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Marriages everywhere
People who are experiences troube in their marriages

Father God, I pray for marriages every. I pray that mates everywhere will join in praying for healing and restoration in marriages all over the nation. I pray father for all mates that are experiencing trouble in their marriage. amen

mjlove -7/7/2001
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1/9/2003 12:48

Patrice2020: I pray for you and your husband. I am in a similiar situation. My husband left me on New Year's Day. He's called twice to say that he wanted to come by and talk. Hasn't come yet. I too pray for his well being. I don't know what's going on with him - adultery, drugs, who knows what. I pray that God will drive Satan out of his life and help my husband find his way. I pray to God to give me his strength and guidance to know what to say & what to do when my husband finally does show up. As I pray for you, I ask others who are experiencing trouble, to pray for us. To ask that God intervene however he deems necessary to get us through this. I also pray to God to help me with my deficiencies as I know that I am not faultless in this situation. God - please hear everyone's prayers who need you in their lives, not just now, but forever. Amen

1/10/2003 01:03

On November 25, 2002 my husband Lewis and I moved our entire household from Atlanta, GA back to Detroit (we relocated from Detroit, MI to Atlanta, GA September, 2001 for a new start-his job transferred there). On December 30, 2002, my husband left Detroit, MI and moved to St. Louis, MO. At the time we had the understanding that he would be going to MO to live with his brother, go to school to get his barber's license, and start a business there. We talked about this and both thought it was a good idea since his most recent job laid him off three times in the last two years and the only way he could stay employed with them is by working in another state. We both would come back and forth between work and school to be with each other. His brother also said he would pay for my husband to go school in his home state (MO) and they would set up the business together. This seemed fine until many things about our relationship unfolded since he's been gone. My husband has revealed to me a year ago that he was unfaithful to me. Periodically over the past year he has told me that he was no longer in love with me and that he didn't want to be married to me. After each time he has said this, several days maybe weeks would past and he would apologize and we would try to get on with our lives confirming our love for one another. My husband revealed this terrible secret to me about a week ago. Now all the problems weíve had since this incident began to make sense. Since then we have been talking about this daily. He had told me that he does love me and understands that he hurt me, and that the decision is mine about what I want to do. I have been thinking about this and thinking about this. We were talking today and I was trying to tell my husband about how much a struggle this is for me, but because I love him, I'm willing to stay with him and work this out. I told him that I would consider packing up again and moving to MO, but then explained to him why Iím thinking about not doing it as well. I told him if I donít, that the long distance cannot work. He says he truly wants to get his barber license and start a business but he is not willing to come back to Detroit and do that. He is also not willing to come back to Detroit to make things work with me. He has told me again that he does not love me anymore and does not want to be with me. Moving from Detroit to Atlanta and back, I have picked up my entire household and quit two jobs because I thought I was being a good wife and standing by supporting my husband. I have more than sacrificed many things since my husband and I have been together. We have been married for 4 years this past November. When we got married, my husband had serious problems keeping a job and at times I worked two jobs. We almost lost our house twice. I bought this house 4 years before my husband and I met. I had to sell my car one time to keep our house (God has since blessed me with another one). Each decision I make, I make for the better or us or him without even thinking of myself. Just like I believed the day we got married, I am believing God for my marriage. Granted Iím not perfect and I have myself made mistakes, but I have never put another person before my husband. I am praying to God to protect my husband while he is out there in the world. Work on him and show him His works. I have been in some dark places in my life. I have been in some terrible positions in my life and I know it was God that brought me out. I am a believer in his power. Please pray for me that He gives me strength to endure while He fixes my husband. That He keeps anything that is not of Him from my husband. That He shows and teaches my husband how to be a good husband. Please pray for my strength, safety, encouragement, upliftment during this difficult time. Please pray that God works on me during this time. That I do not tire of doing what is good, continue to have compassion, keep an open heart and mind. Please pray for my marriage as I will be mindful to pray for all of you.

1/10/2003 15:48

Dear Prayer Partners:
I have been married for seven years and recently my spouse had friend he could consider to talk to more. We have to beautiful children and at the present time I am confused and don't know what to do. I feel that being 24 years old makes it more difficult. Please pray for my marriage to strengthen and my spouse understand the hurt I am going through and the healing takes time. Please pray that the Lord guide me through these troubled times.

1/11/2003 03:17

Please pry for my wife. she is lost and does not know if the future is for her and I to be together. Since her mother died she is lost and running from life, responsibility and our family Only God and your prayers can help us. Thank you

1/12/2003 18:09

Father in Heaven please help my mum & dad and Bless them as they work to save their marrieage. All families seem to be under attack. I pray for a miracle in the lives of my parents and also ask you to bless me as I am about to get married - with knowledge on high - that you will be the main part of our marriage ceremony and "not all the pomp & grandeur". My parents have always put everyone else first. please help them Lord in their trials that they may be healed and continue working to save their marriage. I add my name to all those who are suffering here and Pray in Faith that you might help those who call on you in mighty prayer. Please also forgive each of us - of our weaknesses for nobody is perfect and help us to kive lives which are good and which include you. I know you are just waiting to bless us - if we will call on you in Faith, "Roses are so beautiful - they also have thorns" Please help me to remember this and also help my parents to overcome the attack from the cunning one. In the name of Jesus Christ..AMEN

1/13/2003 03:47

hello everyone,
it seems as though the devil is quit busy. I, too am going through a difficult time in my life. My husband of 3 years left me while on christmas vacation with my family.
we have had our share of problems, but i never thought he would just up and leave me this way.
his mom has alot to do with this. i have lost alot of respect for him, his mom and myself.
i feel betrayed. i have been very sick also. vomiting, loss of weight, bags under the eyes, low self esteem, not functioning well at well or at home for my boys.
my boys are the only reason i am still here.
i feel like GOD is not listening to me. i am truly sorry for the things that have gone on in my past life.
physical abuse by my mother, verbal and emotional abuse has scared me and my life and i am trying to cope with this as well.
i am on medication but it does not seem to help me with depression.
please pray that our hearts and prayers are lifted up to GOD and he finds away to help each and everyone of us.
if we give in to the temptation of satan he has won this battle.
i have been told by my pastor that pray is key and that GOD is listening.
pray is what we all need and i really need friends right now.
i feel like my life is no more.
love you all.

1/13/2003 14:39

Please pray for me, my husband and my marriage. We continue to struggle. I worry constantly. I read that if you worry, you don't REALLY have faith that God will handle everything. How do you not worry when your huband has left you and your marriage is falling apart? God, I pray to you that I have the faith to believe and trust in you to handle the situation. It is just that I feel / think I should be doing something to fix the problem, but I honestly don't know what the problem is. My husband wan't talk about the real problem. God - Please help, I pray to you. And, thank you God for all that you do. Amen

1/13/2003 14:56

Please pray for me, my husband and my marriage. We continue to struggle. I worry constantly. I read that if you worry, you don't REALLY have faith that God will handle everything. How do you not worry when your huband has left you and your marriage is falling apart? God, I pray to you that I have the faith to believe and trust in you to handle the situation. It is just that I feel / think I should be doing something to fix the problem, but I honestly don't know what the problem is. My husband wan't talk about the real problem. God - Please help, I pray to you. And, thank you God for all that you do. Amen

1/15/2003 13:48

Dear friends in need of prayer,
I pray that GOD may send PEACE, LOVE, TRANQUILITY, FORGIVENESS to make things right, & the "feeling like a whole again" feeling back in every single one of your homes. I seriously believe that Satan never sleeps and i KNOW his joy is when people quarrel, fight argu....(it's hard for me to contain my anger at times too BUT then i think about how much it pleases Satan for things to get out of control & it helps me control my anger and fustrations in life cause i don't want to bring any sort of joy to Satan.) The only person i want to bring joy to is GOD and my family & friends 7 others in need.

I would like to ask you all to pray for my and my husband. We are a young newly married couple since Sept. 2002 and already so early in our married life problems and worries are slowly taking over our marriage. (We were together 2 1/2 years before we got married.) He had had problem holding down a job in our past. It wasn't that that caused that problems, it was his lying to me that caused them. He would lie about having a job just so i would not tell him anything about finding a job etc. Then when it came time to pay bills i was left alone to sort it out myself. That was the problem that faced us in the past. Before we got married....RIGHT before we got married after the date had been set and everything he got laided off, so gathering the rest of the $$ for our wedding was hard since he was out of a job 2 months before the wedding. Well we got married through the Catholic Church and due to that we had to attend classes and have Sponsor couples etc....which we BOTH felt helped us ENORMOUSLY, and helped me in dealing with my trust issues from the past. Well 2 days after we vowed to treat each other with love, tell the truth and be faithful....i made him tell me the truth about him working or not. Sure enough...he was not. He yet again had lied to me. I was hurt. He promised he was working and everything was fine. I ALWAYS told him to just tell me the truth, i can deal with the truth, no matter what it is but lies i can not. It's been hard because we're young and we have been though A LOT together. He is a good husband in the sense that he treats me well except for lying. One good deed won't make up for a bad deed if u continue to do the bad deed, riight??

Please god help me & my husband work out our issues TOGETHER, i will stand strong as i always have but i need reassurance that things will be ok and that i'm not the only on trying to makes things work out here. Being young and married is not easy. But loving GOD and having faith and praying for others is. I love GOD and no matter what has happened to me in my life, there's always been a little light at the dark end of the tunnel....GOD will prevail and may his GRACE be known to all!! AMEN and may everyone have a blessed day.
(GOD may you place a quilt of love over all marriage having troubles and help guide them to that little light at the end of the tunnel) i love you all!!

1/15/2003 18:03

Please pray for my marriage. I have been married for 4 years (in March). My husband and I have one child together and I have a son from a previous marriage. I love my husband with all my heart and I believe he loves me, but all we seem to do is argue. I sometimes feel that he and I have nothing in common but our daughter. He has cheated on me once before and we decided to try to work things out. It is very hard, since the trust is no longer there. My husband is not really into church or God for that matter, but from going through counseling with a church member who is also a Prophetess we have been told that my husband WILL BE a "Man of God". We are determined to make this marriage work. We love one another deeply. Thank you

1/17/2003 13:09

I'm excited to find this site ! There is power in prayer!I need your prayers for my marriage ! Sharon and I are having common problems but are both in our second marriage. We both came into our marriage with unhealed wounds.We are two people that love one another dearly, but because of some unhealed wounds...we've totally lost communication. We're on the brink of divorce ! We both are christians .That saved us one time before.. that we both turned to God and he led us back! We've been fine for several months.Then out of know where those wounds rose up over nothing . She and I are currently seperated.My prayer is our Wounds be healed completly by the great physicians hand!And put us together once again to help encourage other wounded people!I pray God to empower my spirit to help me stand fast in your word and hold my peace ! I ask you to Empower my faith that I lean my all on you!I pray the truth be revealed to us both.I pray Lord to teach us to Love like you love ! I more importantly thank you for this site and pray for each and every case.... IN JESUS Name!

1/17/2003 22:46

please pray for my marriage I have done wrong at my job(I took money)that did not belong to me and alot of it, I dont blame my husband for being upset but I need him now more than ever I could go to jail I do not have the money to return to my employer Please help me my husband says he is leaving we have been together for 27 years, Help me

1/19/2003 09:18

I am currently suffering from depression, the lost of my first child, split relationship with my mother (7yrs), and now my marriage is suffering. I know the pain that each of you are feeling. My husband does not come home until early morning and stays with his best friend (a guy) he tells me. I feel so alone and we have so much trouble communicating with each other. I pray and obey the lord but It seem that things are getting worst. I know that I must be patience and wait on the Lord for deliverance. I have been married for 7 years and stood by my husband even against my family (my husband life was threaten and he almost died). My husband thinks that I do not support him in anything. But the support goes both ways and I seem to be giving and not receiving. Please lift us up in pray.

1/19/2003 19:15

Please pray for my guy and I who have been together for 5 years. I pray we can overcome our differences and stop arguing so much. I pray that I can accept him as he is without trying to change him. I pray that he will not give up on our love and will feel more positive about our relationship. He says he's not sure anymore if we were meant to be together because of our constant arguing. He doesn't know if he wants to marry me anymore. Please help us God to get through these problems in our relationship and to keep our love strong. I love him very much and I know he loves me to. Please pray for us to stay together and to be happy.

1/21/2003 10:36

Hello I am asking you to lift my husband donell in prayer that god would revail to him his role in our marriage,that he would stop running in and out our home.that the curse of him being a momboy be broken in the name of jesus,I also ask that you prayer that he would be deliever from drinking,and help take care of his family.thank you god bless linda

1/21/2003 11:59

To all of you who are looking to restore your marriages, please check out this web site: It is a ministry that is dedicated to praying and restoring marriages. I've been having problems with my marriage (16 yrs) and my husband just recently told me that he wants to separate, but with the prayers of all of these people, and the grace of God, I know that my marriage will stand! Trust in the Lord our God. He will not fail you!

1/21/2003 13:58

Prayer Warriors
Please pray for my marriage of 3 yrs. My wife left 5 monthes ago, for 2 weeks, she has returned, but since has let me know that she does not love me. I have 4 children and she has 1. It has been difficult for her to be a Step Mom to my children, they are not perfect. My wife has stated that she is only staying to this point, because she believes in the vows she promised before God on our wedding day and also knows that all 5 kids will be adversely affected by our splitting up. The good news is that she has set up an appointment for us, with the marrieds Pastors at our church, we begin counceling this Saturday. I pray that God will intervene in our lives, and that we will be open and honest with the Pastors and that significent change can occur for our family.

1/21/2003 15:26

This prayer is for my boyfriend and I that we may decide once and for all if we are meant to be with one another. We both love each other so much and both agree to that but we argue over silly things almost everyday. We have both hurt each other in the past with our words and we both have scars. I pray that we can either start our lives over together and forget those scars and start new from here or that if we are meant to be with other people then give us the strength to see that and make the changes necessary. I don't want to lose him - I love him - I'm just really confused. Dear God please direct me on the right path. Amen.

1/22/2003 15:06

I send this Pray in faith to re-unite this marriage and restore this broken family once more. Patrick and LaShaon!!!

I have been marriage total 2yrs dated for 7yrs

To soften and open Patrickís harden heart and forgive us for our sins. This too shall pass, that we are only going thou a season. To hold on the our love that he has forgotten. To show Pratick our marriage can saved.

My husband and I have been separated for almost a year now. We are both people with a lot of foolish
pride, stubbiness and anger get in the way of our marriage. I know now that is only Satan trying to destroy what we have. We have a Beautiful Daughter together that is less than 2yrs old that hardly see due to his anger of me. Once I stop begin anger my love came flooding back into my heart. nothing is worth us began apart nothing we canít work though. I Still Love him dearly and Our daughter needs her father and I need my Husband. O Lord please let him see how much we love him and need him and his current relationship grow cold and died. Please give me guidance and wisdom . Amen

1/26/2003 09:21

Dear Christians,
Please pray for my marriage. My husband has lost his job. He has a very hard time tell the truth. I am constantly faced with untruth. There is no trust and it is very hard to love him. Pray for me to find forgiveness and strenght to weather the storm. I am not a active church goer nor do I pray. Please pray that my walk with the Lord will become stronger. Thank you.

1/27/2003 14:52

I would like to ask for prayers for my marriage. My Husband and I have been married for 16 yrs and have 3 beautifully well adjusted children. He has decided to move out of the family home. He has broken the connection with our close friends and his family as well. He says that we no longer see eye to eye. We have been through a rough time prior (he had an affair with someone he worked with) and seemed to work things out but now He is seeing another women he works with). He says these things happen for a reason. I don't know the reason. I have loved and supported him through out my whole life. I do not believe in divorce. Our children have begged us not to divorce.(this was even what they wrote on their Christmas list, how sad). He has told me that he is not in love with me and that we will never be together again. I don't understand why I still love a man that has so much distain for me. We have known each other since we were 14. Up until this summer he has told me we would be together for the next 100 yrs. ??? I am heart broken our children are heart broken, his family is so sad. He is the only one that thinks it is okay to walk out just because he feels like it. He says he deserves to be happy. Our family tells me to keep the Faith & that God answers prayers. I am trying, but sometimes I need help. Thank you.

1/29/2003 11:07

Please pray that my marriage will substain its ups and downs. Please help us financially. please keep our
children health. I seem to worry about
everything. please pray that i keep the
faith and that god will see me through.
I pray that god will bless all of you
and see you through your troubles and
give you peace in your spirit

2/2/2003 12:23

Besides the fact that I have been diagnosed with lung cancer and am having surgery on January 11, by husband and I have a very bad marriage and we need help. I've tried to make things work, but I am extremely depressed about it. My "cancerous" marriage bothers my more than the ugly monster growing in my lung. I am asking God to use this illness -- or whatever else He needs to use -- to make our lives what it should be. In His name, I pray.

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