone at holidays is holidays with persons around who don't
really care for my feelings. So I don't really mind alone. It gives me more time
to discover the kindness of those around
me that perhaps I would not have time for otherwise. I wish you all a blessed
week, and I just know my cat JO JO is
sending you all good wishes too. Happy
holidays!!! Oh, also I ran into my brother's old friend I had not seen in
years. He's going thru a divorce. Could
anyone pray for him if they think of it?
His name is MIke. Blessings to all.

Love, Dawna

12/10/2001 16:22


12/11/2001 10:40

For the practical daily needs, I understand your plight and pray that the Lord lighten your yoke, but remember that He never gives us more than we are capable of handling. When we walk with Jesus Christ, we are never alone.

Take some time to pray and reflect, and perhaps come to his one holy and apostolic Catholic Church for the communion with others.

And perhaps one of His gifts to us at the Sermon on the Mount, the Beatitudes, would be helpful to reflect upon:

Blessed are the poor in spirit, for theirs is the kindgom of heaven.
Blessed are those who mourn, for they shall be comforted.
Blessed are the meek, for they shall inherit the earth.
Blessed are those who hunger and thrist for righteousness, for they shall be satisfied.
Blessed are the merciful, for they shall obtain mercy.
Blessed are the pure in heart, for they shall see God.
Blessed are the peacemakers, for they shall be called sons of God.
Blessed are those who are persecuted for righteousness' sake, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.
Blessed are you when men revile you and persecute you and utter all kinds of evil against you falsely on my account. Rejoice and be glad, for your reward is great in heaven.

God bless you all, and may the Holy Spirit lead you to know that in turning your problems over to Jesus Christ lies the answers to the same.

12/11/2001 11:58

I pray that the Lord will bless me with someone to share my life with
I know that my life must be right with God before He will send me my mate. I pray that God will give me the strength and courage to continue down the right path and live the life God wants me to live. I thank Him for my family and friends, for without them, I have no idea where I would be. I pray that the Lord will be with all of us who are lonely and patiently waiting for the right person to walk into our lives.

12/17/2001 01:48

I know what it is like to feel alone. Please know that you are so important to God. He has your name written on the palm of His hand. Everything will be okay. I love you all, and you are in my prayers.

12/18/2001 23:15

My prayer and best wishes are for the lady who lost her pet cat.
I understand how precious pets can be, especially when alone.
Two years ago I lost my dog a after having her for twelve years.
Since, no other dog could replace her, until now, when I found the dog next door, unloved, and cold . . . . . at least, I thought.
I now have a chance to care for it and though it is old, unkempt, and sort of scrubby . . . . I love it and I am treating her like a Queen. She, in a short time, is getting prettier and more alive and I think brilliant. We just hit it off!
Somewhere, you too can find one as lovely as the one you had, but it may take time. Probably a stray that is meant just for you!

12/18/2001 23:22

To DivineLife:
I can relate very well to what you are saying. One can ask, "Why am I alone so much . . . . and then, on second thought, realize that if I had not been, who knows what kind of mess I would be in now???? By having been alone, I have come to know and understand myself, as well as, so it seems, developed a second sense for understanding other people and God/Jesus, the Christ.

12/18/2001 23:28

It's amazing what one of God's Little Creatures can do to cut into that void that can be so painful or should I say to fill that void that can be so painful.
They will share our pain or happiness. They are dumb in that they cannot speak, but they are not lacking intelligence. The dumb animals expression must go!

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