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Faith and Love Prayer Circle

Be anxious for nothing, but in everything by prayer and supplication, with thanksgiving, let your requests be made known to God; and the peace of God which surpasses all understanding, will guard your hearts and minds through Christ.

The Faith and Love prayer circle was created out of my desire to have a more committed prayer life. I hope that you will feel the comfort of knowing that many will join you in your own prayer concerns; I know I feel an incredible sense of peace, knowing others love me enough to actually pray for ME! Wow.

Our Motto.... PUSH! (Pray until Something Happens!)

We all need a little push from time to time, right?

Join us for an awesome prayer adventure!
May God Bless US Indeed!

faithnluv -10/6/2001
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1/7/2002 01:10

Angels Among Us!

Angels look a lot like
the folks I hold so dear.

The ones I've met throughout my life, the ones from far and near.

The ones who give a shoulder
to someone who's feeling down,

The ones who do their very best
to wipe away your frown.

The ones who always lend an ear
to what you have to say.

The ones who always do their best to brighten up your day.

The ones who will stand by you
when things are at their worst.
The ones who won't abandon you when others have dispersed.

The ones who'll send an email to you
to let you know they care.

The ones who'll help you to stand up when life's too much to bear.

The ones most happy for you
in all your times of joy.

The ones who always let pass by
the things that might annoy.

The ones who share your sorrow
and your tears in times of grief.

The ones who never laugh at you
because of your beliefs.

The ones who love you as you are
with all your faults and quirks.

The ones who truly realize
you're a progress in the works.

To all the angels I have met,
who've yet to sprout their wings,
Thank you for the happiness, your words and actions bring!

1/8/2002 11:15

The following is an e-mail I received from my sister in Christ, Julie H., of Mesa, Arizona. Please pray for her complete recovery.

Now, my "fall" has nothing to do with my spiritual state! I literally fell
in my daughter's (Tracey) driveway the evening of Dec. 23rd. They called 911
and after reading the x-rays at the hospital, determined I needed surgery as my left patella was broken into 2 pieces. I had surgery on Dec. 24th and was released on the 25th (Christmas) to come home.

The girls moved Christmas dinner, along with their guests, to our home and a
grand time was had by all. I am so blessed in so many areas of my life but
one of the biggest areas is my family - so loving and so supportive and so
helpful. I am just so blessed by them.

The surgeon told me to keep my leg immobilizer (in my day this was called a cast & it was hard) on until I see him on Jan. 9th. I cannot lift my leg and must keep it straight. After my Jan. 9th visit, the "cast" will stay on for 6 to 8 more weeks but my physical therapy will begin. I was surprised when he said it would take approx. 8 months of therapy to regain full use of the knee.

Anyway, I wanted you all to know what happened and why you haven't heard from
me for a while - and may not for a while yet. It is really hard to sit at my computer and I'm still taking pain meds. My other bruises are almost gone so I'll be "up 'n at 'em" pretty soon. I'm already walking all over the house
with my walker & each day gets better & better.

I love you all. Please keep me lifted in your prayers if the Holy Spirit
leads you to. Will write more when I can.

1/9/2002 22:21

Well Ladies, Gents, Servants and Angels,

If you know me or have read my posts I dont often ask for prayers for myself. However - tonight I am.

Tomorrow I go for a job interview. This would be a very great opportunity to provide safety and security for myself and the children. I believe this is where God has led me to. This company is believes in God and is not hesitant to show it to the world and believes in the power of prayer !! In this day and age can you believe it?? When studying this company, I cried and was filled with such overwhelming emotion - as if I had found my home. Yes i know - a bit extreme and maybe even silly but...

Anyway I have tried hard not to stress about my unemployment but with children and mounting bills its a challenge.

If you happen to think of me tomorrow (1/10) around 1pm Arizona time I would be grateful to be lifted up by all the Prayer Warriors on hand.

I know that God has a place for me and in His time He will lead me there - I am praying that this is it.

Well anyways...thanks for listening

May yo all feel the loving hand of God gently guiding you thru your day

With Faith,


1/10/2002 16:25

KJ.... you've been in my prayers all day...hoping that you have great news on the job front!

Linda...hope that your friend Julie is healing quickly. We will continue to pray for her full recovery.

Also we ask for prayers for Luke P. who is a young man, bravely living with Muscular Dystrophy. He has recently been hospitalized due to new problems with his bladder--we pray that he would be healed and would continue to live life to to it's fullest. (Prayer request by his loving sister, Rachel).

Also prayers continue for Brenda, Kent and Kevin....struggling with life after losing their 10 year old daughter and sister. May they continue to trust in God to help them through this most difficult time.

I also ask for prayers of guidance and wisdom as we look for the right school for Gabrielle. (I know, it's not like she's going to boarding school or college quite yet, but, Kindergarten is the beginning of it all!) :) And we just would like God's guidance as we choose the right school for her. Thanks!

To each of you who continue to faithfully come here, whether you post or not......thank you for taking the time to keep praying for those you may not know. God knows each of us! And I am humbled to lift prayers on your behalf. Whatever your needs are this day, may you trust Him to provide. Whatever your concern, know that He is waiting to hear from you. And if you are enjoying a "blessing", remember to thank the ONE who gives every great gift...... See James 1:17. It's an awesome verse!

Until we meet again, may you be blessed in all that you do!


1/10/2002 16:30

The Bible Gateway here!

Just a cool link if you want to do a quick Biblical verse search. For those of you who know your Bibles better than I, you probably won't need this link. ;)

1/10/2002 16:34

Well since the last link worked, here's another cool link...

KLove Christian Click here. We listen to this radio station all the time, but you can also get them online, if they aren't in your area.... pretty awesome contemporary music. Of course, you do need speakers on your computer system....LOL.

1/13/2002 16:58

Happy Sunday my friends! Hope this finds you all looking forward to a wonderful week and taking time to spend some quiet time in prayer before you begin each day.

I have a couple of prayer requests: Prayers for KJ....I'm concerned as to how she is doing....haven't heard from her since Friday when she had her job interview. And prayers for all those seeking employment.

Prayers of peace and healing for Joy and her grandson. May they be granted the grace necessary for moving past a very difficult situation.

Also, prayers of quick healing for Jackie (my Mom's very dear friend). Jackie fell at the hair salon yesterday and broke her pelvis.

Prayers for Andrew as he undergoes assessment in the upcoming weeks--- prayers that he will receive the assistance he needs to make school a FUN and exciting place to be. And prayers for his Mom too.... for understanding, wisdom and patience as she helps this little guy along his path. We love you both!

Also prayers for our little Sophie.... she has a bad boo-boo and can't seem to walk right now-- not sure what happened to the poor bubba.

And for each of you faithfully coming here..... I pray that you will have the courage to share your hearts and soul's needs with us.

Blessings to you this day!


1/14/2002 20:32

I am in need of all the I can get. I am 49 yrs old and am disabled. I have numerous health problems. But the prayers I need now are concerning my 25 yr old daughter and my 4 yr old grand-daughter. They are living with me and have taken over my home. She was supposed to be here to help me with the house work and things of that nature, instead she is making things harder for me. She dosen't clean house she messes it up worse. My granddaughter does the same plus she dosen't mind anything you say to her. Don't get me wrong I love them both with all my heart, but they are driving my daughter has a bad attitude problem and is very hateful to me and my granddaughter. I don't have the heart to ask them to leave, but something has to chang. Please remember me in your prayers for me to find a solution. In love and faith.

1/15/2002 09:35

I just wanted everyone to know that Ashton's MRI came back normal, she still has these headache, so if you dont mind please continue to pray for her that we may find out what is causin the headaches. Thanks to all!

1/15/2002 20:41

The following is a post from a regular at Chryel's Recipes from Friends forum. Patti could use all our prayers. This is a very unfortunate situation, and it is now time to put petitions for healing before the Master Physician, Jesus Christ our Lord.

"I know I haven't been adding any recipes lately. I don't even check my email anymore. The fact is, I have Cancer. Ovarian Cancer, This is more a plea than anything else. I have been going to Doctor's for more than 1 year telling them over and over of my pain, weight gain, tiredness, not sleeping. I was checked for everything but for this. It is called the whispering cancer. Finally they ordered a ultra sound and then a CT scan which told the whole story. My symptoms were classic but missed as with so many other women. A pap smear does not detect this. Soooo...if you have to scream, shout and stand on your head and spit nickles, make the Dr. listen to you. Ask for an Ultra sound. Demand it, they work for us. Early detection is the best hope. As for me, I was married a year ago this past November and plan to fight. I don't know yet how bad it is. I have had alot of blood work and test this week. I see a specialist Friday . It looks like I will be in the hospital next week, then it's chemo. Please read this because I don't want another woman to have to hear the words I heard this week. Please take care and God bless. P.S. I could use your prayers.

Thank you,


1/17/2002 08:20

You know I have seen it for several days now but only this morning did I take the time to read the entire poem at the top of the page "Angels Among Us" and I realized that it describes my daughter to a "T" wonder I call her Angelface and here I thought it was the combo of dimples, freckles, a beautiful smile and blue eyes.

My dearest Barb I pray that you have the wisdom and guidance you need - when and how you need it.

Heavenly Father thank Youfor so many things...providing us the most beautiful of days ending a perfect sunsets...the wisdom to make the right choices..the laughter of a child at the precise moment we need it the most..for my children (whom I love so dearly).

Thank You for the pain we endure both in our hearts and souls as we progress thru the journey of life as we reach for that ultimate destination that is You.

Thank You for the peace You have provided to me recently while looking for a job. I know that the love of money is the root of all evil..I only wish to pay for my bills so as not to be indebt to anyone. I have complete faith that You have a specific and perfect place that You wish for me to be and I am grateful that You have helped with the stress of waiting for that spot to open up. I am so grateful for everything....THANK YOU!!!

May you all be blessed abundantly. May your hearts desire and needs be met at the perfect time.

With a loving heart,


PS I got a reject letter from the company I wanted to be with but havea second interview this morning. It is so much easier to job hunt when you know there is a place for makes the "no's" that much easier to take

1/17/2002 18:37

Hello all, my first time in the prayer circle and I might say that I am very excited. My prayers are simply just to pray for my whole family. To help us come against the spirits of sickness, drug addiction, emotional distress, finacial freedom, depression, loneliness, and there much more I am sure because I have a very large family, atleast a hundred of us.

abundance of blessings,

1/18/2002 09:14

Prayers of thanks for special friends who are willing to lift others during difficult times. For those who selflessly give and offer themselves and their hearts, I give thanks. You know who you are. :) May God Bless You with every abundance and meet your every need.

Linda, keep us posted as to how Patti is doing. We will continue to pray for her and I have added her to another prayer chain through my women's prayer group at church.

Connie...Welcome to our prayer circle. I am praying that God will give you wisdom and sensitivity for dealing with your daughter. I pray also that you will find healing and that you will be blessed with health and energy.

Angel....great news that Ashton's MRI was normal. We will continue to pray that a diagnosis and treatment can be made. Has Ashton been seen by an allergist? May be worth the time, as food or pollen allergies can cause severe headaches..... just ask me! :)

Rblessed...TG; Welcome and we are excited that you are here with us also. We will pray for you and your family and trust that God will intervene and give you what your heart needs and desires. Seek Him in all things.

A few prayer requests myself today: Please pray for a friend who will be undergoing surgery on Feb.5. Her name is Deb.

Also prayers for baby Matthew...born 14 weeks early.

As always, thank you for your faithfulness to intercessory prayer on behalf of others.

Blessings to you all.


1/18/2002 23:58

Praying for teachers that they will get the support they need to do a very demanding job every day. Ask also prayers for students that they can learn to be respectful school citizens.

1/23/2002 17:00

I am a beginner at this and I have been a born again Christian for 5 years and have back slidden. I am going to go back to church tonight after not going for about 3 months. I ask you as my sisters and brothers pray for me that my salvation be restored. My children most of all need Jesus and I am the way to Him in there eyes, and I have not held up my end of the deal. They are both saved and baptized and I am thankful for that!!!! I feel ashamed for not going to His house and praising His name like I should and I think that is what makes me think its easier not to go. Please pray thank you!! God Bless, Amy

1/24/2002 18:47

On Friday Jan. 25 I go in the hospital for an operation at 3:00 pm mtn. time for Ovarian cancer. I am asking for your prayers. Thank you and may God Bless you.

1/24/2002 20:32

For my friend.....I lift up her nephew who is 18 or 19 and tonight lies in a hopsital bed with swelling of the brain of unknown origin.

and of another little boy of our acquaintance who is under the care of Barrow Neurological Institute....he is 7 years old and recently had a seizure that lasted for 2 1/2 minutes. There is a tumor in his brain. Studies are being done to determine the cause...whether or not it is operable and if it is cancerous or not.

Hevanly Father

I come to you tonight for Manueal and Tito. May the families be blessed with strength and wrapped in Your grace while Your will is carried out. We know not what the future holds but we trust that you plan is perfect even though the path to completion may be bumpy and fraught with confusion and pain.

I humbly ask that Your loving arms cradle these two families in this difficult and uncertain time.

Thank you for trusting us with this pain and this lesson.

in Your perfect love Lord


1/25/2002 18:22

Patti, I have too had female problems and I lift your name to the power of Almighty God to lay His sweet Hands on you in this time of need. I pray for all of you to receive the glory and grace that He wishes for us to have. I put the fate of my sister in Gods hands and she made it from Critical Care. Remember each of you that He has you in the palm of His hands and will do thy will. I love each of you and will pray!!

1/26/2002 00:13

Wow, I've been so frustrated......I haven't been able to log on to our prayer circle all week.... problem with the site or my server? Anyway, I wanted to let all of you know that I am here daily, checking for any new prayer requests and though I haven't been able to sign on to let you know that your requests are being heard, please know that we've been praying!

WV....welcome. Seems like one of your posts disappeared or am I imagining things? ;)

Amy.... Glad you are here. I hope that the prayer cirlce will help to encourage you in your faith journey. Remember that our growth in Christ sometimes goes in spurts. And sometimes we do backslide. The important thing is that you are focusing on your relationship with "JC" and He is always available.....even when we have been absent for some time.
Welcome aboard! We are always glad to have more prayer partners.'ve been in my thoughts and prayers all day today. I know you probably won't feel like coming to the boards for a while, but please know that we are praying for your health and your healing. Blessings to you!

KJ.... Hi kiddo! I will continue to join you in prayer for Manueal and Tito, praying for healing and strength for the families while God works His wonders.

And how about you KJ? How are you doing? I am still praying that the right door would be opened and you would find the position that will provide adequately for you and the kids....and that it would be something that you are enjoying!! Thanks for your prayers for Deb and baby Matthew. Deb is still awaiting surgery and some other tests, so please continue to lift her in prayer. Matthew is reportedly doing very well.

Also, prayers for little 5 year old Anissa one of my patients.... severely head injured 2 weeks ago and working very hard to emerge from a coma. She is the victim of a red-light runner; Grandma was driving her home from Kindergarten and was T-boned; Grandma is doing ok physically but really struggling emotionally, so please keep her in your prayers as well. No info available on the other driver.

For each of you here reading these requests, I lift you up and give thanks for your faithfulness....even if you haven't yet submitted a request! ;)

I pray that God will work wonders in your lives and that you will be compelled to share His love with someone else!

If you need anything, we are here for you!



1/29/2002 12:04

Dear Lord, Please hear my prayer. For the first time in my life I am sincerely undertaking a quest to serve you. Everyone please pray for Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit to guide my thoughts and writings to create an excellent novel that is of spiritual worth and may open a passage to Christ for hardened hearts and non-believers that I may be of service to God and my life might be worth something. Is it wrong to pray for financial success too? I have never been able to accomplish this on my own.

Thank you sincerely for your prayers. C.B. TahoeGal

PS. A special prayer for Patti for strength, peace and healing. May God be with you, Love.

1/30/2002 13:52


I'm not sure wether I should be here or not. The thing is, I used to believe. Things happen and now I'm not sure wether I believe or not. I don't even remember how I came upon this site. I also don't wanna just walk in here and say 'Pray for me' cause I'm not sure if that works either... Is there a group somewhere for people like me?

1/31/2002 11:37

Dear Lost, I think you have found the correct site. Doubting and questioning can be a sign of intelligence. Keep searching, the glass is still half full. In my opinion, feeling lost, unhappy and in turmoil pleases the devil. Feeling like you belong to something that is good and works for you pleases GOD.

Look for the light and take care.

1/31/2002 23:09

Lost...weclome home !!

We all get lost from time to time and we still stray even when we know the path..we are human.

Please remember that satan only tempts those that love God...if you didnt..he wouldnt bother. You come on in here any time.......and yes...we will pray for you...and with you !!!

Tahoe...welcome to you as well. Be sure to keep the notepad and pen handy. The thoughts come unbidden and the craziest times. The harder you try...the harder it is :-)

Grace, peace and strength to all of those that are in if ya dont know ya need it

2/2/2002 00:33

Gosh it's been a rough week here and I ask each of you for your prayers.....

My dear friend Karen passed away on Thursday after an incredibly heroic battle with breast cancer and multiple brain tumors. She started out as one of my patients and ended up as a friend whom I will miss dearly. She taught me much about courage and faith. I am blessed beyond measure to have known this sweet woman. I ask for prayers for her husband Donny, who will miss her more than anyone.

I also ask for prayers for the family of Pat.... My aunt who died of complications of surgery on Wed. Quite sudden and unexpected. We will all miss her and I ask that you lift up her son Dino and her husband Bob during this very difficult time.

Prayers for the family of Jackie....a special and dear friend to my Mom. She passed away suddenly this afternoon in the hospital. She is now reunited with her beloved husband Cliff, but those of us here will miss her greatly.

TahoeGal.... a big Faith & Love welcome. We will continue to pray for your success in your venture. I know that if God is glorified through your endeavor, you will succeed far beyond your imagination. Keep the faith. And as KJ said, keep the pen and paper handy at all times!

Lost.....I too welcome you with an open heart. You've already received great insight and wisdom from other faithful prayer warriors here. When we are feeling the most lost it is often because we have not truly been seeking HIM and His will. I am personally having a discussion with Him about the whole "time-table" thing.... (said with a smile, but also in truth). I think when we are lost we have stopped listening or have opted on our own path (or timetable) and not His. Anyway, I will continue to pray that you will come here for encouragement and that you will seek Him through the Word. It will give you all the answers you are looking for.

KJ....thank you for your neverending faithfulness and STRENGTH. Those of you who don't know KJ yet, will discover that no challenge or struggle ever causes her faith to waiver. I admire her immensely, for that is often my spiritual downfall. Prayers for Miss Angelface and for a very speedy recovery....and peaceful sleep for both of you during those night time hours.

Finally, I give praise and thanks to my Father above, who continually places people like yourselves in my path and helps me along in my own faith journey. It is my sincere desire to have an unwaivering faithwalk.... and to serve Him in whatever manner He chooses for me. Father God I ask for your blessings upon my sweet family and dear friends. May your light be a lamp unto their feet....

In Christ,


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