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Marriages everywhere
People who are experiences troube in their marriages

Father God, I pray for marriages every. I pray that mates everywhere will join in praying for healing and restoration in marriages all over the nation. I pray father for all mates that are experiencing trouble in their marriage. amen

mjlove -7/7/2001
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11/8/2002 09:44

Please pray for our marriage. My husband is back seeing another woman, and I found out and called her. Now he's angry with me for doing so, when I only wanted to know the truth and save our marriage. Please pray for him to forgive as I have and continue to forgive him for his indiscretions. I offer my prayers to all here and thank you all for your prayers, too. AMEN

11/8/2002 20:17

My husband and I are experiencing difficulty in our marriage due to financial mis-management. In truth, these difficulties were brought on by my husband's lack of judgment. We have been together 25 years. I pray for us and I am asking others to pray for us to get through this "valley" of life. I know God can save our marriage.

11/9/2002 17:54

I just found this site and it is amazing. God is really working in me. I will pray for all of you and ask my friends to do the same.
I would like prayer for myself not for my marrage. I gave my marragew to God and do so every day. My wife left me on August 28, 2002, cause we were having really bad times. It got so bad that I have even hit her. This has been the first time I have admitted it to anybody and really don't know why I am doing it now other then the fact that for some reason there is a pull on my heart to do so. I really need pray for my anger and patience. I really need to learn to respect her and myself. I would also like prayer for her to be able to forgive me. If my marrage doesn't work out I would like to know that she has forgiven me, cause I know that God already has. Well, thank you and I will keep all of you in my prayers.

11/10/2002 14:42

Please pray for myself and my wife Julie and our two kids. We have been married 21 years 18 of which have been great. However, about 2 years ago she had an affiar with a coworker. While she says she isn't having any sexual relations with him, she still sees him at work and has acutally sold him a life insurance policy. Anyway, Please pray for us to heal and help us both get over the hurt, anger, and frustration. We still care deeply for each other and I know, overtime we can get over this, and break this horrible cycle we are in. Please pray that the Lord can heal us and we can walk again together like we had promised each other years ago.

11/14/2002 11:47

Please pray for my wife and I. I have commited adultery. She has taken me back and yet again I strayed. Please pray for me and my wife. She is now divorcing me. Pray for us. For repentance from me and forgiveness for the one and final time from her. Please pray for reconciliation of our marriage. Pray for strength for all marriages and the resistance of this terrible temptation. I also want to thank the lord for this trial. It has brought me so much closer to him.

11/14/2002 20:18

Dear Lord please answer our prayers for the unity of these marriages. May you bless us all. In Jesus name I pray.
Please pray that Jesus guides my Brandie back to me so that we can renew our family. I will always Love her and never give up. God bless You ALL
I pray for you all in Jesus name.

11/14/2002 22:32

Please pray for my family and marriage
I believe that my husband is being unfaithful. I am losing faith I am scared. I am hurt and confused at why is this happening to me and my kids?
I ask why is this happening when I am
doing everything possible to make him and everyone happy. why aren't my prays
being answered. Why does God's children
suffer so much more. Aren't we protected alittle. I just don't know where to turn. I ask how could I let this go on but what about my kids. I am
at the end of my robe. someone help me.

11/14/2002 22:39

please pray for my family and marriage
I believe that my husband is being unfaithful. I am losing faith I am scared. I am hurt and confused at why is this happening to me and my kids?
I ask why is this happening when I am
doing everything possible to make him and everyone happy. why aren't my prayers being answered. Why does Gods
God's children suffer so much more.
Aren't we protected alittle. I just don't know where to turn. I ask how could I let this go on but what about my kids. I am at the end of my rope.
someone help me.

11/15/2002 14:31

My husband has been gone for 2 weeks. This is the second time in 3 months he has initiated a seperation. I am praying everyday and using the book the power of the praying wife by S. Omartian as a guide. I had a terrible night sleeping last night. After 18 years and 2 children, I believe he will file for divorce. Satan has a strangle hold on him. Please pray that I will have wisdom, courage, and strength to go through what lies ahead, but most of all I want reconcillation of our relationship.

11/16/2002 02:52

I can identify with almost every woman. I have been married for almost 2yrs now. My husband and I are fairly young and we live in community where people marry very late in life. This year has been a very difficult for me. My husband - a man who used to be caring and loving all of a sudden became somebody I did'nt know. He cheated on me in March and the relationship ended in August when I came to know about it. Then in September he was about to start a new one but for some reason it did'nt go very far. I also suffer from the obsession of always wanting to know where he is and what he is doing because I feel I can't really trust him. I also feel he does not value our marriage and our family as a whole. Now things have sort of stabalized, but now we are plagued with financial problems, we are struggling to pay our bills. I feel the devil is really trying so hard to take charge of my family, but I won't let him. I pray that you pray that the blood of Jesus Christ covers my family and my home.

11/18/2002 08:23

Sometimes we feel so alone and never realize there are many of us that are in need of friendship and the same prayers for our families. My husband and I have been together for almost 2 years, after we married he has been abusive (verbally,emotionally and physically) sometimes the physical is not that often but the verbal and emotional is everyday. I have a hurt feeling inside me all of the time anymore. He flys off the handle for no reason and says it will stop. I am still waiting, he doesn't want to go to church anymore and my children want to go. My daughter has only known him for a father I separated when I was pregnant for her she is 4. She cried last night to go to church and he started yelling, cussing and acting like a mad man. Please pray for my family and peace over our marriage. I do love him I just hurt and know the devil is trying to take over. I know that our God can take care of this please join with me and pray for my family and peace.

11/18/2002 10:56


11/18/2002 11:00

Hi,(this is just a lil message that I would like to share with my family in Christ) I would like to remaind us all that sometimes our prayers go against our Lord's desire and His desire is always what is best for us. It is somehting like this (a bit drastic exaple but it works)so it is like an drug addict that thinks that drugs are good for him and that he needs that, he can find it and he asks GOd for it, God tries to tell him: My son I am here for you and I love you , so please let Me guide your steps towards my rock , where you will set your feet and will grow strong in happiness, but the addict does not listen and turns his back to God because God did not answer his prayers. What am i trying to say with this? Most of the times we go about our lives make plans and do this and that and many others and oh yeah we did ask God to bless our plans, but wait! Is God just a signer? That person that ists in a chair not caring for what he is about to sign and confirm ?! No He is not He is the great Almighty, the great Planner the Creator of all, so why don't we pray for His will to be brought in our lives? Pray that God puts in your heart what is right for you , but don't hear what you want to, but the true Word. How do you do that? Well fastin, kneel down in prayer, read the Bible, creat a great intimacy with God and He will reveal His wish to you. That is written in the Bible for those who seek shall find. Sometimes the answer is not the easiest way but it is the right way,nobody knows it better than Thee, isn't that right?! ANd jsut to show you how I will give you a bit of my testimony. I went to California USA to go to Medical school , there I met my husband the got my plans of track, he joined the service and our lives became a chaos, let me be more specific A HUGE CHAOS. He was barely at home, didn't bother about me, house, finances, all he cared was about his friends and having fun with whoever was up to. Cheating, drinking, drugs, and much more... with all these going on me alone and totally lost, I clang to God and His promises to my life. I prayed and prayed and prayed and God took me away from all that pain. AM I saying htat the way it is to divorce your husband? NOOOOOO. Cont. so I went on and came back home, I trusted that our Father knew what He was doing and that that was the best for my life. And He was once more faithfull, He had a great purposed to my life here in an Christian church ( here in Brazil we are the minority there are a lot of satanism cults and doctrines) and i finally found the perfect career for me. I am goign to school , and no longer have to worry about bills or anything like that.

11/18/2002 11:00

(cont)I am separated, not divorced. I honor my marriage and am praying for it, but not for God to make it all better, but I pray that God shows me His will to my life and His will to my marriage, and most important that He restore our hearts so that we can be as His heart.
Wow that was a lot of typing :) I hope I was used as instrument for God and someone could get something out of this big message:) Keep believing, because He is the only Truth and He loves you more than anyone could ever:) If you are asking yourself "if He loves me and He can all thigns why do I suffer so much?"Wel your answer is simple as it explains in the Bible, God respects our will, it ias not by force. He respects our time of healing and restauration, not to mention that He forgives your sins but does not take the consequences away, therefore as far from the Word and His ways closer you are to the bad bad one, and this way the bad bad one can get to your life because you open the door for him. So close shut this door! COnsagrate your life to the Lord and all things will be made new:)
If you wish to write me for any reason feel free to do so, I just ask that you type on your e-mail's subject BELIEFNET. My e-mail is, if you don't have nothing to say to me but would liek to recieve cute christian things write also:)
Don't ever forget that you are not blessed to lose you are and will always be a Winner in Christ.
Be blessed and stay in Christ

11/18/2002 11:07

ok so it is a huge message but please do read,maybe this is what you need today (above)
Dear Lord, I first would like to thank You for all the great things You do in our lives everyday, would liek to ask for forgiveness for my sins, and if there is any thing in my heart blocking the flow of your love in my life, please revealit to me and give me knowledge to deal with it. Dear God I put my life in your hands, and once again I ask you to come join me in another day. Lord I know that you have what is best for us and I pray that you plant in all these suffering spouses Your wish to their lives. WIth the power that the name of Jesus have I reprehend the action of demons in their lives, because we belong to You and You have the victory reserved for our lives. Dear Lord guide our steps. In the name of Jesus Christ . Amem.

11/19/2002 14:36

I pray for all marriage everywhere. Reconciliation, perseverance, love, dedication, and to not let temptation take over. I pray for the evil deceiver to be rebuked from struggling marriages. He is lying and telling mates that they would be happier without their mate that had been joined and blessed by God. Please Lord bless marriages everywhere. I pray for reconciliation and repentance for those in need.

In your blessed holy name.


11/20/2002 11:55

Dear Friends,
Please pray for my marriage. Ask God to open my husband's heart to the possibility of marriage counseling. We love each other so much, but he is fed up with my comtrolling ways. I want this marrigae to work, but he says it's over. We're living in the same house, but in separate rooms. We started out so happy and loving and three and a half years later it's come to this. We're both in our fifties. Please ask God to show me the way. I don't want to hurt anymore. I don't want him to hurt either. I know we can save our marriage.

11/22/2002 09:06

Thank you to everybody for posting your prayers, it has helped me to see that I am not alone and I have and continue to pray for the other couples out there.

Please pray for my husband and I and our marriage. We came to London to start our adventure together after getting married. We have been working very hard building our nest egg and along the way did not always include God in our lives. I have repented for my sins and I know that God has forgiven me, but my husband's heart is very hard towards me and he has moved out of our home and is having a relationship with another woman. God gave me the strength to confront this woman, but she is not interested in letting go of my husband and he is not interested in letting go of her. This has been going on for 2 months. I continue to pray to God for our marriage, for bringing my husband closer to Him and giving us another chance. Divorce is not an option for me, as I live by God's principles and I am standing for our marriage. I have faith that He will put this together and all the Glory will be given unto Him. God's will be done. I would love to hear of other testimonies regarding couples that have survived adulteress relationships.

I continue to praise God for the miracle that he is working in our lives, even if my husband doesn't have God as his Saviour and I can't see any change happening.

Remember all that when you think that you have hit the lowest point know that God is carrying you and that you cannot go any lower. Keep your eyes on Jesus. He will help you through this.

11/22/2002 10:18


I am praying for your husband and most importantly your marriage. I am the adulterer in our marriage. My wife unfortunately is telling me she is going to divorce me because the bible says its a reason for divorce. But I am praying she also sees that God's will is for reconciliation. But I also know that if reconciliation cannot be met that she does have the right to divorce me. So I am on the flipside of your situation. But I am still praying for the same thing. RECONCILATION of marriages everywhere.

And you are right keep your eyes on Jesus and he will help you through this.


11/22/2002 10:19

In Jesus name I pray for reconcilitaion of my marriage and marriages everywhere.

11/22/2002 13:14

God allows divorce but that does not meant that He likes it and that is of His wish, He just respects your decision. But family is the base of christianity (respect, love towards one another, congregation, and many others)
Family=church. The fact that someone wants to divorce someone does not mean that they won't be save or they will go to hell, they will only be putting aside our God's wish. Jesus went through a lot for us, He suffered million times more than anyone of us can ever, so are we being correct when we say ok , I've done enough for this marriage, I a tired of suffering that is enough! Can you imagine if Jesus had done that, and just gave up on us?!

11/22/2002 16:43

Dear Prayer Partners, Please pray for my marriage. The devil is really working on my husband. He has left me and will not explain why. Only that he no longer wants to be married. I am truly hurt by his decision as this is not the first time he has left. Please pray for my husband that he will let me in and be as one as God planned married couples to be. Please pray that we will make it through these trails Thank you and God bless! Patrice

11/23/2002 05:53

My prayers will be with you and your wife. Remember through God all things are possible. A site that I found very helpful is I got it from one of the earlier postings.

Your wife feels betrayed by you and the two of you need to repent and forgive each other for whatever has gone before. Easier said than done I know, but if you walk with Jesus you will be able to do it. It will not happen over night, but it can be done. God afterall does still hate divorce, there is no question about that.

I continue to pray for all couples and families that are affected by Satan's plot to kill, destroy and steal.

11/23/2002 12:47

LynneMc I will be praying that you give up your ways and decided to be a wife by God's heart. God is the best counselor we could ever have! You don't need anything else but His words of wisdom and prayerwhere you can tell Him exactly how you feel, so He can show you the way. You don't need your husband to save your marriage you can do it yourself! There is a great book that can help you , you can find it at and the title is How God can and will restore your marriage. If you haev any questions feel free to contact me at

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