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Shane Whalen
This Prayer Circle is Dedicated to my son Shane Whalen Who Passed Away On March 15, 1999 at the Age of 24, & All Other Children

Start a prayer circle for bereaved parents who have lost a child.

There are many of us out there who have lost a child, and it is devastating. It changes the outlook on life, plunges you into a depression, and you think that the feelings and thoughts you have nobody else could possibly relate to. I think a prayer circle for bereaved parents would only benefit us and help us on our journey of grief. This Circle is one of Love, where a Grieving Parent can safely come to for Prayers, and to talk about their feelings.

Shaner -10/14/2000
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6/18/2007 00:47

Hi Everyone,

Believe it or not right now I have to wear a sweater cuz it's so cold in this section of my place. I can't believe that I had my gallbladder out on Wed night and was in church Sun morning! God is so good. As always with me there are several medicals issues going on at once. The gallbladder and that overwhelming pain is taken care of. However, my stomach is still very inflamed. So there is still pain, just not as intense. Also there is still a lot of nausea if I eat too much. I treated Mike for Father's Day to Denny's. I had a waffle and applesauce. Still not sitting well. I have to do the trial and error way to learn what my stomach will tolerate (and how much). When I was in the hospital they had me on several new meds. They discontinued them when I left. I'm calling my dr tomorrow and asking to go back on them. They helped a lot in the hospital, didn't know how much until today when they are totally out of my system. Mike is waiting on me hand and foot. He doesn't let me do much of anything. If I need to go anywhere he has to drive for two reasons, first I'm not suppose to yet and second my car is broken again. I have all this week off, only without pay I think. My plan is to rest and try organizing without lifting more than 5 lbs. Thank you again for all your prayers and please continue to pray as I do for all of you. Charlene and Chris hope to hear real good news from you two quickly. Kathy, I'm so sorry to hear about your brother's health issues, extra prayers are definitely going up for him. I do have some sad news to report about a family in our church. However, it will have to wait until tomorrow. Love and gratitude to all, Jane

6/18/2007 10:16

Hi my dear sister,
Yes, poor Dads so often get overlooked on their special days, you're right, they do grieve very differently than Moms do and if a bereaved Mom isn't aware of that, it could lead to problem's in the marriage. And I hope all our Fathers, living or deceased, were wished a Happy Fathers Day too,
Lots of love & Hugs,

6/18/2007 10:51

OUR DEAR JANE!! Its so wonderful to finally see a Post from you and now know what's been going on!! In your last post you said if we didn't hear from you that meant you were in the hospital, but still, its only natural we're going to worry about you !
So you had surgery and they took out your gall bladder...that was the source of your stomach pain then. I'm so happy they finally discovered the problem, you've had to put up with it for so long, God love you. Yes, I guess you'd have to take it easy on the tummy for a while, I do hope though that your appetite come's back. Gee yes, if those med.'s helped you so much in the hospital, phone your family Dr. That's too bad about your car, but at least you have Mike there to help you out....sound's like a very nice man, might he be 'boyfriend' now instead of 'roomate', :)
Very happy to have you back!
Much love & {{Hugs}}

6/18/2007 22:44

Hi Fellow Sisters,

Yes Sandy, Mike is definitely moving in that direction. Problem is that all this kind of stuff is so new to me. Not sure what to make of it yet, but it does feel sooo good!

I did call my doctor today and have an appointment in the morning. I hate to do this to you guys again, but if you don't hear from me tomorrow night, I could be back in the hospital. Whatever he recommends, I'm doing. I will try to have someone from the discussion boards just post here. Don't know why I didn't think of that before. Sandy, I'll e-mail you my cell# also. Today was just another bad stomach day, however not near the intensity it was before.

Last night I posted I would tell about a tragedy in my church. We have an older couple (one's retired, the other near) whose oldest son was found dead in his room. No foul play was involved. The young man's name is Fred and was 26 yrs old. He has a alcohol and drug addictions history. He was clean for quite awhile, then I think started again. That's all the info I really know. He lived in NC when he died and his parents live in IL. His mom was in Thailand on a missions trip when this happened. She stayed and came back with the rest of the group. They have another son who drove his family to stay with the dad. Parent's names are Chuck and Moni. They also lost a grandson about a year ago. I would just covet your prayers for this family. They are a very strong Christian family and right now have lots of support. However, as we all have experienced, the same type of support won't be there down the road. My church is very loving and caring and I know that no one would purposely say anything to hurt this couple. However, I know it will probably happen. My prayer is that God would send someone to walk beside them and validate their feelings.

I need to check in on the boards so I will say goodnight. Love and gratitude to all, Jane

6/19/2007 09:38

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Lots of love & Hugs to all!

6/19/2007 16:04

Hello our dear Jane!
Well, I'm just thrilled for you that you and Mike have taken your relationship to the next level - that 'sooo good feeling' sound's like love to me..the warm fuzzies, as I said, he sound's like a very nice man, and he's fortunate to have you!
Oh no, that's now what I expected to hear, but you're so right, do as they say to finally enjoy good health! Yes, I received your Cell #, thank you, and if we don't hear, I'll be giving you a call. I just haven't had the time lately to check out the Board you post on and frankly I completely forgot about it....I'm bogged down on my own Boards lately. Anyway, now we have your number and can find out for ourselves, if you go MIA again (which I truly pray isn't the case).
Oh dear gosh, that's so sad about your friends son passing away like that and his poor Mom so far away, God love her. Yes, of course you can count on our prayers for them, so don't worry about that.
Much love & {{Hugs}}

6/19/2007 23:40

Hi Everyone,

I'm not in the hospital. The dr put me back on the meds that worked so well in the hospital, and changed the antibotics again. I started the stomach meds right after lunch and have been pretty much pain free since. Thank you all for your prayers. Need to post other places and it's late. Love and gratitude to all, Jane

6/20/2007 16:29

Dear Jane It's great to hear that you are feeling better and not in the hospital. We will keep on praying for your full recovery. My love and prayers. Selva

6/20/2007 22:28

To all of you.. I want to express my sorrow at your loss. I had four sons and my second oldest just passed over this past 10/7/06. He was only 32 and needed a heart transplant that he couldn't bring himself to accept. I want to express to you how I felt during the time he was ill.. I was on eggshells crying daily. He lived in Oregon and I live in California. I was a nervous wreck, not wanting that phone call.. Once he passed over, I had this overwhelming feeling that he IS FINE. I have felt this very strongly since the very first night he passed. I now have no fear of dying, but I know I am here for a reason. My son promised to 'watch over me' and I know he is keeping his promise. I want to tell you all.. please, look for the signs. They are all around. I get messages from all sources, that remind me.. he is fine and doing exactly as he told me he would.. watching over me and our family. So please, don't let the depression take over. Live, live, live... I know my son did not want me to grieve for him, but instead wants me to live my life to the fullest. We need to care for each other, pass on the love. This is so important! Pray, talk to your loved ones that have passed over.. they WILL hear you. LIVE as they would have liked to... Live, love, laugh, pray and pass it on..

Dear Lord, please ease the sorrow in the hearts of all the parents who have lost a child. Give them the strength to go forward and live life to the fullest. Amen

Gods Blessings to all!

6/21/2007 15:23

My daughter went in the hospital yesterday aft with stomach pain. due date june 19th. They think today that it was something to do with a gall stone . She is feeling a bit better. Been on fluids for a day and a ahalf now and they have just decided to move things along and start to induce her. The baby seems fine. I came home to shower and refresh and re-energise myself for her later tonight. Please continue to pray for her and that sweet grandbaby of mine that I can't wait to see. I knew I needed to take the time to get extra prayers working for her.

6/21/2007 15:48

Dear Chris,

Thank you for the update on your daughter. I will definitely keep her in my prayers. Love, Jane

6/22/2007 02:00

I will say a prayer too, Chris, that all goes well. :) HELLO my dear sisters! So very sorry to be MIA for such a long time, but if I have your email address, you know some of the reasons why. Things have been very, hectic and stressful here for family and me since the incident, but we are still counting our many blessings that things are as well as they are. This is just a check in post, not a rambler. In addition to all thatís going on here, I've been having computer woes again, but I also need to catch up on reading so that I will know what to ramble about. My prayers, however, are ongoing that God will bless each and everyone in any way that you need blessings. I thank all of you for praying family and me through these stressful times. It is very much appreciated. Getting sleepy, but will try to check in more often.
Love & prayers,

6/22/2007 09:07

Hello all my very dear sisters!
I've been home since Sunday p.m. and baby and mom are doing fine. I'm exhausted! I had an insect bite of some kind over 2 weeks ago but it got better and went away. It flared up last Friday while I was at the hospital with my daughter and Sat. I had to leave the grandkids with my daughter at the hospital and go to Express Care to have the bite looked at. They put me on strong antibiotic and cultured the bite area. Sunday a.m. my lips started swelling and my mouth felt raw and swollen inside; I went back to the clinic where I went Sat. and the nurse practitioner said to keep taking the antibiotic and gave me a prescription for anti-itch medicine. I was NOT happy with that diagnosis because I've had allergic reactions to antibiotic before and I KNEW that was what was happening this time. I didn't take any more of the antibiotic and I'm very glad because Monday I was still reacting to it; face swelling and itching. I called the clinic and the nurse practitioner said he couldn't help me unless I was doing what he said to do--keep taking the antibiotic and take the anti-itch medication too. I finally got in to see my dr. and he gave me several things to try; he said the bite didn't even look infected, just toxic like a spider bite. He said NO MORE antibiotic. The past few days I've felt wiped out; sleeping most of the time, waking up to take my meds and doing the treatment on my leg, etc. The itching and swelling from the antibiotic is finally going away (5 days after taking only ONE dose of it!) so I hope I'm on the mend. I'd been outside cleaning out a flower bed that hadn't had anything done to it for about 2 years the day I got the bite, so I'm guessing that it definitely was a spider that was in all the weeds. Thank God that it wasn't worse and that I've finally started on the healing side of it. I'm just VERY exhausted and have been out of bed for very short times. I'll check back again when I can stay out of bed longer.
Love and (((HUGS))),

6/22/2007 09:41

Hi everyone,

Dear Verna, It is so good to hear from you with your brief update. Yes, you were very much in my prayers. Isn't it amazing that in the midst of everything we're going through we are still moved to pray for others? So, you're a night owl also? Saw the time you posted.

Since my surgery I find I'm exhausted by 10 and definitely asleep by 11. Part of my sleeping change probably is due to the long time in the hospital and the schedule there. My sleeping meds were given around 9 so I was asleep (as much as possible in that setting) by 11. My last night there my roommate had two peices of equipment that malfunctioned. Both her IV and morphine monitor sounded an alarm all night. We were both ready to shut them off, but unfortunately they both had back up batteries. She was also not treated very nicely that night. They kept telling her it was her fault. At one point the alarms went 45 min before someone came in. The next morning she told the staff and the head of the dept came in. I backed her up completely. They removed her IV right away because of the position it was put in would make it go off every time she moved her arm. How can you not move your arm when you're sleeping? That was the worst night experience I had. We all know that hospitals are not the place to sleep unless you're drugged up, which I was in the beginning. It was weird, the one med everytime it was injected into my IV, immediately my head went fuzzy. If I didn't fall asleep right away, I was totally loopy. Words didn't make a lot of sense. I was talking to my daughter-in-law while it was injected one day. I told her I had to hang up and she begged me to stay on because I was so funny! My pastor came to see me the day after surgery, right after an injection. I remember he was there, but don't remember much of the conversation. I told him that on Wed and he said "You told all." I just laughed and said I had no secrets that he didn't know about! Later I found out that this med wasn't meant as a pain med, but to put you to sleep. I was taking 2mg every two hours. For those who remember my friend Bob, he was taking 18 mg every 4 hrs. Now I know why it was so hard to understand him at times and why he kept falling asleep in the middle of a conversation. Besides the fatigue factor I'm feeling better each day. I just have to learn what I can't eat, like cheescake! Hardly ever have it, but I was at a dinner and had just a small sliver. Didn't sit well with me at all. I usually eat low fat which is the recommended diet after my surgery so I don't have to make drastic food changes. However, I now have an aversion to salt which isn't a bad thing.

Sandy, just reread your post about Mike. The "warm fuzzy feelings" aren't there. Instead it's what I call comfortabilty (is that a word?) and companionship. He is such a gentleman and treats me like a lady. Honestly, I can't remember anyone treating me that way! My daughter in law reminded me the warm fuzzies don't last, the compionship will. I do find myself checking the clock in the late afternoon and thinking, "Mike coming home soon." I don't know if I posted here that in the hospital Mike always gave me foot massages, which really helped my pain. Now that I'm home he still does that. Found out I definitely like foot massages! Like I said before, all this is new to me and unexpected, so I'm very cautious. In the hospital he always hugged me goodby. One night when I came home he said he wanted me back in the hospital so he could get his hug. I told him before I came upstair for the night I would hug him goodnight. He has only given me a peck on the forehead with that goodnight hug. I'm not ready for any type of kiss on my part. OK I'm taking Verna's place in rambling and probably told too much for my comfort zone! I think I needed to process my relationship with Mike. All I really know is that right now, it is a good comfortable feeling to have him around. Also helps that he's a great cook! Love and gratitude to all, Jane

6/22/2007 09:54

Dear Charlene,

I'm so sorry to hear of your medical troubles. You were absolutely right to stop the antibotics. With that kind of reaction, you could have stopped breathing. Make sure you have it written down that you're allergic to it and any other med. I keep a list in my purse and at home. Unless you posted it and I missed it, I don't know and details. All the fun stuff, name, pounds, height, you know the stuff grandparents love to brag about. I did see that we were posting at the same time. I've been missing you, hopefully you'll be able to post more and you recover. By the way, I would report that nurse practioner. Some antibotics are lethal if an allergy is present. What he did was wrong. Love and gratitude, Jane

6/22/2007 14:30

Thank you Jane,
Yes, I keep a list in my purse and my dr. made sure to write it on his list too. I'm blessed not to have had to take antibiotic much in the last few years, and that's good because I'm allergic to so many of them.
I hope you're on the 'mend' and doing better; it's experimental about what you can eat and what you can't isn't it. My sister still can't eat rice because it affects her negatively after her gallbladder surgery earlier this year. You're wise to take it slow with Mike and just 'enjoy the ride' for a while. Yes, it would be wonderful to have a man give you that type of attention and not be more interested in himself than in you.
Sorry I didn't give details earlier about the new baby. I was just too tired to think. There are several times in the past few days that are blank for me; too much poison and allergy to antibiotic in my system. But I DO remember the details about the new baby of course! :o)
He was 7 lb. 12 oz, 20 1/2" long; dark hair but not much of it (compared to her other children who had LOTS), and his name is Luke. Their other children are Hannah (6 1/2), Johnathon (4 1/2), Rachel (22 months), and the mom and dad's names are Sarah and John. How much more 'biblical' can you get? :o)
Our daughter, Sarah, was taking 'baby Luke' (that's what the other kids call him) to the dr. today for his first week checkup so I'm expecting a call later today to see how much weight he's gained, etc. They live in a big, old house that has 2 airconditioner units, one for downstairs and one for upstairs. They replaced the one for downstairs 2 years ago and now the one for upstairs has quit them. So they've been sleeping downstairs on blankets and mattresses for the past 2 nights. Pray that they will get the funds to get that fixed soon and they can move back upstairs to their beds. Sarah said she was so stiff and sore this morning that she couldn't get up until her husband could help her. I don't know what I'd do without air conditioning; the past few days I've been cold here in the house so I changed the thermostat to 85. Today I'm warming up some so I changed it back to 80; it's still very much cooler in the house than outside though so I'm thankful that I can stay in and not have to get outside!
Enough rambling. :o)
Anything else you want to know, just ask and I'd be glad to fill you in. :o)
I'm feeling better after my nap this morning but I think I'm ready to lay down again already.
Love and (((HUGS))),

6/22/2007 16:15

Yea and thank you. We had a very healthy baby girl this morning at 9:07 8.97 lbs 21". Alexis ("Lynn" after stephanie Lynn). Mom, dad, baby and grandma are doing fine but all are exhausted! More later. gotta make some pictures.

6/22/2007 17:19

CONGRATULATIONS CHRIS!!!! There's nothing sweeter or more wonderful than your baby having a healthy baby. ENJOY!!
Love and (((HUGS))),

6/23/2007 02:08

I have 4 sons and my second oldest just passed over this last Oct 7, 06 from heart disease that they never figured out how or why he contracted it. He was only 32, and had no children of his own. I was a nervous wreck walking on eggshells during his entire illness. I cried daily thinking of how he was suffering and afraid for when he would have to leave. But to my surprise, since the day he has passed I have felt peace in my heart. We were always very close and he sent me a text once that said I was not to worry if anything should happen to him. He would be up in heaven watching over me with his 'little grandpa' (my dad). I'm blessed that I KNOW he is doing just as he promised, watching over me. I carry him in my heart and know he is back to full health and happy as can be serving our Lord. He had a much bigger job to do with HIM. "I love'd you oh but Jesus loved you the best.., so I bid you goodnight, goodnight, goodnight... (Grateful Dead)

Dear Lord ease the pain and suffering in the hearts of all the parents here. Let them understand all is well. There IS another life and we do go on..


6/23/2007 08:35

BIG CONGRATULATIONS to our CHRIS and CHARLENE!!And of course the Momma's too! That's wonderful and Praise God for both babies being healthy! Little Luke and Alexis, both nice names, :). Big blessings all around,
Much love & Hugs,

6/23/2007 10:08

Hello Systacyn and a big, warm welcome to the Circle! Just very sorry for the reason you're here, the passing of your precious son, not very long ago.
You're among good company here though, all of us have suffered the ultimate loss that a Parent can and we're all in various stages on our Journey of Grief.
Your son was so young to have heart disease and need a transplant! Am I reading your Post correctly that he turned it down? I can only imagine the heartache and stress you went through before he passed, dreading that phone call. I'm so happy for you that you received that peaceful feeling of 'All is Fine'! What a big blessing to help you. Yes, you're so right, the signs are all around, just this morning I heard a song that meant something only to my Shane and I, so I knew it was from him, :). Yes, I also talk to my son and I know he can hear my heart.
This peaceful feeling that you still experience is probably why you're in such a good place with your grieving, but I'm sure you must have your moments as well, God love you. Please forgive us for not responding to your first post, sometimes people are posting at the same time, and someone's post get's 'lost' amongst them all, but KNOW that we're very honored to have you here and sharing your own story with us all! Please know that you'll only find understanding, compassion, love, understanding here and never any well, all belief systems are welcome. Thanks so much for your Prayer for all and know you'll be in mine/ours. I really look forward to another Post from you!
Love, prayers & Hugs,

6/26/2007 10:50

Good morning sisters,

Just wanted to check in and thank you very much for your prayers for my brother. He is home from the hospital and doing a little better. That is a big relief. The stress that goes along with it is something I could do without! I am just wiped out. I am getting ready to go on vacation and I think I would rather stay home and rest!

Charlene and Chris,
How wonderful to have new babies to love! Such a blessing.

Jane, good to see you are doing a bit better. I am glad that you have Mike around to be a comfort to you and take care of you.

My love and prayers are with you all. I will catch up a little better and hope to post on Friday before I leave.
God bless.

I have feet to take me where I'd go
I have eyes to see the sunset's glow,
I have ears to hear what I would know.
O God, forgive me when I whine;
I am blessed indeed-the world is mine.

6/26/2007 16:58


Jane (jpot): Elizabeth May 18, 1979(BD)--July 14, 1979(HD)

Anita (astarte1225): Joshua July 28, 1983(BD)--Feb. 24, 2006(HD)

Love and (((HUGS))),

6/27/2007 09:22

Good Morning Dear Sisters,

I wasn't MIA, my computer or B'net wouldn't let me submit a post on Sunday. I copied it so now I will try pasting it at the end. Work yesterday went ok, there was no air, but we had fans and it wasn't that bad. We were told in the morning meeting absolutely no complaining, the problem was being fixed. I did have a couple of customers remark how warm it was, but they also said it was better than outside. I'm all for being honest and just told them it was being fixed even as we talked. Also found my customers were very understanding with my weight limitation, unlike my coworkers from different departments. They were suppose to lift for me but each time I asked they were too busy. The person in charge of stock and my customers did all the lifting. Of course I received all kinds of advice about taking care of myself. We're instructed to never speak of our personal life with our customers. I do all the time anyway, because we have many customers come in all the time. Yesterday, whenever I told a customer I couldn't lift something because of recent surgery, they all were very helpful. Many did ask why I was back at work so soon. I have a one liner for that :Single person, need to work, used all my sick time. I really thought I would be in big trouble for the last 2 weeks of July, cuz I'm only being paid for 18 hrs. Between my church, friends and one son I'm going to do just fine. When I opened the envelop from church my first thought after gratitude was "Wow God, You're really early this time!" Usually whenever I need funds, they come in just on time. So here's what I couldn't submit on Sunday:

Hi Everyone,

Just a brief check in so I'm not MIA again LOL! Congratulations Chris. Being a grandmother is great. We get to spoil them, but also have the awesome responsibility to help train them!

Today has been a good day healthwise for me. As you know this changes on a daily basis. I did discover a small hernia and need to call the doctor. Otherwise, no pain and no vomit, YEA! We actually had a lot of guests over for dinner. I ate sensibly, was a little afraid to eat the spinach salad, ate it anyway and no problem. I can't wait until July 3rd when I'm off the antibiotics. They just complicate my life too much. I can go back to my regular med routine. I just realized I think I took 3 of one of them and I was suppose to only take two. Oh well, with all our company and late lunch or early dinner my schedule is way off. I go back to work on Tues. I was already called and asked to come in tomorrow and said no. I'm beginning to like that word and am using it often. Don't know if anyone else is having problems on this site but there are no images on my screen right now. NTG for tonight. Love and gratitude to all, Jane

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