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Angela A

Financial struggles, emotional struggles and need to find a place of worship. It's all tearing my family apart. I desperately need prayer partners

My husband lost his job, I'm a student and full time mother. Our problems seem so trivial compared to those that many others have, I just don't seem to be coping with it all very well. My moods are horrible and I've lost my faith that God will see us through this hard time. I feel like we're losing everything and all because I don't know how to handle the pressures put on us right now. We need our financial security, our emotional security and we need me to handle our budget better than I did in the past. Please pray for me and my family. That I will trust God in this difficult time and that he will see us through it. I need to be a better wife and mom, more supportive and my husband needs a job. i feel like I can handle no more. I just want God to hear my prayers.
dyllnsmm -9/26/2001
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5/8/2003 09:37

Angela, I am praying and believing with you that God will lift you and your family up to a new level of blessings. Remember to bless your husband and child. So many times we forget the blessings that God has promised us. Read about the blessings and remember that these blessings are for your and your family. You are one of Gods children and he is your father and your father wants the best for all his children. Accept that stand and know that he will pour blessing out to you. Be faithful and you will be rewarded on earth and especially in Heaven. I pray a blessing over you and your family that you will have healing, financial stability and Love more that you can imagine. God Bless you

5/13/2003 13:56

May the divine shine upon you, may you KNOW that all will work out, there is a reason, a plan, a cycle...understand the lesson, seek it out. You will prevail!! Have faith! Remember kindness :) and do remember GOD does love you!! and even though i do not know you, I love you :)

Be Blessed this Day Angela!

5/18/2003 01:58

Oh father hear my prayer that Angela and her family will find the comfort in you and that you will help them in there time of need. Father watch over them and give them the strength they need to endure. I believe that god will help you angela. amen

5/20/2003 19:52

Angela, God is surrounding you and yur family through this tough time. I feel His love flowing from me now as I type this. God is all knowing and He knows your situation now. I pray to God; Dearest God, your child Angela is in need now. Her family has a lot of financial pressure on them and she needs to see Your power move. God, move in the supernatural way that you have. Let her family know that You are God, Jehovia Jireh, the great provider. Touch their finances now Lord increase in her the desire to continue in your name. Give her husband a job that is more than enough. I ask this in Jesus name. Amen

5/27/2003 08:57

I want to pray for you and your family.....Father, I pray you will come to the needs of this girl and her family, Lord that you will just touch her in ways she has forgotten and help her give things to you so that you can take care of them, Father I pray that you show her one step at a time that there are better times coming, but that she endures through the hard times to see the good ones that lie ahead. Thank you Father, for the many blessings that you give us each and every day, even those that we sometimes do not see. Father, these things I pray , Always in His Name, amen and amen.....If you need someone to chat with, just, maybe I can give you some comforting words and pray with you. Your friend, Bridgette

5/31/2003 17:19

Lord I bring mthis dear lady b4 you right now. You have heard the cry of her heart and you said in Jer.33: 3 that you will hear us as we call so Lord strengthen her fsith and give her the wisdom that dhe needs to see the light at the end of the tunnel. In the name or Jesus I cast down all the powers of the enemy thro the blood of Jesus. Thank you lord for deliveance. amen. So Angie wait on the Lord and he will work His purpose out thro your faith and obedience.

6/3/2003 00:01

We tend to lose our way when we take out eyes off the Lord Jesus. And sometimes it is all too easy to do that because we are human. But I've noticed that when I force myself to putt my eyes right back on Him, then it is easier to go thru the trials that come our way. Jesus went through so much for us. Think of the pain and anguish He went through when they nailed Him to the cross. There are so very many of us who are going through similar experiences. What you are going through seems to be a combination of what my youngest daughter and myself are going through.I pray for your needs to be met and your joy to be returned. I pray rest and refreshing of your soul. I pray for you to experience the overwhelming love of God such as I experienced once. It was so intense that it was the most wonderful thing I have ever experienced and yet almost too much, if that makes any sense. God wants us all to know how much He loves us. He wants to be our provider and protector and the lover of our soul. Just tell him everything that is on your mind. He wants you to. Just say,"God, this is what's going on and I can't handle this on my own. I need for you to carry this load.", and thank him. Then trust that He will take care of it. God bless you and know that God loves you and is always waiting for an opportunity to show us how much.

7/11/2003 14:10

God,your word says that when two or more agree that it shall be given unto us.Father i am agreeing with Angela in prayer that that you will touch and meet all her needs both financially & emotionally!I ask you to Babtize her with the holy spirit and guide her every step.We thank you Father ahead of time for hearing and answering her prayers we ask this in Jesus name Amen!

7/15/2003 19:38

Hello to all it has been on my heart today to share something with you.As i read these prayers and responses i would like to first thank God for each of you.It appears that we all are facing the same difficulities at first i wanted to give up thinking i can't make it but yesterday i remembered somethings that God has brought me through,yes the road is rough but never ever quit that's what satan wants us to do.Are we gonna let him win no!The storms are hard but there's a Blessing on the other side.Myself i've got garnishes coming left and right after just being back to work for 8 months now i've done cried'prayed, wanted to give up but i've been through worse.Angela please believe in your heart that God does hear and answer prayers,it may not be when we want it but he does.Satan is a thief and aliar and he wants you to believe otherwise.God Loves you and wants what's best for you!Please never doubt that!
Heavenly Father Thank you for every one on this prayer circles there are many hurting spiritually,financially,in their homes marriages broken,God i ask you in the name of Jesus to turn their situations around that whats meant for bad let them be good!Father i lft up each one to you.Please give each one the strength needed to get through the storm as your word says in Psalms 13 & 77 that you will provide their needs! Thank you Father that you have heard our prayers and that answers will come,Father i ask that your will be done!Amen

7/15/2003 23:12

**Remember how the Lord has brought you through in the past. He is the same yesterday, today, and tomorrow. Trust Him! Father God, bless Angela with total health (spiritual, emotional, physical, financial)! Thank you for all the many blessings you continually give and for strength in shadowed valleys. In the Name of Christ!~Amen**

8/5/2003 19:36

God has said,
"Never will I leave you;
never will I forsake you."
So we say with confidence,
"The Lord my helper, I will not be afraid.
What can man do to me?"
Hebrews 13:5,6

8/10/2003 23:42

Angela, two months before our fourth child was born, my husband lost the best job he'd ever had(so we thought). He became depressed even though he still denies it. He had opportunities to earn money but didnt want to sometimes. He couldnt understand why (God had taken this job from him.) This made me very anxious and many times angry, our bills were piling up and we had a baby coming my kids needed clothes we all did. I am a stay at home mom too. This lasted for almost 1 year. I kept repenting while asking the Lord to help us, to bless my husband, I kept claiming the word of God. Asking for God to give me faith, to give me strength. TO help me be a Godly wife to give me peace when i felt so panicked because of our situation. Well, i will tell you, God is faithful, He wont leave you or forsake you. Do not give up, I never thought that I would or could make it through our situation but, people from our church, provided us with everything we needed for our baby, from clothes (Newborn through 18mo) to swings, bouncers, a crib ,blankets. everything. Then, my husband began working for a temporary service. The jobs were daily work. Some days he was sent home because they didnt need him. He couldnt take this so he Left town where he was supposed to make money and fix everything, anyway that never happened buy while he was there, one of the companies he had worked for at the temporary service, called and wanted him to be a supervisor because they liked his work. He came home, called the man and now, he is a supervisor earning double what he was for the temporary service or even the job he had lost that we thought was so great.Well, we still havent found a church home because we dont have one either but my point is that i know that while your going through everything that you are, I did too. and look what the Lord has done. He is faithful and he will see you through this and bless you with something better than before. take care christina

8/17/2003 16:49

I pray that god will answer my prayers on the job that I recently applied for,it will be hard since the person where I applied is doing the hiring and she and I had some differences in the past, she blamed me for a job she left,which in realty she was always mad and would treat me like dirt, she was never aware how rude she was,always listening to someones gossip and being cruel all the time, which in return I just stayed silent and did my work and only talked when needed, which this brought big hatred to me,which I never new what was the cause. I am in dire need of a full time job, and I'm faced with this.I tend to believe god put me in this trial, I have very bbad things happen to me, it's like a curse following me all the time,I lost my husband to alcohol & adultery.Have financial problems, I live with my son who feels he's had bad problems,because of me,I cain't afford to rent on my own, I ask god why am I here. I need a job ASAP. I ask for everybody to pray for me!!!!helpless

10/4/2003 00:45

Angela, You touched my heart for it brought memories of the many many struggles I had when I was maried and my children was growing up. Take it from a lady who has been there...the grass is not greener on the other side...your lillies will grow in the valley...keep on...keeping on...for a new day, new beginning each and every day..if you feel a breeze on your face...then thats God saying many prayers are going up and blessings will come down...if you have LOVE in your home ..YOU HAVE IT ALL...with blessings, and prayers, Bunny

10/8/2003 23:12

Dear God,
You are such a loving and patient God! You have demonstrated just how much you love us in so many ways! Thank You!
Please help us to see that you have made provisions for each and every need that we will have. It is clear in your Word that many are the afflictions of the "righteous," but you deliver us from *ALL* of them. Help us Dear Jesus to hold on to this truth when we are going through difficult growth areas in our lives.
Please help us to find the "WORD" that YOU have already provided that will cover our situation.
Lord, help us to add to our faith, virtue, to virtue knowledge, to knowledge temperance, to temperance patience, to patience godliness, to godliness brotherly kindness, and to brotherly kindness charity.
We know that if we have these things IN us, we will not fall but rather we will be "fruitfull!"
Remind us through Yout Holy Spirit that we will need to always have on the "FULL ARMOR" so that we are prepared.
Finally, God help us to hold fast to the truth that there is nothing too hard for you and that You are still in control even we are overwhelmed! You have already determined our outcome!! We are already the "VICTORS!" Thank You Jesus!!!
In the name of Jesus Christ, AMEN.

11/3/2003 10:31

I pray dear lord that you hear the cries for help lord and that you will provide for this family, keep their faith strong, and guid their way out of darkness and into the light. Lord God lay blassings apon this family. I pray in your name lord God, I Bind Satin from their Home, work, school, and lives. Lord in your name Jesus Christ, Amen!

12/25/2003 12:38

Dear God, please help this woman as you have helped me. Protect her and bless her with thy Holy Love. Forever in thy name, AMEN.

1/21/2004 09:16

Angela, I understand that feeling of hopelessness, but there is always hope.I will pray that you and your family receive what you need.
Jesus, please Bless Angela and her family with freedom from her problems and show her where the ladder is to climb out their pit of despair. Shine the light brightly on that ladder for them all to see clearly.
In Jesus name, Amen.

1/26/2004 00:17

I Love You.

3/5/2004 12:38

Dear Angela:
You have not lost your faith, if you had you would not have sent out your prayer. Keep praying, keep looking up! Your prayers will be anwered. God Bless!

4/11/2004 04:23

Dear Heavenly Father; It is in the name of our Saviour, Jesus Christ, that we come to you this day, and ask for your peace to be placed upon Angela's mind and body. You know our needs Lord, even when we are so unclear about what we really need. We always believe that when things go off-course in our lives, that you will fix it immediately, because after all, we havea faith in you. And when the fix does not come immediately, we begin to doubt you. Lord, we are only human, not perfect. Your child Angela needs you. Her family needs you. We know that you are a loving and powerful God. Please help her to find her way back to you. Comfort her mind and help her to overcome her mistakes and begin to live her life safely in your care. In Jesus name we pray for Angela and all those who feel lost, because we know that God IS here and his blessings are there for us to enjoy, if we just keep our eyes on him. I pray that the peace of our Lord will be upon you Angela, as you kneel down and ask him to help you. Amen.

5/3/2004 09:13

Dear Lord
I pray for Angela in the precious name of Jesus, Your Son's Holy Name for her bondasge of financial diff. and family needs.. You will never leave us nor forsake us and please allow Angela and her family feel your Holy Grave upon on them in the name of Jesus. I agree in prayer for where there are two gathered in your name whatever ye ask for it shall be given and I pray for All Of Angela needs Lord right now Oh Lord I thank you for your grace and answers to her prayers.. Angela please allow only the positive come forth from your lips.. Negative will allow the devil to have his way and we don't want that for you!!Please keep your faith and his will be done!!!Amen and Amen
email is

6/19/2004 06:29

Lord Jesus our King and Messiah! Send your love and power to Angela and her family. Protect them with your love and guardian angels. Jesus, please help Angela and her family as they are going through hard times. Angela, I will pray for you, Angela and your family that all evil will be gone from you and your family. Praise you Jesus!! Amen!! Thank you Jesus!!! Amen!

6/25/2004 10:53


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