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Lights Alone
Those Living Alone

I ask for prayer for those of us who live alone and are suddenly faced with a situation, chronic illness, accidents, disease or any dis-orders or loss that limit or seclude us more than we would choose.

Once we were free and strong, helping others, now we pray for someone special to rediscover us, that we may share the things that in their most simple form have become ever more beautiful.

We ask that you do not forget us. We still "are" .

Remember us at bedtime, when you say goodnight to another, that we may feel your prescence.

Lift up our Animal Children for blessings, as they give so freely of love and devotion, and pray that we may run with them again.

Hold our hand within your heart as you might hold a beloved, and pray that we may again one day, find our hands clasped with another.

Libralight -7/7/2001
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9/11/2001 10:41



9/11/2001 23:50

Blessed Ones who have added your Love to this Circle, You are counted in my journal as well as in my heart. Love is the strongest force on Earth. Every ONE of you makes a difference. It matters not your race, creed, nationality, age, color,or gender. All that matters is Love. We are growing in our Heart Thoughts here, do not let the events of today lessen your Spirits. Just Love. I love you, WE ARE LOVE and we will be alright. We are not alone. Keep your candles lit in your hearts and draw your little heart pictures, our signature here, for love, by Love.
Blessings...may you be held in the softness of a blanket of Angels and feel peace.

9/12/2001 00:06

I am here, bless your hearts who noticed my amaze me. I have not been feeling very strong for the last couple weeks, but I am better now. I am always hoding this Circle in my heart, it is our Connection of Love, even if you don't see me writing here, one of you will write, this chain of Love will not be broken. If any of you emailed me, I have not been there yet, but I will, and when I do, I will respond. But know I love you, each and everyone I have read your words and I care for everyone of you. Yes, we should start groups of Lights Alone all over the World. Then no one, regardless of circumstance will be alone when they do not want to be. I love you, love is, you have it or you would not be writing here. Love never dies. Remember that. I am so proud of all of you, and love you so much. I am thankful for every word on this Circle of Prayer, they come from your beautiful Spirits and they Live. Thank you for being.

9/12/2001 00:58

HALLELUJAH!!! GLORY TO GOD IN THE HIGHEST! As I came home this night, I was online right away searching for
Beliefnet to see if we had any news from
Libralight, but then received an e-mail
from our Pastor that there was a prayer
vigil for the situation In New York with
the aircraft and all. I rushed off to
church with a heavy heart, hoping everyone was still there. The church had
been open all day. The music was so
beautiful, I hated to leave. I just got
home and we have heard from Libralight.
You see, how the Lord mixes blessings
with pain so that our Cross may not be too much to bear. Glory to God in the

Our Father, who art in Heaven, hallowed
be Thy Name, Thy Kingdom come, THY WILL

Blessings to all. Welcome back Libralight. I missed you, my friend.

So, you're a nurse, my Grandma is a retired RN. Bless you as you go about
caring for others.

Talk to everyone soon. Blessings to all.

9/12/2001 01:08

To all who are praying for this bombing
situation. I hope we will also remember
veterans of other wars. I'm sure all of
this must be upsetting to them as well,
bring back sad memories. I hope we will
all remember them as well.

Does anyone have an opinion about the
elderly knowing sad things? My Grandma
is in the same rest home with my foster
dad. Perhaps it's best they are not told? Too much stress, perhaps. My foster sister is not telling my foster
dad his wife is in the hospital, but he
is upset and doesn't know why his wife
has not been to visit. Any thoughts on
this appreciated.

Blessings to all


9/12/2001 11:08

Dawna: I would gladly converse with you regarding the elderly situation you have in your family considering this is my specialty! It would be helpful to have more info so I can better guide and direct you with my suggestions. We do need to remember that normally honesty is our best policy; however, there are always exceptions such as there may well bein this case. Let me know your e-mail and I will contact you if you would like.

Yes, the elderly remember sad moments..
many were affected yesterday with the shocking horrific was so sad for them to relive such.

My prayers to the entire world relative to yesterday's events; how devastating!
God will get each of us through this. We must keep our faith in our Heavenly Father. My heart cries for those in pain and suffering losses, etc.

God Bless our World Abundantly...Amen

Libralight, it was so good to know you are okay. You are in my prayers and I will continue to watch for you...and each of you in "our circle", which is so wonderful. God Bless!

9/13/2001 22:05

WE'RE still HERE!!

I walked outside and looked at the trees. Hello Standing Ones!! How you protect me and shield me daily with your strong arms. Thank you!

I saw the Sky, a ceiling of such beauty, no Cathedral could wish for more beauty above.

I saw the Earth, how sturdy and strong She felt holding me up. Supporting so many many things for us daily.

I saw a tiny Hummingbird, dressed in the finery of a king,with his little emerald green jacket. How teeny he was, yet so full of life. I know I'll see him back next Spring.

I looked all around me..colors, textures, scents, light, shade, song, little creatures scurrying so busy in their work.

I heard a happy little dog yipping to get my attention, I was so caught up with the presence of other Life. I tossed his frisbee and he ran with joy to catch it and bring it back to me, my heart just swelled with smiles.

I came inside. It feels so empty in here. I think of others who hold one another close in bed at night, knowing if they should fall asleep forever, they would not be alone. I don't like the ole lonely feeling and I don't want others to feel it either, because I know how it feels inside us.

It is hard to be alone and wonder why. We know we are good, caring, loving souls. The world is so huge, so many places we could go to find another and yet, somehow it feels as if we are invisible. We feel "less than". If we were "more" maybe we wouldn't feel so alone. As if..we don't have a place we "fit" right.

Yet, if I feel these things I am alive.
We still are. Someone else is too. Someone is reading words that someone of kindred spirit wrote.

Somone cares. Each and everyone of us contains a world within us. A world that would not be here if we were not a part of it, if we had not arrived to bear wittness. By our connection here, another world is born, because before we came together, we were minus what we are now.

So we are not less than, we are growing, becoming More. We are thinking about one another. We are feeling our kinship with aloneness.

Everything begins with a birth. We have all built this place together and it is going to take form. It is going to attract what we pray for because we have the will to add our energy to let our songs be heard.

The trees will hold our prayers up to God, the Earth will support the weight of our heavy hearts, the Sky will always be looking over us, the little birds will carry our wishes read from our hearts and my little dog will surely jump for joy because we are Writing Ourselves True!!

Withstanding the pain of aloneness takes courage. It takes a lot of strength. To feel it is proof we have a heart of compassion to welcome another into our worlds.

We have a lot!! We will not give up.
Love is running through us like a current of electricity, lighting the way.

I'm proud of us!! Tommorow is a new day in our new growing and changing world.
Draw your little heart, if only in your minds and know someone else is smiling, sharing your secret, that you are Writing Your Prayers True and you have lots of help!

Notice what is above you, below you, behind you, beside you, before you and within you and know there is going to be more!!

I love you All, you color our world with faith and we will not let this world down!

Goodnight All of You, I'm going to bed but I don't feel alone now, I have all of you to draw a little heart for in my journal!! Tommorow I will carry all of you in my pocket and I know you are carrying me too.;)


9/14/2001 05:55

Libralight: God Bless You! What a beautiful writing...all of your words are from your heart. I attempted to copy this but unable to...any idea how? I wanted it before me to read often and to share with those not on Internet. Each day all of you are remembered in my prayers and I ask Our Heavenly Father to give us a little extra blessing now since this horrific attack has affected each of us in some way.

9/14/2001 05:59

Our Prayer Circle...I ask that each of you will remember all of those on ALERT who have left or will surely be leaving to serve each of us. My neice and her husband, a nephew, the administrator of the facility I work at are all involved... while they are few among the list...they are very close to me...
therefore, I am requesting prayers not only for them but for all of the many situations in our world today and the days ahead. God protect each of you!

9/15/2001 03:44

Our Heavenly Father, I just come to you this early morning in prayer to again ask that you walk beside each of us in our prayer circle, for America and all of us that have, in some way, been affected by Tuesday's horrific tragedy.
While this is a difficult time for so many, I ask that you grant our leaders and the families/friends of the missing, the deceased, the injured, and all of those lending a hand. Lord, just place your most powerful, healing hand upon our shoulders and let us feel more at ease and peaceful. I thank You for all you do for us each Your most Holy Name, Our Heavenly Father, Amen.
DAWNA1 you may contact me at JC ONE

9/15/2001 14:41

God Bless Our Prayer Circle! I wanted to share with you all that the Lord granted me the energy today to make pins in honor of those who lost their life, the firefighters/law enforcement personnel, our world leaders and all who were affected by Tuesday's attack on AMERICA...they are ribbon pins; each color representing...I was creative enough to add a "tear drop" to each one to give them the final touch. I will give each of my assistance as work one when I work tonight, plus others who will proudly wear them as a memorial. I am ever so grateful to you Lord that you allowed me the time to gather the items necessary, the time & patience to make them and for the creativeness you have blessed me with...because of this I can share with others. I pray they will feel the love I have for them and know that I care about them. I thank You Lord Jesus in Your Most Holy name...Amen. God Bless America; God bless each of us! My love, caring and thanks to each of you...

Your Angel

9/15/2001 16:00

I once heard a saying that you may be in a room by your self but look in the mirror--into your own pupils and tell yourself about the day you had. Remind yourself of the things you'd like to forget just to bring peace with them and respect the things that made you smile or made a butterfly twirl in your stomach.

9/16/2001 14:13

God please be with all of those who are alone or suffering today..bestow upon them your divine wisdom, love, strength and guidance to bring them someone special in their lives..whether it be a friend, Mother, Father, Son, Daughter, Lover or even a Soulmate...everyone needs somebody...lift them up to you God and send your angels to watch over their lives with Love and put an end to their loneiness. Thank You

9/17/2001 15:24

****Thought for Today****
"Be the change you want to see in the world."
--Mahatma Gandhi

I'm busy drawing hearts, within and without! Thank you All for keeping this important chain of Love going.

Thank you for the beautiful comments on my writing, it is simply sincere Truth. There is a lot of beuatiful words shared here from EveryOne!

I don't know why it couldn't be copied(?) Has anyone tried printing the page? My printer is ailing so I can't test that,
ok..let me now try copy and paste....

Ok, copy and paste worked, BUT would not let me send it within this post, so I pasted it in notepad and saved it there. ALSO, at the top of Our Circle at the Candle, you will see "mail this page to a friend". I would think if you email it to yourself, then you can send or print anything your heart needs.

Loving all of you sooooooo much with my heart swelling with joy at your courage.
Expect Our Miracles XOX Take one second at a time. That's all you need to do, it will lead you to the next.

Drawing hearts!

9/21/2001 15:09

"Everything is always okay in the end.
If it is not okay, then it is not the end".
-- Unknown

Drawing hearts.

United In Love

9/22/2001 01:32

To all in this prayer circle I send thanksgiving for the kindness you continually demonstrate. You are all such very special people.

I had promised to share a poem I wrote. This was written for a friend of mine who was widowed a year and a half ago.... her husband was a veteran who was on a plane that flew behind the Enola Gay (which dropped the bomb on Hiroshima & Nagasaki). It was his job to photograph the mission. I saw the pictures...he was awarded a purple heart. I have horribly mixed feelings about it all, but I was honored that they read this at his memorial.

3 weeks ago I meant to type this in.... now it seems more appropriate than ever. I made a few slight changes and sent it to the fdny.

For all of us who suffer the pain of loss and death, I hope it provides some comfort.

Flight of the Eagle

As tears sting with fresh loss upon this empty raw void,
When the heart aches through this long winter for the spirit,
Remember this, you are never alone.

Know that love, although now gone from it's earthly, physical form,
still walks hand in hand with us.
Beautiful and Eternal.

With the spirit of brotherhood I offer these thoughts to you.

Try to fill any empty moments of missing love
with richer memories that were lived in love.
Let the gladness of past joys pour as liquid gold
into any vacant part of your being.
Let the sunshine of former smiles flood over any dark
corners that may sieze you in the night.
Let tears flow anytime they are required...
think of each tear as a tiny offering of prayer
toward peaceful serenity in the heart.

If it seems as if grief will overcome you,
know that it's depths are only a mirror reflection
equal to the love from which it is born.
Grief and love are ever intertwined...
for if we had never known love then this pain
we now feel would not exist.

Yet, take strength in the knowledge that if love is held near to the spirit
that it shall always remain.
It will never die and no darkness can enter where love lives on.
Time shall begin to heal the sharp edges of loss...
and grief shall mellow into a fuller respect for the precious life we are all given.

The Eternal One now embraces those who have fallen.
We too, are held in that embrace.
We are part of that sacred circle.
Sanctuary will be provided in the storm.
Strength and comfort will be given.
Light will shine for guidance.

These people who have fallen are many things....
husbands, wives, parents....friends.
They have completed this journey in the flesh
and have been called to return to the Earth Mother.

Try to listen with new ears.... and see with new eyes.
for their spirit of life is still alive.

Now they ride on the wind that rustles through the trees...
They are the moonlight that dances on calm, still waters...
They are the fresh smell of pine after spring rain...
They are reborn in every flash of lightning on the mountain tops
and the drumming thunders that run down canyon walls.
They are the quiet burst of wildflowers after the long winter snows.
Their spirits sing with the first birdsong of morning to the last echo
of the coyote howl in the quiet of the night.
They live on in the twinkle of stars...
they flow with the rivers and streams to the aqua embrace of the sea...
each one is seated with the Eternal One
as a being of honor.

Just as the eagles live as one---
they still must fly alone.
and the solitary flight of the eagle,
has come and called them home.

They have been chosen to leave the boundries of the Earth Mother
to soar beyond our vision into the white light of Father Sky.

So, as many as there are stars in the sky,
so too are the ways that the love will never die.

with the deepest respect and pride for our fallen firefighters,
and for those who still are on duty,
and for all of the innocent victims
i pray for eternal peace in their souls.

former lady FFI/EMT

9/22/2001 01:39

i'm so sorry.... my computer is doing goofy things... first it said it didn't send it.... now it sent it twice... can't seem to delete one either...sorry

9/22/2001 14:44

Dearest BearStar,

Thank YOU for those most beautiful words!! Anything GOOD deserves to be repeated!! So, NO apologies for sending it twice!!! Thank YOU for the Energy of Love that came with them Both!! YOU are so talented with Eloquence!! Thank you for sharing!!!

May we be given strength as we Fly With The Eagles.

Last night, all sorts of songs from my past just started showing up in my thoughts, next thing I knew my little dog and I were dancing around the kitchen floor at midnight, barefooted. (both of us);)

It felt so good to be HERE in body and get to do that!!! I felt I was sending out love with every step and pulling it in too!! I am grateful!!!

This morning I awoke from a terrible nightmare to discover it was not true. This is true!! Everything is still here!
Another song instantly came to my mind and next thing I knew, my little dog and I were dancing again!! I'd like to share the words with you, maybe you will remember it, or maybe you are seeing them for the first time.

Either way is powerful, we ALL have a Song to Sing, many things can be used as a Hammer, and we were All born with bells (withIN). Let's start hammering, singing and ringing, all over this World, for Love!


(written by Seeger/Hayes- Ludlow Music Corp. - BMI )

If I had a hammer,
I'd hammer in the morning
I'd hammer in the evening,
All over this land

I'd hammer out danger,
I'd hammer out a warning,
I'd hammer out love between my brothers and my sisters,
All over this land.

If I had a bell,
I'd ring it in the morning,
I'd ring it in the evening,
All over this land

I'd ring out danger,
I'd ring out a warning
I'd ring out love between my brothers and my sisters,
All over this land.

If I had a song,
I'd sing it in the morning,
I'd sing it in the evening,
All over this land

I'd sing out danger,
I'd sing out a warning
I'd sing out love between my brothers and my sisters,
All over this land.

Well I got a hammer,
And I got a bell,
And I got a song to sing, all over this land.

It's the hammer of Justice,
It's the bell of Freedom,
It's the song about Love between my brothers and my sisters,
All over this land.

It's the hammer of Justice,
It's the bell of Freedom,
It's the song about Love between my brothers and my sisters,
All over this land.

Drawing Hearts

Happy Beautiful Fall Equinox!!! My prayer is for Balance!!

9/23/2001 00:13

I just found this prayer circle this evening. Often it seems as if I'm so much more alone in the wee hours of the night. Thanks so much for reminding me that there are angles out there who I can't see. Its comforting and a reminder that indeed I'm not truly alone. THANK YOU GOD!!

9/24/2001 03:22

Dear LibraLIGHT...
I have now both wept and laughed at reading your most recent post...

*with humility, I thank you for the kind words about my writing. Your compliments made my heart soar...I am just a mountain lady who loves the wonders of creation...of nature and the seasons of life and death. ( i am basically just a soppy sentimental romanticist!, lol).

but, somehow words come when I least expect ...they come fast and without warning.
it's the way I paint too...

I believe the inspiration is from afar... from the stars... from the Divine Being(s).

Most of the time when I begin a writing or a painting i have no idea where it's headed.... i just must try to do what's come into my mind.

One thing for sure, I know it's not really me. I cannot take credit. It is coming from somewhere else..... and where that is I don't know. i am just the tool...but the force that guides me is eternal & infinately much greater. i call it love...pure love. we are all part of that circle of love.

i was guided here not too long ago by that very same force.

I am eternally grateful to YOU who started this circle... we are all one...
not alone.
***take the "al" off of alone and we are ONE.

Second, I am so glad to hear that you dance in the kitchen with your dog! So do I! Out of pure, simple, joy! It does my heart good to know you were dancing.

May you feel the profound depths of the light...and the beautiful music that abounds in this dark world. May you continue to dance.

And hopefully all of the other beautiful spirits in this circle your LIGHT has created will just get up an' dance! It is hard to be sad when you are dancing.

Even though we may be dancing alone on this earth, and our souls cry to dance with another... we are all dancing in the light of a million stars... and each step is just a happiness known & seen by the Infinate One(s). We ARE that expression of joy. we cannot lose sight of that in the days to come.

i pray for your physical healing Libralight...
i light a candle for YOUR light.
It was your love thought that created this circle.... and may all who come here join simply in spirit.

i believe we will dance with the stars and light forever.

We already have.

bearstar... (*in tears) of thanksgiving.

9/24/2001 03:35

I just had one of those Lightning Bolts...!!! right after i sent the above message!

***Are we alone....????
just add an "L"...
and we are...

*see how easy it is to change alone!

9/24/2001 11:34

Dear LibraLight
I want to thank you for creating this circle..."GOD BLESS YOU."...i also want to thank everyone who has taken moments to write...and to share their pain and hope...I am grateful that I was led to this circle of "light" and count is as one more blessing...
Awhile back, in my deepest state of aloneness I was directed to start writing a book on lonliness...after searching the NET for "loner" etc...I found nothing which, I must admit was another dart to the heart...My book called PLANET LONLIENESS is currently lost in the hard drive of my computer...I read a great deal, but no books have been devoted to this least none that I know of...I can find my 80 pages, it will jsut take time...i owuld love to co-author this book with all who would be willing to share this experince and hope...We have been blessed to find this circle and many continue to search the shelves of book stores to no avail...If any of you have an interest in this...You can e me at
My heart goes out to that student who feels most loney right now, sorry I forget there I remember at 20 feeling the depths of lonlieness...My heart and love goes out to everyone in this circle and to all the others who are feeling the same in this world...
This is a time of "togetherness" this is a time not to be alone, this is a time to reach out and take "risks" and offer friendship to another...When we take those risks of rejection and pain, we also, take hope, that someone will say "yes" and that is worth everything...
I had a barn sale a few weeks ago, and got this divine idea to start a meditation, spirituality group, in that very barn in Ulster New York, a young woman and her mother came to the yard sale, and by all appearances...they did not seem "approachable" but as they were leaving, I was compelled to ask the older woam..."what are your spiritual beliefs", Now, she could have looked at me like I was a nut or told me it was none of my business, but sometimes the deepest "out there" questions, take people off guard and they just have to answer, which leads to conversation, and breaking the distance and walls that all of us have anyway...the daughter, her mom myself, and another woman, talked for three hours, we exchanged phone numbers and found a connection that would have been lost had I just let them leave without taking a chance...a leap of faith...And by the grace of God,, I hope I am blessed with two new friends... a saleswoman...door to door and such...I relalize that you have to go through a lot of no's before you get a yes...I believe it is the same with finding other souls to have communion with...we have to go through a lot of no's and rejection before we find that yes...but oh how wonderful that one YES is that one connection...can brighten your spirits and give fuel to hope and your spirit...
Most people don't wear their feelings of aloneness on their sleeves, most people who feel this way, are the most guarded, yes, we are guarded...I believe we put up this wall against hurt, which actually protects us, but at the same time gives off energy...not to be approached...So two souls who are lonely that come together, with these walls up , who should connect...will naturally "repell" each other like two magnets of opposite polls. instead of connecting to each other...
As hard as it is to open yourself up when you feel alone and lonely, this is most important time to "send out love" to all we take those risks....after all, has much do we have left to loose...when you are at the bottom of hope for love and can only go UP^^^^^^^^^^^^

I hope I have not written too much here on the first visit to this circle...I check my e mails every couple of days...I encourage reach with my idea...

Peace, Love, and Spirit Be With US all Robbin

9/28/2001 22:03

I heard there are several people missing in the city I live in. Since the 11th. If you are missing anywhere, please let someone know. We want you to be found.

For some odd reason I'm having problems posting my Love tonight.

So I will make this short to get it through.

Drawing hearts and Wishing Love For All of You!! Keep The Love Going!!!!!!

9/28/2001 22:08

Dear EveryOne,

I'm going to post the rest of my Prayer in sections since I am having a difficult time getting posted tonight.

I think that is a message to keep on keeping on.

Let me say in honesty I was feeling down for the last few days. I didn't know quite what I would write if I came here, although I knew I would be drawing more hearts!!!

Such a gift, all of you are..and so talented!!!

Every word you say, I have felt it too, or very close..yet I didn't know it till now.

BearStar, I love the mountains but I don't live there except in my dreams.
Any time I visited, I felt a magickal lift. When I was little, my favorite and most cherished place was deep within the woods near where I lived.

I truly think I bonded with Nature there and so often go back there in my mind. It had sorta that Mountain magickal feeling. It had wonderful soft moss under the trees. I use to lie there and look straight up through the leaves to the sky. All pretty blue with white clouds, the leaves falling over making a canopy. The sunshine was warn and gentle, you could feel it like a sweet massage.

To reach the moss spot, you had to swing across a lovely stream of gently moving water. My brother, eight years older than me, pulled a big vine from a tree to give us that "ticket" to the other side of the stream.

I can still see me, swinging across and landing on the other side, reaching for the tree waiting for me to hold onto. Magickal!!!

To be contiuned...

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