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Thomas W. Glenn Jr.
Tommy was a wonderful man. He was charming, intelligent, charismatic and good-hearted. He could always put a smile on your face.

This prayer circle is for all of those who are suffering from the disease of addiction, dealing with a family members addiction, or those of us who have lost a loved one to addiction. In loving memory of Tommy. September 2,1975-January 27,2001. God Bless

This prayer circle is in memory of Thomas W. Glenn Jr. Tommy was an intelligent, articulate, charming and good-hearted young man. His life ended short at the young age of 25. A true genius, the things he could have achieved if given the chance. On a cold Januay morning he passed away from "bad heroin". His family and loved ones miss him desperately and need prayers. Also, in honor of Tommy the prayers are being said for all of those suffering from the disease drug addiction, families dealing with addiction and loved ones of those who have passed on due to addiction. Tom was a conquerer, if this could beat could beat anyone. Please help one another. Please Lord, give me the strength to continue to fight for this cause. God bless you.


Tom, you are in the Lords hands now and one day we will meet again For now, I pray for you all the peace and happiness in heaven.

renee25 -6/28/2001
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11/17/2003 23:05

Good Evening all~
Just wanted to touch bases with everyone, and let you know I was thinking about you all.
Joni!!! Praise God for answered prayers!! :) I am so happy for you and CHRISTIAN!! It will be my continued prayer that Rachael is delivered from the drugs, and denial. For strength, wisdom,guidance, and courage for you and your husband. He sounds like a pretty smart person to me.Johns parents will get over their feelings of betrayal.They will also be in my prayers as they are Christians Grandparents also. And John also. I have such a peaceful feeling over all of this, as I am sure you do also. How goes the visitations with all? I pray your daughter recieves the needed help. Please keep my son and his girlfriend and my Grandson in your prayers. He and I were both sick last week, so we spent every day and a couple of nights together. It is just so wonderful to have him here. We have such a strong bond! I am so very thankful for that. He IS my living little Angel!
Quigley~ Have you had enough of this messed up life yet????? I pray your answer is yes! Why do you say you are not happy? Because of Brett???? Doesn't seem to me that you lost much!! Seems to me that NOW you have a chance to get Quigleys life on tract! I hope you do! Stay away from the booze & drugs, and YOU WILL BE O.K. May not seem like it right now, but trust in GOD Quigley!! Have you learned yet that putting your trust in mankind just doesn't work??? Put your trust in God! IT IS UP TO YOU! Enough said! My prayers are with you always.
Bettyann~ You probably don't want to hear this, but do you understand now that drinking a beer here and there ISN'T O.K., just because you're not the drunk you used to be???? You said you were drinking beer again, and didn't know what to say about that. I've read back ALOT on this site, and you seem to be on a yo-yo with this drinking. The only way ( and you know this :) - is to stay away from it completely!! I hope and pray that you do, cuz you seem to be much happier when you do. My prayers are with you also.
Just want to let everyone know that Kris won't be on the internet for a while (big mess), but she wanted me to tell you all hi, and that she misses all of you very much, and that you are in her thoughts and prayers everyday. She is doing ok health wise. She loves ya all very much.
My back is still hurting, and I went back to work today, so it is worse tonight but it will be fine. Faith works wonders!!! :)
Bonnie~ Hang in there, and keep your eyes towards Jesus! He will show you the way! How is Paige doing? I pray also for Brians deliverence, as I do for all addicts. Keep the faith!
Until next time-
God Bless,and remember GOD LOVES YOU!!!!
Love in Christ Jesus,

11/18/2003 08:20

Good morning all
I want to again thank everyone for their prayers and I praise God for His faithfulness. The visitations have been ok. We are trying to accommodate the other grandparents as much as we can. My daughter started her training for the second job so she will not be able to see the baby till the weekend. Right now she is excited about her new apartment but the reality of 2 jobs hasn't set in yet. It's my prayer that she will be able to go to meetings and that she will want to continue to go back to church. I keep telling her JESUS will help her if she turns her whole life over to HIS leading. She is right on the verge, I can tell so please pray that she will surrender.
I will keep you all in my daily prayers.
We are more than conquerers through Christ who loves us!
With His love,

11/18/2003 08:43

Cindy: It is my heartfelt prayer that you will feel better and I will keep your son, his girlfriend, and your grandson in my prayers. We have alot in common and I know that's why the Lord has lead me to this website so we can comfort each other as we ourselves have been comforted.
Bonnie: How are things going with you and Brian? Thank you for your prayers.
Quigley: I know things must be painful and confusing for you and Taylor right now but you are in my thoughts and prayers. I don't know where your situation is right this moment but sometimes it's all we can do but cry to our heavenly father and KNOW the bruised reed He will not break. That's the only way we can give thanks in ALL things because we know nothing comes to us without first passing through HIS hand so we can TRUST Him in the darkness as we remember the promises He gave us in the light.
Bettyann: How's juggling school and work going? We can do all things through Christ who strengthens us. I know the stresses of life can be overwhelming and the temptations are great but keep yours eyes on JESUS and as the song says, the things of earth will grow strangely dim in the light of His glory and grace.
With HIS love,

11/18/2003 16:53

Hello all,

Cindy, hope your back is doing better and yes I have learned not to trust most people if that is what you mean - but how sad - I am staying away from booze and drugs - haven't even had the urge - it's kind of nice - Taylor and I had a good time at soccer practice last night. She is making new friends and I am seeing a lot of old friends who are dealing w/ the same problems with their children as I am. It is good for both of us.

On the way home Taylor said how happy she was in life because we had a guy around again finally!? It is like she is in denial of Brett leaving. She just keeps talking like he will be back and how excited she is about Christmas and going in the snow and all of that (he promised to take us up in the snow to get a christmas tree) - the more I try to tell her the truth the more she just looks at me like, "no, I don't beleive you." I'm starting to feel like a grinch - I just want the Holidays over. My finances are going to start running very low - Im going to start helping a friend clean houses at night and on weekends to help make the rent.
PS - what do you mean by "big mess" when it comes to Kris not being on the INternet?

Joni - thanks for your words - it's always nice to have a friend who isn't there to judge but to listen - thank you -

Kris & BA, I am thinking of you both and you are always in my prayers - BA - hope things are going good w/ you and not drinking and school, work etc. - hang in there,
Bonnie - Hope Brian and Paige are doing good and he is staying straight -
Well, better say goodbye for now - lots of work to do. God Bless all

11/19/2003 14:19

Hello Everyone,
Just wanted to touch basis with you all and hope everyone is doing ok. Iv'e been sick with the FLU yesterday and today but still had to go to school and work. Im off the next 3 days but still have school. Things are good, haven't been drinking caz been sick and have no desire..Have to go do homework like usual so will talk to you all tomorow,
Dear Lord:
I pray you be with all my friends on this site, help them in each of their won problems, lead them in the right direction, help them with addictions, fiances, stress, etc..Help us keep our eyes on your Dear Jesus, I pray for all to be happy and find inner peace, In Jesus name I pray you lead all of us in the right direction in life, help us to be pleasing to you, In Jesus name,
Love you all, Bettyann

11/21/2003 15:03

Good afternoon everyone, Were has everyone ran off to? I hope everyone is doing ok. Quigley I have been thinging alot about you and I am now in the same situation. Brian had another relaspe, he did not get physical with me, as a matter of fact, I have not even seen him since it happened. He left the house last night at 11 and did not come back. He did not return any of my phone calls until around 12 today. He said the reason he can not call me is because he can't stand to hear the pain in my voice that he knows he has put there. He says it is just best that he leave and get away from Paige and I so he doesn't screw up our lives anymore. This is something that I have been praying about for some time and why is it that it hurts so bad when the answer is given. Please help me understand the pain I am feeling. Sorry I haven't been able to respond to any other post, but you can only imagine what I am going through. Thanks a bunch. Bonnie

11/21/2003 19:03

Dear Bonnie,

I just wanted to cry when I read your post. I know only too well what you are feeling right now. I'm sorry Brian relapsed - I was praying that he could stay strong What's even worse is that he is hurting you and Paige even more by running away - I wish I could say some magic words that would take your pain away. But I don't know any - only that I am here for you and you will be in my thoughts and prayers all weekend. I know it's hard but if there is any positive way to look at this maybe this is only a temporary separation from Brian. Maybe it will help Brian see how much he loves and needs his family and maybe you need this time away from him too - to clear your head and think about what you REALLY want. What does Paige think is going on? I know how hard it is to be a good mom when your heart is breaking and all you want to do is crawl back into bed but I will pray that God gives you strength to be there for yourself and Paige. I'm so sorry that you are having to deal with this right now. The holidays are always the hardest time -

I on the other hand, wasn't so strong and gave in - I am back w/ Brett. I missed him and I love him and I'm giving it another chance. I know I'm going to hear it from everyone (friends, family etc.) but at this point - I don't care - I believe if love is strong enough you can overcome your problems - no matter what they are - drug addiction - abuse - And if it doesn't work - it didn't work but I have to give it one more try. I will be thinking of you this weekend - stay strong and I will keep praying for you -Love and God Bless

11/21/2003 19:43

Hello Everyone~
Sorry I haven't posted in a few days, but this week has really been hectic! I also am going to my regular Dr. on Monday, as my back & right hip (siatic nerve goes around from your back,& down your legs!) are just about to do me in!!
Plus worked 42 hours in 4 days this week which didn't help, but.... I would appreciate you all keeping me in your prayers. Thanks
Thank you so much for keeping me updated on Christian, and you. I hope things are settleing down, and you are getting a routine established.I took my Grandson to the library last night to see "Arthur" (from TV), and we had a good time.:) Then he went to the art studio with me, and he played with clay, and we had fun there too. He spent the night, and I took him home this am to get on the bus for school. He will be back in the morning, and will spend the night again. I am blessed! Hope to hear from you soon, and as always you & yours are in my prayers.
Are you ok? I know how that flu can be! NO FUN AT ALL!! Hope you are feeling better by now, and school is still going good for you. You also are in my prayers.
My heart goes out to you and Paige. Like Quigley said, there is no magic wand, but there IS Jesus to lean on. He PROMISED HE would never leave us, or forsake us. So, you still have the very BEST in your corner. If God be for us, then who can be against us? Addicts (whatever kind) do not make for good husbands, partners, friends, or parents. Their world is distorted. They live in a world made up in their own minds that suit their own liking,and usually just don't care if any one thinks it is good, bad, right, or wrong. They can't see past themselves, and they can justify any actions they do. They may not be right, but in their minds they are, and it just doesn't matter what other people say, or think. We cannot fix them. The only CHOICE that brings TRUE happiness is to choose God as Lord and King. No other. God will work things out in His timing if we are surrendered unto HIM. If we love HIM FIRST, AND ABOVE ALL OTHERS, AND ABOVE ALL THINGS. I pray that you just lean on Him, and trust Him with your whole heart, and lean not unto your own understanding. I know it is hard, but Jesus is your only answer for real happiness, and peace.
GOOD LUCK!! You won't hear it from me, cuz there's just no sense in beating a dead horse - as they say- so I won't. There's a book called " Co-Dependent NO MORE!" Would probably do you some good to get it, and read it, but I know you probably won't. I hope all works out for you, and for Taylor.
My prayer is for all those making the wrong choices in life. Weather it be in addictions, relationships, or any other aspect of their lives, that they somehow come to the realization that wrong choices ALWAYS lead to regret. I pray that all come to recovery, and come to the knowledge of Christ, and what HE has done for us.God Bless those who put Him first in their lives, and hold Him in the highest place above all else.
Love in Christ Jesus,

11/24/2003 08:24

Good morning all:
I just want to take a moment to say hello. I know I have not posted since Thursday. I am trying to get into a routine with the baby. He is sick again but I sent him to daycare this morning and I hope he will be ok. My daughter is doing well with both jobs. She gave a presentation to the General Manager of Houlihan's to try and sell equipment from her primary job at Taylor and he was very impressed with her knowlege of the product. They picked 10 employees out of 80 to be trainers and she was one so she was happy about that as well. She went to see John on Sun. and he is saying all the right things but only time will tell if he is truly in recovery. They are keeping him there until a spot opens up in an 8 month halfway house so that is GOOD news, Praise God! She is trying to go to meetings but her schedule has been tough so I am still concerned but one of her managers at Houlihans is born again and is always talking JESUS so I know God can work through all this!!! HE does provide light in all places, yes?
Speaking of providing light, it's my heartfelt prayer for Bonnie and for Quigley to look not to your own understanding but in all your ways acknowledge HIM and HE will direct your path. I know from experience that I yo-yo'd back and forth with my ex until I finally got sick and tired of being sick and tired and yes, it was always difficult to face my family when I did things they felt inclined to tell me were not in my or my daughter's best interests. Only you know when you are ready to make the change no one can talk you into it and my heart goes out to you both in this difficult time.
Cindy: I hope the doctor helps today and you will be in my prayers for HIS healing touch...
Bettyann: How are you? I hope you are doing well and avoiding temptation-- Thank God He does provide a way out, yes?
Kris: Hope you can get back on line soon--we miss your posts as you always have something uplifting to share...
With HIS love,

11/24/2003 10:28

Thanks everyone for your prayers. Quigley you will never hear it from me, because I believe we must be in the same boat. Brian came home Friday night and we talked alot but nothing was really decided. That is how it always is. We both make all these powerful statements, but nothing ever comes from them. I am so tired of the roller coaster, but how do I get it to stop long enough to get off? Where can I go to get info on his addiciton? I have search the net and found a few things, but nothing seemed to help me. I know he must help himself first, but I also know I need to try to understand what is going on with him. I want to be supportive and help him get into a recovery program. I know that deep inside there is a good man that wants to come out, he just is afraid of rejection. Does this make sense? Anyway, we are going to try to get through the holidays before any final decisions are made. Ciny, hope your back is feeling better and I am glad to hear that you were able to spend some time with your grandson. Joni, best of luck getting back into a routine of having a little one in the house. The holidays will be so special to you with his smiling face there.Betty I hope things re going well at school for you. Hang in there. Quigley, my prayer for you and I is that we can become stronger for ourselves and our children. Paige and Taylor both need us to be so strong and to let them know that things are going to be ok. We must do this for their peace of mind. I hope everyone has a great day and I will be praying for all of you. Thanks for your support, you all have become like family to me. Love ya, Bonnie

11/24/2003 12:58

Hi to all of you,
I am new to Beliefnet... in fact I just learned of it today while at the dentist office.
I'm the mom of 2 teens ages 19 and 16. My 16 year old son came to us in August and asked for help with his drug addiction. We didn't have a clue he was even using. He was in detox for approximately 9 days and then placed in an intensive inpatient treatment program far from home. He has "graduated" from that program and is now in a halfway house program...far from home... until the end of June, 2004. I am asking for prayer for our son. He is working at his recovery very hard. There are so many days I can't get him out of my mind just praying that when he comes back home the Lord will guide and strengthen him to resist all the temptations he will be faced with. I am also asking for prayer for the other members of our family. My husband is taking all of this very hard. He lost his oldest brother to Methamphetamine OD in May, 2003. My daughter has just started college and is struggling with being away from us during this time and also for not being able to stop her brother from using. I am struggling with my own mind.. why didn't I see any of this happening?? Any prayer you have to offer would be a blessing to all of us. God bless all of you with your own struggles with those you love.

11/24/2003 15:10

First of all my prayers go out to you. Please don't beat yourself up for not knowing that this was going on. I did not know a thing when my husband first started using. I think what it is, is we trust and love them so much, we don't want to see anything. Just continue to be strong and ask God for his help. Is your son a believer? Has he asked God for guidence and the strength to beat this? I hope this is the case and he will get everything worked out. I will keep you in my prayers. Bonnie

11/25/2003 09:23

Good Morning everyone
Dear ksmarcks:
We have all been where you are at some time or another. Try and find AlAnon meetings to go to for yourself. They are very helpful to get the support YOU need in this trying time. You can call the drug abuse hotline in your area and they can give you phone #'s etc. for programs for the family. AlAnon is free but you may have to pay for the other programs. Your son sounds like he is making real effort. We will pray that he continues and that he will seek God's help.
Bonnie: You too, should look up AlAnon even if he isn't in a program himself. We have to re-learn what we do as family members that contributes to co-dependence. I was in denial myself for so long about my daughter and the family night at her drug rehab helped me to identify how I was an enabler which I thought was loving but was really crippling...
It would do us all good to daily give
all our hopes and FEARS to the one who holds the future in HIS nail scarred hands and release it all to Him who cared enough to give His very life for each one of us. We can lean on Him all the more when everything looks so bleak. "When I am weak then HE is strong." Thank God His blessings are new every morning. He KNOWS our frailty-He holds us, as well, in the palm of those nail scarred hands.
With His love,

11/25/2003 12:57

Hi to All and welcome all the new people,
Have been very busy working all week and school. It is very windy out today and snowing heavily so not sure if there is school tonight. I just wanted to tell all I hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving and find something to be thankful for :-) I pray all your prayers are answered and that you keep your eyes focused on Jesus, I have stumbled lately drinking with all the stress but I no I will be ok..I pray for all to overcome addictions, stress, help those Jesus that are dealing with children on drugs, help Bonnie and the rest to understand addiction and let them no its NOT their fault, I pray you lead us all in the right direction, I pray for strength and I pray Lord you keep us all healthy, Dear God I pray you help me get over this 2 month cough that is keeping me up at night, I pray you be with Kris and get her healthy and back to us soon, I pray for Quigley that you guide her in the direction that you need her to go and one that is best for her, I pray for Joni, Cindy, Angel and the rest that you may find inner peace and be blessed thru Jesus Christ, I pray that you continue to stay strong and face our challanges in life, In Jesus name I pray,
Talk soon, Happy Holidays,

11/25/2003 15:04

Hello to all of you,

Thank each of you for the encouraging words. My husband and I are attending FA and are gathering strength from our close knit group. It is so encouraging to hear some of their stories and yet so frightening to not know if our son will be one of the successes. We have turned this all over to our Lord and have faith that he walks with us and carries us through the toughest times. This is the first holiday that we will not be sharing as a whole family. I think this is why I have been so blue over the past week or so. I have asked God to lift me and my family up and carry us through this season.

Thank you all again. I will include each of you in our prayers and I wish each of you a peaceful and thankful Thanksgiving Day.

11/26/2003 14:14

Wishing you all a Happy Thanksgiving from Texas. I pray that you all are doing well and that prayers are being answered. Brian and I have decided to do our best to make it through the holidays before we make any drastic decissions. I have found a friend that I can leave Paige with in the evenings so I will be able to attend meetings to help me understand what is going on. Quigley I hope you are doing well. I will be praying for you and for your family. Kris, BA, Cindy, Sherry, Joni, Quigley and all else that have been there for me during this hard time in my life I want to say THANK YOU!! Without your words of encouragement and prayers, I don't feel I would have been able to think straight. I know the respones we get from one another on this site may not be just what we want to hear, but they are all given out of love and concern for the other. So thanks again for being there, and I hope that I am able to comfort someone with my thoughts, words and prayers for them. God bless everyone. Have a safe and happy holiday and I will talk more on Monday. Boy, that is a long time away. LOL.. Bonnie

11/26/2003 20:05

Hello all,

Happy Thanksgiving! I only have a minute but wanted to say hi. Bonnie, you are very welcome - it makes me feel good to know I have helped you - you sound better - I hope things keep improving and I have thought of you a lot these past few days. You, Brian and Paige are in my prayers - And I feel better knowing that my family is in yours as well - Have a great Thanksgiving love & God Bless

BA - hope things start to get a little less stressful for you - hang in there and I will pray for your urges for alcohol to diminish - as I pray for my own (can't say I've been doing all that well either - not as bad but not really good) Anyway,have a great Thanksgiving - you're in my prayers - and thanks for keeping me in yours -

Hi Sherry,

Sorry i haven't meant to leave you out -welcome to the family and I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving - I will be praying for your son.

Have to go all - Kris, Angel, Joni - thinking of you all - talk to you on Monday - God Bless everyone

11/27/2003 01:07

Good evening to all, and WELCOME Sherry~
It is good to see everyone posting again! And a new "member" of our family. We feel like family here Sherry, as I am sure you will come to know. We share, and care, and love, and try to encourage each other, and lift each other up. I feel we are a great comfort to each other, and we are able to be very honest with all, out of love and concern. I hope you find all of these things here as well. I can fully understand your statement - "you can't seem to get him off your mind some days." Probably more days than not.My son (youngest) was not here last year for all the hoildays, and it was VERY hard. My heart goes out to you. I just let Jesus carry me through them all. I could not have made it without Him! He is our strength, and our Comforter. Without Him, we are nothing. It is THROUGH HIM that we are victorious. Your son sounds like he is in a good place. He is very lucky to have parents like you & your husband. So many do not. So many kids would not be able to go to their parents, and ask them for the help your son did. I am very glad to read you & your husband are going to meetings. They do help. The local public library is also of great help, for there are many, many books on the subject of addictions,( there you will learn why you didn't see this happening)- loving those who are, and help for yourself. It is not your fault - everyone makes their own decisions - even our kids- It will be a day of rejoycing when your son comes home. I always thought of the lost son in the Bible, and the festive party that was thrown for him when he returned, and the story of the lost sheep. It helped me get through some of my worst days.(and there were plenty!!) My prayers are with you, your husband, your daughter, and your son.
Joni~ Sure sounds as though things are headed in the right direction!(BIG smile here!) I am so very glad that things are starting to work out. Hope you are getting into a routine now, and that Christian is over being sick. How long is it now before John gets out? Yes, time will tell of his sincerity. Are things OK now with Johns parents, or at least getting better? Thank you for your prayers, and yes, my back is improving.
Bonnie, I am so glad to hear you are able to go to some meetings :) You know, just "watching" you on here from the first time you posted until now, IS a testimony! Its easy to see you are leaning on our Father more, and becoming more in control of your own emotions. I am glad for that.
Bettyann~ I hope you are getting over your cough now, and feeling better. How is school going? Thank you for your prayers. My son still does the pot thing, and needs great improvment there, but has been about 4 & 1/2 months without crack!! Praise GOD!! The peace of Jesus Christ is so sweet!
Quigley~ Hope all is going OK with you, Taylor, & Brett. I sure pray that you made the right choice. I will always pray for that for you. I hope you are finding peace in JESUS, and leaning on Him for your every need. He is so good to us who believe! :)
If I have overlooked someone, I apoligize - it is not intentional. All persons are of importance.
Renee, & Bono~
I pray you have a happy Thanksgiving, and lean on Jesus every minute over the Holidays. I am so thankful for this site!! You have done such a good work here. Thank you very much!
It is my heartfelt prayer that all overcome their afflictions, and recieve the peace of Jesus.
May God be with you all this Thanksgiving Day, and count your blessings one by one.
Love to all & in Christ Jesus,

11/27/2003 13:29

I pray you all have a wonderful, peacful day on this special day.May God answer all your prayers,
Dear Jesus: I come to you today and want to tell you how thankful I am for this site, I thank you for all my friends and prayers in here, I thank you for my family, boyfriend, my health, I thank you for my pets, my school, my job, and the food on my table Im going to eat today. Thankyou for all the precious things you have given me in life and all the wonderful miracles you see us through. I pray I dont over indulge or over drink today with all the familes getting together, I love you very much Dear Jesus and am sorry sometimes I dissapoint you with my drinking, I pray you continue to watch over me and keep me strong, Thankyou for all you have done for me, I pray you be woith all my friends today and their loved ones that cant be with them, In Jesus name I pray,
God bless you all,
Love Bettyann

11/28/2003 15:20

Please pray for my boyfriend, who has had a lifelong struggle with alcohol and drugs. He has been toying with the idea of quitting recently, I pray that he does. He would be dynamite in recovery! He has much natural charisma, he has made changes already, but the drinking is getting on my nerves, and is affecting his health and finances. I am in recovery myself, and sometimes wonder why I am with him. Please pray.

11/29/2003 10:04

Heavenly Father we come to you this morning with an open mind and an open heart. We thank you for allowing us to see another day. Father, We are asking to to anoint and to touch Tommy's family right now Lord. Father, you are the only divine healer and you can heal all wounds, both physically and mentally. Deliver them from this pain and let them know that You have all ppowers in your hands.

11/30/2003 20:54

Good Evening to ALL,
I hope you all had a good weekend and Turkey day. I don't have a day off till Wed so I will be back then.I pray you all have a great week and hang strong. I went out last night for my big '40th' and did drink a little too much with the shots the people were buying me, I can say done with that thing.I pray you all remain strong, happy and at peace this week and that things get better for everyone, I no sometimes around Holidays it can be devastating without certain family members, you all hang in there and you are all in my prayers nightly, may God watch over you this week and find you all doing his will and getting better each day, I also pray for all relapsing and all suffering any form of an addiction, I pray God releases the Demons that turn us to old familer patterns and habbits, I pray he helps us all remain strong to walk away and say no~~~~~~Is Kris not coming back, is her computer down?
God bless all,
Love Bettyann

12/1/2003 02:34

what would Jesus do?He would pray to our Father to ease your hearts in your grief.I know that the passing of time dulls the sense of loss,but God in His infinite wisdom has taken your loved one Home and has healed his soul. So gently wrap your grief in the loving memories of happier times and rejoice in knowing that Tommy is at peace and with our Lord.

12/1/2003 02:53

my prayers go out to you all.please pray for my Dickey.he is a gentle man and is fighting with the demon of addiction of crack cocaine.may God bless you and keep you all strong. gail

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Pray for Janice A. 07/05/2008
"One of my most favorite people in the whole world needs your prayers today. Please spread this and include Janice in your daily prayer."

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