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Barbara A. R.

I am 44 and have several chronic diseases. I have no women in my mother, sisters, cousins, etc. I only have a daughter who thinks sick people are weak.I have a beautiful loving son who is 22. He has put his life on hold to care for me.

I have no energy and am always sick. Now.even to sit at the computer is draining. I am constantly fighting one illness after another. Each disease I have makes it hard to treat another. My main illness is severe Hep C which I contracted via a needlestick at work. I have had it 20 years and it is getting progressively worse. I already feel like I am *dead*.To get up and walk or take a bath is draining. I do not know if it is the Hepatits, the medicines I must take for excruating pain or for high blood pressure after a stroke at 39, or severe depression. Lately I feel like I am literally about to die soon.The doctors seem to have reached a point where there is little they can do to try and *fix* me.I am so afraid and tired. Please pray that I regain at LEAST enough strength to fight to live. This feeling has been with me for about two months now and each day it grows stronger.I BEG you..please pray. I can not leave my son..I also have a year old granddaughter who may need me one day. Bless all of you.
gentylone -1/8/2001
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8/4/2001 23:50

Heal Jesus. Heal. I say a special prayer for this lady, for your child. I bind every illness and I thank-you in advance for your healing. I pray for salvation.
God loves you. If you are saved, you have nothing to fear.

8/5/2001 14:25


8/10/2001 01:35

dear Lord may you help this brave, strong woman to believe that all will be okay through you.Barbara, God bless you and you're family and I think maybe you're daughter is just afraid of losing you. Amen

8/14/2001 23:35

Lord, I lift this courageous woman up to you in prayer and ask that You cover her in Your precious love. Remove any doubts from her mind and her heart that life is not worth living...let her remember how precious, if not perfect, this gift You gave to us is. Bring good friends, good mentors, and good doctors into her life that might guide her during these difficult moments. Let her feel the love of her family and her friends, both known and unknown...for we love her with all our hearts. Ease her pain and give her joyful days. Open the eyes of her daughter and soften her heart so that she may see her mother as the strong and courageous woman that she is. Bind every illness,ache and pain and cast them out of this woman's body. In Your name, I ask these things. Amen.

I too suffer from chronic my case Hep B (from a needle stick years ago), diabetes, and periperal neuropathy. Each day is harder than the one before to try tokeep on going, but the love of God and the beauty of life around me sustains me. You are loved and you are needed. Take back your control and your voice and reclaim your life. You have many things left to do. I hope one of them is to be my friend. If you need to me at God bless you.

8/14/2001 23:42


8/21/2001 17:23

Lord God in Heaven, I lift up this lady to You in Special Prayers for her well-being, Father just give her the strength she needs to go on. I pray that You will ease her pain and depression and fill her with peace and comfort. I pray for the doctors who are treating her for new knowledge of her illness, guide them in her treatment plan. Only YOu Lord knows what she truly needs. I just ask that YOu lay your hands on this precious lady and heal her body and soul. Give her emotional peace, bring some happiness in her life. I pray for her son as he cares for her, to not become discouraged and depressed, Bless him LOrd for being their for his mother. I ask all these things in Jesus' name Amen

8/22/2001 22:45

dearest barbara,
as someone who is suffers from depression and a cancer survivor i believe that your in your darkest moments is when you need to look up and thank God, for all the blessings that you have a wonderful angel in the form of your son who loves you with his whole life, you have two beautiful angels on each side of you waiting for you to ask for their help. they are all sent by God.he loves you and he didnot put you on this earth for you to want to die. these are your life lessons and you are learning even though it might not seem like it. i pray for you to have strength and faith to know that you can overcome all obsticals.may God's love enfold and protect you.

9/2/2001 11:50

Dear sister in Christ:

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9/5/2001 03:32

God please take this man's hand and walk him through his pain and despair.


9/6/2001 02:49

Dear Barbara, I can't imagine how much you must be coping with! Your health problems are worse than mine. My burdens are diabetes, high blood pressure, rheumatoid arthritis, degenerative joint disease, high cholesterol, panic attacks, and menopause. Last year, my doctor told me to stop playing my violin. Well, that would end my job - I teach it! I, too, am prone to bouts of depression. I have no children of my own and at 47 years old it is a bit frightening to think of having no one to look after me when I get to the point when I may ned help. A couple of years ago, I had an overwhelming urge to take all the medications in my little bucket and end it all. It was on a Sunday and I thought, God, I need help! I called every mental health center I could find in the phone book and, being a Sunday, all I got were answering machines! Then low and behold, I found the national suicide hot line and dialed it. After a few rings, A recorded message came on saying that the number was no longer in service! I had just spent 20 minutes trying to find someone to call through the tears that kept falling down my reading glasses and got no help at all, but you know, after all of that, I just started laughing so hard My sides felt they would split and I could hardly catch my breath! The mood swings that menopause bring came in handy that day! Stand up comics have been earning a living by making fun of their disabilities for years! I know that your situation is more, much more serious, than my own, but if you could manage a joke or a smile when you feel really bad, it might help. It has helped me - not every time, mind you - but maybe it might help you, too. It won't cure your body, but it may boost your spirit from time to time. It is said that laughter is the best medicine. I know this not a prayer, but I thought it might help you. Your son is there by choice and I hope your daughter never has to find out the hard way how hard your life is and that she will soon show more compassion for your condition. If you wish to have a friend, you may contact me at My hours leave me no time for a social life so I wouldn't mind having a pen pal. My mom's name also is Barbara and is poor health, too. Dad died about 4 years ago, but she is not alone and you aren't either. If you want a laugh or a smile, I'll try my best to provide them for you. Take care and don't give up! Mary.

9/8/2001 01:01

Father GOD I pray that you heal this woman. For it says in your word that by Jesus stripes we are healed .the woman with the issue of blood all she had to do was touch the hem of his garment and have faith . Lord I pray that you give this woman the faith she needs to believe In a divine miracle from u. I know that it happens . I know a man taht was on his deathbed, had cancerous tumors on his neck and body. But he didnt give up. He believed God for a miracle and he got one . He is now out and preaching God sword to everyone. Dont give up !!!!!! Gods got a bigger plan for u. Lord bless this woman and her son and show her daughter that her mother is not weak but very courageous and strong . Help her to see that her mother needs her support. In Jesus name I pray Amen

9/11/2001 23:41

Dear GOD, please take care of this man. Just as Job did, help him stay ultimately faithful to you through the sickness that has overcome him. Sickness is brouight upon only by satan Lord, nothing from you is evil. I pray that as you are willing ang permitting, to heal this man from satan's attack on him physically. I pray for his family, that his daughter's eyes will be opened up to reach out to her father and treat him with the respect he deserves. Lord, please bless his life and lead him to the paths of blessings.

9/12/2001 22:15

Lord God, Please lift up BarbaraLord give her the strength to run through each day Lord, I know you are a Lord of healing and that your word is our guide to follow. I Pray to you right now Father, that the strength will return to her, and that you will make each day for her a new joy. I Pray Father for her relationship with her daughter, that you will touch both of their hearts, so they can understand the importance of forgiveness. I ask this in the name of your Son Christ Jesus...Amen

10/2/2001 01:58

Thank you dear God for keeping this person strong. Minister to her constantly and keep her in your awesome presence. I agree with the other prayers in the name of Jesus that she is being healed right now. Praise God. Amen.

10/10/2001 00:29

Our Dear Heavenly Father, I come to you thanking and praising you for all the wonderous blessings you've given to all of us and the sacrifices you made. At this time, I ask you to give our dear Christian friend the strength to live and to continue on, to relieve her pain, and to fight depression. Lord, I rebuke the Devil, and tell him right now to get out of this woman's body forever. I also ask Lord, hat you touch her daughter's heart and have her realize her mother needs her love and understanding now more than ever. I thank you Lord for her son's loving heart and ask You to Bless him abundantly. Give him the strength and courage to be of help for his mother. "Where two or three are gathered, so shall I be." Many prayers have gone out for Barbara, and all agree her only source of help is our prayers. In Jesus precious name, AMEN.

10/25/2001 16:48

St.Jude Please pray for Barbara
St.Jude Pray for us.

10/31/2001 16:55

Lord please Let her still be alive. Save her and heal her. Lord take her when it's Your time not a minute sooner. Show her Your mercy. In Jesus Name. Amen.

2/10/2002 11:32

God tries a person only to his/her bearable limits. Be strong, this may be a test from God to bring you closer to Him.
May God give you the strenght to go on and make the best of everything that you do.

3/14/2002 18:38

Dear God, we know you will continue to hold Barbara and her family in your hands. Please help her feel your love and strength. Give her the courage and the well to live. In Your name we ask this.

4/8/2002 01:03

Dear Lord, Please give Barbara the strength she needs and the will to live. Amen. Barbara, you are loved. I wish you well, today and everyday

4/24/2002 16:34

Father in heaven,
Look down with mercy upon your servant who is ailing.Lord we come to you with faith and conviction that you are working a miracle in her life.You are giving her children the ability and love to be there for their mother.You are supplying her with medicine and food and drugs for this trying time.Lord we need your power to come into this situation, to calm this storm to calm these your mighty name we know miracles happen, and by your stripes we are healed.oh father, we claim this as our very own for this family. we ask this in your precious name.

9/2/2002 23:36

I pray that you find the strength you need to carry on!! Shalom and G~d bless.

9/22/2002 10:25

Father God we come to You right now and give You all the Praise and Worship, we Thank You for Your Son who dies for us. We ask that Barbara will read Your Word and know that we walk by faith not by site. We ask that you soften her daughters stoney heart and Bless her and that you Bless her son for kind heat. Father we ask that You give Barbara the strength that she needs. In Jesus Name we pray. Amen

2/28/2003 10:04

Barbara, I know that this must be really hard for you. I am a nurse and I know how hard it is for you to feel the way you do. In God there is hope, peace, and MIRACLES. We have to keep the faith even when things doesn't look bright. I pray that God heals you.Close your eyes for one moment and be still. Can you feel the spirit of the Holy Ghost? Let's try it one more time Barbara. Be still. God says, " Come unto me all ye heavily laiden, and I will give you rest. Come, seek after me and ye shall find me. Knoock on the door and it shall be opened unto thee. All those tears, all those sorrows are not forever my child. Look up. Believe that I am God and in me all things are possible ". Barbara, we have to keep up the faith. God gave us life. There is a reason. Do not give up. God is Jehovah Jireh, our Provider. He is our Healer. God bless you, and your family. Claim your healing. In God there is POWER!!!

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