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Lights Alone
Those Living Alone

I ask for prayer for those of us who live alone and are suddenly faced with a situation, chronic illness, accidents, disease or any dis-orders or loss that limit or seclude us more than we would choose.

Once we were free and strong, helping others, now we pray for someone special to rediscover us, that we may share the things that in their most simple form have become ever more beautiful.

We ask that you do not forget us. We still "are" .

Remember us at bedtime, when you say goodnight to another, that we may feel your prescence.

Lift up our Animal Children for blessings, as they give so freely of love and devotion, and pray that we may run with them again.

Hold our hand within your heart as you might hold a beloved, and pray that we may again one day, find our hands clasped with another.

Libralight -7/7/2001
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10/17/2001 14:00

No one is useless to God. No one, at any point in their life is useless to God--not a little child, not the unattractive, no the clumsy, not the tired, not the discourged. God uses his children.

You belong to God's eternal dream. Now you may not feel wanted, you may not feel like you have a reason for living, but you must renew your mind with the immovable fact that you are part of a commissioned people--you have a reason to be alive.

God's purpose is greater than you are, and if you are God's child, nothing is going to slow down God's purpose in your life.

-Max Lucado

10/17/2001 14:06

Please don't look at what you don't have and look at what you do. God will always bless all his children but those that are grateful for what they have right this minute he will give and outstanding abundance of his wonderful blessings.

10/21/2001 11:12

Please remember me and my family in your prayers.God has blessed us in so many ways with improved health for my husband and youngest daughter.Please pray that He will send my oldest daughter her mate.It hurts to see her lonely and sad.She is a wonderful,caring,precious person and very responsible to her job and many volunteer projects.She has been saved but is not in church right now.I hope there is someone who needs her and would love and appreciate her and that she could love and appreciate.I know God hears and answers prayer and I believe He wants us to pray for our happiness and be thankful for the many blessings He gives us daily.Ther is nothing more powerful than prayer so I am asking your help in praying for my daughter and all others who are alone and need someone special in their life.I am thankful for the prayer circles and thankful for the love and watchcare of our heavenly Father.Love in Him

10/23/2001 05:00

I ask for prayer because I feel very lonely after I lost my Mom last year. She was my best friend and very thing. After that I get closer to GOD because He's the only one who's with me today, tomorrow and forever. Please pray for me I'm writing an exams.

10/23/2001 09:44

Peace and Blessings to all who read this. I understand Judy Oasis what it's like losing a mother. The pain at times is unbearable. People can say that they know how you feel but until they experience that kind of loss they don't know. By me being an only child I know loneliness you are feeling. It's been 5 yrs. for me but it sometimes feels like yesterday since I've seen or spoken to my mom. When you feel like you do sometime, ask God to wrap you in his arms and don't let go. After repeating this a couple times,see don't you feel better!

10/25/2001 15:13

Heavenly Father, creator of all things good, I humbly ask that you hold us in your warm embrace and bring us comfort. Many of us are live alone or may simply feel alone. You know each of our hearts and our own personal situation. Some of us may be in poor health and are now shut-in when we used to be able to go out, some of us have recently lost a much loved one, and some of us are single because we are waiting for the right person with which to share our life. The world is a big place sometimes and it can seem so impersonal and cold. Help us to find beauty, joy and light in each day, where there may seem to be none. Help us to forge positive and meaningful friendships with others that will help to sustain us, whether it be the neighbor next door or a cyber neighbor on the other side of Planet Earth. Thank you for our creating our animal companions who bring many us much joy and happiness each day. Please comfort those who have lost beloved pets as you comforted me when I lost mine. Please help us to see that we are never really alone and that you are always with us. Help us to feel your presence and see your light each day, Father. We thank you for your blessings. Amen.

10/26/2001 10:50


10/29/2001 00:49

i hope you are feeling better and my thoughts are with you. i know you have been not feeling well, but if you were to vanish, all of us HERE would take notice.

I too pass through such "reality check" moments...especially when i am sick or injured, where it really hits me hard as to how alone i truly am. And i can fully relate to what you said about the phone not ringing... but know this, you are always in the thoughts of the people who have joined this beautiful circle you created.

Here is a writing from 4 years ago... i hope it helps a little...just as all of the writings here have helped me so very much. For those who are hurting, you are not alone. We have each other.

Prayer for the Future

It will take effort to let go of regret, or pain, or lonliness.
To stand on sacred ground never before seen or touched by any man or woman.

As we are always held in the embrace of the light,
we can thereby be the formation of a new light as we move down this unknown trail.
May our hands link our hearts...
and our dreams unite our souls.

It will take our inner beauty to renew our vision.
To bid farewell to our previous lives,
yet still be able to retain the wisdom of past teachings.
The time for seeking is over...
May the time for seeing begin.
the heart of the universe can encircle us... but only if we freely seek it's embrace.

We must prepare our eyes as former children of twilight days...
for only then will the morning star be permitted to lead us into the warmth of a new sun.
Drawing us closer, travelling together, merging our spirits desire into a new quiet harmony in life.

The voices of the Thunder spirits will transform us into rainbows...
a multi-colored fusion of our souls intent.

To speak of love, through love.
To be love is to become love.
no longer feeling like empty vessels removed from love,
for the eternal love has already chosen to fill us.

To stand strong, facing into the wind of fear...
and looking with awe into the blooming of the lotus after the long winter.

We already are the opening of the petals.

i am taking a trip to the wilderness for awhile and "charge my battery" so to speak. I will be back after Thanksgiving, but I already give my thanks to those of you this circle.
take care Libralight... may your health return and may you soon dance again with your dog ... my prayers are with you all.

10/30/2001 14:06

My prayers go out to those who feel alone and isolated in this world. For many years I have been alone and I know how difficult it is to remain steadfast and strong. I am grateful to have found this group and to be reminded that I'm not completely alone, that there are others out there who understand loneliness.

10/31/2001 15:32

To those who also find themselves alone in a busy world, I pray to bring our selves away from our fears and seek the courage which is needed to be the loving persons God plans us to be.
May courage lift you from the of depths doubt.
May your spirit be filled by those who care about your well being.
And know that you truely are not alone.

11/2/2001 03:35

I send this pray out for my friend Carolyn, she is very alone and recovering from a divorce. She is struggling with financial difficulties and is losing her faith. Please help her by praying for her to keep her faith and give her something to belive in. Thank you all for your help I know my pray alone is not enough.
God bless you all.

11/3/2001 17:56

Dear All,
It is so heart warming to come here after being away from the computer for awhile, and see Others have came who understand how I feel, who share what I feel, or know someone who does.

I am much better from the virus, but the lonliness is still heavy on my heart. I try to understand the purpose of this and accept it. Afterall, it's what is. I can not invent a caring person into my life. I can love and care for others but I can't make others love and care for me. I examine my life over and over. I can't find just cause for why this has come to be. I do know, I have come to respect my ownself more. I was always the one giving emotionally, helping others, being there for them when they were down, building them up and pointing out their gifts. Someone was always coming to me for advice or to talk and be listened to. But, I realise, no one was ever really there for me. I recall how if I went to discuss something on my mind, something bothering me, everyone else just nervously made up an excuse that they had to hang up or leave. Even my family, it seems as if I couldn't be perfect, and giving of something to them, then they didn't have a need or time for me. I really had no parent-daughter relationship with them, I just tried hard to pretend I did. Facing the truth was too hard. And everytime I went to see them, I would get hurt. The same with past friends. So now, having been so isolated, I see I have let people into my life that really had no respect for me, were not good for me. And for some odd reason, I just never met a better quality of people. Maybe I didn't think I deserved better, I don't know. But I know I don't let toxic people into my life anymore. And I am trying to be open for whatever God has in store for me. But, it is hard. The sadness keeps growing despite my ongoing efforts to presevere and be brave. I am still drawing hearts for everyone that has came here to pray.
I will not give up. I believe Love is most powerful force in the world. And I believe that somehow, for all of us, our love will draw others to find us, others who see the beauty in us, as we see it within them.

Happy Thanksgivng, BearStar!

Thank you everyone who prayed for me. Know that too, pray for each of you.
For Love

11/4/2001 01:38

It has been almost two years since my boyfriend of four years has died. I still think about him everyday. When will I be given a second chance at love? I so want to feel in love again.

11/4/2001 13:56

My three boys and i are living in confusion,we were abused by their mother and my ex wife.Now we have found a very special lady that cares alot about us.We talk on the computer plus she calls us on the phone whenever she can.She has fallen in love with the children and me,and we feel the same for her,our problem is that she lives in Bulgaria and we live in America,plus she has her mother and her son to care for there.We have prayed that by some miracle we will be brought together.Please help us pray that we join together and become a happy family.Thank you from my boys and me.Peace and happiness to you all.

11/8/2001 01:43

Hello Libralight & all,
Well, so much for my wilderness trek... had an oven fire after my last post and the $600.00 for my trip just bought a pretty new wall oven. I was making beef jerky for the trip and the whole thing just lit up in a blue/white light! It was something! (the element burned clean through while i had the door open and was checking the jerky) Talk about jerky "comet style".

Sunday morning I was supposed to leave but i woke up in tears and exhausted.
For once i decided to just follow my instincts and not go. Something i can't quite put my finger on has been bothering me about this trip for two weeks....(and normally i am very excited for an adventure in travel) but this time was different. I have just felt dread and apprehension. (I feel better already for following my own heart.)

Libralight, i am glad to hear you are gaining in strength and feeling a little better. Yet what you last wrote touches me deeply. I am sorry you are feeling down. I too have been feeling in the dumps. I feel exactly the same as you wrote... about the way things have happened the last five years of my life.
After my mom died i was constantly taking care of everyone. People would call me for advice, help, assistence, money, everything. I would always drop what i was doing to help, in any and every way.

Looking back on it i realize that they were just emotional vampires... they suck you dry of energy then leave. And when i really was grieving, they were long gone or as you say, too busy to listen...
i remember so many dark times, crying in the night, just wanting to hear a friendly voice say "are you ok"? or "it'll be ok"... but there was no one there. They are the darkest hours, wondering how i came to be in such a place as this, of total solitude. Wondering, wondering, wondering.

I too, realized that most of those former friends truly didn't care about me at all. What i did learn, and i imagine that we are kindred spirits in this respect, is that we truly enjoyed helping others... we saw the goodness in them and always wanted to be supportive & encouraging. We are "rescuers" so to speak... we give a lot and we have stuck our necks out for others. (But what a lot of people fail to realize is that sometimes the rescuers needs rescuing... that we are not invincibly strong and without pain... that we don't feel moments of despair and that we too need encouragement and a small scrap of undivided attention to our needs... a small gift of kindess, which may only require a moment of their time).

That's why i call them emotional vampires.... they drain the well without refilling it. Then they fly off into the night and out of sight.

11/8/2001 01:44

part 2

i no longer agonize about the loss of those "friends" like i used to... but it has turned into a profound sadness imprinted on my spirit. And sometimes that sadness creeps in and takes hold.

It is not something we lack, but something perhaps they never had to give. Perhaps they didn't have the capacity for the requirements of true compassion or a deep friendship.

And in the end, i believe we that much richer in spirit by giving and getting "burned" so to speak, than by never giving at all.

Libralight, we DO deserve better than that.... we do deserve better than this solitude and it IS hard to perservere...

I too pray that God has something or someone special in store for all of us who live in solitude. That we may know love again and what it is to be loved... to have companionship and laughter... to just have someone to hold hands with.

We must try to remain hopeful that it will come in it's due season. On God's time. Try not to think too far ahead or too far behind.... for me, if I get too caught up in yesterday or tomorrow, it's like looking out at a vast desert and i feel as if nothing will ever change. Just 'ole me and the tumbleweeds of days, one blurring into another forever....til they vanish into the horizon.

I keep trying to look to today and I hope you can do the same....
so, go turn on a comedy movie... get outside and sit in the sun...and say hello to our fellow creatures, give your dog an extra hug. I know it's just a temporary bandaid but for now a good old fashioned comedy might just do the trick.

And if you need a smile, just imagine the "white lightning jerky" i invented... and how i stood there in the middle of the kitchen, doing a far-out version of a mexican hat dance and trying to figure out just what on earth was going on! It must've been a sight for sore eyes cause all i remember is seeing my dog, all bug-eyed and running for the back door! She must've tied the land speed record. Don't know what scared her worse... the oven emitting something that should only be coming from clouds or the wild banshee her mother turned into shortly thereafter
On that note... till we all meet again.

(i will draw one big, ultraviolet, neon- blazing, fireworks emitting heart in my prayers for each and every one of us here....may the grasp of lonliness be lightened)

Tomorrow, it's off to the store to buy some of that jerky i've been craving.

11/10/2001 19:06

lord I ask You to bless these friends who are alone and to send Your peace to them because I know that You are watching them, and that You are going to give strength to them that we cannot.please Lord bless all those I talk with and give them the attention they need.amen.

11/13/2001 17:42

A special message for Libralight and Bearstar.

I want both of you to know that our God gave all of us the power to do anything. Remember this and say it over and over and over and over: "I can do ALL things through Christ who strengthens me".

Every single person holds the key to happiness. It is in each one of you. Blessed are those who know what they have right this minute instead of talking about what they don't.

Your words are so POWERFUL. When you talk like you have been defeated, you will be defeated.

When you talk words of encourgement and you know in your heart things will get better, they will.

Stop talking about how bad things seem to be, and start talking about how you want them to be. You will see a major difference in your life. I know you can do this because I did. I turned my life completely around from when I used to be miserable.

God wants to bless you. He loves you. He wants you to start thinking like he does.

If you get a chance, please watch a T.V. ministry called LAKEWOOD CHURCH. It will change your life.

I ask God right this second to bring LibraLight and BearStar out of their current situation. Lord, enable them to know and live with the fact that ALL THINGS ARE POOSIBLE THROUGH CHRIST WHO STRENGTHENS US. Lord you worked a beautiful miracle in my life and I want you to do the same for these two. Help them to have the faith they need to receive your more than abundant blessings. In Jesus name. Amen.

11/13/2001 23:19

To those of us who are alone, I have found that if I simply can't stand it--I will talk to Jesus as if HE were beside me and tell him exactly what's is bothering me (of course HE already knows), I will find that the lonely, empty feeling is gone. I did that one day before I went to eat, and I found myself actually enjoying the meal by myself better than if I had been with someone. THIS WAS MANY YEARS AGO AND TO THINK, I HAVE ONLY TRIED IT A FEW TIMES SINCE, BUT IT WORKS! HE IS REAL . . . . . HIS TOMB IS EMPTY!

11/14/2001 17:58

My nephew Billy who is undergoing his 2nd bout with cancer. He is 9 years old and now has cancer in his lungs. I pray for his parents, that they can handle what God has in mind for them.

11/14/2001 18:05

To elv:
Your message was inspiring. It is so hard to be alone, esp when you have a crisis. I am so glad I found this site, it lets me know that in the big picture, I am not alone.

11/16/2001 02:16

Hello all:

There is one facet in music of which the untrained singer does not know the value -- the pause: it is not the cessation of the music; it is a part of it.

Before the tide ebbs and flows there is always a pause.

In Christianity, the desert has been God's training school for many of His prophets. Abraham, Moses, Elijah, Paul.

Before the years of witness, there were the years of stillness. Every witness with a great message has had these years. The sightless days will mean a grander vision; the silent years, the sweeter song. The pause is part of the music.

i believe it is spiritually healthy to discuss lonliness and solitude allow anyone who comes here to speak freely about anything in their lives .... those who may be caught in a "pause".... those who are suffering for whatever reason...
to simply give an ear to the voices that somehow arrive here and may resonate like our permit those who live alone or are feeling lonliness to talk about precisely that. is about being open enough to share all thoughts... whether it be the joyous frolicking through life's abundant gardens or the heavy steps through it's vast deserts.

i may be trekking through the desert at times, but that does not mean that i have no faith or that i am not connected to the Infinate Light...

i was meant to be here alone, i try to peacefully accept just exactly where i am... and although i hope for more, i am not miserable.

in fact, i believe i draw nearer to the soul of God in all of His silence and my faith becomes more finely polished with each and every solitary exploration of the divine universe.

...this prayer circle is a safe place, regardless of religious affiliation, where we can take a pause from the "pause". Sharing is what it's all about....

*Bear ye one another's burdens, and so fulfil the law of Christ.
Galatians 6:2

"The good road....
and the road of difficulties You have made me cross.
and where they cross the place is holy."
Black Elk

11/18/2001 11:39

i am a 36 year old single male and i hate it, trouble is, i can,t meet women because i am afraid of them;afriend of mine is in prison because awoman told lies on him and i hate all women for it

11/18/2001 11:49

i will never get over the fact that our judicial system allows innocent people to go to prison every damntime a6year old kid screams rape these thing should be investigated more carefully

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