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Shane Whalen
This Prayer Circle is Dedicated to my son Shane Whalen Who Passed Away On March 15, 1999 at the Age of 24, & All Other Children

Start a prayer circle for bereaved parents who have lost a child.

There are many of us out there who have lost a child, and it is devastating. It changes the outlook on life, plunges you into a depression, and you think that the feelings and thoughts you have nobody else could possibly relate to. I think a prayer circle for bereaved parents would only benefit us and help us on our journey of grief. This Circle is one of Love, where a Grieving Parent can safely come to for Prayers, and to talk about their feelings.

Shaner -10/14/2000
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9/20/2006 14:45

My dear sister Selva,
I am so sorry that I didn't post my prayers for you. Like Jane, as soon as I saw Sandy's post asking for prayer for you and Nancy, I immediatly prayed. I should have typed!!! Heavenly Father,
Please surround Selva and her dear sister Nancy with your love and tender mercy. Fill their hearts with hope and peace. Please instill in Selva and Nancy the love and strength that is here in this circle, send it out to them Lord. In Jesus precious name, Amen

Selva, please take care of yourself too, I know that God takes care of the "caretakers" because we don't always stop our mission. Even so, you do need rest too. I pray you have family members to help you so you can do just that. Love to you dear sister.


9/20/2006 19:22

Hi my dear sisters. I am so sorry I have not been able to post in a few days. OMG you don't have to apologize to me, for I have read. I do believe "VERY MUCH IN PRAYERS", and yes I do need everybody's prayers at this time, my sister Nancy is in bad shape, she has a very bad bad case of emphyzema, no oxygen in her body, just carbon monoxide, and she does not stop smoking, her doctors told her that if she won't quit, she has maybe 3 months to live, that is how bad it is, she is supposed to be in oxygen at night, but she is not doing it, she has a very weak personality, and that is not helping.She can hardly walk, so I have to be watching her and taking care of everything, specially that she does no smoke while the oxygen is on, but she hardly does that, my cousin takes care of her during the day while I am working at my job, and then when I come home I have to take care of everything else, but I have come to realize that only with prayers she will survive, the doctor told her that if she didn't quit smoking, and took care of herself, meaning oxygen, prescribed medication etc, she will only live maybe 3 or 4 months. As you problaby know from my back posts, I only have my sister and my brother, that is my family, the rest, Castro took care of them, so it is hard on me, but I do believe in prayers, and if God decides that my sister will go, at least I pray that she won't suffer. Thank you again my dear sisters for your prayers, and again , I am sorry I have not been able to post and read the back posts, I know that we all need prayers and be sure that all of you in this Circle of Love , will have mine. I always take time to pray for all of us, we sure need it. My love to all of you. Selva

9/20/2006 22:00

Selva, dear sister I am so sorry I did'nt know how bad your sister was but, I am praying for her as well as keeping you in my prayers also. As i stated in a earlier post if I could be there to take some of this off of you I would be in a heartbeat but I can't but I can pray and sister you have my prayers.
Love you, Anita

9/20/2006 22:04

Hello all my other sisters, a quick note to let you all know that you are in my thoughts and prayers as well. I don't get to post as often as I would like to now since I don't have that much time to do anything with school now, but that does'nt mean I've quit needing all of you.
Love you all, Anita

9/21/2006 10:47

Oh dear Selva,
I am so sorry. I lost my Mother in April from emphysema. It is a horrible illness. I am praying for you and Nancy. Although my Mom quit smoking 20 years or more ago, it progressed over time. My heart, prayers and compassion go out to you and your family. You will need strength dear Selva. If you would like to email me you can at, I will be so happy to help you through this. Love to you my Angel Mom.

9/21/2006 10:51

Dear Miss V,
Thank you so much for your post to Lori. It is everything I think and feel. You said it all and more. Keep rambling....Love to you,

9/21/2006 11:43

Dear Charlene,
I agree with you about satan wanting to steal our fellowship. He is constantly working in our lives to destroy any good. My little boy and I have a morning ritual, on our way to drop him at school we put our "Armor of God" on. We pray that nothing, satan, bullies, meanines etc can penetrate it. It is helpful for him because he has been through so much this last year so when he feels threatened he puts our Armor on. I am praying for your cure of lyme's disease. I know that is painful and debilitating. I ask God to give you a "Suit of Armor". I know it sounds silly but if it works for me and my David, it will work for anyone! Please take care and go slow and easy. You are in my prayers.
Love to you,

9/21/2006 11:45

Happiness is neither withing us not without us; It is in the union of ourselves with God.

9/21/2006 11:46

Well, I can't type this morning.....let me start again!!
Happiness is neither within us nor without us: it is in the union of ourselves with God.

9/21/2006 13:50

Hi dear Jane,
I understand what you mean now, reading the full Verse from the Psalm in it's context. Thanks for taking the time to post it for me, I also with God's guidance have to remember to walk that fine line between what the Psalm says and Our Lord's warning, "Remove the log from your own eye before you start on the specks in your brother's" :-).
YES, we can do what Kathy and her son do, put on the Armor of God! Hope ou're having a good day today,
Much love, prayers & Hugs,

9/21/2006 13:56

Hi our dear Anita,
We understand, post when you can; we all need to hear from you too!
Much love, prayers & Hugs,

9/21/2006 14:33

Hello to all dear sisters!
I received this link to a Dialogue Group that's starting up shortly - I don't know if any of you have started or participated in a Dialogue Group before, but any Beliefnet Member can start one on a topic that interests them and discuss it with like-minded Members. They're always short-term Groups that usually run from 3 to 6 weeks, depending on how many join in.

This one in particular is a heartbreaker: Families who can cope together on losing a child Launch date 10/3

This poor and young Mom is looking for other Moms, Grandmas, to talk to, I just can't imagine what she's gone and is going through, such as awful tragedy to have to go through! I think she need's lots of TLC as well, God love her. If anyone is interested, it'll walk you through how to sign-up.
Much love & Hugs to all,

9/21/2006 23:32

Dear Sandy,
First, I just want to say I too have to watch that fine line. I think the key is whether what I say is judgemental. My profile states I can be very judgemental, so that's an area I must submit daily to God. To me that's part of putting on the armor of God. What you said was in no way judgemental.
Second, since I'm new to beliefnet, I don't understand how dialogue group works. When I followed the link, it gave a date and time. Does that mean everyone is online at the same time? I would love to join this group, however if it is in the evening, there will be many nights that I'm not available, due to my work schedule. This poor mom has to be devastated. I can't even imagine.
I don't know if I ever thanked you for starting this circle. I know you've been at it for years, so thank you for your continued involvement. Love, Jane

9/22/2006 14:22

Hi dear Jane,
We all have our faults, things we know are wrong and need to be changed, the good news is we have help to recognize them and to change them, turning them over to God and seeking His help!
Dialogue Groups - yes, the date is start's (Oct. 3rd?) and the time is posted, although the time is just for your information, you don't have to post to the Group at that time, you can post later, or the next day if you're tied up. Most Groups start out with an Introduction Post and then the Mom, God lover her, will probably start the first discussion thread, all members of the Group though are free to start their own Topic for Discussion. There'll be people posting at various time's during the day and evening, not everybody can be online during the day, or the evening, so that's not a problem. Just check the Group when you can and then post.
I think you'd be a very big help to her, you're warm, compasionate, wise and have been on this Journey longer than she has, so you'd have much to offer. She's so young, I just don't know, I can't even fathom what she's going through, losing her children to their father murdering them. Very sad and hard fo understand. So I hope you do join it, I wish I could but I just don't have the time. If dear Charlene wasn't ill, it would be a good Group for her to join as well.
Thank you for your kind words, I started it as a way to honor my precious son, who I miss so much, and paying attention to God's whisper in my ear to start it - so all the Glory belong's to Him - what an awesome God we love and serve!
Much love, prayers & Hugs,

9/22/2006 14:25

p.s. I'll be very happy when they install Spell-Check, :-)

9/22/2006 19:52

My dear Angel sisters. I just want you to know that I thank you all for your so much needed prayers,also I just want you to know that even if I don't post as often I did, when I say my prayers (every night) all of you are in it, I know that somehow I will read your posts, and please excuse me for not reading past posts, but I promise I will do it, in the meantime, please know, that every night when I go to bed I pray for all of us. Love Selva

9/22/2006 22:22

God Be Glory. Good Evening my Angel Sisters. Lord cover Charlene, Kathy, Selva and all my sisters that are experience pain as well as their loved ones with your blood. Enlarge their territory, blessed them indeed. Remove all pain from their bodies oh Heavely Father. I know there is a Blessing in your house with their name on, grant them that blessing right now. All of the suffering they have gone through already Lord, give them some relief. I ask this in your darling son's name. Amen. I pray that the rest of my sisters are fair to middling. For those of you who wanted the 10 Guidelines of God, please email me so that I can email it back to you. is my email address. Sandy, I will look into that group but I dont know how commited I can be as well due to my schedule. I do want to yet into it though. Thanks for sharing.

9/22/2006 23:53

Dear Sandy,
Thanks for the info. I signed up tonight. Spell check would be wonderful! May you have a blessed and restful weekend. Love, Jane

9/24/2006 08:29

Hi my dear sister, it's really nice to see a Post from you, we know how full your plate is right now, looking after Nancy and now the problem with her leg, so no need to apologize, everyone understand's! And our prayers are with you and Nancy during this trial, I hope you know that too!
Love you my dear sister, Hugs too,

9/24/2006 08:44

Hi dear Connie, our 'Inspirational Lady' :-). Thank you again for sending the Guidelines, I just love them! You don't have to post at the Dialogue Group all the time, but no pressure, if you can join, great, if not, that's OK too!
Much love & Angel Hugs,

9/24/2006 08:55

Oh, that's wonderful dear Jane, I know you'll be a great asset and a big help to the Group and God will bless you abundantly!
Much love, & Angel Hugs,

9/24/2006 09:04

Hello our dear Angelmom Chris,
my thoughts, love and prayers are with you in an extra way today, as you and Mike go through this special day for you, your precisous Stephanie's Birthday. I'm sure all our Angel kids are surrounding her today, throwing her a heavenly birthday, but I also know that this is a painful day for you, Mike and the family as you remember and recall memories of her last birthday.
May Our dear Lord fill you all with His love, peace and strength and may He remind you of happier birthdays as well. I also know tomorrow is another painful day for you all, but never forget that we're here for you!
Much love, prayers & Angel Hugs,

9/24/2006 16:44

Dear Chris, ~ I'm a little late getting here today, but I've been praying throughout September for you, Mike and your precious daughter, that God will grant the three of you peaceful moments and fond memories throughout both special days. Having just gone through a double whammy, I know the stress and heaviness of heart they can bring on. Just know that you are not alone and that you and family are in our prayers, and thoughts throughout both special days.

Prayers & peaceful moments,

9/24/2006 17:09

Remembering Your Special Day

A Special Day Prayer

May you feel your Angelís nearness today.
May you recall many fond memories I pray
That remind you of the many joys you all shared.
All along lifeís highway

May your day be filled with God'speace
The kind of moments for which we all pray.
May it help to know you are not alone ...

With lots of love Ö and

(((((Angel Hugs)))))

Verna R. Clay

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