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Those Living Alone

I ask for prayer for those of us who live alone and are suddenly faced with a situation, chronic illness, accidents, disease or any dis-orders or loss that limit or seclude us more than we would choose.

Once we were free and strong, helping others, now we pray for someone special to rediscover us, that we may share the things that in their most simple form have become ever more beautiful.

We ask that you do not forget us. We still "are" .

Remember us at bedtime, when you say goodnight to another, that we may feel your prescence.

Lift up our Animal Children for blessings, as they give so freely of love and devotion, and pray that we may run with them again.

Hold our hand within your heart as you might hold a beloved, and pray that we may again one day, find our hands clasped with another.

Libralight -7/7/2001
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12/29/2003 23:12

happy new year and i hope yall had a happy CHRISTMAS.
tam;i am still having to go and everynow and then come to my friend's apt. to get on line, you have my address on file, i sent you in your email, please write to me there. i love and miss you lots too , and i do hope everything is well with phillip. i lost my phone today, soooooo, when i get my check, i am going to try and get on with someone else, when i do i will let you, and darlene know and know that i am thinking of yall and missing yall even more. darlene,lil sis , look forward to hearing from you again soon.andi will try and get in touch with you in a few days. love yall lots.kris, youare all in my prayers, heart and thoughts,

12/30/2003 13:05

Hello Tam, Kris and everyone else!
I hope everybody had a joyus holiday! Sorry I have been scarce, but it was a combination of me forgetting my password and someone new comming into my life. I had told you about Debbie, well that went into the tank. A truley lovely angel has come into my life for what looks like (and I hope) a long time. Her name is Brenda and I believe as does she that God brought is together for a reason. Now if I can manage to avoid any more stupid attacks and keep my stupid gene under control, it looks like we will have a long time together. Anywho merry New Year to one and all, and may you live long and prosper! (Sorry Mr. Spock!)

CYA y'all later


12/31/2003 00:45

Happy, Happy, Happy, New Year and new relationship with Brenda I bid you Phillip. So good to hear you sounding high on life.
Tell Brenda we here at beliefnet love ya and to take good care of you, and Pholley (smile) you do her the same, amen brother, amen! You don't want me and Kris to tag-team you again right.
Y'all be blessed and cherish each other.
Phillip, remember God first in all things, that's it no preaching tonight.
May the blessings of God be over y'all is my prayer. I love you with the Love of Christ and toodles, lol lol.........
Christ love and mine, Tam~

12/31/2003 00:48

man I'm so happy for you it's as if I had found my Boaz or Mr. Promised to me, lol. I pray all the happiness and Mercy and Goodness to y'all.
Peace and Love of God shall guard you in Jesus Name, Amen

12/31/2003 22:53

hey phillip;i am so sooooooooo happy for you and the great things that sound are happening for you , with a new relationship. i am so happy you have found someone like brenda to love you back and to share in a great promise together. and hey you heard tam; you would'nt want us to have to tagteam you again. hahaha. i wish you the best for both of you. happy new year. i am still using a friend computer at times until i can get back on always, kris. and like tam said;YOU CONTINUE TO KEEP YOUR EYE ON THE LORD AND PUT HIM FIRST, AND HE WILL TAKE CARE OF THE REST.


1/1/2004 03:16

Father, in the Name of Your Precious Son Jesus, I Thank You for all things
HOW GREAT THOU ART.....................
Your daughter, Tam~

1/1/2004 03:22

Kris and Phillip: Happy New Year and may it be filled with God, then His Peace, Love, Mercy, Grace, Faithfulness,and Abundance to multiply the whole year through in Jesus Name, I pray, Amen!
With all these ingredients you have a perfect and full life.

To All:
I bid you the Blessings of God in every are of your lives this 2004 and every year in Jesus Name, I pray, Amen!
HAPPY NEW YEAR.........................
His Love and mine, Tam~

1/1/2004 18:08

I will pray for all of you.

1/2/2004 06:08

I need everyones prayers that i may find a closer walk with the lord.I am 52 and alone after being in a relationship for 11 yrs.I live with my daughter right now but must get a place of my own the first of may so please pray that god will make a way for me and open the right doors for me.I don't like being by myself so also pray that the lord will send me a mate.thanks to everyone who took the time to read this and respond to it.norma lee roy

1/2/2004 14:46

Hello Kris, Tam, and everybody else,

Kris, Tam, thank you everso much for your prayers and kind words. It looks like We are going to have a long life together, and I thank each of you from my heart for everything you have done(even the tag team LOL). Now if I can just keep my stupid gene under control and not screw things up totally, tthis might just last a while.
I ask that you reach out to leeroy the way you have me and help her as you have me. Norma I've been where you are, and these two can work wonders for you. I know your pain all to well and pray that you get your wish, and soon. Just don't rile these two up and they wont tag team you the way they did me (LOL). But seriously, every one here including me is pulling for you. Keep on trying and it will happen...
I'll be back here in a bit to see how everything's going.
God Speed to you all

1/3/2004 17:46

NORMA;iam one of the tag team , phillip speaks of ,iam kris. i am still using a friend of mine computer right now, but i hope by next week or soon i can have mine back on. i am littlecreeksparrowdance on here. i will keep you in prayers and thoughts , and i know that is hard for you , after a long relationship, and then suddenly to be on your own , but GOD has a way of working thoings inHIS TIMING , dont give up , and just know that you have friends here , and we will pray and support you all the way, and yes like P hillip saidsmile>me and tam a get ya , if we seee you need to get back on that track. haha. MAY GOD BE CLOSE AND NEAR YOU ,LOVE AND FAITH, KRIS.

PHILLIP; I could'nt help but grin and smile when i read what you wrote about me and tam. that was so cute and oh so true. haha.AND YYYYYYYYYYEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAA, I am sooooooooo happy that you have found that special someone and it is going so great and it is leading to a lasting one. sssssssssseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee, just have to believe and have faith. huh/?/// good luck and best of everything always,love kris.

tam; hey you , i hope you are doing well, i will be so glad when i can get on my computer again, soon maybe, here is my address , yall can write me till i can come back. 1125 lincoln st. apt.109, olla, you lots and lots, kris

darlene, hey lilsis!how are you? fine i hope, i will send your letter soon as i get my new # and i will send it with the letter and package.well i have to go now, but love you lots, your big sis, kris

1/5/2004 05:43

Hey Kris, Tam, and every one else!
I want to thank both of you for you r kindness and support while I was being stupid! But you aint gonna believe this one, because I still don't myself. But it looks like my days as a batchelor may just be numbered! After church yesterday, we spent the entire day together,and I can't explein it but everything just felt right. Who woulda thunk that this would happen to me huh? Anyway you 2 are quite a team, and people (including myself) need you two to keep everything as it should be.

God bless both of you Kris, and Tam


1/6/2004 19:35

Hello again Tam and Kris and everybody else,

Tam, Kris, I need your help,
Could you please pray for me so my stupid gene wont get all worked up and make do something dumb? I don't want to blow the relationship I finally found be being dumb.

1/6/2004 19:45

THanks for your kindness and prayers. Like I said my single days are comming to an end and I need all the prayers I can get! LOL

God bless you all


1/8/2004 00:19

I would like to pray for my grandmother who has been living alone now for almost 2 years, well, since my grandfather died. She got to come to my house for Christmas this year, which is 1000 miles away. We had a blast. When she got back home she had her yearly physical and she has a lump in her breast and skin cancer on her nose and she has lost 3 1/2 inches in the last year. I am worried about her, she is my best friend and my teacher, my role model. I pray that she is ok, gets through this and is back to her normal self soon. I am so worried. Lord, please take care of her and wrap your comfort and strength around her. This I ask in Jesus name, Amen.

1/8/2004 18:29

Lord, thank you for all the wonderful people you have put in our path to keep us from being lonely. Please show us how to find all our Joy and satisfaction in you so that the nights aren't so lonely and painful. In Jesus' powerful, precious name we pray,

1/8/2004 18:39

I need your prayers please. I'm a 55 yr old woman living in CO. 2 years ago my husband left me in the middle of the night and took our 2 teenage children, a girl and boy. He's told me he still loves me and was telling me he (LD) wants to be with me, but now he only tells me he loves me. I'm having so much trouble waiting on the Lord! God has given me 2 visions and shown me every Spripture talking about marriage and how God hates divorce. So I believe we will be together again, but I'm so lonely and afraid. The more time that passes I feel it's less likely we will be together again. Our daughter (adopted 6 years ago)doesn't want me with them as she wants her first and only daddy to herself, so she lies all the time about me and everything else. LD now realizes that she lies so much, but now I feel he's afraid that I couldn't handle being around her. Please pray for restoration of our marriage, healing for Christine or for LD to wake up and listen to God if He's telling him to put her somewhere where she can get the help she needs instead of once a week therapy. She's also sexually active at 16, as her birth mother sold her into sex for drug money at 8+- years old. So when she wants money she finds a way to get it.
LD is about at the end of his rope, I can tell, and everything is crashing down on him, IRS, no work, Christine, missing me. If he has to hit bottom to call out to God, then pray that it happens quickly. He was very strong in the Lord before this happened, and I am very strong in the Lord now.
God bless you! Summer

1/9/2004 01:19

please pray for my daughter who is seven and just doesn't seem to fit in the crowd. She looks just like an angel and is the most thoughtful and considerate seven year old I have ever met

1/9/2004 14:27

Bless God Kris and Phillip:
Sorry I haven't been on in a few days yet I see the posts and pray for you guys always.
Kris--Love, love, love dear for all you do and thanks for being my partner in the tag-team. :)smile. So how are you these days except you limited time on PC, I'm praying for ya sis and I got the address. Isn't it so good for Phillip and Brenda, he deserves so much happiness. I will write you later dear.

Phillip--be yourself and stop being anxious you will do fine, okay! I'm sitting here laughing at ya, y'all make my days. You sound like a nervous bride, ha ha ha. Nervous groom I would assume. Phillip, thanks brother for thinking of Kris and I as able to help our fellow sisters/brothers in Christ.
And I pray all the abundance God has in store for you in every are of your life.
Phillip it will be fine, wake up in the morning give God Thanks and ask Him how to make you be the person He wants and then you can be sure of being the husband Brenda needs. I'm so happy for you, tell Brenda not to worry we will keep you inline. Remember last year I told you I was assigned to you, and it is my deepest desire to see you whole and complete not lacking anything.
I love y'all dearly and pray fervently for the blessings of God in every are.
His Love and mine, Tam~

1/9/2004 14:35

Praise God Leeroy and welcome dear where Jesus is Lord.....Father, I ask You in Jesus Precious Name to guard the thoughts, actions, and life of Leeroy.
Lord, heal her finances, hurts, physical, emotional or spiritual burdens in Jesus Name, I pray , Amen!
Leeroy, put God first, and when you say you desire a closer walk with God, realize His ways aren't ours so we may be looking for a mate and since you want to walk with God He is saying right now I am your mate. So if it's not happening then remember what you asked God for. He will give it yet at times He want a personal and intimate relationship with you first. To have loved you 52yrs. and oftentimes we not knowing just how much is staggering.
But you stay here among the believers in Christ who shall hold you up and keep you from falling and know Gd will keep you from being cast down. Amen sis, amen! Be of good cheer, pray for Peace of God, I tell you dear when you got that all things fit together and nothing can overtkae you for God has stamped you through and through with His Peace. Glory be to God! If you need us we're here for you. God Loves you and so do we. His Love and mine, Tam~

1/9/2004 14:50

Bless the Lord, pwrpufgrl, Summernights and I pray for Peace in the midst of your family issues. Pray and seek God in your troubled times, He loves you both and will hear and answer.
God's Speed, Tam~

Angelswithin, read Genesis36 the story of Joseph being alone in a family of 12 boys the tribes of Israel and not being a part of. Dear God select and sit people aside; see birds of a feather flock together, but eagles, Glory to God, stand alone. And know this is for the anointing God has on this chhild life that early on she's not accepted.
They don't know exactly why but I discern spiritually this child is set aside for God. Keep her in church, she will ask lots of questions, a good bible-based church is a start. Let her be a child but she will amaze you with what God has put in her, Amen!
The story go on until about Genesis40 and give you the end of what God done for Joseph, and the Favor God found in Him. Great reading and you shall identify. Even in your homes people realize God didnot bring Peace in family, but in Matthew He said He bring a sword to set mother against daughter,
for His sakes, and for those that will hold fast to His Name. I pray the blessings of God over all and do hope my posts are able to help you all.
Peace, Love, Mercy and Grace of God to be an umbrella over your heads in Jesus Name, I pray, Amen!
His Love and mine, Tam~

1/9/2004 18:51

Please pray that I have strength and courage and boldness to be active socially and to share Jesus

1/10/2004 22:46

I am new to the group. I came seeking help. I have more or less been dumped by someone I loved dearly. I wasn't given an explanation so I don't know what I did wrong. For the past three weeks I have had a hard time dealing with this as he refuses to answer my emails, etc. My Mom has told me to let it be but I can't. I have become obsessed with him because I DON'T KNOW THE REASON. IF I KNEW I BELIEVE OR RATHER I KNOW I WOULD HAVE CLOSURE. IS IT WRONG TO SEEK CLOSURE?

1/11/2004 02:13

You are never truly alone. God is always there with you. God's light and love are within everyone. Learn to use these times of solitude to forgive yourself unconditionally, and to love yourself unconditionally and you will attract positive energy into your life.

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