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Marriages everywhere
People who are experiences troube in their marriages

Father God, I pray for marriages every. I pray that mates everywhere will join in praying for healing and restoration in marriages all over the nation. I pray father for all mates that are experiencing trouble in their marriage. amen

mjlove -7/7/2001
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3/15/2002 11:55

My Prayers are with all of you..To donfisher, I say a special prayer for you and your daughters. While I believe there is power in prayer. I also believe that God wants us to do our part. I dont believe you were judging, just stating the truth as you know it. You did what you felt you had to as a Father who loves his children. I pray that when you seek help for your children, all avenues are opened for you, including legal. I ask everyone to give a special prayer of safety and strength for donfisher and family. May the Holy Spirit Protect You and Guide You.....

3/15/2002 13:45

I am asking for prayer today and lots of it! I am having very bad feelings against my husband who left me 3 weeks ago. I talked to him and told him because of the financial debt we accrued together, i will probably have to file for bankrupcy. You see, all of it is in my name and I was a fool to believe that he would never leave me and especially to believe that he would help me with the debt. Now I find out he is talking to some girl, a girl I know a long time ago liked him. He tells me they are just friends, but I know my husband and I know how he works. I am feeling a lot of bitterness and I feel I will never forgive him for all of this. Before I prayed he would come back, now I just pray for peace within myself.

3/15/2002 15:45

Thanks..... again that is the thing about communicating.. sometime the intent of the message is screwed up, but not the result. For remember what Simon said with his last dieing breathe in his prayer to God? he prayed for his attackers. Forgive them they know what not they do... Not saying what was said is rightous, but as for our own sake... we have to watch what the devil brings on us... in any way he uses people against those who are right, in hopes that we backslide, and err in judgement. For only the rightous ones can see the very sly ways the devil interven in our lives.. But thanks anyway... feel free to e mail me and chat ....

3/15/2002 16:03

My prayers are with everyone in the circle. Please pray for me also that my husband will open his heart more to me so we can restore our marriage. I do believe God answers prayers. I will continue to pray for me husband to have strength and forgive me for what I did. We have been separated now for almost two months. I miss my husband very much. We are starting to communicate and things are looking brighter, I am going to put everything in the Lord's hands and I know he will restore our marriage. So please everyone continue to pray for me and everyone in the circle. God is the only answer.AMEM

3/16/2002 17:14

Hello Prayer Circle... First I would like to give praises to God. My father who watches and loves us... I also pray for everyone who is dealing with marriage trouble... God is with you and will continue to walk along side of you during your storm... Please pray for my family.. My husband has yet to communicate with his 2 kids or me..We have been separated for 3 months.. He feels work is all he needs.. And he has cheated.. We have been together for 20 years and married 15 years... I wanted another child.But his priority is work to pay bills... We love and miss him but I know the Lord is working out our problems. I will continue to keep the faith and pray the devil will not destroy his love for his family... Our children need their father's love and Dad's love...Our teen daughter is expecting a child and our teen son misses his dad... Please pray for us to have the strength to be strong and God will walk with us through our storm to brighter days... God bless all.

3/16/2002 18:37

Don my heart goes out to you and I will keep you in my prayers.But drop this in y0ur spirit..God is in control of ALL things--above the law, weather, everything. And just when you are sitting trying to figure out how it's going to work out, God is already WORKING IT OUT! Satan is trying to put fear in your heart and with prayer you have to believe that you have the greatest ally: The Holy Spirit. I have experienced the power of Prayer and I know first hand that it works. I encourage you to continue praying and seeking his face and guidance through's only a test to see how much trust you are willing to give Him and let Him take over. Stay in the word and be blessed.

3/16/2002 20:33

PLEASE PRAY FOR ME TO DO THE LORD'S WILL. My husband and I have been separated for 1 1/2 months. We have been married for almost 8 years amd we are both born-again Christians. I have a daughter that is 13 that my husband has never treated right. For years, I have tried to overlook it and was hopeful that things would improve. However, as she gets older, things are only getting worse. She tells me if he comes back home that she wants to leave because she doesn't want to live with the abuse any longer. However, I'm not sure if this is a biblical reason for me to divorce. I am desperate and need direction from the Lord, please pray for me and my daughters. (I also have a 7 year old daughter with my husband that will be damaged if a divorce occurs.) I am in the middle of hurting one daughter or the other.

3/16/2002 23:11

Father, I pray for my marriage as we are going through a difficult time. We are having a hard time adjusting to one another and I feel as though we are not on the same level. I pray that you allow my husband to take our marriage more seriously and I ask that you soften his heart. I ask you to open his heart to love and not to run from problems. Father, I also ask that you make me a stronger person w/ more self control. I ask that you take my angered and troubled soul and allow the loving, caring side to dominate. As you know, we are experiencing difficulty, but w/ your strength we can overcome all obsitcles. Father, I place our marriage in your hands and ask you to heal. In Christ Name I Pray. Amen. Thank You Lord.

3/17/2002 06:01

I would like t reply to hrgirl4. I am presently going through the same situation as yourself and am not sure how to really deal with it.

I also have been very verbally/mentally and sometimes physically abusive and I wish I could start all over again and wash away all of the ugliness I have shed on this marriage.
My husband and myself have been married for 4 years in June/02 and we don't have any children as of yet but have been talking about it.

We had a small seperation in September of last year due to him physically abusing me one night which unfortunately did involve the police.
I suffer from anorexia and bulemia and him form Alcoholism.
We new this about each other before getting married and we also knew that this marriage would be extremely hard anyway to work through with these two huge battles in our lives.

I have struggled all of my life with abusiveness of all kinds as a young child and continuing on into my adult years throughout many relationships.

I love my Dear LORD with all of my heart and I feel I have a very strong faith but sometimes I get discouraged and maybe even dissapointed if and when my prayers aren't answered.
I do know that I let Satan take control of me quite often and I battle with this also every day.

I want Satan out of my life permanently but am unsure as to how to go about doing this in order to become a better person and a better wife to my husband.

He loves me unconditionally and I know I push him to the extreme edge at times with nagging, manipulating, demands I place upon him, disrespect verbally at times. I literally hate myself for everything I've done in these past 4 years and have asked for guidance and support from my LORD. When the Bible quotes MATTHEW19:6, What GOD has joined together, let man not seperate. I believe this with all of my heart.
Tonight we had a fight and he left and went back home to his parents and I feel so ashamed for this and I hope with all of my heart we are able to get the chance to repair our relationship before it is to late.

He has also said that he loves me with all of his heart but he hates living with me and that he can't take it anymore and soon if it doesn't stop things will end. This scares me extremely, because I love him dearly but I know I need Christian guidance and am not quite sure how to.
I will pray for all here at this site who are going through very rough situations and I hope and ask for you all to please do the same for us.
Thank you,


My e-mail address is, please feel free to write anytime.

3/17/2002 09:53

Wendy, I strongly urge you to make an appointment with your local pastor, alone, then with your husband. God made you in His image, he loves you beyond your wildest dreams, your body is a vessel, cherished, I can relate to you, first my name is Wendy too, and I had suffered with poor body image as well, but you are beautiful to Jesus, just remember He is your provider, your redeemer, your husband, your ALL. Put all of your focus on Him. The unhealthy behavior, the verbal, emotional abuse you have shared with your husband, we all have been there, it's tough when you are in such pain, you must just stop and pray, pray for your husband as well. My husband and i have been separated for 3 months now, we met with the pastor just last week, when he said he didn't want to be married anymore, we have 3 small children, his 7 and 10 and my 8yr old son, have only been married 2 years, and have suffered financially this past year (100,000), when things get tough, he just leaves. Father God, i lift up all suffering marriages to You, place a hedge of protection around our children, bind our prodigal spouses' hearts and minds to Yours, soften their hearts, release the bondage of pride most of them feel, forgive the hurtful words that come from our mouths, thank you in Jesus name, Amen.

3/17/2002 18:08


I tell you for experience that God can work it all out. and you can bet it is being worked out as you sleep and go on to work and play. Me and my wife have been thru our share of problems, to say who's fault would be a great dis-service towards each of us, But speaking on behalf of a husband, I know now that anything that a wife, your other does is forgivable. never in my wildest dream I thought I would forgive certain things, but that is an after thought now. I mean we were together but not really together, so many things were lacking because of our lack of belief in each other.. commuication money, sex, friendship and much more... But since I give my life, or should I say each of us... life and love to the Lord, everything is completely changed. lolol and to laugh, now that we are onthe same page things have improved so so much more.... we still need some money... lolol but the friendship, commuication, lolol sex.. is great now.... and it's not the Joyce meyers tapes, Jimmy Evans.... The glory belongs to the Lord.. He has worked it out. And the devil hates it.. ever since the first marriage he destroied the marriage of man and God in the garden, he's been laughing... but this is where you can laugh back at him... Let no man tear asunder what I have brought together... the power is in your prayer wendy, pray pray pray.. pray and call on jesus to turn the devil around because you refuse to allow him any power in this marriage. This union is a union vested by the power of the Lord, and it will stand. call on Jesus we'll be there, you just have to beieve and have faith, even a little, no doubt wendy that why he is calle the comforter.. we'll take them problems and sooth you in his Joy.
You are in our prayers wendy..

3/17/2002 18:11

oppps caught up in the spreading of his joy, cuse the typo's..... we'll are he'll.......

have blessed day

3/17/2002 18:37

Please pray for my husband. We have been married for 22 years. We have two boys 13, 21 years. Last May he just walked out on me, he is having an affair with a much older woman, she has stopped at nothing to keep us apart, even when he came home to me for a month. He moved her in right away. He says all this is because he is tired of working to support us, we have always had money problems, this woman buys him any thing he wants and takes him out to nice places all the time. Last week he tried to get a job here in the town I live in and get away from her, I live 90 miles from him. He didn't get the job, so is staying there with her.He was once a good christian man. I have hung on to the dream that he will come back to God and me, but it is like he has nothing in him, so cold hearted. I filed for divorce in July but I just can't seem to go through with making it final. I am torn up all the time and the little one has seen him once in eight months, he doesn't want his dad back at all. I have asked God over and over to bring him back but nothing and I am losing all hope, please pray for him. He is so angry at God and for some time now.

3/17/2002 18:41

Trust me, ladies. If you have been abusive to your husbands in any way, you aren't the first. The best advice I have ever been given is "Keep your temper, no one else wants it." By you asking for prayer and forgiveness, you are on the right track. I am 25 and have not even been married for 2 years, but I have screamed and yelled at my husband numerous times, and he just continues to tell me everyday how much he loves me. I have started telling him, more calmly now, when things frustrate me so that they don't build up to an explosion. I also keep a diary of when I get mad, why I get mad, and what i did about it. I also write down a prayer each time I go back and look at the diary. It has helped me tremendously, and I feel that I can, through God's guidance and love, be the best _me_ possible. It doesn't happen overnight, but don't give up on yourself--God hasn't.

Most Gracious Heavenly Father--
Touch these broken spirits and give them rejuvenation of hope. Take our sins and cast them into the sea of forgetfulness. Help us to realize that anger is a contollable emotion, as long as we lose our will in yours. Give us Your strength, Father, and help us to be ever mindful of you. Let others see You through us. It is in Your most holy name we pray...Amen.

I welcome emails as well.

3/18/2002 13:11

Dear Lord, I pray for all the marriages that are in trouble including my own. Also I would like to pray for my husband, that his heart softens towards me and he finds forgiveness in his heart. I pray for both of use to be strong so we can find our way back to each other. The days seem to get better, I just miss my husband very much. Lord please restore our marriage. I am putting my marriage in God's hands because I truly have faith that everything will be okay. In Jesus Name AMEN!!

3/18/2002 21:41

Amen that is. I would like to lighten up the mood here in giving praise to the almighty who have restored the LOVE of me and my wife. Out of nearly 3 years of fighting and fussing, we seem to be coming around, full face forward. I praise Him because of He who gave his life for us changed each of our hearts towards each other. We have always been different, but always had problems accepting each other for who they are. I thank Him above for showing each of us, for letting us, me know that after we learn to love Jesus first then all other things will fall in place. He tells us that we need to be patient, relax and pray, everything is known to Him. That is what I love, knowing that God knows, and that he'll always act on his sheeps behalf. Tell God what you want to come to pass.. and it will. It's not that he doesn't know, just to heave it off of your frail shoulders. For God move all mountains... I know this to be true. A verse that help me through it all..
Philippans 4:6 Be anxious for nothing, but in everything by prayer and supplication (requests), with thanksgiving, Let you requests be known to God.

:7, and the peace of God, which surpasses all understanding, will guard your hearts and mind through Christ Jesus.

Lord Jesus, first I pray you help be serve you better, as you work within to make me what you created me to be. I pray that you gather all our pains and hurts within your loving arms. For you are the great comforter Jesus, the great healer and restorer of all. Because of your Love all things are possible. The power belongs to God, Move the hearts of all who seems impossible to move, soften those who are heartened to their sposes plea. I know there will be struggles along the way, and I thank you for the blessings that will come afterwards. For you know what we need to go through to get to where you want us to be. Thank you Lord for your SOn Jesus who give us a chance to get back into your graces. by the blood of Christ I pray amen.

3/19/2002 05:26

My husband and I have been separated for 3years (after 15yrs of marriage) and are at the point of signing papers for divorce. We have spent 3 years blaming one another and destroying what we had rather than trying to fix it. We are both guilty and have been lost in our own pain and issues. I really don't know who or what we are or have any longer. I don't know whether it's time to move forward or we need to try and work toward resolve. He is moving away now and that will certainly bring a change. Please pray for us and our children and God's peace and direction.

3/19/2002 15:19

I pray for anyone who is is having a troubled marriage. I pray that the Holy Spirit will bless these troubled marriages. Please I pray as a grandmother that my daughter and her husband's marriage will with the miracle of God, be blessed and enriched. They are having serious problems now and have three children. They were blessed with a little baby in February making it 3 children, such precious children they are too and need like anyone, the guidance to grow up with the Love of God in their hearts. Please lift my heart Dear Lord and make me happy. I feel every pain my daughter feels and need to have peace in my life too. Please help my son-in-law and daughter to speak kindly to one another, to be a good example to their dear family. Please pray for me, anyone who can. God Bless all you dear souls.

3/20/2002 14:21

Dear Lord,
Please be with evryone in this prayer circle and those who may be going through simular issues. Help us father to continue to keep the faith and lean on your everlasting love. Take away the hurt and pain both physically and emotionally. Send direction to all of us in need. We thank you father for sparing our lives yet another day and we pray that whatever we do may it be pleasing in your sight. In your loving name I pray Amen.

I didn't want to sign off without sending a word of encouragement to Spartysmom2,JesusIsComing,and Wendy. I too share many of the same issues it seems as if all three of your lives makes one complete life for me. I can honestly say that the Lord has carried me through these trails and continues to pick me up when I can no longer carry myself. Listen, and wait and when you hear have faith to respond in the way inwhich he has told you. Do not let anyone stop you from doing what you from doing what you feel he is telling you to do. Don't be afraid to be wrong he will still be there to help you fix it. Most of all don't be afraid to let him know how you feel about what you are going through and his role in it. Keep the faith.

3/20/2002 17:12

Dear Lord, I pray for everyone with trouble in their marriages. Also I pray that my husband's heart will soften towards me so we can end the separation between us now. I pray that you will restore our marriage, and give me strength to be a good wife and mother. I have all faith in you that you will restore our marriage, I just need to be patience. I miss my husband very much and really want him to come back to his family. Lord please give me the strength to wait. In Jesus Name AMEN!!

3/20/2002 17:30

I have a Praise Report, As I mentioned when I first found this circle my marriage was in trouble and my husband would not speak to me. This began in August. Within the last 2 weeks my husband has began to talk to me again. This is a big beginning. It may be slow, but my marriage will be healed for it is God's will. My marriage will be stronger for going through this and because I continued to show God's love and my love my husband will want to have the happiness I have and will turn to the Lord. So remember " FROG " fully rely on God, and " PUSH " Pray until something happens. God is faithful and will hear our prayers. Thank You Lord for coming into our lives that we should turn to you to heal our troubles and ease our pains. We give you control over all of our marriages. Show us how we may need to change to allow you to do your works. Thank You Father for answering our prayers. AMEN

3/20/2002 18:28

I too have a praise report, as you know my husband and i have been separated on and off for the entire 3 years we've been together, and currently are separated, (for 3 months this time) the month of December was horrible. January I started a huge self-examination, and restoration within my own spirit with my relationship with Jesus. My life has virtually been transformed, with an "in love" experience with our Saviour, my countenance glows, and I am on fire for the Lord, yesterday I met with my husband, briefly, and he did not want me to leave, we went our separate ways, and today we met for lunch, and talked for 3 hours, God is softening his heart in a mighty way, I don't want him home right now, I want him back with the Lord, but he has seen the change in me, honestly PRAY FOR YOUR SPOUSES INCESSANTLY! Bind their hearts and minds to Jesus', Carl is no longer a bitter and angry man that he was only a few months ago. Study the Women of Faith workbook, and allow the Lord to change YOU, your spouse will see change in you, and if he still doesn't want you back, it's definitely his loss. I pray everyday for you and your spouses, we are part of a revival of healing marriages and families. Praise the Lord!
God Bless you all.

3/20/2002 20:47

Dear Lord,
Let me find peace in knowing that through all you are with me. Please help me be strong and know that my marriage and children will be ok, despite the infidelities of the marriage. That love can conquer all. Please Lord help this household find peace and happiness once again, clear Satan from my house and from being close to those in this family. Protect us, guide us Lord don't let that woman win over what you brought together. I also pray for all the marriages that are having trouble at this time, and for those that aren't in trouble but are happy that you continue to strengthen their love in each other and in you Oh Lord, I ask this in the name of your son Jesus Christ. Amen

3/20/2002 20:51

Dear Lord,
I ask you too to soften my heart from all the bitterness and hurt that is inside it. That I look to my husband with love instead of disgust, that I can find it in me to forgive all his infidelities and his addiction. That he will find you once again and we can be a christian loving family instead of one that lives in continual darkness. I pray for the other woman Oh Lord that she will find it in her heart to leave us alone and cease creating chaos among our family. I pray for all those who are in similar situations Lord that you enter their hearts and that we can all find strength and peace and forgiveness.

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