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Marriages everywhere
People who are experiences troube in their marriages

Father God, I pray for marriages every. I pray that mates everywhere will join in praying for healing and restoration in marriages all over the nation. I pray father for all mates that are experiencing trouble in their marriage. amen

mjlove -7/7/2001
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3/9/2003 10:44

I want to thank all of you for your prayers and in turn would like to let you know that all of you are in my prayers. I know that only through God will we conquer this, our marriages will be resolved in whatever way God sees fit. Just keep the faith that his will be done.

3/9/2003 22:15

My wife and I recently separated and she has moved to an apartment. We have been friends for 20 years and married for 15. She had grown unhappy and recently returned to work where she met another man. We have two beautiful children and many happy memories. Please join me in praying for her and the restoration of our love and family...

3/10/2003 14:44

I pray that other marriages that are going through what mine is will be strong and get through the trials, I pray that God will bind the powers of the devil and allow mine and all others who genuinely love eachother and belong together, to remain strong and on higher solid ground, I pray for trust and peace, I pray this in Jesus name and for his sake. Amen.

3/10/2003 22:01

Please pray for my husband and myself we are both out of church and need the pray to lead us back to the lord we have been away from the lord 2 1/2 years are marriage is falling apart with his drinking and my mouth is naste . My husband was borning in the church and preach for 1 year. I myself was was not had 4 kids out of marriage done drug lost two child to my parent also had domestic vol. in my life . i meet my husband my life has change a whole lot . i love him been married 3 years march 24 . we need pray for marriage and to get saved again thank you helen d e-mail for any help

3/12/2003 19:24

First, I pray for each and everyone of your marriages..for anyone who's dealing with circumstances that should not even come into a sacred marriage--I'll pary for you and ask that you also pray for yourselves. I would like also like to ask my sisters and brothers to pray for my marriage. The devil has been busy but GOD has been a deliverer. My husband and I have been married for 6 months and we seperated after the first month--a little history: known each other since high school and lived together for 1 1/2yrs before marrying. My husband has a lot of fears I knew nothing about and when we seperated I was finally told--my husband is afraid of not being the man of my dreams, a good father (has 3 boys), a good provider, and he's insecure about himself--very low self esteem--and he's drinking a lot. I love my husband to death and would do anything for him. He has made our relationship hell on wheels but I sttod by his said--thank GOD for grace and mercy--I've forgiven him for things others would have walked away from. I tell him as much as I can how much I care about him but it's not getting through. My husband is not saved and I try to encourage him to come to church and join and understand the greatnes of the Lord & Saviour but he won't hear of it. I know I can't make him go to church but I love him and I don't like the pain he's ben going through. So brothers and sisters if you find it in your heart, PLEASE pray for us and with us: Edward and Shannon. Thank you

3/13/2003 16:59

Hello everybody, I have been reading a lot of your prayers and I really feel a lot for all of you. I hope the Dear Lord helps us all.
I have been married for just three months now, and I am new to USA too. From the day of our marriage I have been facing problems with my husband's attitude. He is very often insultive in his comments towards me, and is always making demeaning jokes about my intellect,my personal appearence etc. He also has a very short temper, and very often looses his temper for very small things. By nature I am a very patient person, I don't talk back to him, the times when I have tried talking to him, he has again reacted with anger....he has even threatened to leave me....and the issues we have are so insignificant, that an outsider would probably laugh at it....things like my weight, which the doctor said is within the healthy range...but I don't have a figure like a model....basically my husband wants me to follow and listen to every single word he says, and if I do something my own way he gets upset and immediately starts calling me brainless, immature etc....I am very hurt and confused.I love him a lot, and only after my marriage did I realise that he does not love me. I know that he will not even look at another woman, but I really don't know how to react to my situation....because for a few days in month everything is normal and happy and he behaves in such a caring fashion, and then suddenly something small will upset him again, and he will start ignoring me, and won't talk to me for days. I feel so lonely and helpless. I can't even talk about this to anyone because no one will believe me. To the outside world he is such a friendly and sensitive guy, that nobody believes me when I say that he is treating me like this.I pray everyday, I am living in constant fear, everyday and I keep praying that nothing happens to upset him each day...I don't get sleep at night, and I excercise till my body hurts to lose weight, I will do anything to make this marriage work.....I don't know what crime I have done, except loving him....and as far as he is concerned he just cares about me, and if I happen to move out, in a few months he will get over me....I pray for strength and guidance...I need your help Father, Please open his heart to love, he has had a very traumatic childhood, and so he shuts out anyone who tries to get close to him, his mother still has a strong hold on him by emotionally blackmailing him....I'm not asking for control, I am just asking for love, I am sure that once he realises that it is okay to love someone, everything will fall in place....but I can see no light at the other end, I know it is too early to give up on one's mariiage, but my strength is really failing I need God to help me, because I'm breaking down...please pray for me.

3/15/2003 06:26

I ask that you all pray for me to make the right decision about going away with my husband next week to celebrate my birthday. We were suppose to go away today but for some unknown reason I changed my mind. I know I want to be with him but should I settle for a weekend when I know when its over he will be going back to what he call home with another woman. Even though he's my husband am I any better than the woman that seduced him away from me. This question has been weighing heavily on my mind lately. I think about his son and how one day this situation will effect him because I would never want to hurt a child especially him I love him too much. If someone out there could help me I would greatly appreicate it. Sometime someone not so close to the situation or someone that may have experienced the same situation have a more clearer spin on the situation than I. Searching for some clarity.

3/15/2003 06:28

I ask all of you to pray for me that I do God's will and not my own. God bless all of you and your marriages.

3/15/2003 06:48

I ask that all of you pray for my marriage, I have made some poor decisions in my life and in my marriage. My husband is a wonderful man and is willing to forgive me. Please pray for me so that I have the strength to continue to do the right things and to bless my husband for his forgiveness.

3/15/2003 10:16

Please help me to pray for help in trying to decide what to do with the future of my marriage. I am on my third marriage and so is my husband. His children are grown, my youngest is 11 (a boy) my 15 year old lives with my x-husband. When I left him I told her to stay so that she could be with her friends and her church. I was moving 30 minutes away from her home at the time. My 21 year old is my cross to bear. She is a very troubled girl and it is my mission to help her to reach a good point in her life to be on her own. My oldest is a corporal in the Marines and her husband is now in Quwait.
My marriage is on the rocks every 3 months or less. I have forgiven my husband for one major incredioulus mistake he committed, I caught him peeking in on my daughter while she was taking a shower in the morning at 4:a.m. getting ready for work. He was caught by me. She has no knowledge of this. I was in a living nightmare for 3days until I decided to forgive him. Or at least try to carry on with my marriage. That was last month. This month my pms helped my to argue with my husband over something trivial and for the first time I yelled at him in 4 years. He said he was thinking about leaving me because I yelled. I lost control and yelled after he called my daughter the B--ch down the hall...etc. etc...
I became very angry at the odascity that he had to say such a thing about someone he had actually violated. Any how my point being....I am lost. We made up and went to the mountains for three days and had a good time relaxing. However I woke this morning mulling over what he said about leaving because I yelled. I can't seem to get a FOREVER commitment from him. I need prayers for my daughter to somehow find that special man to take her in to a life of her own, and for me to make the right decision in regards to our marriage.I have a man that I am not sexual with that I have know for 15 years or better. However I do not feel as though I want to be with him in marriage or really even just living with him. He loves me and my children bless his heart. I just wanted what I can't seem to have and that is a strong marriage where there is trust and no tears or hurt heart. Please forgive me for rambling, I know there are much worse situations out there and I will pray for all of you in such a way that the Lord will help us all as he sees fit. May all of you recieve blessings this week and be able to recognize them as well. Your sister in Christ Trish

3/16/2003 09:43

Iwould like to say to all women stay in prayer stand frim for what you believe God has the last work in every.when the odds are against you, (God)is against the odds.Romana 8:28 works for me in all things.Remember we do not battle against flesh and blood so stand frim in your faith satan will give back what he trys to take but we must stand frim and the more trails the more you rejoice in God who has the last word

3/17/2003 04:38

Dear prayer mates, Please pray that the love i share with my husband john will grow each passing day to greater height and the desire for twin baby boys will come to us by His grace & His will alone be done.

3/17/2003 07:56

Please pray for me and my family, I made a mistake by trying to leave my family after 34 years of marriage. There is no other woman involved, it was that I was sad and hurt that neither my wife of 34 years or either of my sons gave me a single gift or thank you during christmas. I was hurt and sadden. Now she has left and lives with my son. She hads filed for divorce and I need everyones prayers to help me save this marriage and help heal the wounds I have caused on them. I love the them and I need them God knows I love them,he is my witness. Pray for use.

3/17/2003 11:33

Please pray for me. left my husband of 28 years due to numerous reasons. we've been seperated for going on 2 years now. There's many details that I won't go into. But would appreciate everyones prayers and feed back, if you like. Amy

3/17/2003 12:28

I have been married for 11 years and have been with my husband since I was 14 years old. In the past 6 months he has left 3 times. He is home now and has been there for 4 weeks. I pray it will stay that way. I am not really sure why it left. He was talking to a younger women but nothing more than talk happened. Pray for me and my 2 sons and my husband. I have forgive my husband because God says we are to forgive I have not forgotten what he has done but I pray each day that God will give me the grace to move on to keep my marriage together. I will be praying for the marriages of this world and that God will protect us from temptations from the people that try to destroy our marriages.

3/17/2003 14:52

FOR GOD SO LOVED THE WORLD... It is so wonderful to know that God loves us! I pray that married couples everywhere will know how special you are and how much God wants to Bless your union. Hold fast to your beliefs together and hold fast to each other. God is only a whisper away in trying times. Amen.

3/19/2003 16:55


3/21/2003 06:08

Pray for my marriage of 17yrs, we have come through some tough battles, emotionally and financially, I pray for God to bless us and strenthen us, for us to prosper in every way. In Jesus name.

3/21/2003 13:48

I pray the lord can save my marriage. Tommorow is my anniversary and I am not happy to say I have been married a year. My husband is emotionally controlling and occasinally physically abusive. I feel trapped I have a 6 month old son. I don't feel my husband loves me or values me as a person. Please pray i have the strength to make it through my day to day life. Also pray my husband will find the Lord. I will pray for everyone.

3/21/2003 23:56

please pray for me and my husband jason we only got married aug 24,2002, but it is rough.everybody tells me the first year is the hardest but i don't know if there will ever be a second year. i love him, i gave myself to him but he hurts me everyday. everybody told me not to marry him but he is all that i want, i know he loves me too but he does not trust me to love him and so we fight. please pray for me that i will some day be married to jason for 50 years.

3/23/2003 16:27

Hello everyone my prayers are with all of you. I ask that you pray for me to follow God's will concerning my marriage. My husband of twenty-seven years has been living with the mother of his seventeen month old son. He has been ther since he found out that she was expecting and even now he still profess his love for me and spend more time with me than at her house. His son is also here with me even more than him. I have forgiven my husband of his betrayal of our marriage and even excepted his son as mine. So I wonder if its God's will that I just keep the faith and remain still so that my marriage can be binded back together, or do he want me to move on with my life. Its so hard for me to do that because I trully loves my husband and want our marriage back but is it too late? Pray that I get an answer soon and let it be clear so that I will have no other course but to follow his will. Thank you all! Destiny

3/23/2003 18:28

My wife and I have been separated for 8 months (married over 3 years). My wife has filed for divorce. Since my wife left it was a wake up call for me, I go to church, participate in Bible studies, pray daily, found new friends, go to counseling, and work on myself. I feel that this separation happened because I was going through a spiritual crisis.

My wife has gone the opposite way, she never has gone to church in the 8 months and she seems to be farther away from God. It seems that the enemy has a stronghold on her life.

I am asking for prayers that my wife finds God and allows Jesus into her heart. I am asking for prayers that my wife forgives me for my past mistakes and forgives herself. I am asking for prayers that through God's love and guidence my wife and I reconcile our marriage before the divorce is final. In Jesus' name I pray, Amen.

3/24/2003 07:57

Dear Father, please bless my daughter and her husband during this difficult time in their marriage. Protect them with Your love and lead them to understanding and peace. Help them remember that their two young daughters are more important than any disagreement they might have, and that breaking up their family will wound these dear young souls that You have entrusted to their care. My trust is in You. I know You will provide all that they need.

3/24/2003 18:10

This is a special prayer for all of you on this board and thru out the US who is experiencing difficultes in their marriages. So all of you who read my post, i am praying for you that you recieve the guidance and help you need.

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