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For those with chronic diseases and illnesses
Chronic Diseases Prayer Circle

This circle is for all who suffer with chronic diseases and disorders and in need of prayer and support from others.

There are many who are afflicted with chronic diseases such as lupus, MS, fibromylagia, rheumatoid arthritis, chronic fatigue syndrome and others, or may have children or other family members and friends who suffer with these conditions. The prayer circle can be here for the many ups and downs that come with these illnesses, as well as the tests that most have to go through when having a flare or time of activity in their symptoms. This can be a place to come for prayers when support is needed and also to give thanks and praise to God for remissions and times that we feel well.
dolphin-1015 -12/3/2000
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11/21/2002 11:59

First, I would like to give Thanks and Praise to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Hello all, my name is Tonya I am asking everyone to please send up prayers on behalf of my mother Dorothy Scott. I recently had to put my mom in a nursing home/re-hab facility,it broke my heart, but God allowed me to have her in my home for five years prior, Thank you Lord for the opportunity. My mother has alzheimer, as well as a ulcer on her right foot that will not heal because of very poor circulation. I Thank God everyday for just another day and another day at Lockfield Village. I belief and know that God can heal that foot if it is his will. I will be praying for all the people in this prayer circle and for those who are lost and have not yet found Christ. Heavenly Father I ask that you continue to Bless everyone on this prayer cirle, all their family members and friends and enemies. "Our Father in heaven, hallowed be your name, your kingdom come, your will be done on earth as it is in heaven. Give us today our daily bread. Forgive us our debts, as we also have forgiven our debtors. And lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from the evil one. Amen

11/22/2002 18:12

I ask your prayers for the father of a friend of mine... He suffers - and may die.. I ask God to healing Karl...
Thank you for praying with me for Karl.

11/22/2002 23:40

Going to sleep now.. Thanks to all who prayed for karl.. and so I give ...Take care out there..
Karl.. love ya

11/25/2002 19:42

Father, why am I sad when my friend has gone home to live with you? Thank you from freein her from a body that was worn out caring for others and from an illness which she could not recover.Please bless all the names on this page Lord, includin my own, as I ask that the results of all tests will be given to me soon. Please help me to be able to cope with whatever I am given and never to stop loving thee or my fellow man. I love you Lord, in the name of Jesus Vhrist..AMEN

11/30/2002 13:13

Sweet hour of Prayer
Sweet hour of Prayer
That calls me from a world of care
And bids me at my Father's throne
Make all my wants and wishes known.
In seasons of distress and grief
My soul has often found relief.
And oft escape the tempter's snare
By thy return, sweet hour of Prayer.

Hear the petitions of Your children. Heal, Deliver and set free, In the Name of Jesus. We Love You and we Praise You. We Thank You for Your many Blessings that You have bestowed on us. We Thank You for those who have touched our lives. We miss their presence, oh GOD but we Thank You for Your promise of the Holy Spirit to be our Comforter. We Thank You for those who You have healed on this side and we Thank You for those You have Mercifully taken Home with You as their healing. Father, please Bless us with a Fresh annointing of Your Holy Spirit. Strengthen us to go on and be a Blessing to others. In the midst of our trial, give us Your Peace that Passes ALL understanding. Help us to live in Your will. Thank You for being in our storm. Even when we are losing hope, Thank You for carrying us thru.
Lord, we Love You and we Praise YOU.

12/4/2002 21:02

Dear Father in Heaven, its quite some time since I was here. Please bless all on this prayer circle, give those who are sick, the courage & strength to endure their pain and trials. Father I ask, in Faith, that a correct diagnosis be made concerning my own condition. Please help me to be strong and to listen to the specialists and know in times of distress, you are there for all of us. Please help Dolphin at this time - for to lose a pet, can almost cause the same grieve as to lose a human being - moreso if its your close friend. Please Lord help us to remember Jesus, His suffering and that as we walk this mortal life, their will be moments of sadness but times of joy too. We give thee thanks for all that we have and are grateful for the blessings thou continues to pour down upon us, we thank you God for Our Saviour, as Christmas time approaches, in the name of Jesus Christ..AMEN

12/5/2002 09:14

A friend of ours, Helen Cuomo is having testing done by the MS Foundation. We are putting out a call for healing.

Father we ask that you give Helene mercy and blessing during this time of not knowing, guide her, bless her doctors with knowledge, give Helene the grace to bear such a burden and reming her that with you at her side she can handle anyting! Lord God you are her Father and we humbly ask you to heal her, to guide her and to show her mercy. Amen

12/8/2002 11:27

My husband suffers from rheumatiod arthritis. I know that the more people who pray or stand in prayer with you helps. I pray for all those that are suffering that they find relief. I pray for my husbands strength. And I thank God for each and everyone of you because you are His people.

12/8/2002 14:13

All the angels bless us. Thanks to the Universe and the Angels for taking away our fear and steering us toward perfect health.

12/9/2002 23:42 to this sight,,,and so glad i found it..i guess u never really think just how many of us suffer ..i feel almost not able to ask for prayer for myself...knowing there is so many worse off then i'am..i will pray for all who suffer ..and there love ones too...i'am dibetic,have late stage lyme disease,and hepatis c..god be with us...

12/10/2002 02:51

I found the site.I have diabetes in 1999 I lost my right leg beow the knee. I am have a lot of trouble with my left leg. I have opean sores on my toes. would you please pray for me thank you.

12/10/2002 12:38

I am so thankful that I found this site and for the many people who are lifting up their voices to our Lord. I would appreciate your prayers for my husband, who is enduring severe respiratory problems and that God help me to deal with the muscle spasms I am having in my neck and currently receive Botox injections for. I know the power of prayer can heal us or help us to cope with our burdens and my prayers will include each and every one in this prayer circle. May God touch you and bless you as he holds you close in his arms.

12/15/2002 16:03

heavenly Father first of all I rebuke the demons of frustration and pride. I started a prayer once already and was stopped, but not for long. I pray for JLHeard Lord that you that you give her stength and encouragement wherever she goes. she is a sweet lady who needs to keep you on her shoulder day and night. I thank JLHeard for the blessing she has been to me. I have seen many prayers answered here and Lord I pray for my strength of body and mind to get through the hell I share with many.Please bless those who have these illnesses and bring hope and peace to their lives. I pray for many who suffer these grueling diseases as fibro, ms,parkinson's, and many others that take away I life. I pray Lord that you show us another way.amen

12/17/2002 19:06

Please pray for me. I have dystrophy and rheuma. I am very ill, cannot sit up straight anymore and I'm very disabled and cannot look after myself anymore. Please pray for me that I can stand the hell of pain I am in.

12/20/2002 14:29

I'm sking everyone that reads this that I need prayers for my husband. He has had surgery about 4 months ago. he has chrons diease for 20 years but lately starting to flare up on him, he had to a resection of he intestine and some more removed, they really don't want to operate, for he has a lot of scar tissues and healing is not to good.
So Please pray for him thank u.

12/20/2002 14:31

my prayers are with all God Bless

12/21/2002 20:50

Hello, just found this site and I need prayer for a friend. My sister-in-law/ clerk of our church/song-leader has a tumor the size of an cantaloupe. This is the third time she has had cancer and it doesn't look good. We are believeing God for her healing would you'll help me to pray for her, her name is Ruth Brown. Thank you and May God Bless you and your family this Christmas wonderfully.
Rev. Edwin Long

12/23/2002 16:53

I pray for anyone else who suffers from what I suffer from RSD (Reflex Sympathetic Dysthrophy) I do feel that this disease has made me a better person and actually made me closer to God with the challenges that I face. I pray that God will continue to give us the strength to carry on and get through those bad days that seem to last forever.

12/24/2002 14:12

Father it is Christmas Eve and I have much to be thankful for. I am thankful to Dolphin - coz I can always visit here when my own pain gets too much to bear. The diagnosis from the ospital is not right or good. We give you thanks Lord for Jesus, for friends and family and for Beliefnet. Please will you help my husband and I to get well - that I may be able to return to work or et a correct diagnosis? We know thou went through much pain and adversity. To all, who are sick are suffering or have their names printed above - I add my name with theirs, and ask if it be thy will please make our illnesses known soon - help us to overcome the power from the dark one and to get well. Father we love yu and we love Jesus at this special time of year, moreso and we leave this prayer in the name of Jesus Christ Amen. (((hugs to All)))

12/28/2002 00:16

I just found this site my son Scott and Mother Mary are both sick with life long diseases help me pray for them cause when two or more pray the Lord is right there with us to answer our prayers and I will pray for all who are in this circle. Thank you Jesus for this site may all that are here be healed through you. Love to my God
FROM sandy

12/29/2002 01:49

Father in Heaven, please come and heal all of us with Your power and grace I thought I had it bad and have to admit I've felt awfully sorry for myself, and for too long. Please forgive me for lacking faith. I pray for faith that will allow me to forget how sick I am most of the time, and think more of others, especially Katie Wyskochil my cousin. She is only 15 and already so very ill with inflamatory crohns disease, please heal her God, hear this prayer and by Your power heal all of us in need, in Jesus holy name, Amen.

1/1/2003 05:49

I have been suffering from neuropathic pain syndrome for the past 3 years, after a benign tumor wrapped around my sciatic nerve and damaged it. This happened exactly 6 weeks after I graduated with my PhD. Before that, I was suffering from PCOS (polycystic ovarian syndrome) which puts me at increased risk of breast and uterine cancer,lifelong infertility, and a constant struggle with my weight. Before the tumor, I had lost 100 pounds, and with my degree, I was prepared to start research in the field of vascular surgery. Since the tumor and the excrutiating pain it has left me with, I have gained all but 20 lbs. Also, I have lost my health insurance, so that I cannot afford the $65,000 spinal cord stimulator which is my only option left for pain management. I do not wish to sound like I am complaining; there are many, many others with far more serious health problems. It's just, I don't have alot of family support, and when I am in alot of pain, as I am tonight, I wish someone would just hold my hand. Jesus, you know the depth of human suffering, just as you were hung on a cross. Please caress all who are suffering in your love and place the light of your love into the hearts and hands of those who otherwise turn away.Let those who are in constant pain find your love and strength in their hearts and allow for loving, caring people to come into their lives so as to serve God and their fellow man.

1/1/2003 12:02

I just found this site and was just diagnosed with Reflex Sympathetic Dysrophy(RSD) Complex Regional Pain Syndrome(CRPS)not much you can do for this. I am do for surgery on my shoulder
for the 3rd time(rotator cuff) on the 3rd hopefully I'll have full use of my shoulder when I come out of it, As I read that article most people don't recover. I won't let that get me down I have two samll boy's that need me to playball and tag and run around after them, 11 and 8 are young well I better go thank you for listening to me.

1/1/2003 22:01

Dear God, I ask you to put your healing hands on those of HIV/AIDS. Doctors may give up on them but I know you are a healer and you will never give up until yu are ready for them to go. Grant them the life to live and enjoy. Be with them and all others that aregoing through sme type of illness. In Jesus name I pray. Smookie

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