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3 young girls sexually fondled by older step-brother

I would like very much for you to pray for my daughters and our family.

We have been dealing w/ a situation between my oldest daughter and this step-brother. She is 14 and he is 17, because they were so close in was basically pushed under the rug by SRS. This week my two younger girls 10 and 12 told me that he had made "advances" on them also in the past. Please, please keep them and our family in your prayers, after having this done to myself as a young girl this has been very hard to deal with. I thought I had taught them enough to realize that there are people out there like this, but they were still too scared to come to me...broke my heart but understand their fears. So I just ask that you keep all of us and their step-father (that they live) with in your prayers and please ask that God gives us the wisdom and peace in dealing with this situation.

Thank You!

cries1 -5/4/2001
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11/6/2004 12:57

Some advice to start off with...
i was in a similir situation i was molested by my fater when I was 7 and it continued until i was 16. My mother turned her back on me and so did all the family that i grew up to know. my grandmother, very spriritual woman, took me under her wing and supported me until recently. Your daughter right now may feel abandoned by the world but as long as you show her that you will remain on her side no matter what the out come she will be fine. in my situation it took over a year for my father to get a court date and to tell you the truth i had many thoughts to give up but all i did was pray and god gave me the strength to look for a higher purpose, i was no longer doing this for my self but for the 2 little sisters i was forced to leave behind with that monster. I prayed for god to heal my heart from the hate i had for my father and for him to help me forgive. Not only that but i asked for god to give me favor with the jury and the judge. well to give you hope my father was given 50 years in prision and with no possiable way of getting parol. Only god could have given me this favor because the night that my father was arrested he signed 2 confessions and still proceded to get them thrown out of court and he pleaded not guilty. i will pray for the favor you already have with this case and the healing of your daughters heart and body.

12/5/2004 14:44

I am going through a similar experience with my young children. It has just recently come to our attention that they may have been abused by my husbandís step-father. Most likely it has been going on for years and we never knew. The gamete of emotions that our family has been going through is indescribable. Yet I feel I have to keep my emotions hidden and be strong for my family while inside I am a wreck. I have always felt selfish asking for prayer for myself. But please include me and my family in your prayers along with all others that are hurting from this type of victimization. I am afraid our family is going to crumble. This also brings up past issues of my childhood that I honestly felt I had dealt with but I never allowed myself to grieve. My past experience happened in a church setting and took me away from god. I hope that this parallel experience with my children with only bring us closer to god. I still find myself angry with god for allowing such things to happen. I hate to say this but it is good to know that me and my family are not alone in our suffering. We want to heal.

12/21/2004 12:29

lord i pray for forgiveness i pray for renewal i pray for change in this family talk to the young man's heart may he understand that what he has done is not ok but may you change him and bless him i pray for these girls i pray that hatred will not consume them i pray that they will be blessings for your kkingdom bless the mother may she not feel guilty but may her relationships with her daughters grow stronger i pray that you will wrap this family in your love Amen

1/6/2005 17:46

Lord, there is so much abuse and mistreatment of children in this world! It makes me so angry and so very sad. Lord I pray that you would cover each and every child, from the tiniest baby to the biggest teen, and keep them safe from all hurt, harm, and danger. Let the eyes, minds, and hands of men, women, or children who would intend them evil be blind to and bound from them. Let those children who have experienced this violence be comforted and protected, and healed from the inside out, mind, body, and soul. We love You, Lord! You are our healer and the lifter of our heads. We thank you, Lord, knowing that all is well. In Jesus' Name, Amen!

2/6/2005 19:03

Dear God,

Please bless these children. Please help them to overcome their obstacles, especially those which have harmed them mentally. Please let them realize that this is not their fault, and that the step-brother needs help. Also, please bless the step-brother and help him overcome his illness so that he doesn't put anyone else through such pain.

4/21/2005 14:09

please bles these 3 girls and their family so that they can be protected and safe. Please bless all of them to live in Your Word. Thank You Lord for all that You have given us. Amen

6/27/2005 10:53

Dear Lord, I pray for peace for this family dealing with such turmoil. Give this troubled boy and his dad guidance to your love and understanding of wrongs can be forgiven and they can be redeemed in your grace. Please give these young women, with their mother, the strength they need to stay united in their love for each other and faith in you. Justice will be done. In Jesus' name, Amen.

8/17/2005 15:50

Father I know that despite all that has been going on in this womans life that you have a plan Please put your hand and love over these precious children of God May you reveal that plan to them and help them to forgive and forget and let God be the judge and the jury For we do not battle against the flesh or blood but against satan and all the is evil Use this situation as a test that will become a great salvational tool for others who have incounter this type of abuse Help this child that has done harm also in that you would reveal and convict and allow him to repent and seek your face because of this great ordeal. in Jesus name amen

8/27/2005 04:15

Dear cries I know what you are going thru.I went thru it so did my older brother and younger sister,we are really just 1/2 sisters and brother but i don't look @ them as 1/2's. But any way I just want you to know it's really hard to gog thru this. My daghter was only 3years and 3 months old, she's 15 y/o now. I still have an extremely hard time dealing with it,I guess I really haven't done to good of a job of that. I've for God to help me to 4give this pervert 4 what he did 2 my baby, but I haven't been able to. I pray that God gives you the strength and your daughters as well to be able to 4give him. Please make sure you let them talk as much as they want to about it.People kept telling me not to bring it up or try to let eva 4get about it. But they will probably never forget it,but hopefully learn how to talk and maybe 1 day forgive him. I've blamed myself all these years although i think it in my head somewhere it really isn't but I can't help it.Please always listen to your babies no matter how old they get.My daughter and I have been thru SOO much I can tell ya God will help you.You may not thinks so but he will.I am going to pray forever for you and your girls. Please keep your faith cuz I lost mine,somewhere down the line please don't that cuz only God can help you. I pressed charges but the sorry judge didnt even hear her case cuz she was to terrified to talk to any males.Please do what ever you can and I know you are doing all you can. Don't let the judge dismiss your case.My mom didn't do anything about what happened tome and my brother but she did for my younger sister but he also got away with it.Oh yeah the perv that did this to my child did it again and I will always blame the so called judge ward.Please don't let the hate eat @ you or ur girls,like it has me.My daughter I think has pretty much blocked it out but I know she still has flashbacks.I am so sorry if I've brought you down.That isn't what I want ed to do.I know God will help YOU.Dear God I pray that you keep this mom and her daughters in your hands please dear Lord help them to be able to get thru this awfull ordeal God you are the ONLY ONE than can help them. Take their pain away and punish this evil doer of this hell that he has and is putting these children thru,for HE DOES know what he was doing was wrong.dear God rape is not an illness it's Pure EVIL! Dear God please help these 4 young ladies this includes the mom. I ask these things in your Holy Name in Jesus Christ our savior. Amen
Please let us know how things are going.If you'd like to email me you are more than welcome to do so at:
May God bless all of you.

8/27/2005 10:41

Dear Precious Lord Jesus heal this Mother's and children' hurt.Your know the hurt will be without end, except they give this to you Lord. Help them to let go of the pain and anger. We ask you to forgive the offender. Lord let us remember to leave him to your final judgement. Help us to "let go and let You find the best outcome.I pray Lord to give this family peace."
Dear Mother This young man, most assuredly has also been abused, at an early age. This can give you a window, of forgiveness. Picture him as a small child, then see him for what he is, a child of God. He is broken.. only God can fix him. We pray for love from our Heavenly Father to fill your hearts, spilling the sadness away. The amount of forgiveness we give is the amount of blessings,and forgiveness we recieve. I know a young lady who never told of the her abuse. She became a children's advocate,family mediator, and a blessed christian, she is touching hundreds of lives with her love and wisdom,bringing many hope and many to walk in faith. You can rest in the fact this has now ended. Your children will be prepared for life's challenges with God's Shield
of protection. They will understand mercy in how this person is mercy. You are there for them and this in my mind has been the real blessing. We have a short time before the Lord comes. Put this evil thing behind you as soon as you can and think on the Blessing you have as a family.I Pray for your husband. He is the father of the offender.I'm sure he felt betrayed by his son, on the worst level. Don't let this be satan's way of causing your family to be broken. You are protected by the preciuos blood of Jesus, in his name we pray. Satan can not come into your home if Jesus lives there. I see the love you have for your family. How much more Jesus has for them,be assured with him in the hearts and minds of your girls NOTHING can harm them.
God loves you always

9/30/2005 00:16

Dear Jesus I rebuke satan from this young mans life. Be rebuked you evil and tormenting spirit be bound in the name of JESUS.Lord Jesus please give this family your peace and protection.Ipray that your will be done in this family. Amen

12/12/2005 03:19

Almightly Father, do not forsake these girls and their step father and brother. Do not let evil have its way with them. Remove the temptation and deliver them from the pain and suffering of the sickness that has embraced them. Take these girls and hold them close so that they may heal quickly from the pain this may cause mentally and physically. Father, do not allow one more day to go by where these children are victims of the powers of evil, you are the almighty all powerful and all knowing. Take your children to safety, all of them, in Christ's name I pray, bless you, amen.

12/22/2005 08:44

Dear god, please help they girls and their mother who are in need of healing over what they have been thought and what they are now having to go though. Please send love and support . Help the father to see what this boy did was wrong and be there for this daughters .
send angels and white light to protect them in their time of need.Amen.
God bless you.

1/19/2006 13:02

Father God in heaven I come to you today to ask for prayer for the whole family. I especially ask for prayer for the step-brother. For satins temptationis are so strong in the world today. I ask that you instill in the hearts of each of the family members forgiveness and support to help each other as well as the one who has sunk to such a level in his life as to do something like this. You know that I am a victim also. If I learned anything from all this it is that forgiveness for all is very important. Otherwise you it will become a burden that is carried throughout the rest of their life. None of us is beyond temptation. Just that some of us are strong enough to resist while others can not. I pray that you can give the girls and thier faminly the strength and wisdom to forgive and forget so that they can move on with there lives. Love and faith is the key to all healing. May you rain down your mercy on this family. God Bless each and everyone of you today and forever.

6/16/2006 18:24

Dear God, I pray that you give these girls the strength to become survivors as I have. I cannot BELIEVE that I ran across this as I was searching for something else!!! I also pray lord that you give the Mother guidence to help her girls get through this and help her to understand that all her girls need from her is love , support& understanding not judgement , anger or hostility .These things will not change what has happened.I wished to God that I would have had a parent to talk to about this butI did not ,I recently told my Father I was molested by a family member and asked him to understand that I did not want to name the person who did it because it would be hurtful to the rest of my family and cause alot of pain. He now has three children and a wife of many years, I have had a LONG ,HARD life while he has been on easy street but my feeling that gives me comfort is that on judgement day he will be tried and convicted at that time by the best Judge in the universe!No jugde or courtroom can give the sentence he deserves and the same for your girls ,Let them know that GOD is thier comfort and strength! He will be there for them and put his loving arms around them to get them through this VERY DIFFICULT time!!Please (the MOM) do not let them ever for one iota of a second let them feel like any of this was THIER FAULT! Teach them to understand as I believe you have that there are evil people in this world that follow the wrong path and let Satan guide them to do very EVIL THINGS!! I pray for you all to stick together and comfort each other and have faith in God that he will be there for you in your time of need, I pray that you put your faith in him and let the warmth of his love comfort you. I also want you to know that as I was looking to find my prayer circle to see if I did it right,I saw your prayer circle and was taken aback and completely convinced that the lord wanted me to see your prayers.Because your girls will be healing the rest of thier lives but I swear to you it does get better the more love and support you have.And it helps me to heal a little bit more to know that I can maybe touch someone elses life and help them.That is what his love is..Kind,Loving ,Comforting and helping one another get through the rough times. You and your girls will be in my prayers.God Bless you and your daughters.AMEN!!!

6/30/2006 09:48

Lord my heart goes out to this family, lead them in the right direction and heal those girls.

6/30/2006 16:03

Dear Father in Heaven
I pray that you may be with this family in there time of need. Be with them and give them the comfort and strength to get through this, let them know that you are always watching over them. God, I also want to pray for these young girls, let them be able to move forward with their lives, let this ordeal leave them unscared. God Be with this young man and let him realize his wrongs. So that this may never happen again.
In Jesus name I pray

2/12/2007 14:31

God Almighty, Help this mother be wise and be given the strength to help her daughters through this difficult time. I pray that you receive peace and wisdom. May He guide in the right path.

2/4/2008 09:58

Hello Cries 1,
I know you are going through a very difficult situation. It is very hard to accept that this has happened to you and now your beloved daughters. I pray that God gives you healing and the wisdom that you need to continue with your lives. I know that healing is a process that takes time. You can so anything throughout God. It will take time to forgive your step son for the harm he has caused your family. Just love your daughters to death and in time they will open up. I know what it's like to be in that position but, I you learn to forgive. I will pray for your family and pray that God forgives your step son. I will ask God to protect your family and this does not continue. God bless you and your family.

3/3/2008 22:47

Dear God and Jesus,
Please always Bless, watch over, and be with these girls and their family and help them to be safe and happy.
Thank you.

4/5/2008 22:32

I am so sorry for this. I pray God will give you and your girls strength to do what is needed to be done and for protection as well as justus served.In Jesus name.

4/19/2008 21:32

I really feel for you. But for you having the strength to reach out and allow so many people to plead to God on your behalf, as well as your children's behalf, I admire you. May God bless you and good luck to you and your children!
Dear Lord, please protect and guide this mother and her children. Bring your light into their lives and give them the strength to live through this and move forward. Allow them to learn to forgive and bring peace to them so they will not be afraid or ashamed. I pray this in Jesus' name, Amen.

9/21/2008 22:41

In Jesus Name I pray for these babies who know no better an for the one who turns a blind eye that it may be plucked out plead the blood of Jesus on all those .

1/16/2009 11:01

Dear Lord I pray that You protect those young girls and give them the wisdom and courage to come forward and get help. I pray for the young man that is doing this to stop and realize how wrong this is. I pray You show Yourself to him Lord so he wont do this to anyone else. In the name of Jesus amen

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