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Thomas W. Glenn Jr.
Tommy was a wonderful man. He was charming, intelligent, charismatic and good-hearted. He could always put a smile on your face.

This prayer circle is for all of those who are suffering from the disease of addiction, dealing with a family members addiction, or those of us who have lost a loved one to addiction. In loving memory of Tommy. September 2,1975-January 27,2001. God Bless

This prayer circle is in memory of Thomas W. Glenn Jr. Tommy was an intelligent, articulate, charming and good-hearted young man. His life ended short at the young age of 25. A true genius, the things he could have achieved if given the chance. On a cold Januay morning he passed away from "bad heroin". His family and loved ones miss him desperately and need prayers. Also, in honor of Tommy the prayers are being said for all of those suffering from the disease drug addiction, families dealing with addiction and loved ones of those who have passed on due to addiction. Tom was a conquerer, if this could beat could beat anyone. Please help one another. Please Lord, give me the strength to continue to fight for this cause. God bless you.


Tom, you are in the Lords hands now and one day we will meet again For now, I pray for you all the peace and happiness in heaven.

renee25 -6/28/2001
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9/4/2003 00:14

Good Evening Ladies~
Welcome to jce387, and JesusFreakSue. This is a great place to be. Read back some, and I'm sure you will feel the love, care, concern,friendship, and most of all the power of GOD, and the power of women who pray together.I am so thankful for this site, and the life that made it all possible.Just read.
Father, I ask that You take the desire of cigarettes from jce, and let her(?)give it completly to You. Father I also ask that You comfort J.F.Sue. Help her to go through whatever struggles she is facing. Give them both strength, courage, and the "want" to do Your will. In Jesus Name I pray, Amen
To Kris,Quigley,BA,& Renee~~
I pray this finds you all doing well. My heart is burdened tonight.(only because the flesh is weak :( )I went by my oldest sons house tonight, and he is having exploratory back surgery Friday morning. Please lift him to our Lord, Jesus Christ in your prayers.His name is Bob.Haven't gotten the results from the MRI, CAT or brain scan yet. Maybe tomorrow. To make a long story short, he was in a bad car accident about 4 years ago, and this all seems to be stemming from that.
BA, I pray that you are getting better. I'm sorry to hear about the drinking at the games tho. You said they didn't have O'Dulls ~ did they not have Pepsi, Coke, Dew, 7-up or anything except beer????????I am grinning while I type that question, but on the other hand, we do all make our own decisions!!!!!Our own choices. I hope everything went alright for you at the dr's., and you are starting at least to not be so stiff and sore. Hang in there, and keep the faith. When we are truly ready to give it up, God will help us do just that. It's hard I know, cuz we always want to hang on to something. Always think we can handle it. We're human, and God knows our hearts. You are gonna be fine.
Quigley!!! WOW! What a weekend you had. I'm sorry you are going through so much strife right now in life! Pray without ceasing. That's what God tells us to do.
Seek ye FIRST the Kingdom of GOD, and all these things will be added unto you.
I hope you are copeing with all this ok, and leaning on our Lord, cuz it sure sounds like you could use a shoulder to lean on! Let God be your comfort.
Renee~~ I pray that all is well with you and your family these days.What a difference Tommys life has made!! Look at how many people his life has touched. It was not in vain. God has a purpose for everything. I think His purpose in Tommys life is being reveiled more and more every day.
Kris~~ I hope all went well at the dr's for you too. Are you feeling better? Stronger? Thanks so much for your kindness, wisdom, friendship, and courage you show others!
Father God,
I bring all these people here to You oh Lord, and I ask that You heal, guide ,and direct in Jesus precious Name. I ask that You give us all direction in our lives, and give us the disernment we need for it Lord. We are soooo much just NOTHING without You. Let us not lose sight of that dear God.I pray for people who have addictions, loved ones who are addicited,those who have lost loved ones through addiction of whatever form. Bring them to deliverence, and salvation. Let them know that by Jesus stripes we are healed. That through his death and resurection that we don't have to die to sin. Thank You Lord for the paths that we walk. Whatever that may be, let us always know that we have the victory through You, and by You Lord. Let us be always grateful for Your lovingkindness towards us. Keep all safe, secure, and filled with the peace only You can provide. Thank You Jesus for always being right there beside me. Thank You for the knowledge I have in You, and by You.For always being just a wisper away. Thank You for another day, and another night of rest. In Jesus Precious Name I ask these things. Amen
I'll be back tomorrow.
Love you all dearly
God Bless you all

9/4/2003 11:57

This disease of addiction is the most wicked force I have ever encountered. It sleeps in the minds of unsuspecting children. When it wakes later in life, it desroys you from the inside out. It truly is cunning, baffling and powerful. Sobriety is a sleeping pill, and the disease, while in remmission, once again waits for you to wake it. I pray my disease has eternal rest. I ask my Higher Power to watch over and aid anyone suffering from this affliction. I pray their disease also gets some sleep. I pray that those affected by this epidemic are comforted, as we all know it's just as hard to love someone with it. I pray for my friends and family, especially my grandmom, Renee, Kenny, and my dad. It's crazz when I look at these names, they are all affected by addiction in different ways, and they all need just as much help, support and love. Please God give it to them. I pray for everyone on this site, that they too will find their peace. Hope all is well...Take care and take it one day at a time.


9/4/2003 11:58

P.S.-I hate typos!

9/4/2003 11:59

Morning All,

Happy Thursday. It is a pretty good thurs for me becuz even w/ all the stress of what is going on in my life - your prayers are working and the urge to drink is going out of me - it is wonderful. I never thought this could happen - I just hope it keeps happening. My job is still pretty stressful but my so called friend (the one that has been causing me all the trouble htat I share my office w/) is gone today - so things are pretty stress free that way - it's kind of nice - except that I am swamped! Kris, I hope you are feeling ok - haven't seen you on here for a few days - and BA - haven't seen you either - hope you are getting around without too much pain. Cindy, I will pray for your son - back surgery sounds very painful - I'm sorry - it seems like you have a lot on your plate when it comes to your children and husband. Well, have a ton of work to do so will say my prayers and get to it - love you all

Dear Lord,

Please be w/ Cindy's son today - keep him safe through his back surgery and keep Cindy strong and watch over her and bless her - she has so many people to take care of - please bless Kris - she is so needed here on this prayer site - such an inspiration and such a good friend - I pray that you can give her strength back and help her to feel better - please ease her pain and discomfort and Lord, please help BA w/ her alcoholism - give her willpower to say no and keep her strong and happy - God bless Renee for starting this site -it has become a tower of strength for us all. I pray that Brett can overcome his depression and that his medication helps. I pray for fairness on his behalf in the court system - I pray that he can keep his shop and keep working - give him faith and strength Lord. I pray for willpower to say no to drugs and alcohol - I pray that Taylor can learn to say no to food and start to lose her weight and get healthy - I pray as a family unit we can all be happy and trust and love each other- help me to do my best at my job Lord - if this is not the right job for me please help direct me to what job is - Amen

9/4/2003 23:16

Hi Everyone,
Im sorry I havent been on. Same o same o..Just got home from work and ready to paint again:-(..We are almost finished with the remodel and then I can get back to my normal life again..Im ok..Just very run down and tired trying to get this all done before school starts. Neck and back are much better, saw the dot today and on muscle relaxants and physical therapy for 2 weeks..Lord no's I need it~~~ Yes Cindy they had pop but I hate pop..I no I no...better for me..Im doing good, I miss chatting with you all but dont have alot of time lately between work and home..I will be back shortly and write you all, You still are all in my prayers and I pray all are ok and doing good..Cindy sorry about your Sons back. I had back surgery 2 yrs ago, a disc fusion out 4 months but better now..Kris miss you hope your ok, Quigley Praise Jesus now your the strong one, keep it up girlfriend.Renee I pray things are ok this time for you with the Tommy b-day and all, Bono I praise you that you quit drinking,,,I hope someday I can totally quit like I did for over a month just drinking O'duls..Its all this stress but I will get thru it, I pray for all else on this site that God comforts you and answers your prayers, May God bless you all and I promise when I get time I will be back..I dont have a day off till next thurs and friday OH boy~~~~~ Miss and love you all, everyone hang in there and thanks for everyones prayers, means alot~~~~
Bettyann :-)

9/5/2003 00:12

Good Evening!
Wow! What posts I just read!
Bono~~ I don't know you, but what you said about addiction, and the people affected by it! Cunning,powerful,& baffeling! Sums is up pretty well. I personally think it is one of satans most powerful tools. I thank my Lord that you are sober, and desire to stay that way!!! What a miriacle you are.
Quigley~~ Sounds as if you are doing a great job!You sounded more "up beat" more on todays post than you have in a while. I'm happy that you seem to be finding Gods comfort!THERE IS POWER IN PRAYER!!!!!! Praise GOD!!!You hang in there, and the prayers will keep going up for you! If we do our part, God will do His!!I know I've said it before,but I gotta say it again,cuz I think it is just an awsome statement.If God brings me to it~He WILL see me through it!!!
BA~~ Glad you are feeling better! And that you're almost done with the remodling.I pray that the only high you ever have is from a ladder tho!!Hahahaha!!!
Thank you all for your prayers and for caring. It means so much to have you guys out there!!
KRIS??????????WHERE ARE YOU????????????
Miss you deeply. Will be glad when you are back here.
I ask that You grant us all comfot,peace& joy we all so desire. Those suffering either through addiction, or those who love those who are.Send your angels around them, and protect them.
In Jesus Name I pray Amen
I;ll be back soon
Love you all~~

9/5/2003 08:24

Good Morning to all~
Just have a few minutes~wanted to check in. Have to go to the hospital pretty soon.
Kris, I see you still have not posted! I pray you are alright, and will be back on here soon.
Dear God,
I come to You in prayer in Jesus Name this morning, and I ask that You keep Your hand on all those seeking Your will, and Your guidence. That You help them on this road of life. I ask that all have a safe weekend. Thank You for my prayer partners here. It is such a comfort.Father I ask this morning for Your presence in the operating room this morning. That You guide the surgeons hand. That You heal my son through this, and bring him to complete recovery.If he is frightened Lord, comfort him, and give him peace Lord. and all of us know that everything is done according to Your will, and that all will be well. Lord, I ask that You keep me strong, and let Your light shine through me. Keep Your hands on all that are in the operating room.Lord, for all those fighting their demons of addiction~ whatever they may be~ that You strengthen them, give them the power to overcome and the power to resist. That ALL praise and glory be given to You.Thank You for faith. Thank You for prayers answered. All this I bring to You in Jesus mighty Name. Ilove You Lord.Thank You for loving me. Amen
I will let ya all know how things are when this is over today. Every one have a safe, drug free, and booze free weekend!! Just take it to the Lord in prayer.
Love ya all~

9/5/2003 18:21

Hi all, my Friday was pretty good - I even got a dozen roses from my honey. I'm getting ready to leave work for the weekend. Hope everyone stays safe, happy and sober. Talk to you all on Monday. Love & God Bless

Dear Lord,

Please keep us all safe this weekend. Watch over those of us who have a tendency to drink too much - I pray for a peaceful, happy fun weekend for all. I pray that Brett can overcome his depression and this medicine will help him. I pray for patience and understanding to deal with the problem. I pray for Vickie even tho I'm still very angry at her. I don't want to hurt her feelings. I pray I can soften my heart to her and not feel so angry. Forgive me Lord if I was mean to her - I pray that things can improve here at work and that I can learn to do a great job. Thank you God for my friends, \my co-workers' support my parents my daughter and Brett and the ability to provide for my family. Please help Brett go back to work and get his shop back - I pray that you can give him patience and motivation at the same time Lord. Thank you for Johnny coming thru w/ the money he owed us. Amen

9/6/2003 07:44

Good Morning all!!
It's Saturday morning, and Bobs surgery was a success!!Thank You Lord for prayers answered!!! The Dr. removed a benign fatty tumor from next to his spine. Said it was about the size and thickness of a sandwich cut into quarters!(meaning 1/4-not the whole sandwich). He was released after being in only 6 hours!! :~)
Quigley, you are sure sounding better! Glad to hear it! Hope things continue to improve for you! and for Brett, and Taylor too. Thank you for your prayers. They are a big comfort.
BA, Hope you are feeling 100% by now! I pray you give up TOTALLY (Quigley too) the drinks!! I know how much better you would feel, and what an accomplishment it would be for you. I will keep praying.Thank you for all your prayers too.
Renee, Haven't seen you on here for a while. I pray that you and your family are doing ok. Thank you for your prayers also. and your kindness, and concern. They mean a lot.
KRIS??? I'm conerned!! I hope you post SOON!!!! Write me. Thank you for your prayers and friendship. God Bless you.
I thank You for my sons surgery being over, and for being a success. Thank you for keeping Your hand on him, and on the surgeon. Thank You for the comfort You so freely give. Thank You for Your unconditional LOVE!! Thank You for helping addicts, as we read their testimonies on here. I pray Father God, that You keep them all safe, and keep them on the road to recovery. I ask that their hearts be opened unto You, that they turn to You, not only when they are at their lowest, but when things are looking up as well. Help them to realize that there is no other way except for You. Keep them strong through their trials and help them oh Lord to resist temptation when they are faced with such. Help them to make the right choices.The choices You would have them make. Let those choices be made to the glory of God. Thank You Lord Jesus for my son wanting NOT to do crack. Help him to keep seeing his "friends" for what they truly are. Help him I pray Lord, to resist the temptations Lord, and I pray in Jesus Name take the cravings completly away from his body & mind.Give him peace Lord that can only be given by You. Give him the courage to live a life free of drugs. Lord, help my grandsons speech. I know all he's heard since he was born is yelling and screaming, and its hard to make words out of those sounds, so he really needs YOUR hand to help him speak clearly. He is such an angel Lord. Touch him Lord in Jesus name I ask. It isn't his fault that his Mom & Dad communicate in such a way that words he hears are jumbled, and screamed. Please don't let him suffer because of them. Keep Your hand on all those here seeking Your will, and those we know not. In Jesus Name I pray. Thank You Father for being so good to us, and help us all to realize Your goodness to us in all ways big and small.
Love you all lots&lots!

9/7/2003 23:43

Hi All,
Im worried I wrote Kris havent heard back yet???? I pray she is ok..I hope all of you are well and in good spirits..Im still finishing up the house and still drinking to relax????????????????? I dont understand why I went 1 month drinkig O'duls and not wanting ANY beer and NOW I want to drink to relaz again~~~~The only thing Im happy about is I dont get drunk like in the past and fight with the b'f!!! Dear Jesus........Please help me understand why I went back to the Alcohol and please help me get back to the track I was on before school starts with a clear mind and free from alcohol and The pain killers Ive been on for my neck and back..I pray Jesus I follow your path and rightyestness, and I pray for all on this site that you will heal their addictions and concerns and keep all of us safe and in your arms....Dear Jesus, I pray for Kris you bring her back and let us no she is ok!We need her, she is so strong and giving on this site~~`I pray she is healed TOTALLY~~~~I pray for Cindly that she finds -her dreams come true with her Husband and son..I pray they BOTH find Jesus as there Lord and savior..Give Cindy all the strenght she needs to get thru all of this, I pray for Quigley that her Job works out or God show her the way to a new one..I pray for her Daughter Taylore and b'f Brett that all work out for the Glory of God..Please strengthen this relationship according to GOD~~~
I also Pray for myself Dear Jesus...I have fallen the last 2 weeks of remodeling my house, I have been drinking like the old days and taking Tynol 3 for pain...PLEASE GOD DONT LET ME GO BACK TO THE PERSON I WAS AWHILE BACK.I pray I overcome this addiction..

9/8/2003 10:14

Morning everyone:
I'm on my way to work and thought Id start the day off with prayer,
Dear Jesus, We no thru you anything is possible.I pray for all on here that you give us the courage and strength to change, heal our addictions, restore our health and give us all direction in life.I pray we follow your will for us .I lift up all in here and ask that you give us guidance, Love ,peace,happiness..For your word says"ask and you shall recieve".Oh Dear Lord I truly pray that this is the day I start staying Sober once again, Help me and Quigley to just drink O'duls and totally stay away from booze, I pray the desire totally leaves and we find another source to relieve our stress, I pray that you answer all the prayers on this site and be with all the people and let them feel your love, In Jesus name I pray..AMEN
God bless all,

9/8/2003 11:30

Good morning everyone - itís Monday - yuck - Iím tired. I didnít do very good this weekend on not
partying. Brett got upset at me for drinking and stuff (he was too) and called my mom and told her
everything! I was so upset w/ him. He is still having mental issues and we got him on antidepressants but
now I think maybe there is something else wrong more like bipolar or something. He is so short fused and
his temper is so bad sometimes - he is not physically violent just really mean with his words sometimes.
I donít know Iím not a dr. but I do know it was a rough weekend and drinking on top of everything DID
NOT HELP! Cindy, Praise the Lord - Iím so glad your sonís surgery was a success, I bet you were very
relieved. BA - like I said above, I fell too this weekend. Iím so tired this morning and I feel very guilty but
all we can do is pick ourselves up - dust off and go on - Iíll be praying for you and Kris, I pray you are
alright - you are so needed on this site - I really miss you - I hope you are alright. Well, I had better get to
work - as BA said - I wanted to start the day off w/ prayer -

Dear Lord,

Thank you for letting Cindyís son pull through his surgery w/ flying colors! I pray that Kris is recovering
and getting healthy again so that she can come back to this site soon. Lord, please help BA w/ her
addiction - I pray that you can take that urge away from her to drink alcohol - give her willpower Lord.
And Lord I pray that you give me willpower to say no to alcohol. I thank you for letting me finally realize
that life is fun when you donít drink too. Please help Brett to overcome whatever mental problem he has -
please help us to get it diagnosed and to find the right medication for him so that we can live a happy,
normal life - I pray Taylor can make new friends in school and I pray that you can help her w/ her wieght
problem so the kids donít tease her - I pray she can live a happy, normal life even tho her intelligence is
lower than average. And I pray for Brett this mroning he is going into court again - Lord, please let the
judge be fair - I pray that Brett can get a break and that all this court stuff will end soon. Help me w/ my
job - keep me focused and help me to do my best. Please help Brett and I to learn how to talk to each
other and I pray we can stay in love thru all of the turmoil we are both dealing with in our lives. And Lord please keep me from gambling anymore - I've wasted a lot of money these last few weeks and I pray that I do not give in to temptation and do it again. Give me willpower lord Amen.

9/8/2003 23:25

A Prayer for Healing

Lord, You invited all who are burdened to come to You.
Allow Your healing hand to heal me.
Touch my soul with your compassion for others.
Touch my heart with Your courage
and infinite love for all.
Touch my mind with your wisdom.
that my mouth may always proclaim Your praise.
Teach me to reach out to You in my need.
Help me to lead others to You by my example.
Most Loving heart of Jesus,
bring me health in body and spirit
so that I may serve You with all my strength.
Touch gently this life which You have created.

9/8/2003 23:34

Good Evening to all!!
GIRLS! GIRLS! GIRLS!!!!!! Specifically ~~~ BA, & Quigley!!! It makes me so sad to hear of you both drinking again! It just breaks my heart, cuz I know it's not what's in your hearts to do! BA, YOU DRINK AGAIN BECAUSE YOU TOOK IT BACK!!! SEE, YOU GAVE IT TO GOD, BUT THEN YOU TOOK IT BACK! WE CANNOT LIVE THIS LIFE AND MAKE CHOICES ON OUR OWN WITHOUT GOD EVERY, EVERY, EVERY STEP OF THE WAY, AND MAKE IT!! That's why we are told in Gods letter to us (the Bible) that we are to pray without CEASING! He KNOWS we will fall! He GAVE US THAT CHOICE! We have to completely surrender ALL to Him, and stay with Him. We have to give Him our TOTAL, and unwavering trust.I know it's hard, because we do so much want to think of ourselves as being able to handle whatever life hands us, but THE TRUTH OF THE MATTER IS ~~~WE CANNOT!! The FLESH IS WEAK!! WE HAVE TO KEEP OUR SPIRIT STRONG WITH GOD EVERY SINGLE MINUTE OF EVERY SINGLE DAY. 24/7/365!!!
It does not matter what other people say, do, think! What matters is OUR RELATIONSHIP WITH OUR HEAVENLY FATHER!! I'm really not trying to preach here, but I don't want you guys to struggle the way that you are. It is so easy to slip back to that person you were before you know it~~ before you even realize it. Satan is VERY VERY sly. He has to be! because if he was just up front with things, we wouldn't give him the time of day!!! REMEMBER: Gods word tells us "THERE IS NOTHING NEW UNDER THE SUN" Meaning WHATEVER ANY OF US ARE FACING, OR GOING THROUGH, OTHERS HAVE ALSO BEEN THERE! Which also says that others have traveled the same road as we, and have OVERCOME through Jesus Christ our Lord and Saviour!! By HIS stripes WE ARE HEALED!!!BELIEVE! BELIEVE! BELIEVE! Surrender to God. Stay in HIS WORD!! Seek ye first the kingdom of GOD and all things will be added unto you. He is very clear. WE have to do our part, before He will do His!As for the gambling Quigley, don't you know that we reap what we sow???????
If we do not take care of what GOD has blessed us with, (which includes money), our blessings will be few, and we won't have what we desire!! If you throw $ away like that, you think GOD is going to continue to bless you with it????? LOOK what prayer and intersession, and trust, and giving it totally to God did for my son with surgery!! I know, I take back things myself ALL THE TIME, cuz I think about them, and then think maybe I can do something about it, and I am ALWAYS telling God I'm sorry, and give it right back to Him. HE CAN HANDEL ALL THINGS!! We Can't.HE KNOWS WHATS BEST FOR US, AND IF WE WILL JUST LET HIM LEAD OUR LIVES, AND LISTEN TO HIM, WE WILL BE MUCH HAPPIER, AND WE HAVE THE ASSURANCE THAT WHATEVER COMES OUR WAY, WE CAN HANDLE THROUGH HIM. HE WILL NEVER LEAVE US NOR FORSAKE US!
PLESES, PLEASE,PLEASE, don't either one of you take offense to what I have said here. I have come to know your hearts, and you are very special people trying to what is right, and trying to find and do Gods will for your lives, and satan is tripping you up every little chance he gets! DO NOT LET HIM!!!!!!!Don't let him win!!!!!! GOD is YOUR STRENGTH!!!

9/9/2003 00:23

I'm not finished yet! Hahahahaha!!! I just want you guys to be FREE of the chains that bind you so much!! I guess it kinda pushed my panic button when I read your posts tonight.! You are precious people, that God LOVES and He doesn't want for you to be unhappy either! I will get off the soap box now. BUT I WILL KEEP PRAYING FOR YOU! It is the VERY BEST THING I CAN GIVE YOU, AND I LIKE TO GIVE THE BEST OF WHATEVER I HAVE TO OFFER!
I come to You in Jesus precious Name, and I lift Quigley up to You now , and I lift Bettyann up to You now in prayer. Father, You alone know their hearts, their dreams, their spirits, and their desires. I believe Lord that they want Your will to direct their lives. Help them to stay in Your Word every day, and to give everything to You Lord. Help them not to take things back Lord. Keep them on guard Lord, so as to not be tempted. Let them see with eyes to see Lord every time satan tries to trip them up, to recongnize it, and to resist it in Jesus Name.Give them strength Lord. Keep them safe Lord. Give them I pray a renewing of their strength Lord with whatever they are dealing with, or facing. Calm their fears Lord, and bring them to the point of no return with You.The point where NOTHING will make them waver in their beliefs. Give them wisdom Lord to deal with the situations they find themselves in, and help them Lord to not put themselves in those situations. Heal them Lord of their addictions IN JESUS NAME!Amen.
Keep looking up!
What a beautiful post!! Sums it up pretty much for me too. Glad to see you back and I pray that life is being good to you. And if its not right now, NO PROBLEM!! God will take you through, huh? Praise God for every living thing, and all the blessings He so freely gives to us!
Kris hasn't written back to me either, and she hasn't been on here in 6 days! I too am concerned. She is such a rock!! She is such a BLESSING we all share! Isn't God good to us?????
Thank you all for your prayers for me, my husband, and my sons. They are so appreciated and such a blessing to me.
Just a little up date: I asked my husband if he would go to CHRISTIAN councling, and he said yes, but he doesn't want to. (so I wonder what good it will do, but then I don't know what God has in store either). I just laid my cards on the table last night, and told him this was a last effort on my part, cuz ONE person can't make a marriage work. He said he had noticed a change in me about 6 weeks ago, and when I asked him why he hadn't said anything, he said " I had other things on my mind". Seems pretty clear to me where his priorities lay. What do you guys think?? Will keep you posted!
Father in Heaven,
I ask You to be with all of us on this sight or not on this site who are suffering because of the affects of addiction. Heal Lord, touch Lord and bring them to You Lord as little children. Give them a sense of purpose in their lives Lord, and let them know there is a better way. A good way. The only way through Your precious gift of Your Son Jesus Christ. Father, be with Kris and her suffering. Ease her pain Lord, heal her body Lord. Strengthen her Lord. Give her peace Father. And for the selfish reason of missing her Lord, bring her back to us here. In Jesus Name I pray. Amen.
Gotta get to bed Up at 4:30! That's only 5 hours from now.
God Bless you all.
Love ya lots!

9/9/2003 05:00

Greetings, I guess I'm the "new kid On the block" here. I have been reading some of your prayers and responses. I feel like you all could be of encouragement and I'd fit right in. First let me say, I am a Christian and I love the Lord Jesus! My oldest son just recently got out re-hab for a "meth" addiction. My youngest son is still battling "the demon" as far as I can guess. I am the foster mother of a severly disabled young man. He has been in our lives for six years. I had hoped with my sons growing up around him in there teen years they would be so adamant against using drugs. He was born with severe Cerebral Palsy. My sons were born healthy. I had many heart to heart talks with them about the dangers of drugs and alcohol abuse. My husband would always say "choose what vegetable you want to be". I experimented in my 20's and my sons are 20 something. I told them about my experience. How I almost lost my life, but most importantly, how I almost lost them. I walked away from that scene and never looked back. Here's where things take an even wilder more evil twist. The person that turned me on to it then, who for the past 15 years I believed and had no reason to doubt was clean and sober, is the same person I thought could help my sons. I asked him for his wisdom and experiences to help direct my sons back on the right path, as I suspected, but couldn't prove that they were doing drugs. They have never had a strong male role model that they could look up to or trust. I just knew in my heart this one would be there for them and for me. How could I be so stupid and so blind. He is my Dad and there grandfather. I can't even begin to express the pain of betrayal. I sense they are in danger and I can't confront my dad as I understand he is in very deep. He would think my sons "narced him and his co-conspiritors" out. So for now I have to play dumb and keep trying to get the facts, evidence and pray my sons will be safe. I have to be able one day to forgive my dad who is 60 years old. He turned all his kids on to crank and meth so many years ago. Now he has made something of his life and so much to show for it, that I'm still in shock he would risk it all. My son's feel trapped, they don't want to turn there back on grandpa, they're afraid to turn there back on grandpa. I am so angry, so hurt. I honestly don't know what to pray. I want my dad stopped. My sons have there whole life ahead of them. What kind of a message does send to them? They know it's wrong, selling, dealing, using. They always looked up to grandpa he was so "hip" so cool. There real dad is a "preacher", but he's to busy out trying to save the rest of the world. He never had time for his sons. We divorced 15-16 years ago. The real irony to all this is I almost lost my oldest son when he was an infant to a prescribed drug over dose, he has the scars on his body to show for his 10 days it ICU. He never woudld go near drugs. Then life lent him a low blow, he got into a finacial situation and good old "grandpa" showed how he could make "good money". Well I don't know where the money went because he's still broke. He doesn't remember the night of the accident that nearly cost him and an innocent person that he hit in a m.v.a., he blacked out, there lives. My dad keeps calling them and trying to hook up with them. I fear for there lives and they can't say no to him. He is cunning and good at manipulating people when there down on there luck. He also believes is God and was "saved" many years ago. I guess he just lost sight of which God it was he gave his soul to, or maybe that was a lie to. Please join me in finding the answere to my prayers. I need wisdom, guidance, strength. Pray for my sons safety.
Thank You

9/9/2003 05:24

Hi, just me again. I just read my book and realized, that I wanted to encourage all of you. To the other Cindy..Woman your faith is astounding, hold on to it and keep believeing. God is listening. You seem to be a very strong, grounded woman. I have always said I must be doing something right for the Kingdom of God, as Satan sure is putting a lot of energy is trying to shake up my faith in God. I won't forsake God, if Job can endure what he endured and Jesus can take our sins and pay the ultimate price, let Satan try to do his worst. God has already defeated him and he knows it and this sister isn't going down with him. I plead the blood of Jesus over you all and your loved ones and my family. I encourage you all to stay strong in your faith and your convictions. United we stand and there is strength in numbers. We have only to believe that Satan is defeated and that "in the name of Jesus" he depart from oppressing our lives and attacking our loved ones to get to us, hoping we'll lose our faith. Satan is a coward and preys on the weak and vunerable and helpless. Addiction is his tool, but he is the real enemy so whatever your believe call him out in the name of Jesus, and soon may we all have some powerful testimonies!!!!
God Bless you one and all,
Cindy W

9/9/2003 08:29

Good Morning all!
It hasn't been very many hours since my last post, but wanted to check, and see if we have heard from Kris, as she posts in the wee hours alot. Not here.
But, I guess God had another reason for me hooking up on here again this am. WELCOME CINDY!!!!
My heart goes out to you and to your sons! I don't know your pain of betrayl from your Dad, but I do know the pain of your sons being addicted. It is a VERY hard road to travel, but we have GOD with us, SO WHO CAN BE AGAINST US!?????? We are the victors!! Praise God!!!! We have only to BELIEVE!! You said your Dad has turned his life around, and made something of it, and has so much to show for it ~ you can't believe he would risk losing it all.HE HAS ALREADY LOST IT ALL!!! Gods Word says so! Drug money isn't a good life. It (drugs) from what you've said has become HIS god!! Do not be AFRAID!!! You are going to face some really tough decisions, and you MUST stand with Jesus Christ, and believe with all your mind, all your body, all your heart, and all your spirit, all your soul, that WHATEVER GOD DIRECTS YOU TO DO~~YOU DO IT AND BELIEVE IT IN JESUS PRECIOUS NAME!!!Even if you think you can not, TRUST WITH ALL YOUR HEART IN JESUS, AND HE WILL SEE YOU THROUGH IT!! Praise God ~ He IS the MASTER of MIRACLES!!! Your Dad has made his choices. You can't fix him. You can't fix your sons either, but through prayer, and believing, GOD can change them!! I have had to make some decisions in the past concerning my youngest son, that I will probably keep to myself to the grave. Decisions that I had agonized over for MONTHS!! That crushed my heart - that I NEVER believed I could make - that made me physically ill. But I never stopped praying, and asking Jesus to help me have the courage, because in my heart of hearts, I knew I was the only one who could do what had to be done. It was the most pain I have ever suffered. I truly believe that if I had not made this one heartbreaking decision, that my son would be dead today. He is not. He is alive. I will never stop believing that Jesus has a purpose for his life. If you have never researched addictions - PLEASE do so! Go to your library, and ask for books on addictions. The cycles - how it starts, how it grabbs people. Go to ALAnon. Go to church - seek God in EVERYTHING you do.Learning will help you pray.Will help you know what to pray. And when you don't know what to pray, Jesus will take it to our Lord. The Holy Spirit will utter groans, and mutters that we couldn't understand to God our Father. He has provided everything for us. Even when we don't know what to pray, he has made a way!

9/9/2003 08:54

YEP! You guessed it! It's still me! :)
Father in Heaven, who loves us soooo very much,
I can't think of a better way to start my day but seeking Your face. I come to you in Jesus precious Name, and I thank you for wisdom and guidence. Thank You for another day to seek your will in my life. If there is one that I may help Lord, direct me so as to do or say, or not say what You would have me do. Thank You for giving us a way. Thank You for giving us each other to lift up. Thank You for friendships we have made through Christ. Thank You for this site. For letting it be a gathering place for so many. Thank You for bringing Cindy W here so that she may be encouraged. So that she will know that she is not alone in this fight. That she may realize others DO understand. Give her the strength, and the courage Lord that she needs. Keep her and her sons safe with Your mighty protection. Let her know that she will overcome. Father, I ask that You guide her sons away from the world of drugs, and the dangers that it holds. Send someone into their lives that will lead them in the right direction. That just one spoken word will cause a change in their lives. Father, I pray for Cindy to have the courage to face her Dad, and to challenge his ways. For we fight not against flesh and blood, but against the dark powers and princeapalities of this world. We have the victory in You! We need just to recieve it in Jesus Name. Thank You Lord.I pray that her steps are guided by You.Father, I pray for ALL those affected by this powerful demon, whether through using or loving the person who does that they will find their strength in You. Help them to seek You, as in order to find something, we first have to seek it. God, be with Quigley, and Bettyann, and Renee, and with Kristoday as they start a new new day. A new day in You so that we may all praise and golrify You Holy Name. That we may be a living testimony to the Kingdom of God. In Jesus Name I pray. Amen
Love you all lots!! :)

9/9/2003 09:17

A young new preacher was walking with an older more seasoned preacher in the garden one day, and feelinf a bit insecure aabout what God had for him to do, he was inquiring of the older preacher.The older preached walked up to a rose bush and handed the younger preacher the rose bud he had picked, and told him to unfold it without tearing off any of the petals. The younger preacher looked at the older preacher and was trying to figure out what a rose bud could possibly have to do with his wanting to know the WILL OF GOD for his life and for his minisrty.Because of the high respect he had for the older preacher he procedded to TRY to unfold the rosebud, while keeping every petal in tact. It wasn't long before he realized it was impossible to do so. Noticing the young preachers inability to unfold the rosebud while keeping it intact, the older preacher started to recite the following poem:
It is only a tiny rosebud
A flower of Gods design
But I cannot unfold the petals
With these clumsy hands of mine

The secret of unfolding flowers
Is not known to such as I.
God opens the flowers so sweetly,
When in my hands they fade and die.

If I cannot unfold a rosebud,
A flower of Gods design.
Then how can I think I have wisdom
To unfold this life of mine?

So I'll trust Him with His leading, Every moment of every day.
I will look to Him for His guidence
Each step of the pilgrim way.

The pathway that lies before me,
Only my Heavenly Father knows.
I'll trust Him to unfold the moments,
Just as He unfolds the rose.

Thought this was beautiful, and so full of truth! Thought you all would enjoy it!
Till later1
Have a God filled day! :) :)

9/9/2003 10:14

Morning ALL:
Off to work but wanted to let Cindy and Quigley no I DIDNT DRINK A THING LAST NIGHT ~~~~One day so far SOBER, yesterday is gone and tomorrow isnt hear and Im living for TODAY..Thanks for all the prayers, Dear Jesus, thank you for helping me be strong yesterday and staying Sober, I pray today I can have that same strength, Please Bring Kris back to us so we no she is ok, Please protect all my friends on here and heal there wounded hearts and answer there prayers, I ask that you help us all to be strong and overcome our addictions, bless those all on this site, Praise Jesus for friends like Cindy and Kris that are so strong in the Lord, Please help Quigley and I to be as strong and put YOU first in our lives. In Jesus name I pray,
I will be back tonight after work, hope everyone has a awesome day~~~~

9/9/2003 15:20

Hi all, I wish I had more time to write but I did get to read all the posts. Iím so overloaded at work that some of the girls are helping me and I donít want to take advantage of them by staying on the Internet too much -
CW - New Kid on the Block (lol) I wish that I had answers for you but the only thing I can do is pray for you and your family. It sounds like your dad is into it pretty deep - is there anyway you could sit your father down and tell him what you told us? He doesn't sound like a real reasonable man and I know how the drugs can make you unreasonable BA - I stayed on the wagon last night too. I still woke up this morning feeling run down
and tired - probably because of all the drinking this weekend. As a matter of fact I could take a nap right
now but I donít think my boss would be very impressed! Cindy - you did not offend me - I know what you
are saying is true. I think it is a step in the right direction if you husband want to go - just be glad he has
noticed a change in you - maybe he wasnít quite sure what to do about it and so that is why he wasnít
sure what to do. Men do that sometimes - ignore it and it will go away - which doesnít work usually.

Lord, I pray today that I can stay strong and work hard and do a good job and no matter what hold my
head high whether they keep me as an employee or fire me. I pray if they fire me I can find a job I am
more suitable for. If they keep me I pray I can excell and succeed and do my best. Please point me down
the right road Lord. I praise thanks for helping me to be strong last night and not drink- I pray I can stay
strong and not drink again today. I pray that BA can stay strong and keep her willpower against alcohol - I
pray that Cindyís husband open his heart to the Lord and to her and start becoming the husband that he
should be to her, kind loving and caring. I pray for CW that her father can open his eyes to the pain he is
causing his daughter and grandsons. Give him an eye opener lord, make him see the harm he is doing to
the ones he loves. And please watch over CW and keep her faith strong. Lord, please watch over Kris
we all miss her very much I pray that wherever she is you are close by her side and comforting her. Last
but not least Lord please be w/ Brett today during depositions. Keep him strong and donít let him give up.
I pray that you bring Brett and I together as a unit and keep us strong for one another. If he needs certain
medication Lord help us get it for him. I pray that you can be with us through our trying times and help us
to understand each other and to help one another - grant me patience with his situation Lord. Amen

9/10/2003 08:17

There are two days in every week about which we should not worry, two days which should be kept free from fear and apprehension.

One of these days is Yesterday, with its mistakes and cares, it faults and blunders, its aches and pains. Yesterday has passed forever..beyond our control.

All the money in the world cannot bring back yesterday, we can not erase a single word we said... Yesterday Is Gone.

The other day we should not worry about is Tomorrow, with its possible adversities, its burdens, its large promises and poor performance. Tomorrow is also beyond our immediate control.

Tomorrow's sun will rise, either in splendor, or behind a mask of clouds ~ but it will rise. Until it does, we have no stake in tomorrow, for it is yet unborn.

This leaves only one day..TODAY. Any person can fight the battle of just one day. It is only when You and I add those two awful entities.. Yesterday and Tomorrow that we break down.

It s not the experience of today that drives people mad ~ It is remorse and bittermess for something which happened yesterday, and the dread of what tomorrow may bring.
Let Us Therefore Live One Day At A Time.

9/10/2003 09:32

Greetings to you all. I had a whole page typed, but it went bye bye. So I'll summarise and just say God Bless you one and all. You each have a unique perspective and I sense the Holy Spirit working through you. Your thoughts, poems, words spoken from the heart, where quite uplifting. WE do reap what we have sown and the sins of the father do seem to carry over to the children. I put my mom through this same heartache many years ago. I had blackouts from drug and alcohol abuse. I guess the good that came from it, was that I have the strength and understanding to help my sons get through this. Not in myself of course, but throught our Lord Jesus. They know I've been there. I dont think anything can prepare you though when you sober up, for the pain in your mothers eyes. You know the eyes are the windows to the soul. My sons can not bear to see their mothers tears, much less know they had a part in it. I now more than ever know what I must have put my mother through. She is a very strong person and did not forsake me in my time of trouble. I thank God for her. She is helping me, through our experience, to be able to help my sons. She was married to my dad when all that went down between him and us kids. She like me, didn't see it either, until it was to late. I thank God above He is so loving and merciful, not to mention full of grace. Yes Cindy and Quigley I will have to face my dad. I am waiting on the Lord. He is doing a work right now and I am instructed to stay out of His way, as He doesn't need my help. I would probaby blow it anyways as there is way to much emotion involved yet. I am way to vunerable right now, believe me I am soooo guilty of letting the flesh get in the way. I will wait upon the Lord as I know He is doing a work in me. I have let the stress and heartache take it's toll on my health right now. Needless to say if I can't take care of myself. I don't imagine I'm much good to anyone else right now. I am focused on my sons right now. I am loving them unconditionally as believe me, like there mother, no one can beat themselves up worse than what they're doing to themselves. The easiest thing for me to do right now is to stay angry at my dad, but I know that is not Gods will either. I guess He will have to do a healing in me as there are some deep scars and wounds from the past that have resurfaced, before I can face my dad head on. Right now the most important thing to me is my sons salvation and helping them turn their lives around. Like Cindy said he's made his choices. I just don't get the "why" and for "what"? Thank you BA and Quigley for inspite of your own afflictions you have the caring and compassion to reach out to another. Renee your words summed up my first letter floating around in cyberspace. Today is untouched and will be what we make of it so praise be to God may we all glorify His kingdom. I thank you all again and pray His blessings upon you this day. You are precious in His sight never forget that.
God Bless You One and All
Cindy W

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