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Lights Alone
Those Living Alone

I ask for prayer for those of us who live alone and are suddenly faced with a situation, chronic illness, accidents, disease or any dis-orders or loss that limit or seclude us more than we would choose.

Once we were free and strong, helping others, now we pray for someone special to rediscover us, that we may share the things that in their most simple form have become ever more beautiful.

We ask that you do not forget us. We still "are" .

Remember us at bedtime, when you say goodnight to another, that we may feel your prescence.

Lift up our Animal Children for blessings, as they give so freely of love and devotion, and pray that we may run with them again.

Hold our hand within your heart as you might hold a beloved, and pray that we may again one day, find our hands clasped with another.

Libralight -7/7/2001
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9/28/2001 22:11


Most of the time I went there by myself, except for my big white (with a bit of brown spots) dog. I was never afraid with Big Mike beside me.:)

Big Mike! What a name for a dog. I recall I had a Little Mike before him.
The first dog I ever saw was my brother's dog. She was older than me, being he was 8 when I was born.

I loved her so!! She was jet wavy black, so shiny almost blue. I loved to brush her hair and marvelled at how, as a dog, she naturally came with her hair already fixed pretty and didn't have to use curlers!!! I thought that was so special.

She was a Cocker Spaniel, but not like the ones I see today. She was so grounded. So steady, slow and sure. She had the most beautiful brown eyes in the world.

When I became afraid, I'd run find her and put my arm around her and she smiled and let me lean against her. Most of the time, she was under the house, so I had to brave the risk of spiders and such to join her in the coolness or protection of her underneath home. Her name was Duchess and when I think of the word Mother, I see her face.

The stream had rocks I loved of all sizes. I marvelled at them. I'd pick them up and look, then put them right back where I found them. It never dawned on me to keep one. I thought it should go back in it's lil home.

My brother used some large rocks and made us a swimming hole!! It was beyond words. Water would run over a fallen tree and make a waterfall. It was the most beautiful place in the world.

Near the stream was an underground small pool of water. Someone at some time had dug deeply down to it and lined it with rock. My brother told me it was probably used to keep food and milk cold. He would hold onto my feet while I leaned way down to reach the bottom where the freshest water in the world awaited my cupped hands for a drink.

Before we reached the waterhole, after we had crawled under many barbwire fences and I would come to learn how to climb between those sharpe pricking barbed wires, to get to the Enchanted Land, first we came to a huge mound of rocks. My brother told me it was an Indian Burial Ground because that's how they buried their loved ones.

I thought that was the most Holy Place in the world. Very reverently we walked around or near it. We did very gently look for Indian Arrowheads. I never found any but he did and he kept just a few he found on the edges. We didn't walk up in the middle..not out of fear, out of respect.

to be continued..

9/28/2001 22:13


I still have one of those Arrowheads. I keep it in a special little box. My brother gave it to me for a birthday one year. I think I must have wanted one so badly and couldn't find one of my own. So he had put it inside this little coin box and wrapped it for my birthday.

Tomorrow, 9/29 is my Birthday!! I read once, anyone born on the 2nd, 11th or 29th had chosen a heavy Karmic Role to live on Earth. I'm not for certain that is true but it seems like it.

I'm going to ask for a Birthday Wish. My wish is that on every 2nd, 11th and 29th day of every month, SomeOne make a wish for Love. Just think of anything or anyone that makes you feel tender towards on the inside, picture yourself looking at what makes you feel that..and it will automatically be a wish for Love.

Ofcourse, I would like for you to wish for Love everyday, but especially on difficult ones because we need it more on those days.

I am so proud of this prayer Circle, no one has any idea how much.

I'm sitting here with my little dog, Giovanni Jo Reindeer, on my lap. I'm going to close this prayer soon so I can get him to boogie with me, eat something tasty and go to bed with my books and Journal.

I'm going to be drawing hearts for EveryOne of you.

9/28/2001 22:15


I have done the same as RobinPeace, ent to the search engines and typed in lonely or alone, looking for something to help me with it..and found nothing suitable on all these grand search engines.

I also have often wondered about writing a book..a real one...not fluffy stuff, about this lonely situation.

I don't think I have the patience to write a full book or to go back and fix my typos and such so it would be perfect enough to be accepted for a big company to take a look inside..or toss in the trash.

So..I came the rest of you and started making my book as this Prayer. One little prayer. I almost didn't come back because I didn't think anyone else would find it or respond and I was afraid I would see my prayer sitting here alone and feel worse.

Well, that didn't happen!!!
So dreams can come true, SoulMates an be met, best friends found, books and songs written and sang outloud Goodness, Danced!!

If you can't dance, tap a finger or blink an eye. If for some reason you can't do that, think of the number 6.
I read once it was the number for Love.
My daughter was born on the 6th and I think that is True!!

If that makes you laugh..well good. Laughter is good. If it makes you cry..well good again. Tears clean out a lot of stuff and wash the windows of our Souls.

As EveryOne who has written here knows, we write this straight from the heart, SomeOneThing sends these words out any which away. I think if you sat and tried to plan them wouldn't work as well. All of you are Writing A Book and Publishing as We go, while being Read by Others!!

to be continued..

9/28/2001 22:17


I'm not going to take the time to check all my errors that would only delay our messages of Love.

So..I will shut up now, this clicking of keyboard and let All of You have the space. You can say it just as well. Or dance it.;) I'm going to Listen in Silence which is easy as Love in AllOneNess!!

I Love You All!!
Drawing Hearts for Love and thinking them too!!

Happy Birthday EveryOne..I LOVE!!!!!!

10/1/2001 10:38

Libralight...Belated Happy Birthday! I pray your day was a special one, just like you. I hope you and your puppy did a "birthday dance"! Aren't they wonderful companions...I have a Shi Tzu who is quite spoiled and thinks he owns everything!! For our wonderful circle of love, I thank the Lord daily and ask he give each of us the strength and courage to face each new beautiful day. I am so thankful for each of you. Thank you, Libralight, for starting this for all to share and enjoy! I ask that each of you remember me in your prayers as I am visiting with doctors and having tests done. I greatly appreciate them. Until next time, May Our Heavenly Father wrap each of you in His Everlasting LOVE and keep you safe from all harms...Amem "YourAngel"

10/1/2001 22:57

May the Peace of Divine Love hold us all within arms of comfort and safety, and may we feel that contentment each night as we surrender our Souls in faith to slumber, awakening stronger and ever more courageous to the gift of a new day.

Nitey Nite Circle.
Sweet Dreams
I love you
We are together-
Angels keeping as we're sleeping.

drawing hearts

10/3/2001 02:27

Lonelysoul1981, I know how you feel,for i am also lonely. I pray that some day you will see the light of God and He will show you the way to seek into yourself. You are never alone with the help of God, its a matter of reaching out.I'll pray that you find in your heart what you are looing for and that a light will shine to show you the way.

10/3/2001 23:21

I wept as I read these testaments. You are all so courageous and full of grace. I am 35 years old with no kids and I have never been married. At times I have cursed God for fating me to be alone forever. I ask for help in appealing to God to give me the strength to accept the fact that I will probably spend the rest of my life alone. I want to be more appreciative and to thank God for the many gifts he has given me such as true friends and two (2) Godsons. God please grant me the ability and the peace of mind to stop dwelling on the fact that I am alone. Please take away my yearning for for a husband and children or give me the grace to control my desires. God please forgive my selfishness and accept my thanks and appreciation for the many wonderful gifts that you has granted me. Amen

10/4/2001 06:21

Happy Birthday belatedly! Hope all was well for you and you had a nice day Libralight...!
and hello to all the new posts...
I think you have a wonderful idea Robinpeace, and like Libralight said, perhaps this already is material for your book. I would be interested to learn lots more and help as i can.

I loved your story Libralight... i could just "see" your words... your writing is wonderful... i could feel the cool water, smell the fresh air...

the world of nature truly is a Divine canvas...there are no ways to "improve" or better the vast beauties of creation than to just leave them as they are.

Unless man walks gently, man only mars Nature's infinate wealth of joy, wonder and amazement. The scars are evident all over from the trampling.

Has anybody been not sleeping well still? I've been having strange dreams too... especially this week, with the full moon! (Dreamt I had a date with a guy on my soap opera! ((i must be getting really bad...;D anyway, i've had several good laughs over it).

But I've also been having troubling dreams... not really able to remember them... just feel the effects. Like a sad residue.

Today was a "valley" kinda day for me.
I feel like the whole world has gone mad. I have been quite concerned & upset over the state of affairs... it's a mess... i am feeling a sense of dread... such dark power is lurking.

Got stung by a wasp 3 times on Sunday, then found a black widow yesterday in my front entry. Bad signs from the animal kingdom... poison, venom, danger.

I don't mean to be sounding like the voice of doom, but I am quite depressed over it all... yet, I retain hope and pray the goodness in so many people of the world will prevail over such dark energy. We must focus on that. The dark riders may try to eliminate our physical existence, but they can never touch our spirits or souls.

And I truly pray that people of all nations, colors, beliefs, political leanings, etc. decide to join the greater commonality of truly BEING a humanbeing. We must evaporate all other barriers and fight with global spiritual strength to put the kindness back into mankind.

10/4/2001 06:22


I falter in dark passages, seeming to wish for release from the hauntings of the poor people who are oppressed, abandoned and starving right now in the world... not just afganistan...but many other places too. I wish I could feed them all... it is just not right in a world filled with abundance for them to suffer such deprivation. No one should be hungry on this planet. For any reason. I am ashamed to read other "voices" on the net who say it is not our problem... how can they even sit and eat a meal and not think about it? They must be just dead in their souls to not see the eyes of the children.

*i believe the creator is profoundly sad at the apparent path mankind has been on... ever since the first instance where brother killed brother out of hatred & greed.

yet, the Creator must still see the profusion of small twinkling stars of light that shine from each individual who truly believes in goodness and right.

Each small glimmer of light makes the sum total that much brighter... that much stronger, that much more powerful to see... for again, i feel we are but a refraction of the Infinate Being, mere reflections.

Like the pure white light that enters a prism to be cast out the other side into the beautiful spectrum of the rainbow. Each color as important and beautiful as the other... each beam traced back to the same source.

Black is not a color... it is just the absence of light. It is devoid of light. And the darkness can never prevail where light exists...
It is an impossibility even if just one tiny spark remains.

So, my unseen friends, i already see your Light, and i am able to try to shine just a little bit brighter because of it.
i thank you for that.

may all be welcome here...may the light continue to grow. may we be graced with the gifts & power to somehow give help, in some small way, to those in need... for we never know when we might be the next one looking out in desperation and the hungry eyes are our own.

thank you for listening...

10/4/2001 10:27

PRAISE REPORT> To God be the Glory! I found this site about 2 months ago. I was weary wounded and sad. But through Jesus love, HE has made me glad! I still have not heard from my (ex) Fiance, but God has gave me PEACE in the midst of it all. The key word of this site is LIVING, we are alive and that's someting to rejoice about! And when you think about it, we are never alone, for he is with us always. He showed me just what to do to overcome. My prayer is for God to do the same for all of you. In Jesus holy name, Amen.

10/4/2001 22:58

Ok Everyone,
We need to keep feeling and BeLieving in Love now more than ever.

People will look to us to see how we're doing. We must do our routines, put things that make us smile or feel love all around to remind us to hold that feeling, to keep it going. Or..just draw hearts.

This is such a lovely action to be taking, maybe drawing them in Silence would give it dignity.

I recall an old saying, no matter how hard things get, "we still have to chop wood-carry water".

I'm kind of lucky because in the midst of modernation, I saw my GrandMother still chop wood carry water and I believe in her. I also believe in my love for my daughter and hers for me.

I believe in All of You.

I'm going to draw hearts and send love and remember the Power Of Silence and Simplicity and Wisdom versus Knowledge.

Go with Wisdom and Love, quietly.

I heard the 9th White Buffalo was born in August, it reminds me of my White Dogs. Somehow, that comforts me.

Snakes shed their skin willingly to move onwards in Life not death, even though the shedding is very painful and you can't even touch them while this is happening. Pain sometimes proceeds Birth. Life God Goodness.

Be strong.

I love you all, make me Proud!!;)

10/7/2001 11:06

i thought I found someone to share my life with after so many sad and abusive relationships Please pray that he realizes that we are right for each other.That he again appreciates who I am and comes back
Thankyou for your prayers. they are powerful

10/7/2001 11:36

beautiful thoughts and prayers
Ive just signed on today and must come back to read everyones inspirational writings
God bless you all

10/7/2001 21:05

Hello All!!
BearStar, You are so wise!!! I agree, Lights can burn on the inside as well as out. Hearts can glow beautifully on the inside too!! And even better, they don't ever go out!;)

I'm glad you enjoyed my Story. It is all 100% True. It was a wonderful place and I learned a lot. I'm going to re-create here I think, bit by bit.

Dreams can be a good way to get rid of darkness, then you don't have to drag it around in the daytime!;) I never have been a sound sleeper, so I can't tell the difference.

Dreams can also be wonderful teachers.
Like the animals. Even if I run out of something to read, I can read my dreams.
My little dog, he puts on a grand show of entertainment for me ALL the time, so I'm pretty well set.:)

The lil hearts I draw are accumulating!! If anyone thinks I may not be actually drawing them in my journal, think again.I am. I have. And I will be. Always. I promise.

I draw them on my heart too for extra measure.:) I like to keep my Heart Album full with lovely things to look at.

Thank God for All the Good Thoughts!! Thank you God, I see you are talking to me again:) I just had to be quiet for a second and look at my lil dog bringing his frisbee for another game!!. I heard YOU!! Glad we agree.

I Love You All. Even if my keyboard crumbles, I am still drawing hearts for each of you and I know I have lot's of help.

Sweet lil dreams everyone.

10/10/2001 20:15

Hi, I'm a new member and just want to ask each and everyone of you to please pray for me. I'am 29yrs old and very lonely and unhappy at times that i don't know what to do,unlike many i do have a special man in my life but sometimes i push him away. And why because i have been alone for seven years since both my parents have died, and my sister has moved to mpls.(and i have not heard from her since x-mas 2000).I sometimes think that this is the way it will always be, BUT GOD KNOW THAT IN MY HEART I DO NOT WHAT TO BE ALONE.

10/11/2001 09:55

Good morning,I too am a new member. I also ask the prayers of everyone in my time of sorrow. I am a 37 year old divorced mom that doesn't have custody of her children. Both my parents are deceased, and I am an only child. I live in a rooming house and I feel terribly alone. I don't have a man and am too scared to date because just from the little bit I've shared with you, you can see I always lose everything. I'm so glad to be a part of something positive again. Thank God for Beliefnet!

10/11/2001 12:55

Dear EveryOne,
I need your help. I have created another Prayer Circle. Not to replace this one, this one is very important.

The new one is for something else extremely urgent. Please find my new prayer circle and if your heart tell you to, copy and forward or email it to everyOne you can, all over the UniVerse.

The name of it is: Universal Love and Hope

Please go find it.
Thank you.

I am still drawing Hearts.

10/11/2001 12:55

My heart goes out to LIBRALIGHT. I can understand you pain. May God at the very moment that you read this heal you of your sufferings. If not the entire pain, but may restoration begin today in your life for all things are possible through Christ who strengthens us.

10/11/2001 12:57


10/12/2001 09:25

I just want to say that I am 28 years old and have never been married. Many people wonder why I am not married and I tell then I would rather be single and happy than miserable and married. Not to imply that all married couples are miserable, but God is in total control. If God did not pick your spouse, then you will not have his blessings on the marriage.

Obviously God has not chose anyone for me yet and I very happy right now. Anyways, I am EXTREMELY blessed because I love my parents and siblings and nieces and nephews and neigbors and co-workers and all my brothers & sisters in Christ. And of course, Jesus Christ.

Someday, I will be happily married with all of Gods Blessings. But until he thinks I am ready, I will patiently wait and enjoy the abudance of people I already have in my life.
Amen to Jesus Christ!

10/13/2001 15:41

Believing In The Power Of Love and Miracles. Keep Loving. I live completely alone and without close family support. So, I understand how all all of you feel, especially during this sad time. That is why it is so important for people to pray for love and peace for everyone. Every thought and prayer matters. Pray for Love, please.

10/14/2001 16:35

to my best friend marty who lost her beloved son phil on 10/7/01, and who also was my special friend. I ask that God comfort her and take care of her like her son did, and keep her safe in God's hands, forever&ever Amen.

10/17/2001 11:43

I've been stricken by some viral bug and a bit weakened, but still here, drwing hearts of Love for all of you.

I realised, being so sick and not feeling like dialing out on the phone to check on others, how ALONE I truly am. My phone has not rung once. Now, I see the contacts I had, while not deep satisfying contacts, but contacts none the less, it was me doing the contacting. I feel like I could just vanish and no one would notice. Seriously. I'm wondering if any of you feel that way, and/or have some suggestions to share that others who come here with the burden of a lonely heart might try?
May we all be touched by compassion today.

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