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Marriages everywhere
People who are experiences troube in their marriages

Father God, I pray for marriages every. I pray that mates everywhere will join in praying for healing and restoration in marriages all over the nation. I pray father for all mates that are experiencing trouble in their marriage. amen

mjlove -7/7/2001
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3/29/2002 19:02


3/31/2002 14:00

Please pray for my marriage. Please pray that my wife will understand that forgiveness is a way of life. Please pray that her heart start to forgive and to come back home, so that we can give our all to God. Please pray that God works his miracles onto her heart and tell her the right thing to do is to work out this marriage and start turning to him and learning his ways. Please pray that my wife instead of going out and partying, she turns to God. Please pray that her friends do not influence her in the wrong way like they have been.
My heart brakes every day that she is not here. Thank you so much and God Bless!

4/1/2002 00:12

prayer partners please pray for me i am
a mother of 33 my husband recently
just walked out on us,my heart is literally just falling apart,he left us
with nothing,please pray me that god will give me strenth to go on.thanks so much.

4/1/2002 00:55

Please pray for my family, and our marriage. I hurt my wife a while ago when I told her about a life style that I am embarresed to mention. I love my wife and I don't want to be tempted by pictures and magazines. I have prayed several times for help, but I feel that I am not heard in this matter. I know htat what I look at is not right, but temptation overcomes me to many times.

4/1/2002 17:19

Dear Lord, I pray for my marriage, that it will be restored. Me and my husband have been separated now for two months and the days get longer and longer. I pray for my husband heart to soften towards me so he can forgive me. I pray that my husband will leave the past were it is and working on our marriage. Somedays are really good for us, we talk and really communicate and other days my husband still live in the past. I am putting my marriage in God's hands and I know he will restore our marriage and make us one again. In Jesus name AMEN!!!

4/2/2002 02:18

Please pray for me and my husband, we been marry for 4 yrs now with a 4yr old daughter, my husband have severe depression and allergy, the doctors' have been try every depression pills there is to try, and nothing seen to be working. my husband don't have fate in god as much as he use to, he said that he dosn't understand why god is allowing him to go through that, i'm very depress and confuse, my husband is not able to work any more, he is applying for disability, and i don't know how long it's going to take, we're are financally stress, i feel as thought i'm being punish, i want to leave my husband, but i know it's wrong to leave his because he's not able to work anymore, i'm so lost i don't know what to do, i'm do only one working to support my family i don't know how long i can keep this up, i'm praying and hoping that god will work some kind of miracle for us. anybody with any advise please email me, i need strength and support of other christian marry women that's going through this situation. thanks! please pray for us.

4/2/2002 10:40

Dear Lord,
Please help each and every marriage wether it be solid or going through rocky grounds. Bless those who are having difficulty deciding what it is for them to do. Help us wait and be patient.
Now, father I ask a special prayer for me. I have been seperated for 8 long months now and in that time I have met several different men. I have been trying to remain faithful to me husband, however, he has continued to show absolutely no interest in me. I am being to long for that comfort in companionship. I know that being with another man would be breaking one of your commandments. That is why I am praying for your guidance and I am asking all of you who know the power of prayer to do the same. Amen

4/2/2002 11:01

Father God I thank you first of all beacause it is a new day and in this new day I believe that there is restoration and in restoration not only am I praying for my marriage to change for the better and prosper but for every prayer request to be answered and results to come in the lives of them. Father God I pray for the peace,joy and happiness of God to enter the homes of your people in Jesus name. Let your annointing take over and that no weapon formed against it is going to prosper and anything that try to rise up against your covenant will not stand in the name of Jesus.Father God I stand in agreement with these people that are believing you for a turn around in their marriages for you know I am also believeing you for one in mine in Jesus Name thank you Lord for being there when needed and having others to pray with. AMEN

4/2/2002 16:41

My Dear Lord, Help all these prayer partners to know and to do the right thing to restore their marriages. Give us the wisdom and Your grace. Place a hedge of thorns around all wayward spouses and bring them back to You and their families. Help them fight temptation and deliver them from evil. Thank you my Jesus, for hearing and answering my prayer. In the name of Jesus I pray. Sacred Heart of Jesus, I place all my trust in You.

4/2/2002 19:13

I feel a little silly asking for prayer, as we are actually still newlyweds. Married 11 months now, our continuing "argument" is that my husband won't spend a lot of time with me. He works really long hours and makes a good living, which I am grateful for, but need some of his time to stay emotionally connected with him. I find myself feeling indifferent towards him sometimes. I feel as if all I gained in this marriage was his last name and the reponsibility of washing his clothes too. I love my husband dearly, and want very much to have a loving Christian marriage. Please pray with me that he will spend more time at home and start attending church with me. Email

4/2/2002 23:55

I want all to know the the devil is out to make many of us go down with him. He know his time is short. He knows that by destoring a marriage he gets not only a spouse, but the other spouse, and a few childern. increasing his gain to 3 or 4 and more. Please fight him, fight what he is doing. Things have been great in my marriage, till easter day, and 4/2 Instead of getting mad at each other, lets get mad at the devil. because he is the one doing all the bad, creating confusion.

Father God you know our troubles, You know our pleas. Please forgive me and those who need to be forgiven, You know the human flesh is weak. Only by the blood of your Son Christ we have a chance to salvation. Please create tounges that build up and not break, and tear down. Lord I know by our words we will be covicted and judged. Please let allthose who become offended by our words forgive,as we forgive them. please help each other to see the other and love them as jesus loves them. I know you know our burdens Lord, take them and lighten the load for us. Help us to become closer to you Lord in your name I pray by the Blood of jesus.

4/3/2002 07:56


4/3/2002 11:02

I am sorry to here that right now Satan is allowing many of us to think he is winning the battle over our marriage. I rebuke you Satan in the mighty name of Jesus. Stand firm and hold on and for those of us who see no reconcilition in our marriages don't fear being lonely, because Jesus will always be there. Rest in his unchanging hand and follow his command. I thank you Jesus for hearing and answering each and every prayer. Amen.

4/3/2002 13:15

I HAVE A PRAISE REPORT!!!!!!!!!! My husband is coming around. He has begun speaking to me again and asking my opinion. He has told me that he loved me, but most important HE CAME TO CHURCH WITH ME ON EASTER SUNDAY!!!!!!! To all of you who have lost hope, KEEP PRAYING!!!!!! God will answer your prayers in his own time and in his own way. My husband and I still have some things to work out, but hardest part is over. I pray he continues to come to church with me and the kids. It is Wednesday and we have church tonight. I pray he comes. I pray for peace of mind for all of you. You must put your troubles in his hands and leave them there. There's no better place for them to be. Also remember it may not be your spouse who needs to change but you. Pray to the father for guidance. He showed where I needed to change and although it took a while my husband began to change on his own. All things are possible for the LORD. Don't tell the LORD how big your mountain is, tell your mountain how big your LORD is and stand on his saving grace. Claim his healing of your physical and spiritual being. Send satan where he belongs. Thank You Father for carrying us through our troubles and helping us to become stronger for it. I pray for healing of all marriages. AMEN

4/3/2002 22:24

My God, My God, My God, How much longer. Lord, it seem that every time it gets a little closer to end, something happens. Satan been working trying to temp me into doing evil and I've been fighting it Lord. It's getting harder and harder. He makes it seem that his way is the best way and sometime Lord, I just don't know. I'm just getting tried. It's been close to two years now and I've been praying and praying and everytime it seem to be getting better. Something hits me right back into my angry mood. I'm hurting Lord, I know that You didn't give me a time that You would end my storm and answer my prayer of restoring my marriage. And I know that I can't give up on You Lord and give into Satan. I just can't, because my faith is stronger than that. but I need help so Lord, I'm crying out to You for that Help. Help me Lord. In Jesus Name I pray. Amen.

4/4/2002 17:41

My husband and I have reconciled and have again felt the love that we had shared for 15 years. However, the mistress is now saying that she is pregnant and she will abort unless he returns to her. If there is actually a child, I would be willing to take it in to our home and love it as my own. A child is innocent. She would not be a good mother. To win back my husband with this threat is wrong. He does not want her to kill it. They will be talking at 8pm (EST) tonight. I pray that she reconsiders her threats to him. We do love each other so much and he realizes that he made a horrible mistake by being with her, but I know he also considers the child his responsibility and I fear he will return to her out of a sense of doing what is right. Please pray for us. We could give this child a perfect life. I want my marriage to be whole again.
Please pray for my sanity. This situation is so painful. I read through the list and I pray for all of you that are sharing the pain of a failing relationship. Like you all, I am so willing to do what it will take to save my marriage. I pray that our spouses will see the light and join us in our committment.

4/5/2002 13:50

well, I am not sure where to begin or actually what to do. my husband and I are separated. I have been w/ my husband since I was 19. I am now 27. we got married 5-26-00. We have been on again off again for the duration of our marriage. we have a son born 9-7-01. my husband also fathered another child 12-17-01 of that same yr. he is currently w/ the other woman. I filed for divorce. my husband was visiting pretty regularly until recent. in a conversation w/ the other woman, she stated that "my" husband would not be "allowed" to visit his son w/o her. I informed her that would not happen. she is not a welcomed visitor. when asked why she needs to be there due to her having no ties w/ me or my son, she stated that that she did not "trust" me. she figures that I put "idea" in to my husband's head among other comments. my husband has only seen our son once in the last three months. he tells me that it easier that way so that he doesn't have to fight w/ her. what are they so scared of w/ his coming and being in my presence. I will be living in the same city in less than 3wks. If I admit it, I still love my husband on some level. I don't know what to do. I think that my husband knows that he doesnt' want to be where he is and that the other woman knows that also. There could be another man in my life, if I choose to go there. I am still married regardless if either my husband or I act like it. I don't know what to do. A little part of me, is scared that I won't have my marriage restored and I will be more devestated than when this first occured. I want to do what Is God's plan. I new in christ in the sense that I don't know how to pray or what faith could restore. all comments are welcomed. thank you to all that respond. younginchrist...

4/5/2002 17:10

Please pray for our 16 year marriage. I'm so afraid we are not going to make it. We have 2 children, and I do not want to break up our family. My husband and I have always fought about intamacy. It is tearing us apart. Please pray that God will help us.

4/6/2002 09:08

To younginchrist,

You have taken the first step. You have the desire to do God's will and except his plan. He will be with you every step of the way. Praying is no mystery, it is a conversation with someone who loves you without end, without reservation, without judgement. Just tell him everything in your heart and he will help you sort it out. Don't worry if you mess up or don't always do it just like you think you should God knows your heart and he will be there for you. It may not be easy or pleasant by know that he will walk you through the difficult times and will rejoice with you during the good times. Let God take over your life and figure it out for you. The peace and love of God, which passes all understanding, be with you and remain with you always. Amen

4/7/2002 01:17

My Prayer goes out to everyone in this circle. Marriage is a tough but sacred union. I am no stranger to the fights and struggles with marriage. My own marriage seems to be moving swiftly down hill. My Prayer is that my marriage is restored and can overcome the trails and tribulations that it is encountering. I also Pray that God bless me with the strength to endure. I know that he knows what is best for ALL OF US in this circle and if we really trust and believe this then our worrying is in vain. Lord I Pray that all my sisters, brothers as well as myself find peace and humility within ourselves that it may overflow into our marriages. I Pray that the peace that you have given us will be recipricated by our mates. Please restore the desire in all of our hearts to remain committed in the promises that we made to you through our marriage vows. May we all take inventory on our own self worth so that we will always know that we are worthy of the best and nothing less. We are YOUR children father and you love us more than we love ourselves. On that same note you have already ordered our steps all we have to do is live in the belief that you have our best interest at heart. You Father choose what we go through. We Father must now choose how we are going to go through it.

4/8/2002 12:32

Oh Dear God, I ask for his guidance everyday in hope for an answer to my prayer. I lost my baby almost a year ago and I lost my husband too. Even though he still may be at home with me, he is only there physically. I have tried talking to him but he refuses to go to a counselor. I have also learned that there has been another woman throughout my entire marriage of two years. I feel like such a fool and I ask God why why. Please pray for our marriage even though I know deep down in my heart it was over before it began I was just too blind. Marilyn

4/8/2002 12:44

Again, I pray for all of you on this list including myself. I had to let my husband go last night. By trying to reconcile with him about his affair he seemed to take me for granted and continued to try to be with us both while he was making up his mind. This is a very sick, mentally ill situation.
I realized that as his wife of 15 years, I am not someone that should be needed to be chosen. If he can't make up his mind, then I really don't need to be with him. It would have been easier if he had felt he had fallen out of love with me. By letting him go, I am taking away the thrill of having a clandestine relationship on the side. I am also giving myself a chance to breathe and try to have a life that is not filled with doubt and mistrust.
Today, I am trying to breathe, I am trying to eat, but I lose most of it. I am also trying to be strong. I ask for that all of you on the list, to realize that we are wonderful human beings that do not deserve to be betrayed. We deserve to have people that can commit to us, and be faithful to us for the rest of our lives. I pray that we can learn to trust again.
Talk to people that have survived this. See that the people that were cheated on can move on and be happy again. See that the people that did the cheating usually regret what they did, but it is after the spouse has moved on. I tried to hang in the marriage, because I was so sure he would regret his actions. By staying with him, he had nothing to regret. He had the best of both of us. Lord, Please give us the strength to be strong and to be able to see that you have a better, healthier plan for us.

4/8/2002 12:48

If you are on this list because you are being tempted to cheat, I ask that you truly think hard about what you are doing. Reading these letters, will show you how devastating the consequences will be if you take that action. If you don't want your marriage anymore, then get out. If you think you might want it, get counseling. Do not do this to your spouse. Nobody deserves to have to deal with this. Most people regret cheating, but by the time they wake up they have already lost everything. If a person is willing to be unfaithful with you, this person is not someone that you would want a long term relationship with. They don't respect your vows and won't respect any taken with you. Please don't be unfaithful.
Lord, I pray that people who are tempted will read this and wake up to the pain that they are about to cause the people in their lives. Please let this letter make a difference.

4/8/2002 16:48

Father, I pray that you give everyone on this list the strength to carry on. I pray Father that they will seek you for comfort. Father I realize the pain they are going through, for I too have been having marital problems since this past August. Father I turned to you and rebuked satan and now my marriage is on the mend. Father I thank you for the strength and comfort you are giving each one of us. Father we know that you will carry us through our strugles, not around them, for this will make us stronger in you dear Lord. Thank you Lord Father for holding us securely in your arms. I rebuke satan and keep my eyes on you Lord Father for only you are worthy. I know Father that as long as I am faithful to you everything will be alright in the end. Lord I thank you for the healing of my marriage and I pray that you will continue to work in my marriage to make it stronger. AMEN

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