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Lights Alone
Those Living Alone

I ask for prayer for those of us who live alone and are suddenly faced with a situation, chronic illness, accidents, disease or any dis-orders or loss that limit or seclude us more than we would choose.

Once we were free and strong, helping others, now we pray for someone special to rediscover us, that we may share the things that in their most simple form have become ever more beautiful.

We ask that you do not forget us. We still "are" .

Remember us at bedtime, when you say goodnight to another, that we may feel your prescence.

Lift up our Animal Children for blessings, as they give so freely of love and devotion, and pray that we may run with them again.

Hold our hand within your heart as you might hold a beloved, and pray that we may again one day, find our hands clasped with another.

Libralight -7/7/2001
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1/24/2005 21:37

I appreciate what someone said before my prayer.It is like my prayer was already answered. I am not alone god is always there beside me thankyou kris Lauri

1/25/2005 07:25

"Our Father, whom art in heaven, I pray with all that I can that you will be with all that are living alone. All that are alone. The number one cause of death in the elderly is suicide, and that is due to loneliness. I pray that you will reach out to each and every person that is lonly today and let them know that they are never, ever alone. I pray this in your name, Amen."

1/27/2005 19:41

Dear God,
Please bless all those who feel alone and feel they have no one left.We know that you are always with us there walking beside us.You hold us up,and are our rock through good and bad times.Please be with all those lonely and help me too to realize I am never walking alone even though I am at a hard crossroad in my life now. amen Lauri

2/2/2005 20:55

Oh, Lord, Thou great and might King I give You thanks and praise. Each perfect gift must come from You. To You, my hands, I raise, and pray that You endow these hands with strength and helpful skills. And to my mind bring vision clear that I may do You will. Bring kindness, love and empathy to my heart, and then, take all pride away from me that I may ever depend with childlike faith on You alone. My Father, Lord, and Friend! Good evening Kris, Tam, and my other sisters and brothers in Christ. I've been away for a short while from the circle I see a few new names and I welcome you all. Kris I have Phil in prayer and with our prayer everything wil be just fine. lah742000 I welcome you and I can tell you that visiting this circle will take away those lonely feeling that you sometimes have. I use to feel the same way at time but people like Kris, Tam and others will help you to see that you are not alone because our Father never leaves us alone! Give Him your loneliness He'll take care of it. You can live alone and not feel alone because you are not alone. God is always there, but you have to be the one that call out to Him and tell Him what it is that you want and need. I live alone five days a week on the weekends I have my grandchildren. I'm not lonely any more those five days because God gave me new friends, to talk to. I can't see you but I'm talking to you now. When ever I want to talk I get on my knees and talk to my Father or I go to one of the prayer circle that I feel my Lord blessed me with. You guys are a blessing to me and I thank you. When my ex walked out on me 4 years ago after 22years of marriage I was a mess. But these Prayer Circles it was like you were here holding my hands. I feel that these circle are my guarding angels. Bless You All!

2/6/2005 20:47

I really was happy when I read the words of encoragement from my prayer that someone had written. I am having a hard time for the first time on my own. I had a 8 year relationship that has now ended.My rent is high and I only make a preschool teachers pay and it is very hard to cut my bills. somtimes I feel the walls are closing in on me.Like you said pray and god will hear my cry he wil help me, he will not leave me al alone.Pray for the lord to give me strength to go on and not give up.I will keep you all in my prayers. Thanks again for the support It means a lot god bless you Lauri

2/9/2005 07:23

I am just finishing a 6 year marriage; Not on my behest. This is not just another sad story; this is my life.
I believe that when you say "I DO" it means from now until death I promise to God to be with this person. However, when the other person doesn't share this opinion it forces me to lie to God.
Now, I am alone, but have drawn closer to God. His strength is what fortifies me each day, and gives me hope in the lonely hours of the night.
I would ask that you hold me up in your prayers to find the one special person to be the "Love Of A Lifetime".
I know that life is finite, and tommorrow may never come for me, but if God does grant me the time I do not wish to spend it alone.
If any would wish to contact me my email is If you do decide to include me in your prayers I will be eternally grateful.

2/9/2005 07:30

I would also like to place a prayer for my ex-wife that God may find his way into her life. I tried to make this happen, and failed miserably.
I was told to "Shut up, I am TIRED of you constantly preaching at me !!"
I wasn't doing any such thing. I was merely telling her what I was learning. What I said was in wonder, and excitement. Perhaps she viewed it differently. Anyway, even though we are through I would still wish she would make peace with our maker before it is too late.

2/10/2005 16:09

I pray for my very dear friend who has been unable to find a special person. She is the most wonderful, sweet, smart, funny, independent person I know. I pray that someone special would come into her life.

2/13/2005 10:57

Good morning circle and I pray that everyone have a bless day. Laur this is for you: "DON'T QUIT" When things go wrong as they sometimes will. when the road you're trudging seems all uphill. When the funds are low and the debts are high and you want to smile but you have to sight. Don't Quit!
When care is pressing you down a bit. Rest if you must, but don't you quit. Life is queer with it's twist and turns. As every one of us sometimes learns. And many a failure turns about, when he might have won had he stuck it out. Don't give up though the pace seems slow, you may succeed with another blow.
Success is failure turned inside out. The silver tent of the clouds of doubts. And you never can tell how close you are. it may be near when it seems so far. So stick to the fight when you're hardest hit. It's when things seem worse that you must not QUIT!
I am keeping you and all in the circle in my prayers and I want you guys to keep me in your prayers. Because prayer works. And the more we pray and the more people pray for us we will contuine to receive our blessing from the Lord. Never give up or give in just keep the faith in our Father and Keep praying He hears and he will answer. Love you all my Christain family and Good Bless you with a happy and bless day!

2/14/2005 12:07

I am hurting today from years of solitary living, caring for others, trying to love God with all my heart, mind and soul, and watching many close friends enjoy the mystery of marriage and partnered intimacy. I crave this for myself today; that I would have one special love to care for. I bring this desire to my religious community and to the world, but it is not the same.
On this Valentine's Day I honor my pain, I accept God's love for me, and I give thanks for my many friends and their steadfast compassion and comradeship. I pray for all the lonely souls (partnered or unpartnered) who are hurting today.
-- Peacebang

2/15/2005 21:02

Good evening to all my brothers and sister in this prayer circle. I pray that you all are in good health and had a bless day to today and I pray that our tomorrow will be a blessing to us all. Peacebang I use to feel the same way lonely, alone and unlove by that special someone after my ex walked out. But I don't feel that way any more to tell you the truth I'm happier now then when I did have that special someone. Prayer took the place of my lonilness. If God bless me with a special someone again so it be but if not I will not hang my head low and live a dull life for a piece of flesh. So all that I can tell you is to Pray, tell God what it is you want. Tell Him your feelings. Maybe you have been telling your friends your feeling but not the right friend.

2/15/2005 21:11

The Letter:
Dear Friend,
How are you? I just had to send a note to tell you how much I care about you. I saw you yesterday as you were talking with your friends. I waited all day hoping you would want to talk with me too. I gave you a sunset to close your day and a cool breeze to rest you and I waited. You never came, it hurt me but I still love you because I am your friend.
I saw you sleeping last night and longed to touch yours brows so I spilled moonlight upon your face. Again I waited, wanting to ruch down so we could talk. I have so many giftrs for you! You awaoke and rushed off to work. My tears were in the rain.
If you would only listen to me; I love you! I try to tell you in blue skies and in the quiet green grass. I whisper it in leaves on the trees and breathe it in colors of flowers, shout it to you in mountain streams give the birds love songs to sing. I clothe you with warm sunshine and perfume the air with nature scents. My love for you is deeper than the ocean, and bigger than the biggest need in your heart!
Ask Me! Talk with Me! Please don't forget Me! I have so much to share with you! I won't hassle you any further. It is Your decision. I have chosen you and I will wait~
I love you, Your Friend

2/16/2005 14:13

Dear Lord,
I pray for all the people of this circle.Thankgod for all of them and their kindness.I pray that you be with each and everyone of them,and to let them know We are never really alone.Not on Valentines Day, not any time. You lord are actually the love of our lives. Remember god has someone special for everyone just let him know. I am alone now,but god has a plan, we all have to be patient waiting for his time in our life.To every time there is a season.Be patient do not rush god.Thankyou for the Don't Quit poem.It made me realize I should never quit!!!! I know things are hard for me right now, But please continue to pray I find the strength with in me to hold on for what god has in store for me.I am a singer and not to mention a cancer survivor. In that I should be thankful for every day I have. Don't ever forget to notice the beauty of this earth around you,like birds rainbows,sunsets,rain,or even those little angels around you in your life, for instance you who encourge me,Thankyou that poem made me cry Thankyou all

2/16/2005 23:31

Dear Lauri

Found this "Help me Lord" poem on the net.


Lord, help me I pray,
To get through this day.
I don't even ask,
To have things my way.
Your will is okay.

Things done in your way,
Are best suited to stay.
In the Master Plan,
Help me to help, in any way that I can

Don't let me be,
Part of the problems I see.
But let me rather be,
A light unto Thee,

I got this poem typed out, decorated it with some clipart collections and got it printed. It has been on my office wall for the past few months. I hope that you this will help you too... as it did for me.

Lauri, I feel alone even when I am in a crowd or in a shopping centre or in a crowded room. It is just inside of me.. since I was a little girl. It has been a part of me.. all of my life.

Therefore, I know what you are going through. Loneliness, has long been my companion throughout my life.

I lead a very healthy lifestyle. I go for linedance jams with my sisters and friends. I love beadings with semi-precious stones or glass beads. I love to hand stitch wall appliques, toilet roll holders etc etc.

These are my hobbies and I have even more ideas on projects. How I wish that you can be with me. We can do all these stuff together.. and you won't be lonely. I am used to be being lonely.. sometimes.. I need to stay away from everyone be on my own. It doesn't seem to difficult now... although it was really difficult.. when I was a little girl. I grew up...understanding "loneliness".

I go for walks, catch a movie on my own etc.. although I have a daughter living with me..she will be 20yrs old, this year. She is still very dependent on me financially, but.. she still has her own life to lead.. her own friends etc.

My siblings will organise some kind of family outings and I will join them... but loneliness never left me. It IS a part of me... just me.

Since I was a little girl... I grew up.. feeling alone and that made me strong.. although it was difficult and I cried whenever I needed to cry.

I have lots of things to say.. about "loneliness". It is a part of me. Therefore, I know.. what you are going through.

Just know that God, is with you.. as He has been with me.. all my life. He was never away from me. With this special thought, I lived my life.. the way.. He wanted me to live.. the life.. He wanted to me have. I have been waiting to find a man, to love and to hold. To give my best to... and it will be a definitely bonus to me. I am happy as I am .. with my career and my lifestyle now... although "loneliness" never left me.

You see, if one doesn't know loneliness, one will never appreciate "companionship, love, friendship etc". We need to stay in the "grey" area.. in order to be able to see light.

For some people, loneliness is not an issue, as they almost always have someone in their lives. But.. for most people, it is a "great desert" in darkness. That's why.. it is important to be able to talk to someone... so that they may find companionship of some kind. No matter if it is only for a short time.. or a brief moment... just fill the void, with some nice companionship. We are all.. doing.. exactly that.

May God shine His wonderful divine Light upon you Lauri. May He embraced you in His loving arms so that you won't ever feel lonely.. or if you ever do feel lonely, you will understand why.. you have to go through it.

Heavenly Father, Abba, be our constant companion Heavenly Father. Stay with us.. through night and day. Let us feel your divine love so that we may understand Your way.

Amen, Glory be to God, Amen, Amen

God Bless you Lauri and be blessed, ALWAYS!!


2/17/2005 21:57

Peacebang, I pray you do not feel alone.God loves you and has much instore for you!!!! Don,t ever giveup or quit.Thankyou for that nice poem and encoregement from both of you. You are all such a blessing to me.God be with these nice people,watch over them,guide them and bless them thankyou

2/17/2005 21:59

Lord please help me, gave me strength thankyou god bless you, no you are never alone Lauri

2/18/2005 13:19

I pray that all of us that find ourselves lonely find the completeness and the wholeness within. That we begin the journey from lonely-ness to alone-ness and pursue it courageously.
Sheep stay in groups, lions walk alone. Let the lions within us arouse. May this opportunity of being cut off from other people in the world help connect us to the infinite universe inside. May we realize that divisions of 'us' and 'them' are just illusions.That eventually in a deeper sense all are one. And then the loneliness would drop and the universality of our own spirit manifested as many would dawn. It is certainly to be alone-alone than feeling lonely in a crowd. My prayers and warmest regards and love to all those going through this journey.

2/19/2005 00:21

Dear Devang, you are a very wise person. Yes, loneliness build characters. So do silence. People who feels alone, have a wonderful tool to learn the power of Silence... and this makes their soul stronger and more resilient. Thank you for posting your wonderful wishes and prayers.


You going through the most difficult time of her life now.. and she needs to know that we are all journeying with her.. and that she is "never" alone. She realise now, that we are all... praying 'one in spirit' with her now. Lighting of candles do help alot.. when one is praying.

Lauri, you may want to do that.. to light a white candle (it can be a tea-light candle as it is safe too)..whenever you pray.
Believe me, it always helps me whenever I light a candle in the morning, when I pray.. before I go to work... everyday.

Hope that your daily ritual of lighting candles and praying..will help you.. to find your way. It will "light your journey" and enlighten your thoughts.. to go towards the will of God. I know that alot of people doesn't want to.. but... ultimately... we have to.. go towards the will of God. 'Cos when we don't, we are actually journeying against the tide of the Universe (which is God).. and that reverse tide, is actually taking away all our energy.. and we such a tiny particle... compared to the whole Universe.. therefore, we loose alot of strength.. travelling on the reverse tide. Let your confusing thoughts go.. let your chattering mind go... if you can't stop thinking of the word "lonely", tell it to go away.. and believe me...IT WILL!! I have done it.. many many times.. and it ALWAYS works.. at least for me.

Then I turn towards the Holy Spirit - the only vessel who can feel our void and teach us to be happy... to make ourselves happy and not rely on "your partner" or someone else.. to make you happy. I have relied on these important points.. to remember them always.. so that I won't feel lonely.... sure... sometimes.... loneliness "creeps" back.. but.. hey... welcome it.. to meditate, to pray to the Holy Spirit, or just to say "Hi" & say "Goodybye!!".. just for fun.... to make yourself happy.

I now wish, each and everyone one of you at this prayer circle... a wonderful weekend.. and believe that you will.. go for an ice-cream.. to celebrate your new life... or go for a long long walk and have a "real look" around you (without the word "loneliness" in your mind!!)... and be enlgihtened.. on this new journey... whenver I feel alone.. I call it a new journey.. a new wakeup call... and I change my way of life.. go for long long walks.. go to a botanical garden and smell the flowers.. go to a small park.. and take a real good look... at the leaves, the trees..... so many new things to do.

what I just did.. was to move my sofas around.. and create new colours and style. That feels good too.. at least.. it helps me.. to get pass.. another.. lonely day.

Love and Light

2/19/2005 09:33

Good morning circle. I pray that we are all in good spirit this morning, and that our day will be a blessing. It really already is that if you're reading this you've been blessed with another day of your life. and like Agnvsse wrote turn your lonelines into something else. This circle is for those of us that live alone. Just because we live alone for what ever reason it is it's not for us to feel that we are alone. I've been living alone now for about 4 years and at first it was hard, but once I got to know or maybe I should said really know and believe in My Father things began to get easy for me. My Father told me that He would never put anything on me that I could not bear and I believe Him. So I started demanding that He take away my lonilness because it was not something that I wanted. I've never been alone before. My Father showed me that I was not alone that He would never leave me alone that He is always there. No matter where I'm at, or what I may be doing, or whom ever may be around me that He also was there for me just call out His name. I have three bedroom in this house I don't worry about them not being used I sleep in anyone I want until the weekend. Give your lonilines to God! Give all your worries and cares to God! I took a lot of mental abuse not believing that God is able. I've always believed in God but my faith in God was not as strong as I believed it was. We don't realize that until that storm comes and it hits us in ways that we were not aware it could hurt us. And that's when we start calling out to God Our Father the way He wants us too! He's there for us always, no need to be lonely or alone. I pray that you all have a nice and bless day in Jesus Name.

2/20/2005 02:30

Dear Angelcp,

Amen to God, Amen. Holy is His Name for His love is without end. Praise to God.. for He is Able, He is Kind and He is the Almighty.

Dearest Lauri and all those who feels alone. Know that God is with all of you .. this moment, this instant. He alone will guide all of you, out of this loneliness and turn it into something useful.. for Him. He will tell you what to do. Just focus on God and He will guide you. No matter how down and lonely you feel.. it will be taken away from you.

Just believe in Him and invite Him into your home, your lives, your daily chores, your daily recreation and your sleep.

May the Light of God shine on all of you ALWAYS and lift the loneliness and down trodden feeling out of your lives. We will all, live a happier life each day and recognise the creation of God around us wherever we go.

Amen to God, our heavenly Father, Amen

May Your will be done Father... stay with us and teach us to love & give....instead of waiting for love to come to us or waiting for someone to give us something. We will love ourselves and live each happy day.. in giving to others.

We praise you God, we praise you
We need you God, we need you
We believe in your heavenly blessings God, we believe in your heavenly blessings.

God bless each and everyone of you and have a very very blessed weekend
Love and Light

2/25/2005 11:07

I hope all of you are having a good day.I pray for all of you that god will put his loving arms around you and you will feel his presence.I have a wonderful friend rob that sent me the gospel of john in mail today.He is studying to be a youth leader. He is such a insperation to me.Thankyou god for good friends and family and please be with everyone in this circle.I will draw my heart today as I take care of my children at school.Thankgod for the little children I take care of,please help me to be a good role model to them and lead them on the right path.Thanks again for the touching poems,and words of encoragement, it means a lot.Things are going better and as I pray daily I know god gives me strength as well as this circle, thanks again and god bless you all. Lauri

2/26/2005 12:55

Please help me to find you in everything I do today. Please help all of use who live alone to see your Spirit in the ordinary and everyday. I used to be able to do this so easily but after all of these medical problems I am very defeated. Every day is a mental struggle and reaching out for help becomes harder but I am doing that now. I pray for strength and peace for all of us and healing. Healing of my spiritual pain and my physical pain. I hope I'm not being too selfish in sending this prayer. I just found this circle, God, and it has lifted me up just reading that others get lonely too. A renewed sense of being not being alone is already trying to settle around my heart.
One friend once told me to visualize God as a rosebud that opens to a beautiful rose and as I "see" the petals opening up to be aware of all that is good in my life. I haven't thought of this for years but reading about others brought it up to my heart again.
Thank you and Amen.

3/1/2005 08:22


I am new to the prayer circle, but wanted to ask for your prayers for someone that is lost and alone. And that is myself. I recently lost my beloved Father, the last of my family, and because of my grief, my wife decided to leave also. So I am left alone with only my thoughts and prayers......and of course, God, whom I talk to daily all day long. Please pray that I will find someone to take me out of this darkness, and make the sun shine for me once again. I want to smile again.

In Christ,


3/1/2005 18:58

Is it apporpriate for me to request a prayer here for myself? I am a retired/disabled veteran in danger of losing my little home. I have nowhere else to live. Please pray that I may find a job despite my age and disablility.

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