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For those with chronic diseases and illnesses
Chronic Diseases Prayer Circle

This circle is for all who suffer with chronic diseases and disorders and in need of prayer and support from others.

There are many who are afflicted with chronic diseases such as lupus, MS, fibromylagia, rheumatoid arthritis, chronic fatigue syndrome and others, or may have children or other family members and friends who suffer with these conditions. The prayer circle can be here for the many ups and downs that come with these illnesses, as well as the tests that most have to go through when having a flare or time of activity in their symptoms. This can be a place to come for prayers when support is needed and also to give thanks and praise to God for remissions and times that we feel well.
dolphin-1015 -12/3/2000
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10/18/2004 20:15

Dear God, I have a lot of ailments but you know that I am also the target of gossip which has estranged a friend from me. Please be with me and with my enemies talking behind my back. Help them to realize the way Jesus and God want us to treat one another. Please also help my neck problem. Amen

10/20/2004 21:15

As a diabetic I pray for all who suffer from this disease.We are so often misunderstood by those around us.I pray we can all find understanding and comfort and last but certainly not least....let a cure be found for this disease.

10/22/2004 08:41

My best friend Willy, of 20 years has AIDS and is not doing well.

God pleas help all those suffering with AIDS and other disease to help themselves find the strength "to give the good fight".

To now when its time to go and to have peace through the entire struggle. For those left be hind to find the grace to move continue on.

Please God help family, loved ones to take care of themselves so they can take care of others.

Lord pleae help us to listen better in order to know how to be supportive to our loved ones.

What we may wish for if we were sick, may not be what our loved ones find supportive.

Lord help our scientist, people to find a cure, to have the wisdom not to destroy the natural cures that you have left for us.

In Faith

10/23/2004 12:25

Dear God,

Thanks for 3 weeks of strong energy and symptom free days. A month to a month and a half ago, I thought you left me when I lost some of my ability to see, and feeling below the knees which impaired my ability to walk. I thought this was a cruel joke as an outdoor photographer.

After more than a week in the hospital and a diagnosis of MS, I've learned not to be bitter, but compassionate. I've learned to live spontaneously, instead of scheduled as before. Now, more than ever, I am determined not to let adversity get me down. Thank you God for my strong personality to get through this and to deal with it head on.

And thank you God, most of all for my husband who stuck by my side and still wanted to marry me after I was diagnosed.

Please provide strength and determination to all who have chronic diseases!

10/29/2004 21:23

Dear God, Please be with me as I go through this problem with my weak neck. It is so embarrassing to try to walk with my neck jerking to and fro. Now I really sympathize with all those people who have spastic disorders. Please Lord help me have friends that will be there for me, and may I also learn in more ways how to be there for others. Amen

11/8/2004 22:08

My daughter (31) has been diagnosed with cancer. We are waiting for the results of the biopsy to find out the extent of it. My prayer is for all who are dealing with these diseases, as well as I beg for all your prayers to give us strength to do our Lords will.

11/8/2004 22:09

My daughter (31) has been diagnosed with cancer. We are waiting for the results of the biopsy to find out the extent of it. My prayer is for all who are dealing with these diseases, as well as I beg for all your prayers to give us strength to do our Lords will.

11/9/2004 02:55

For my mom, Theresa, and all of those living with rheumatiod arthritis or other chronic illnesses--that they may experience physical and spiritual healing. And for all of the doctors and researchers--that they may find a cure.

11/13/2004 02:55

Kyle has severe cerebral palsy and is 3 years old.
Just a quick update on Kyle too .... he was readmitted to hospital
yesterday for observation. They are not sure if he has viral croup,
a bad case of asthma ... or meningitis. The symptoms he has are the
same as meningitis .... but they don't really think it is, they're
just being cautious here. Although having said that, there have been
3 cases of meningitis here in Nelson in the last couple of weeks and
they have been in hospital during the time he was there. Charlotte
has asked me not to go near him for a bit, as I have a slight virus
also. Of course she is right ... Kyle just does not need anyone with
any other viruses near him right now.

My love and God's blessings to you all always, Judy

11/13/2004 03:01

Lord, I ask that you take away this depression I feel myself sliding into again. Because of my illnesses I can't go out much because of the immune system. Help me Lord to overcome satan as he always' tries his best when we are down. Give me the strength to fight to live and gain a little strength. Please Lord help my husband also as he can no longer work. We both love you Lord but are human and need the strength from you and whoever will pray with and for us. In Jesus' name I pray. sisjudy

11/13/2004 13:42

Please pray for my brother. He fell and broke his back. While in the hospital it was discovered he has the beginning of Alzheimer's disease. I am new to the site and would appreciate your prayers for him to have a complete healing. In Jesus's name, Amen. Mifran

11/14/2004 20:11

Thank all of you who have prayed for my brother who fell and broke his back. He is home now and on the road to healing physically. The Alzheimer's disease is causing him to be irritable with his wife and son. Please pray that we will understand that this is not our beloved husband and father. He had a wonderful sense of humor that we miss so much. I will be praying for those who come to this site. May God comfort you and bring you peace during your times of distress and pain. In Jesus' holy name. Amen Mifran

11/15/2004 13:13

This prayer circle is very inspiring. I am so glad that I found it. My name is Ruth and I suffer from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and also various kinds of chronic pain (and depression).
I pray for all of us world-wide who need God's healing touch in our lives. May He strengthen us both physically and spiritually. May He increase our faith in His omnipresent Healing power.
God Bless to All.
~ Ruth.

11/15/2004 23:06

My thanks to you, Dolphin, for starting this inspiring site. It's so great to know how many others are interested in praying for the pain and misfortune of others. What we give out in kindness always returns to us in so many different ways. You are being a light in this world, making it a better place for so many who believe in the power of prayer. We join with you in believing that God will bless all who come this way. Thanks again. Mifran

11/18/2004 02:38

God bless all of you with chronic illnesses who don't know how they will make it to the next day. I have been sick with Lyme disease for over 3 yrs., sometimes don't want to get to another day of pain and exhaustion. I pray and pray, and don't know why God and his angels aren't answering me. Please, I need the power of all your prayers to make me strong and help me to heal. Godbless.

11/19/2004 17:51

I pray for all of us dear Lord readers and non readers that are suffering from chronic diseases or disorders, Lord you know my sufferings so I shall not ask, but place your oh so loving hand upon all of us, have mercy on us, give us the strength that we need to be able to live the life you have laid out for us to live, in you we lay our lives and trust, when the pain becomes stronger, let your loving warmth and kindness fill our hearts and through every person we come in contact with continue to show us your love. Amen

11/20/2004 08:44

I thank you God for this morning, let us pray that all that are in suffering in this room and out of this room begin to feel your loving hand, I thank you Lord for keeping me here for my children and family despite my disease and pain, give me the strength I need so that I may continue forward and show them no pain but your everlasting love. Amen

11/22/2004 06:57

Dear God, I pray for all those with chronic diseases, especially those with chronic renal failure and undergoing regular dialyzis. Please be with them, help them with their finances, give them strength to go on, and if it is in accordance to your will, give them the complete healing of body for we believe that nothing is impossible with you, let them be the living proof of your goodness. Not our will, but Your Will be done always. Thank you Father, thank you Jesus, we worship You, we praise You. Amen.

11/28/2004 08:43

I need prayer. I have been dealing with the effects of obesity, osteoarthritis, bursitis in both hips, fibromyalgia, sleep apnea, and restless leg syndrome for several years now. I am 53 years old, and some days walk as if Iím 90. I can no longer take stairs. I have fallen several times, because my hip gives out. I take many pills, go to an acupressurist every two weeks, and still experience a lot of pain. I find my muscles tied up in knots much of the time. Progressive relaxation and acupressure helps, but I would like to find someway to heal my mind and body, rather than deal with this daily pain. I need prayer that I may come out of this, and live an energetic and pain-free life again.

11/30/2004 17:49

Hello everyone! My sister is suffering from a chronic disease called sarcoidosis which has attacked her lungs. She is only 36 years old and she has 6 children, the youngest only 1 1/2 month old. She has to be on oxygen all the time and her Dr. says that she needs a new set of lungs. Her quality of life is deteriorating and her children need her soo much. Please pray for my sister. Her name is Sharon. Thank you and may God bless you all!

12/1/2004 19:46

Dear Lord, I pray for all those who have written their prayers into this page. Please help all those with cronic pain. Especially with arthritis and fibromyalgia. Be with the young mother who has a one and a half month old baby and suffers from lung deterioration. May God give her hope of a miracle to set her free from her burdens. Help all those with dementia. BE with all of their supportive relatives and all the loss they must suffer because of mental deterioration in their family. BE with little children who have disease that they may be able to grow up and not die before their time. Increase the love of spouses of ill people because they are loved much more than sick people are able to express sometimes and being single is a hard life in the presence of many illnesses.
Help us all to feel the love and care of God and the cleansing of our hearts and minds in prayer especially with others joined with us in prayer. Amen

12/3/2004 15:52

I pray for all of those who were diagnosed with chronic illnesses. I pray that each of you whole strong to your faith. I to was diagnosed with a chronic disease in Nov 03. I knew at that time the only thing that could heal me was the God, the Master Physician. I believe God word. In 2 Peter 2:24 its tells us that by Jesus' stripes we're healed. I know the how you feel at this time, symptoms sometimes try to overtake your faith. Do not stop continue to pray, thanking God for your healing, even when it does not feel like it. I ask that we continue to pray for each other. God says when two or three are gathered in His name, he will be in the midst of them. I thank and praise God for my healing, regardless of any report I may receive from the natural. Seek ye first the Kingdom and God and His Righteousness and all these things will be added unto you. God Bless you all.

God Bless you all, those who are dealing personally with these issues and their family and friends.


12/3/2004 19:50

please pray for me have had cancer now have a block going for surgery again i need pray

12/4/2004 13:46

My boyfriend has Chrohn's disease, which if you know anyone who has it is a horrible thing to live with. At times it is controlled, but when it is bad, its very bad. It tends to get him down at times, emotionally as well as physically. It sometimes takes its toll on our relationship as well, I am a caretaker by nature, and at times feel so helpless. Please say a prayer for us, for him to help with his suffering and for me to be able to give this over to God and let him handle it and not try to do it all myself, and then be dissapointed when I can't.

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