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Marriages everywhere
People who are experiences troube in their marriages

Father God, I pray for marriages every. I pray that mates everywhere will join in praying for healing and restoration in marriages all over the nation. I pray father for all mates that are experiencing trouble in their marriage. amen

mjlove -7/7/2001
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11/23/2002 13:28

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11/25/2002 10:00

hello everyone :) i hoep you don;t forget to testify when the blessings come your way even if it is a tiny bitty one:) The testimony is the instrument of work of the Christian community :)
God bless you : )

11/25/2002 10:14

My wife is going to file this week. Please pray for us.

11/25/2002 10:53

Thank you God for the blessings you have bestowed on our marriage. I am now asking for a prayer for my husband and his job. He may get a new job that would require us to relocate. I do not want to move away from our families, friends, my job and I don't want to have to start over with my dissertation because I am all set to do my research with my current job. I pray that we won't relocate and that things get better for him on his current job so he won't want to leave.

11/25/2002 12:44

I need strength and the will to bring myself out of the lowest point I've ever been in my entire life. So much that it affected my work and I am afraid to lose my job. My husband and I would have been married two years this past August. I have to say our marriage was not a blessed one from the very beginning, but, none-the-less I love him tremendously. When we started dating, he told me with no problem that in his marriages/relationships "It's his way or the highway". I knew this going into this relationship, and I accepted his way. There were many things though that I changed upon his request, but there a few things I couldn't change. I couldn't change the way I was brought up to never go to bed mad at one another. He was the type that didn't want to talk until "he" was ready. It could have been a couple of hours but most of the time it was at night, going through the next day. It would be little things that would set him off, the way I spoke, the way I would try to cover for my children's mistakes so as not to upset him. He wanted complete control on my children when it came to disciplining, which I did allow, but when I felt that he was a bit too harsh, I voiced my thoughts behind closed doors and he felt I was being disrespectful. With all of this and more going on in our marriage...I still want him back. He has had no problem moving on and dating, but I still can't let go. Within meeting a woman in one day, he moved her in and started to take on her four children from three previous marriages. I couldn't understand how he left me due to two children from one previous marriage and they are ready to graduate and move on, but to take a woman with four children from ages 11 to 15 mo.really hurt me tremendously. I still want him back. He says he loves me and that all of this has nothing to do with love. Please pray that I can accept God's Will and let Him lead me down the path he feels is best. I pray for everyone in the world that they may have peace in their lives.

11/25/2002 17:11

Please pray for my marriage my husband and I are seperated he said he was going to file for a divorce as of yet he has not filed. I still love him very much I pray everday for his salvation I pray he turn to the Lord and I pray the Lord will touch his heart. there has never been any unfaithfulness in our marriage we just can't seem to work out our problems. He doesn't know his role as a husband I try to talk to him about Christ and he doesn't want to hear it. Please pray for his salvation and our marraige.

11/25/2002 17:22

Hello prayer circle I took all of our prayer request to our Heavenly Father and I have faith and I know that whatever the devil meant for bad our Heavenly Father will turn it around for our good. I pray that God will bless and anoint each and every last one of you. I pray our Father give us the strength to endure and the patience to stand and wait upon him. I pray for our lost spouses I pray God would deliver them and fill them with his Holy Spirit I ask all these things in Jesus name Amen.

11/26/2002 12:31

I know this said a marriage circle and I am divorced but want to rebuild my relationship with my former spouse. He is the love of my life, just didn't realize it until it was too late - but maybe it's not to late. Please pray that it's not to late.

I'm in search of prayers, positive thoughts, suggestions for improving my self esteem, ridding myself of insecurities (lifelong) and suggestions for rebuilding a relationship with my now ex. But 'I' have to come first so that if (big if) my relationship with my love is to flourish I must be better.

I asked my husband, David, for a divorce (no kids, no affairs but lack of communication (both sides), commitment. Took things for granted. Ultimately he did say okay. I was going through a great deal of emotional turmoil and believed him to be emotionally unavailable to me. Thus I caused him a tremendous amount of anger, grief and
heartache and bitterness. Just before the divorce I got myself into counseling and have been working dilengently to reach the core of my issues. But it wasn't until after the divorce that I did get to some of the core issues - and it had to do with me (imagine that). During this time I also realized how much I truly loved David. Even though we have divorced, now that I understand things in a much different light, I want to try and re-establish a relationship with him that could eventually become a union again. I contacted him via email, telling him I was still in love with him and if he would be willing
to even look at the possibility of giving me another chance. He is has hesitation and a great many doubts (all of which are understandable - I would also if the roles were reversed) but he has been agreeable to at least talking. He says that he likes being
single - to come and go as he pleases, that he's learned a great many things about himself, such as being self centered. However, he also said he still loves me and would like a positive relationship. (right now even thinking of remarrying is way to soon to approach - on that we both agree. He also says that he doesn't want to be hurt again nor for me to be hurt so he is keeping some distance - again perfectly understandable after what we put each other through).

I'm in the process of trying to work on myself. And rebuilding my inner self must come first, I know that. But at the same time I want to try and make amends and try to re-establish this relationship.

Again, because I am the one that pushed him away I also feel that at least in the beginning I will need to be the one to let down my pride and put in the more effort. If it appears that we can make another go of it, then later I would expect it to be more equitable on effort but also that I will need to be the one more willing to give/compromise. And I am willing, again to do whatever (without losing myself in the process) to make it work.

Again I understand and know I need to work on me first and then if the relationship with David is meant to be, then we can work on that.


11/26/2002 14:53

Please pray for my family. My husband and I have been seperated for four years. I've been trusting God for my husbands salvation and the reconcilation of our marriage. Just this month my husband accepted Christ. I was overjoyed. I belived the first part of my prayer was answered, and the second part was soon to come. But the devil got a hold of him and is leading him to believe that now that Jesus has washed his past away, that he was completely start over new. This means to him that he must get divorced, and see what his options truly are. I'm still trusting God to come through. I have not given up on him or our marriage. Please just pray for my strenght as I go through this storm. Please also pray for our children we have a daughter together and I have a son from a previous relationship. I don't want the curse of divorce to continue to follow them. I stand for God and for my children's future. Again please pray that my husbands eyes will be open. Thank you, Sharon

11/26/2002 17:07

hello everyone,

11/26/2002 17:11

hello everyone,
My husband and I talked last weekend and
God willing we are going to work this thing out. Please pray for us that we
stay together and that we communciate better to one another. please pray for
me that God will make me stronger and
walk in this light and to trust in the
lord because through him all things are
possible. God bless all of you

11/30/2002 00:23

Please pray for my husband and myself,it's like all we do is put each down,we've lost 2 sons in 9 yrs and I don't know if that has anything to do with what is going on. I myself feel like I have no feelings at all I feel empty and dead, so please pray for us we need it desperatly.Thank you

12/3/2002 17:22

Thank you jesus things seem to be going fine so far. Thanks to everyone who has included me in their prayers as i have included you. Please continue to pray for my husband and I that we will stay together and continue to work together. pray that we will learn to communicate better to one another. Bless my children and that what we have gone through does not affect them in the future. Please bless me and that I will grow stronger in the lord.

12/6/2002 09:00


12/6/2002 09:05

Hello pray for donell to become a holy man,that god will deliever him.and that he would understand the true maening of marriage and stop run in and out our hom,but stand and take his responbile as a husband and father.pray also for his mopther to speak godly true to him.that she will not be at peace with hwer son walking out on his family to her house.thank you linda

12/7/2002 11:03


12/7/2002 20:55

father god i pray to you for everyones marriage including mine. father i know i have come a long way from the snares of the enemy and right now i need to stir myself up. father give us the strength that we need to wait and be still, give us the faith to trust and know that you are god. give us your knowledge and wisdom father that we choose the water we choose life we choose you father. show us how to spend time in the word so that we could arm ourselves. forgive us for jumping into the flesh first. forgive us for thinking that we could fix it ourselves even if it is small to us. in jesus name i invite the holy spirit to take charge. help us lord. in jesus name i pray.

12/7/2002 21:44


12/8/2002 03:43

Lord I need you to touch me right now for I am troubled as never before. I question my husband's contiued love for me. Lord I pray that our 14 years of happiness is not at it's end. Lord continue to watch over us as you have been. Continue lord to give me the strength I need to make it through these troubled times for I feel my energy slipping away. Lord may I myself and everyone else going through times of change and questioning the love of another be uplifted in knowing they are not the only ones and also know that you are always there for them to talk to. Everyone please pray for me, I feel myself weakening. Amen

12/8/2002 18:50

Father, I ask that you turn this woman away from my husband completely and away from my marriage. I pray that David will re-dedicate himself to the Lord Jesus Christ and will re-commit himself to our marriage and me.

12/8/2002 18:55

My husband has filed for divorce. He has met someone. Please pray that this woman will turn from my marriage and my husband, that he will re-dedicate himself to the Lord Jesus Christ and that he will re-commit himself to our marriage and me. Please pray that God will fill me with peace and wrap His comforting arms around until my marriage is completely healed and restored. Thank you and God bless you.

12/9/2002 14:15

Please pray for my husband Dell, he left in October & is very confused. This is really hurtful to me & our children. He is also having problems on the internet going to places a married man should not please please pray for us to reconsile. Thanks, Carol

12/11/2002 21:46

I believe God will answer our prayers.
I pray for you all.
Please pray that Brandie and I will be guided back together and our family reunited. My Love for her will never end and I believe God brought us together.
Thank You and God Bless You All

12/12/2002 17:28

I am asking for paryer for myself. I got maried in Aug of this year. We have a blended family. I have three kids and he has two. Together we have five. The reason I am asking for prayer is, I need God to chance the way I feel toward his daughter. I love his son so much, and at time I care for his daughter, but she is a truble maker and I know that what I am feeling is bigger than me. I need God.. I feel ugly and sinful because of these feelings that I get at times toward her. Please pray that God will soften and change me and my heart. God Bless, and Thank you

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