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Lights Alone
Those Living Alone

I ask for prayer for those of us who live alone and are suddenly faced with a situation, chronic illness, accidents, disease or any dis-orders or loss that limit or seclude us more than we would choose.

Once we were free and strong, helping others, now we pray for someone special to rediscover us, that we may share the things that in their most simple form have become ever more beautiful.

We ask that you do not forget us. We still "are" .

Remember us at bedtime, when you say goodnight to another, that we may feel your prescence.

Lift up our Animal Children for blessings, as they give so freely of love and devotion, and pray that we may run with them again.

Hold our hand within your heart as you might hold a beloved, and pray that we may again one day, find our hands clasped with another.

Libralight -7/7/2001
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7/15/2004 10:24

good morning everyone; i hope all is doing well. have a wonderful day.AND MAY GOD CONTINUE TO BLESS AND KEEP YOU ALL IN HIS WATCHFUL LOVING CARE. LOVE ALWAYS, KRIS

7/15/2004 20:32

Just sending a hello out to all now that things are working as they should. Making new changes in my life and working hard! :-)

7/16/2004 23:03

beaveroni; glad to hear things are going so much better for you , and i am glad that you moving forward. keep believeing , and never loose focus that wonderful things can happen, through GOD , for IN HIS TIMING , it always comes together. love always, kris.

7/20/2004 23:54

God certainly seems to work that way. Right now I pray that I am back at my church playing again as I quit once the situation arose. I also hope my godmother finds her way back in as Father has done. Khristina

7/23/2004 11:31

hello khristina; it is good to know that things are still going well, and you just keep having hope and faith, and holding on in beliving that all things work for the betterment of GOD'S WILL AND HIS PLAN IN YOUR LIFE. HE knows the desires of your heart and HE hears your pleas and your prayers, and soon the day will come when you will once again be reunited with your GODmother as you were with your friend the FATHER at your church, and once again you will feel the blessing to come forward to play and share in GOD;S RICHES AND BLESSINGS HE HAS BESTOWED UPON YOU AND YOUR LIFE. GOD BLESS AND KEEP YOU , and i wish you all the very best. love and faith, kris

7/23/2004 11:37

tam; si i hope all is well with you and my prayer tagteam partner is still going strong in what you do best , bringing the power of prayer full force and singing GOD'S praises soooooo strong. i hope all is well with you and your family, and hope to hearf from you again soon..... love ya lots,

phillip, brenda; hope all is well and yall are doing fine yall fine, and hope to see you back on soon. love always, kris.

to all of you . hope yall have a wonderful weekend, and it is filled with blessings and i hope yall have a safe one.... love always, kris

7/27/2004 04:07

oh Angels guide the men who are lonely in the right path,
amen alleuluia.

universal father help us to live in unity and strength us.

7/27/2004 04:09

quality of MERCY IS twice Blessed and
hence true prayers are twice blessed
as well.

7/30/2004 04:10

hello everyone ; i hope all is well and i hope you will all have a wonderful weekend.. thank you JESUSbelief for your inspirationals...
tam , miss you hope to see you back on here again soonn, you too phillip, and all of you who we have not seen on here for awhile. hope to see you and hearfrom you and i hope you all have a wonderful and Blessed day ,AND MAY GOD CONTINUE TO RICHLY BLESS YOU AND KEEP YOU COMFORTED AND EVER IN HIS WATCHFUL CARE. . LOVE ALWAYS, KRIS.

8/1/2004 10:49

Good morning Prayer Circles, I pray that all of us are feeling bless today! Kris, Loveme31 I pray that everything has been fine for you guys since I last was in the circle it's been awhile. I've been in a down, not really depress but feeling rather down the last few weeks. I lifted myself up this morning. I started to go to church but I still was not in a real up mood to be aroung people so I listen to a few TV ministry, and read a few verses from the bible. And I have to say that right now I feel much better. I'm beginning to feel more like myself. I prayed this prayer a few days one of TD Jakes and it helped me feel alot better. It's a prayer for when sudden Change occurs. Maybe some of the circle members can use this prayer so I'll share this blessing. Lord, just yesterday, everything was so different. I can't believe how suddenly things can change-and how completely. It's seems like just moments ago my life was happy and secure. Now I feel as thought I've stepped on a land mine. My world is shattered. There is nothing left but You. Lord, I cannot even articulate everything I need from You. I have to rest in the promise that You know my every need and that You will provide. send Your Holy Spirit to minister to every aspect of this situation-to bring truth, to bring wisdom, to bring redemption, to bring a vision of what to do next. As I said, there is nothing left but You. And You are all I need. You are my Rock, my one stable Place, my only sure Foundation.
Have a bless day, keep me in your prayer and I shall do the same for you.

8/2/2004 03:49

hey angelcp; it is so good to see you back again, and i am glad to hear that you are doing better. i am sorry that you were having a few weeks there, and i too like T.D, JAKES, and thank you so much for sharing that beautiful inspirational prayer with all of us here in the circle.. it is a very inspiring prayer..for GOD is our very FOUNDATION upon we can build on, our HOPE, our FAITH, our BELIEF, our STRENGTH, OUR HEARTS AND LIVES WITH .. HE IS exactly that , our every need, and HE always knows what we need when we need it, and HE never lets us take on more than we can bare.. HE is continually and Faithfully , ever in in the MIDST.. welcome back , and hope you continue to always know and remeber GOD IS WATCHING ALWAYS OVER YOU, AND HE KNOWS YOUR EVERY CARE, EVERY NEED,and HE will not EVER LEAVE you.. take care, and rest in the assurance of THE LORD OUR GOD.. love and faith always, can email me at and anyone here at BLESS AND KEEP YOU...

8/4/2004 07:49

good morning everyone, i hope all is well , and i hope you all have a wonderful day that is filled with joy, and peace, and security, and serenity.. MAY GOD CONTINUE TO RICHLY BLESS AND KEEP YOU ALL IN HIS WATCHFUL CARE..LOVE, KRIS










8/6/2004 15:39

Hey Chris, Tam and everyone else! Sorry I've been rather scarce lately. I'm tying to sell my condo, plan a wedding, and keep what little mind I have left intact (LOL). I was just recently conned into being an acolyte and assisting minister at the church we will be getting married in as well. Gotta go cause I writing this at work and the boss in comming down the hall.

cya later

8/11/2004 14:31

praise God Phillip, GLORY GLORY GLORY to God. You have made my day! Wonderful, wonderful, I was about to leave a post first for my tag-team partner but I seen your post and I had to Praise God.
I am ecstatic for you, God bless I will be back soon to talk to you all I love you all with the Love of Christ and pray fervently for you.
Send love to Brenda for me, Peace and Love from the Ftaher I bid you all in Jesus Name, Amen!

Kris, Blessings and all the goodness of God. How are you sis, leave me a phone number again (lol) on my e-mail address if you remember, (lol) I want to talk with ya. I miss y'all sooooo much but still pray for you all even though it's so hard to get out since I take care of my mom, but I send all my love to each of you and pray God's blessings and favor in Jesus Name, Amen!
Kris I see you're taking a liver test know I am in prayer concerning your healing, I decree and declare this for God has established it in Jesus Name, Amen!
God's Speed, Tam~

8/17/2004 00:46

Holy Trash - I thought that I was the only one- thank you all and god bless you that you did this and that I found this. I pray that people who are lonely will not have to be and that their family and friends are there to help them and not make it any worse with discuoriging words or actions. That we all might have a feeling of belonging and that we will find the stringth to carry on and to trust that you will carry us when we think that we are not going to make it. Thanks JML

8/22/2004 18:05

I live with my family but I feel alone because I am at the age to start my own and may pass the age to have my own kids. I teach in a ghetto and love those children but long for my own babies. I pray the lord unites me with my husband to be soon and the children awaiting their arrival from heaven to me. Lord bless all of us who are lonely and answer our prayers

8/24/2004 18:08

I am truly grateful to God and the angels for helping me find this board. I'm almost two years from a horrible verbal abusive divorce (alcohol). I was beginning my new life when suddenly in my work place a man walked passed me. It was so strange that I was saying to myself I am suppose to be with this man. I even went home and told my family. He doesn't know it yet but we are going to be together. Months went by and we became very close friends. Then we went out on one date and the next weekend we were to go out again. He was at work and fell off a 20ft. roof. Broke is neck and both arms. I took care of him every weekend. Drove many miles to be with him. We became very close. He said he fell in love with me. I did the same. One day out of the blue he stopped responding to my calls. I called for days thinking he fell down and was hurt. No family here and he lives in the mountains. Nearest neighbor 1 mile away. When I finally got to him he said he was sorry but he needed space, time. It has truly devastated me. I can't sleep, eat and hardly work. I pray to my angels and they respond to me by saying give it time. He does love you. I don't know if it is my voice or the voice of angels. Please pray for me. I have thoughts of not wanting to live anymore. I am consumed by him everday. I have spoken to him once or twice and the distance seems to be further apart. I need help in my healing. I am scared and lonely. I know the power of prayers so I ask that you pray for the healing of my heart and understanding. Thank you and may god bless you.

8/25/2004 09:46

Good morning circle and I pray for a bless day for us all. Hi Kris I having been in the circle for a while I read the poem and I love it. Hope that everything is fine for you. Dawnc I said a Prayer especially for you today. Because you see your story sound so much like mine. I was married to my husband for 24 years have three grown sons when he decided to just up and leave one day. I was so hurt wanted to just lay down and die. But you know what decided that it was to much power to give to any one over my life. I realized that I am a daugther of Christ and that He alone will get me though this crisis in my life. And you know what it didn't happen over night, or a week or a month it's still not completly over, but all those ill feelings and not eating and feeling sorry for myself is. I feel bless every morning when I see a new day, I'm able to get out of bed and go to work. I have a home that I can come home to, turn on my TV,or music or my computer what ever I so desires. Because the Lord see this life better for this daughter than the one that I was living, this is the life that Jesus had plan for me. Not the one where I was always going to bed upset, putting on a happy face in the presents of people. I knew that my husband was not just dancing for the Lord, that he and one of the dancer was dancing together, I feel sorry for her because she's one of God's daughter that got caught out there by Satan. She don't even know that he's only using her to better his chance to make a name for himself as a dancer. She's just another Eve. And bellieve it or not I myself came so close to doing things, evil things listening to the devil. but God spoked to me. He let me know that I am His daughter and that everything was going to be alright with me and for me. That He is here for me at all times.
Your Father Left You Loaded this is from T.D. Jakes, The Father wants to release the held up blessing to the pressed down daughter. You see ultimately the Father's will is all that matters. If you have your Father's favor, no one can stop your blessing. Don't waste your time and energy fighting the opposition. If God is for you, who can be against you? Just remember who is for you. Your faith will be strengthened through conflict and struggle. Why don't you as a daughter of God, go after what the Father has willed you? He died for you, and He wants you to have your inheritance. I encourage you as a father would encourage his daughter. Go for all that life has to offer you. Take a large slice of life. Savor every bite. Your Father has willed you good things. I you have been walking around with a drab spirit and a broken heart, I am talking to you. If you have been in a state of depression that is robbing you of these precious years when you should be thriving and pursuing your destiny, hear this word. Don't waste another day in regret, sleeping away God's mercy, losing your chance to achieve and receive. Get up and get busy. You may have to work it out. You may have to push and shove. But life is worth the struggle. Now pull off those ragged house shoes and the gingham dress. take those curlers out of your hair. Take a long, hot luxurious bath and put on some sweet cologne. I you want it you can have it. Your Father left you loaded!"
After I allowed my ego to resurface I had letting it down so low over this man this piece of flesh and started looking to the Lord my needs of comfort and security and every thing and any thing I want in life I don't feel alone. I feel bless. And I want you and all in the circle to be a blessing to someone today and everyday. May God continue to bless you all. Amen

8/26/2004 06:46

Oh my gosh... How awesome and touching. Thank you so much for the prayer. Please continue to pray for me for some days I have good and some days I am feeled with anxiety and loniness. It hurst so bad. God has blessed me with many new jobs so I have no choice but to get up and move. He has blessed me with the opportuniy to buy my own home and get a fresh start. I don't want to feel this way about myself. It just sometimes consumes my every thought. I miss the kindness of this man and the gentle love he shared with me. Love I never had experienced. I often wonder why God let me experience such a beautiful gift and then take it away.I know we are not to ask WHY but I do sometimes. I often wonder what is my purpose in this life. Anyway Thank You so much for the wonderful message. It touched my heart and lifted my spirit. I ask that you please pray for Roy as well. His own healing both phyically and emotionally and that he finds peace in his heart. Much love and blessings. DawnC

8/26/2004 09:15

Good morning circle and I pray that every one of you are having and will have a bless day today! I'll pray for you and you say a prayer for me. Dawnc I'm glad that I was able to help you feel a little better about your situation. It will get better as time go on you just have to keep your faith in God. Don't think that you was the only person to question the situation, I too question mine! I asked many times over and over and believe it or not I still wonder even after four years have gone by why? Why did He giveth and then taketh away from me? I ask what did I do wrong? And you know what I have not yet getting an answer to the question yet. But then I look around and I see all that we were blessed with together children, grandchildren, home, family, friends is all still here with me. And with that kind of blessing I may sometimes still wonder why, but i'm not crying it,or screaming it, or yelling it out on my knees to The Lord any more. I feel that I sometimes need a man here with me, but I'm leaving all that in the hands of my Father, I feel He knows best. I'm living a Happy Life. I'm in good health. I have job. I have my children and grandchildren around me. I have a home. My brothers and sisters, nieces and nephews are always here on the weekends. I AM BLESS!

8/26/2004 10:07

I live alone too, and I pray for me.
I am going thru the worst time of my life so far.

8/26/2004 16:10

dceballos... I understand your loneiness. I am assuming you have lost a love one as well. It is so hard to accept the emptiness in your heart. I try to be patient and wait for when it is the right time for love in my life. I just knew this was the one. I felt so comfortable in my own skin. The first in a long time. It seemed so honest and loving. Then one day out of nowhere gone. It has just about killed me. I lived alone for 18 years before I married my second husband. He was very abusive whenever he drank. Which was just about everyday. I stayed for 7 yrs wondering at night would he ever come home. I would pray every night to God... Help me make a decision. I put my life on hold to try and help his addiction. I believed in my marriage and the fact of being married. But it continued to get worse. I left and again was not looking. Here he appeared at work... I pray as well for all those suffering loneliness. Angelcp yes I am blessed with my family. No children but a very large family. I have two 4 legged girls who i just adore. They bring me comfort at night. Thank you for the prayers. I feel very blessed to have found this board. It helps me keep my mind off things. Much love and blessing to you all.

8/29/2004 02:32

Hi guys! Dropping a note to say hello and I am going to need your prayers no more than ever. I may have one of my two relationships back but the second one just does not seem to be happening. I've tried so many times to apologize to my godmother but her husband always gets in the way and "attacks" me via email. He will not allow me to call her or write her. So please keep your fingers crossed that it all works out. I am also in the process of trying to have a baby. We've tried so many times and yet have failed as often. I keep wondering if God is punishing me for the bad things I have done. Please keep me in prayer!

8/29/2004 02:34

I also do want to point out that my relationship with Father is going ok. The most we do is say hello and that's pretty much it. I don't think we'll ever be as close as we once were.

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