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Pray for All Marriages in Trouble

This is a prayer circle to bring spiritual guidance to anybody who's struggling in a marriage.

So many couples today are wrestling with problems in their marriage--ranging from infidelity to abuse to more mundane things like arguments about the bills and the chores. Please join me in offering prayers that anyone with a troubled marriage finds peace, solace, and comfort in their union.

Certainly, love is common to all religious traditions. So let's join together and direct all of our spiritual energies toward the goal of bringing love back to couples whose marriage is foundering.

orange -3/6/2001
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8/20/2001 08:18

Please pray for Thomas& Elizabeth we've been married 19 mos and are in a crises with step children, ill parents,and in general lots of stress in all areas, I have little sexual desires anymore&I always feel tired and sick,Thomas doesn't understand why& he has terrible mood swings, lord come into our lives and bring us peace and happiness again, we know you put us together for all good reasons, help all our five children& Let my heart feel love and kindnees again,let us feel your blessings,and may all the others prayers be granted also A men. in love Elizabeth

8/20/2001 14:52

Please pray for my family for knowledge, wisdom and understanding. Pray for my marriage as we go through troubling times.

8/21/2001 22:52

Please pray for patty and mike we have only been married a short time and i feel the marriage is falling apart. we are already seperated and i miss him like crazy. i have made a lot of mistakes and i can only hope he can find it in his heart to forgive me and let me prove to him how much i love him. only the good Lord can bring us back togeather but with your help mayby he can hear everyones prayers.

8/23/2001 09:30

Please pray for Barb and Rick who have splite up and divorce has been filed. Satan has been doing his best work on this mariage since they said I do. Help Rick show satan is not a winner when it comes to gods childeren and stop this divorce.

8/23/2001 12:06

please pray for my marriage. My husband Gary and I(Kim) have been married for 12 years and my marriage is falling apart. Infidelity is in our marriage. I don't want our marriage to dissolve pray my husband finds Jesus and pray for a miracle for our marriage.

8/29/2001 14:12

Please pray for my husband and myself. We are having a rough time at the moment. We have a 3 month old son, whom we both adore. Please pray that our marriage will last and that his heart finds its wayback to our family and marriage. And that he realizes what he will lose if he gives in to temptation and takes the easy way out. He is my heart. I also pray that his kindness, affection, tolerance, and love returns to me, our marriage, and our family. In His name I pray.

9/8/2001 12:20

Please pray for my marriage of 7 years, and two beautiful children. We have communication problems that only one seems to realize. May my husband find Jesus Christ in his heart once again, and may I also find Jesus, and for us to make the right decisions regarding our lives and marriage. Many blessing upon those who need the prayers. May God bless each one. Thanks.

9/10/2001 08:19

Please pray for me and my Husband of 11 years. We are currently seperated and I don't want a divorce. Please help me pray that my husband will find the strength to fight for our marriage and for him to remember how much in love we were when we first got married , His Name is Bubba (Donnie) and mine is Cathy we have 4 children involved in this break up thank you for the prayers and God bless all the marriages (those in trouble and those who are going strong) and also God bless the children involved in the marriages also.

9/11/2001 08:30

Please pray for my husband and I to reconcile (Jeffrey & Caritza). I made a terrible mistake by leaving my husband due to family issues. I realized my mistake and have since begged for my husband's forgiveness. We've been separated for 3yrs now and he says he has someone else. I pray to the Lord in Jesus name that our marriage works. I truly love my husband and pray that I don't have to suffer for a decision that I made in my immature state of mind.

9/16/2001 06:39

Lord, I've done terrible thing to my marraige. I've destroyed it with not trusting my wife. Now she is wanting to leave me. I don't want this. Please Lord,find it in your grace to stop this and help me get my marraige back together. I've aways thanked you for bringing Kelli into my life and now she wants to leave. Bless give her the stength to trust me in my recovary of our love and marraige. Oh Lord, I want this more then anything I've ever wanted. With the exception of wanting you in my life and in Kelli's. Lord I pray for you to come back into our lives as you were before but stronger. Guide us in making our marraige whle again. Guide me in trusting her again. Lord, reach out and touch Kelli's heart and help her see I am sensire about this. Give her the insight to see through all my shortcomings.

9/17/2001 05:13

I'm pretty new at this. I first of all feel sad for the current 5 pages of prayers in this section. God is mighty and powerful. I know that He will defeat satan. Please, come quickly Lord.
My husband, Gary, just informed me that after 15 years of marriage that I don't make him happy anymore. I am so confused. I know that I'm not the perfect home is not always clean, I've been involved in numerous activites with the kids and at church. But I love him. None of my outside activities were designed to hurt him. His happiness means so much to me... I'm afraid to ask him if he still truly loves me. I guess I'm afraid of that answer. We have three wonderful children who I know he loves. He just told me this evening that he has been feeling this way for several months now. I am sick...both physically and emotionally. I feel as though I am losing my best friend. I don't mean to be selfish. I don't know what to do... He is preparing for an extending business trip. I have asked him to reconsider and please try to find someplace in his heart where he still loves me. I know that God put us together for a reason. He says that he has been praying about this for a long time. I can't believe that God would want one of His creations destroyed! I know that satan is working his best in my husband's heart. Please pray for our family. These last several months, I have thought his job was what was bothering him. I have tried to offer support, however, I also know that I have failed in that area. I was being selfish. I needed support as well. Please, please pray for my family, as I will pray for all of yours. We must defeat satan. I also know that in our country, many people are touched by the events of the attack against us. Bless you for reading this, especially at this time. Please, pray. I know that God answers those who are faithful. Please pray that God keep my family together and help us to grow strong.

9/21/2001 10:01

Please pray for my marriage, we have been married 8 years and together 14, he says there is nobody else, he wants to be alone. I am devastated and I need for God to help our marriage. He works in a different state which makes things more difficult. After a two month seperation he wants to try to make this marriage work but I so afraid. I adore him and I know he care a lot for me. I've taken refuge in the Lord and I pray that he figures out that he needs to find the Lord also so that we may come together to Him. Please Jesus give me the miracle of saving my marriage. Lord i ask this in the name of Jesus Christ. Amen.

9/23/2001 21:56

Please pray for my husband and I.
We have been married for only 4 months and we argue everday and say hurtful things to eachother. We seem to always end our arguments with doubting our marriage. We are both Christians and know that we need to turn to God, because we can not do this on our own. We need to get Satan out of our lives for good.
Lord, please help us during these times when we are so distant from you. Help us to be strong enough to fight Satan when he tries to get in the way of our marriage. In Jesus' name. Amen

9/26/2001 10:57

Please pray for me and my husband. We have been married for 15 years and most of those years he had been unfaithful.

9/28/2001 16:28

Please remember me and my husband in your prayers. For we are having maritial problems. Thank You and God Bless.

10/1/2001 05:58

I am sure that satan is putting money and fighting and confusion in the way of our marriage, pray and ask for God's protection and help in fighting this evil intrusion on what is really love. Love must conquer. roger and faith

10/1/2001 22:27

Please pray for Terry and Venita that the Lord will continue to bless their marriage after 22 years. That our union will continue to survive the blessings the Lord send us.

10/2/2001 17:32

Please I need for everyone to pray for my marriage,I have been with my wife Bonnie for almost 18 years we have 4 beautiful daughters and a lovely home in NH and I have not shown her enough love at times and have taken her for granted alot,but I do truely love her with all my heart and soul our life has been filled with many ups and downs we were 18 and 20 when we had our first child and I and her used to fight alot back then alot was said and down and she is starting to have flashbacks of the years ago and though we do not fight now she is afraid of me inside and also feels I control her yet these are all feelings she could not tell me about and one day about a month ago she said she was not happy and said we need to end our marriage I was and still am totaly devistated I have lost everything in my life that was real,my home,my love of my life,my daughters,I know what to change and have been working very hard because I left the house the day before the World Trade Center so of course I was already very sad over my plight yet when that tradgy happened I felt so bad for all the lives that were lost yet it opened my eyes,and heart and soul and made me see that she and my daughters were so very special and my love and careing seemed to be lifted to a high level of being,because I could see how precious life and love is and how quickly you can lose the people in your life that means the world to you so I have set out on my journey alone yet not to far from my sweetness and our daughters and look to God and Angels to help heal myself and my love of my life Bonnie,so please would you send healing to my wife and I and our children so that maybe somehow a miracle will reunite this beautiful family and lets us live with love and careing forever more Thank you all and God Bless you all,and God Bless America Craig : )

10/3/2001 21:42

please pray for my marriage,i have been seperated from my husband for 3 weeksand we have 2 children minute wer'e fine next he tells me he's leaving us because he's not happy and not in love with me. that he need to find him self. LORD I ASK THAT YOU BRING MY HUSBAND BACK HOME TO HIS FAMILY AND LET US BE THE COUPLE YOU WANT US TO BE LORD U SURROUNDER TO YOU LORD BECAUSE YOU ARE PROTACTOR AND MY DEFENDER LORD I AKS THAT YOU SEND ME I SIGN THAT YOU ARE WORKING ON HIS HEART AND MIND IN JESUS NAME WE PRAY!!!!AMEN

10/18/2001 19:08

Please pray for Steve and Sue. We have been married for 24 years and have three awesome daughters. Our marriage is plagued by financial problems, spending too much time apart, lost job, another woman, and now a new job, keeping the family apart. We still love each other, but feel smothered by our financial issues. Please, we want the family back together, strong in God's love.

10/26/2001 17:28

My husband and I have been married for 13 years. we are christians. our trust for each other is not very good right now. but I keep god in my heart. I just wished that we could have a good marriage like when we first got married. please pray for us.

10/31/2001 16:27

After reading all of your prays I felt the need to share my experience.I frist most said peace be with us all, for God has his loving arms around us right now, and he has given us permission to rest.I too have ask god for help over and over again, feeling lost and helpless. thinking when will help come I have cried so many tears until today.I was up at 530am because I could not sleep just wraped up in confusion. My alarm clock went off in the bed room so I got up to turn it off,and as I entered the room there was a minister on tv,and at that very moment he said trust god.You ask for help now just trust god. now this got my attention. I had to sat down because I knew this was for me.He also said that we ask for help and than we try to fix the problem ourselves. And thats not trusting god for god don't need our help.We are just in the way. He knows our every need.He has heard every pray,and he is fixing it as I speak. WE most learn to listen to him and we can't here him if we are always crying. Just stop and think about it. Have you shown your mate love today. I know I have not I have been to busy hurting and all I can show him is my pain. I said he caused it so thats what he deserve! But what about me? do I deserve to feel all this pain? No. I don't and the only way for me to stop hurting.Is to stop hurting. So today I'll trust God. I want think about tomorrow,for god have given me permission to rest just as he has given you.SO lets just rest now.God has our back. Love and kindness

11/6/2001 15:46

I pray for my sisters and bothers on this post.YOu Know each of them and you know the problems they are facing right now.I ask for your grace over them.
Help them to see you even in their difficulties,lead them all the way so they will not make them on the way they should go.
Bring solution their ways.Bless each of them and keep them safe.

11/8/2001 12:20

Please join me in prayer for my fiance and myself. We have been going through a rough time and last night I said something out of spite that hurt his feelings very deeply. We have a 6 month old daughter together and I love him very much. I don't want him to leave. Please, lord, allow my family to stay together. Give your guidance to my fiancee to forgive me and love me once again. Please cure the hurt in his heart and show him the way to a better, safer life.

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